MGM Las Vegas offering online gambling
In the state of Nevada, residents have access to online poker gaming via land based casinos who have online gaming partners. Only online poker is available at the present time but one casino is offering a different approach to online gaming, allowing for more options than just poker. The MGM Grand Resort of Las Vegas announced that they have now created a mobile online gaming solution, allowing players to enjoy 21 different games while on the property.

Nine of the MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas are now using this technology which allows players to use a mobile device and enjoy casino gaming anywhere on site. Video poker, slots, bingo and more can all be access from one device. Players can be in the pool, at the bar or anywhere on property to take part.

The new mobile gambling platform is titled easyPlay Mobile Tournaments, which uses the oneLIVE INC gambling technology for mobile devices. Players at specific MGM resorts will be able to compete with others during tournament games online or visit the InteractiveProTables on the gaming floor.

This new gaming opportunity was created to try to entice the younger, 20 to 30 something crowd, who would normally enjoy entertainment but not necessarily games on the casino floor. The younger crowd is all about technology and constantly on mobile devices. By creating this gaming option, the casino is opening up gaming to those who might not necessarily give certain games a try.

Officials of MGM say that the new software is user friendly and easy to navigate. Players will love being able to enjoy gaming from wherever they like on the property from the restaurants and bars to the swimming pool. It will be interesting to see if this new focus pays off or if there will not be a big demand for this type of online gaming entertainment.

- 2016-07-14

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