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Cozy Games launching new bingo network

Online bingo is readily available across the globe as several companies are invested in the industry. Online bingo operators are spread throughout the UK and other areas, with the UK being the most popular region for the gaming option. Players can easily log online to a bingo site and take part in 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games along with tournaments and promotional opportunities. (13/09)

Woman sues after roulette wheel accident

Gamblers do not expect to have an accident when going to the casino. For most people, going to the casino means playing favorite games and having a few drinks. For one woman of London, going to the casino resulted in an accident involving a roulette wheel and she is now suing due to the freak accident. (06/09)

Playtech’s live blackjack game earns enhancement

Software creators for online casino games are constantly looking for ways to upgrade the gaming experience. From table games to slots, there are ways that software providers can add little extras that keep players interested and coming back for more. Playtech is one top provider of online gaming software who is constantly changing up their offerings to ensure players are happy with their game ply. (02/09)

Keno win earned via family birthdates

Playing the game of keno is always fun. Whether you play in a local restaurant or online, the game of keno is easy to enjoy and can provide a significant payout. Players often play the game of keno with significant numbers in the hopes that the numbers will be good luck. For one Maryland, his lucky numbers finally paid off. (30/08)

Betsson partners with StakeLogic for new casino games

Betsson is a well-known gambling brand that offers gambling options online in a variety of categories. The brand recently announced a new partnership with StakeLogic to provide their members with even more gaming options, including 3D HTML5 based casino games, created by the StakeLogic brand. (24/08)

Play’n Go launches Hugo Slot Game

Play’n Go has partnered with Hugo Games A/S to launch a new slot game based on the popular television show from the early 1990s. The television show, known as Hugo, was popular with children of the 90s who are now adults. The makers of the game are hoping to capture a new audience with the unique slot game creation. (23/08)

Washington D.C. man loses suit against Maryland Live over roulette wheel error

Leander Stocks of Washington, D.C., claimed that a roulette ball flew off a wheel at the Maryland Live Casino, injuring him in the process. Stocks sued for injuries sustained during the incident wanting a sum of $300,000. Stocks has now been denied his claims. (18/08)

Alabama woman accused of cheating at baccarat in Mississippi

The game of baccarat is one that can reward players handsomely when the right move is made. Players who enjoy baccarat strive to place the right bet and see the right cards dealt to earn the win. The game is usually played by individuals who are familiar with the rules and those who have a high amount of cash to wager. Baccarat is considered a high roller game. Recently, a woman from Alabama was visiting a Biloxi casino when she allegedly cheated the game, winning $3,000. (15/08)

Sports betting could keep Mississippi gaming afloat

Casino gaming is available in the United States but not every state is able to offer land based gaming. The state of Mississippi is one such area that offers land based casino gaming and has been quite successful in doing so. Casino revenues has now leveled off and like other states, Mississippi must now focus on other areas of revenues in the hopes of maintaining programs as well as state revenues. (09/08)

Blackjack player leaves game and steals cash to keep playing

Most of the time, when a blackjack gamblers runs out of money, they stop playing the game. For one man of West Virginia, he had different plans. Kerry Johnson, age 52, was playing blackjack at the Mardi Gras Casino when he ran out of funds. Instead of quitting, Johnson decided to rob a bank and then return to the table to play after gaining the funds. (05/08)

Ladbrokes and Coral Merger Approved

Top sportsbook brands Ladbrokes and Coral have decided to merge and the idea has finally been approved by the Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA has approved the merger and the brands will now have to sell off at least 350 to 400 betting shops to be a less competitive entity. (26/07)

8 Ball Games Buys Tidy Bingo

With tons of online bingo sites available, it can be hard for players to keep straight of the owners and groups associated. It is not necessarily important for bingo players to know these facts but can prove useful when trying to find a quality site. Knowing who owns which online bingo site will help you find the top rated options, playing at sites where the owners care about their players. Just recently, it came to light that a top online bingo site was sold, now having a new owner. (20/07)

MGM Las Vegas offering online gambling

In the state of Nevada, residents have access to online poker gaming via land based casinos who have online gaming partners. Only online poker is available at the present time but one casino is offering a different approach to online gaming, allowing for more options than just poker. The MGM Grand Resort of Las Vegas announced that they have now created a mobile online gaming solution, allowing players to enjoy 21 different games while on the property. (14/07)

New Plymouth woman wins national women’s snooker title

In New Zealand the national women’s snooker event took place late last week with players from the area taking part. The women’s title went to Agnes Kimura, a player from New Plymouth. After taking down the title on Thursday, Kimura hung around and took part in another snooker tournament over the weekend. (11/07)

Council Bluffs casino employees and patron charged with roulette scamming

Casinos across the world have rules and regulations in place to ensure fair gaming. Both patrons as well as employees of the venues have to follow such regulations to ensure fairness throughout. The majority of the time, this is done with ease. However, there are times when employees and patrons will work together to try and scam the casino out of cash. The most recent case occurred in Council Bluffs at the Horseshoe Casino. (08/07)

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