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Delay in Implementing the UIGEA

Just before he retired last October, republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, passed through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). (31/10)

Lottery Win Comes Just in Time

George Burrell was just about to let his house get reposed and the 62 year old was making plans to move back to Ireland when he won £200,000 in a lottery. (31/10)

Unibets CEO Out on Bail

After transferring from the Netherlands to France today, Petter Nylander, Unibet's CEO was released on €200,000 bail, after being heard by a judge. (31/10)

Profit Down in Third Quarter for Online Casino Developer

The Swedish based online gambling software developer, Boss Media, has felt a drop in its operating profit in the third quarter. (31/10)

Ron Paul meets with Poker Players Alliance

Earlier this week Ron Paul met with about 80 die hard poker players who were taking part in an organized attempt to repeal a law that will outlaw online poker. (30/10)

New Online Casino Features Craps and 100 Other Games

So far they have over 100 games and plan on adding new and exciting games every month. (30/10)

Scotland’s First £1 million Bingo Jackpot Winner

Just over a month Margaret Shearer of Scotland was the first to become Scotland’s first £1 million bingo jackpot winner. (30/10)

South Wales Second Casino?

In South Wales, a new government spokeswoman has released information stating that Premier Morris Iemma, or the Treasurer Michael Costa have not discussed any plans about a second casino in the state with James Packer’s PBL company. (30/10)

Poker Player Alliance in Washington

A new lobbying campaign has been going on during the past week on Capitol Hill by the Poker Player Alliance. More than 100 PPA members and high known players like Chris Moneymaker, Howard Lederer, and Annie Duke, have been speaking with lawmakers hoping Congress will legalize and regulate the online gaming industry. (30/10)

Blackjack at the Umdwebo Lifestyle Festival

A popular Festival Called the Umdwebo Lifestyle Festival is being held on November 13th around the Ballito Hosts the Gentlemen’s Club with Whisky, Cigar and the popular game Blackjack. (29/10)

Slots Machine $1.6 Million Jackpot a Mistake

What would you do if the slot machine you were playing flashed “Jackpot!!! You have won 1.6 million” but the slot machine you were playing was visibly labeled that the maximum jackpot for that machine was $2,500? (29/10)

Harrah's 2.88 Billion Dollar Problem

Park Place's successor company, Harrah's, has a problem that dates back to the year 2000. Arthur Goldberg, then chief executive of Park Place Entertainment Corp approached the money losing Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in Hogansburg, N.Y. with a bail out deal. (29/10)

Online Poker Site Sees 70% Increase in Players

Despite the soon to be enacted UIGEA, the home company of Party Poker has noticed a huge jump in online players this year over last year. (29/10)

National Bingo Night Has $10,000 Winner

Sally Finch of Hamilton, Australia was the first time winner of $10,000 from playing National Bingo Night at home, while playing along with the contestants on the nationally aired show. (29/10)

British Columbia Poker Championship To Be Held In November

This will be the third year that the River Rock Casino will host the British Columbia Poker Championship, this year it will be held from November eighteenth to the twenty-fifth. (28/10)

What is Holdem BlackJack?

Everyone knows and plays Texas Holdem and has been around for years. Heard of Holdem Blackjack? It’s new and this game is coming out from the Playboy Mansion. (28/10)

The Harrow School in London Now Has Two £9 million Lottery Winners

The Harrow School in London has many distinctive qualities about it, a very old and much respected institution. It has produced alumni such as Winston Churchhill and seven Prime Ministers. (28/10)

Addendum Proposed for Slot Machine in Maryland

Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland is proposing an addendum for allowing slot machines to be legalized in 2008. (28/10)

Ohio Bingo on Down Swing

The number of bingo players in Ohio is dwindling. Once a very popular gambling pastime, bingo in Ohio is facing a steady decline in fund raising. (28/10)

Eight Biloxi Casino's Now Open

After 2 years since Hurricane Katrina ripped through Biloxi, Mississippi leaving destruction everywhere, eight casinos are now open for business. (27/10)

MIT Students Take Blackjack Card Counting to a New Level

In the early days of Las Vegas, blackjack was played using a single deck of cards. But when Dr. Edward O. Thorp wrote the book "Beat the Dealer," in 1962, that all changed. (27/10)

Delay in Implementing UIGEA

Although it does not specifically outlaw online gambling, the ban on the transfer of monies will break global trade rules. Hundreds of America’s top poker players went to Washington last week to lobby politicians to rescind the law. (27/10)

Play65 Sends 4 Top Backgammon players to Tournament

Play65, the largest backgammon website in the world is sending four of its top backgammon players to the most prestigious backgammon tournament in the world. (27/10)

Keno Employess Can Play

McCook, Nebraska’s City Council members were recently given the task to determine if employees of keno outlets should be allowed to play the game. The motion to allow them to play passed by one vote. (27/10)

Court Decides Bingo Jackpot Case

Young mom, Tania from Plymouth, England was a very lucky lady when she won a bingo jackpot of £101,211. (26/10)

Unibet CEO Petter Nylander Detained

October 23rd, 2007 at the Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam Unibet Group's CEO, Petter Nylander was detained. (26/10)

Video Poker Sites being investigated

In Dublin, phones began to ring Wednesday afternoon as law enforcement went to several stores in town. The Dublin Police Department made visits to stores that had video poker machines. (26/10)

Tribes Get Together for Casino License

Tribes continue to push for more casinos as the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe pursues efforts to get into the gambling business. (26/10)

What you think winning at blackjack is, really isn’t

Fred Renzey was hired to do a four-session seminar about blackjack. As usual, the hurdle would be for all the players or students to be shown their misunderstandings on their beliefs of the game. (26/10)

37th Japan Backgammon Championship Results

Yosuke Takahashi has won the Highest Ranking Japanese Player Award in backgammon two years in a row yet Junko Nakamura won the 37th Japan Backgammon Championship this year to repeat as champion. (25/10)

Delaware Man Shot in the Pants Following Craps Game


Baccarat Player Sues Australian Casino for Losses

Australian gambling addict, Harry Kakavas Sues Crown Casino in Australia for gambling losses accrued over a 14 month period. (25/10)

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