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Gambling News - Archive 2009-03
Chris Orme Wins Joss Northeast 9-ball Tour Stop at Classic Billiards

The Joss Northeast 9-Ball tour stopped this weekend in Rochester, New York to hold a $2,000 added purse event this past weekend. Thirty nine players entered the tournament at Classic Billiards but it would be Chris Orme who would outlast the field and take the first place finish. (31/03)

2009 Snooker China Open to Be Sponsored by Bank of Beijing

The official sponsors for the 2009 Snooker China Open were announced this past weekend. The Bank of Beijing and Hyundai will be the new official sponsors for the World Snooker ranking event. The tournament will be called the Bank of Beijing 2009 World Snooker China Open. (31/03)

Trump Casino Cuts Automated Poker Tables from the Casino Floor

Several land casinos have been adding electronic poker tables to their casino floors to attract new customers and eliminate the need for live dealers. It’s a win-win situation for most casinos and players like the popular table games and they do not have to pay for a dealer to work the table. Yet one Atlantic City casino has decided to remove their automated poker tables from the casino floor. (31/03)

Maryland Man Wins $1.2 Million Lottery Prize

Bryan Boushell is an unemployed truck driver who has struck it big in the lottery, winning $1.2 million this week after playing the lottery Multi Match. Bryan was amazed to find that he had won such a large amount but did not realize how much he had won until his wife’s mom told him. (31/03)

Las Vegas Hilton to host Craps Tournament in April

The Las Vegas Hilton began hosting a special tournament series in 2009 that features craps, pai gow poker, blackjack and three card poker. Each tournament takes place every few months time and offers $100,000 in prize pool money. The most recent tournament coming up is a Craps tournament and it is scheduled for April 9th through the 11th. (31/03)

ASA Bans Tombola Bingo Ads

Several online bingo companies have had their newest advertisements pulled from television and print. The UK Advertising Standards Association has become very sensitive and many ads are being pulled after just one public complaint. The latest bingo ad to be pulled was one created by the JDA agency for the Tombola Bingo website. (30/03)

New Jersey Senator Believes Organized Crime Aided by US Sports Betting Ban

We all know the trouble the United States has been dealing with when it comes to gambling. Government officials are either for it or against it in some form or another and officials cannot seem to decide on what to do. One United States senator has raised his voice in the matter of sports betting in the United States with the belief that the ban on sports betting is aiding organized crime. (30/03)

Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Offers Free Pai Gow Lessons

Gamblers love to visit casinos and gamble. But many stick to one game that they are familiar with and love to play. Many players may want to branch out but may feel intimated because they do now know how to play other casino games. Luckily the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada has a solution. (30/03)

Player wins Million Plus at Casino Europa

Slots games are very popular and many players tend to win large amounts of money by being persistent and playing at the same game or online casino. Many times players are so persistent that it really pays off in a big way. Players can earn millions of dollars by playing on their favorite slot machine. (30/03)

CryptoLogic to Supply Gaming Network with Casino Software

The Gaming Network and CryptoLogic recently signed an agreement that will see CryptoLogic supplying The Gaming Network with casino software downloads. The Gaming Network is one of the most popular UK gaming sites and CryptoLogic is one of the largest gaming suppliers available so it makes perfect sense the two would pair up. (30/03)

Horse Racing Event to be sponsored by 32Red Casino

32Red Casino recently announced they will be sponsoring the 2009 Flat Jockey Championship horseracing event. This is not the first time 32Red has sponsored and this is one of many that 32Red intends to use as advertisement investments. (27/03)

Andrew Kane Beats Gary Murgia Twice to Secure Win

The Tri-State Tour stopped in East Rutherford, New Jersey last weekend at Castle Billiards to host a pool tournament. Thirty one players entered the $500 added B-D handicapped event and it was Andrew Kane who outlasts the field and takes the first place finish. (27/03)

Rileys Snooker Clubs Cut Jobs and Close Clubs

Trade downturns and substantial debts have forced Rileys Snooker clubs to let go of two hundred people and shut down thirty snooker sites. Despite this big loss, Rileys has confirmed that the rest of their staff and the other one hundred and twenty nine clubs are secure. (27/03)

Kansas Man Wins Several Thousand Playing Keno

A Kansas man has won several thousand dollars after playing keno for the first time in his life. Shawn Ray bought his first ever keno ticket last Friday night and soon after learned he had won $8,735. What a way to begin playing keno! (27/03)

Representative Files Legislation for Sports Betting in Delaware

Many state officials in the United States are creating legislation that concerns gambling. Officials are either for or against some form of gambling and state officials in the state of Delaware are trying to legalize sports betting. (27/03)

Jadestone to Debut New Backgammon Product

Jadestone Networks recently announced they will soon be launching a new Backgammon product. Jadestone Networks is an operator of GamArena and DiceArena and the Company works with several big name partners, bwin, NordicBet and Paf. These companies will be the first to receive the new Backgammon Network. (26/03)

Online Slot Player Breaks Record at Slotland

Slot players are always hoping to hit the next ‘big’ jackpot. Everyone wants to win but wouldn’t it be nice to win a large prize? FORGOMO knows what it is like to win a large prize as he just hit the largest jackpot ever awarded in the month of March at Slotland casino. (26/03)

Poker Lovers Playing on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks available online. Millions of people stay connected to friends and family via the Facebook website. Many members of Facebook have taken advantage of the many applications available to play games as they visit with friends. Research has found the one of the more popular game choices on Facebook is poker. (26/03)

Caribbean Stud and Progressive Blackjack Tables Added to Creek Nation Casino Okemah

The Creek Nation Casino Okemah in Okemah, Oklahoma is the latest land casino to added TableMAX Gaming electronic table games. The casino added Caribbean Stud and Progressive Blackjack tables to their newly renovated casino floor. (26/03)

Free Bingo Games Now Available at Wink Bingo

Bingo players will be excited to hear the Wink Bingo is now offering free bingo games to the funded members of their website. Players will be able to participate in the free bingo games every day and possibly win cash prizes. (26/03)

29th Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament Scheduled for this May

The 29th Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend which is the 22nd through the 25th. The tournament will take place at the Holiday Inn Select at O’Hare International Airport and is an invitation only event. (25/03)

Fourteen People Arrested In Georgia Video Poker Bust

Earlier this week, police in Georgia raided a local bar after reports were coming in that patrons were gambling illegally in plain sight. Police entered Pufferbelly’s Saloon and Eatery to find people playing video poker machines and betting on Texas hold’em games even though they are illegal in the state. (25/03)

Aberdeen Casino Earns Twenty Four Hour Gaming License

A great way for a land casino to earn extra revenue is to keep the casino open for a twenty four hour period. The no closing option allows players to continue to gamble and party the night away without having to stop because the casino is closing. Gala Casino in Aberdeen just recently received their first twenty four hour gaming license and will now operate around the clock. (25/03)

Immigrant Quits Factory Job after Winning Large Lottery

Isabel Zelaya immigrated to the United States in 1984 to create a better life for his self. Zelaya worked hard at his job as a night shift worker for Coral Graphics Services to provide for his two children. Recently Zelaya decided to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket that cost only $3. That small amount won Zelaya $26 million in prize money. (25/03)

Keno Player Fights Back Against Robber

Most of us enjoy buying lottery tickets and playing keno. We look at it as a fun experience where we might win some money, maybe even the big jackpot. Most people do not imagine they will be robbed while playing a game of keno. Well, this past Tuesday a robber attempted to take money from a man who was playing keno at a local store in Massachusetts. (25/03)

Scott Frost Wins Desert Classic Tour Stop

This past weekend Bullshooters in Phoenix, Arizona hosted a Desert Classic Tour event which saw fifty players competing for the top prize. The event was a $1,000 added 8 ball match and Scott Frost remained undefeated to win the first place prize. (24/03)

Mohammad Asif wins 34th National Snooker Championship Title

The 34th National Snooker Championships took place this past weekend and Mohammad Asif defeated Mohammad Sajjad 6-2 to take the championship title. Sajjad was struggling during the match and Asif was on his top game. (24/03)

North Carolina Remains Top Pick for Championship Winner

The first two rounds of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Champions, aka March Madness, has ended and the top pick for bookies still remains the North Carolina team. The tournament began with sixty four teams competing in thirty two single elimination games last weekend. Then the sixteen winners competed bringing the teams down to eight competing. North Carolina still has a way to go before we will know if they will win the championships. (24/03)

Two More Pros Sign up for Irish Open

Paddypowerpoker’s Irish Open is scheduled to begin on April 10th and run through the 13th. Several poker players have already confirmed their attendance and it was just recently announced that two more players have signed up to compete in the tournament. (24/03)

April Fool’s Slot Tournament at Golden Casino

As the end of March is near, many online casinos are gearing up for April with new contests and promotions. Golden Casino is getting ready to host a $5,000 Guaranteed Slot Free roll tournament. The tournament will begin at noon on April 1st. (24/03)

Scandinavian Option Now Available at Jackpot City Bingo

Jackpot City Bingo, the online bingo website, is constantly updating their website to keep the players rolling in. The latest venture of Jackpot City is to move into the Scandinavian market. Beginning this month, Scandinavians will be able to enjoy the online bingo action that Jackpot City provides but in their own native language. (23/03)

Vermont Man Wins Large Lottery Prize

This past St. Patrick’s Day, one lucky Vermont man won a great deal of money after playing the Weekly Grand lottery. Norman Mattison bought his ticket at a Paulin store in town and found out he had won the large prize. (23/03)

Sports Betting Services Now an Option with Playtech

Recently Playtech purchased Player2Players, a sports betting software provider. Playtech is already one of the largest providers of online gambling services and now they can offer their customers sports betting options along with their long list of services. (23/03)

Online Gambling sees Increase after iPhone Application is discovered

Everyone has heard the latest news that many casinos have banned iPhones or do not permit the use of them at game tables anymore due to the new application that can be used on the phone. A card counting application is available on the iPhone and casinos fear that owners of the phone will use the application to win at the card tables. (23/03)

Man Charged In Keno Robbery Case

Jeffery James MacKinnon has been charged with seven counts of fraud in British Columbia after video footage was released of MacKinnon taking keno tickets. MacKinnon has gained a good deal of money from the Keno tickets as much as $300 from one ticket. (23/03)

New Online 3D Casino Becoming Very Popular

Buzzluck is a new online casino that was launched on Friday 13th. Many would think this would be bad luck but apparently not for this casino. Buzzluck is a 3D casino and since its launch just last week it has seen a high volume of online traffic and has become quite popular. (20/03)

Full Tilt Fight Night Begins Tonight

The first Full Tilt Fight Night begins tonight as Gus Hansen and Andy Bloch go up against each other in the Friday night series. This is the first of many head to head match ups that will take place at Full Tilt between the poker room’s Team pros. (20/03)

Bodog Casino Enhances Blackjack Experience for Month of March

Everyone knows, or should know, that the month of March is the time for basketball. NCAA basketball season begins with the large and popular March Madness tournament. Fans are glued to their televisions as they watch their favorite teams and hope their picks get the win. (20/03)

Challenge Jackpot TV Launches New Live Roulette Show

Challenge Jackpot TV is a twenty four hour gaming channel on Virgin Media TV. Challenge Jackpot TV recently launched a new television show called Roulette Nation. The new show runs nightly and viewers can interact with the show live with email, texts and game play. (20/03)

Florida Man Wins $1 Million playing Lottery

It was announced yesterday that sixty two year old Perry Hopkins Jr. of Sarasota, Florida has won the lottery. Hopkins played a scratch off game in the Florida Lottery and won $1 million. The scratch off game is called Billion Dollar Blockbuster and Hopkins claimed his prize in Tallahassee yesterday. (20/03)

Stephen Harrison Plans to Expand Academy

Stephen Harrison is a snooker pro who uses the sport to help those who are disadvantaged. Harrison operates the Stephen Harrison Academy which helps people with mental, physical and learning problems. Harrison recently announced that he plans to expand the Academy to help even more people. (19/03)

Official Cue of BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships is Poison Billiards

It was recently announced that Poison Billiards will be the official cue for the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships. This will be the second year in a row that Poison Billiards will be the official cue for the championships. (19/03)

President Obama Makes his March Madness Picks

March is the time of year for sports gamblers to make their picks for the NCAA March Madness tournament. Basketball fans go crazy, watching game after game, hoping their team wins their bracket. However in the United States it is not really legal to place bets on the tournament though probably almost half of the population does especially during March Madness. (19/03)

Canada Man Suing over Faulty Slot Machine

Imagine if you will that you are visiting a casino and playing the slot machines. You play for a while and all of a sudden your machine hits a major jackpot! You get very excited and wait for officials but when they come they tell you that you did not actually win…you just played on a faulty machine. Well that is what happed to Paul Kusznirewicz of Canada last December and now he is suing. (19/03)

Sweden Gains Svenska Bingo This Week

Online gaming providers are constantly expanding in growing markets to gain new members as well as increase revenues. More and more providers are offering their services to multiple countries as different gaming options become more popular. (19/03)

Arkansas Changes Old Gambling Law

A law placed in effect in 1940 in the state of Arkansas has been overturned and it is definitely for the betterment of the state. In 1940 a law was created that allowed anyone to collect a gambling debt even if forced was used. To collect a debt from someone and using force did not qualify as a theft or aggravated robbery. This law has now been changed. (18/03)

Keno Win Signals Long Winning Streak for Oregon Woman

Phyllis Barrett of Oregon just had a weekend of a lifetime. Barrett was visiting the Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Mission when she got on a winning streak. Barrett won three jackpots that day and walked away $1.2 million richer. (18/03)

Convict Charged Again With Running Illegal Video Poker Machines

John “Duffy” Conley is already in prison for running an illegal gambling operation. It is expected that Conley will be charged with at least one additional count of illegal gambling. Conley was charged yesterday with one count of conducting an illegal gambling business. (18/03)

Virginia Lottery Winner Earns $1,000 a Week for Life

Michael Greene likes to do nice things for his wife. Recently, a simple gesture earned Michael’s wife $1,000 a week for the rest of her life. Michael went to the local store and purchased tickets for the Win For Life game. Michael gave Linda her surprise ticket and low and behold it was the winner of the Win For Life game. (18/03)

Two Players Hit Caribbean Stud Jackpot in Just Two Days

Caribbean Stud Poker has been the name of the game over the past few days if you wanted to earn a little extra cash. Two players have hit jackpots on two separate casinos while playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Both casinos were US friendly so thankfully, US players are finally getting to earn a little extra cash. (18/03)

Maltese Snooker Players Get Ready for 2009 European Team Snooker Championships

The 2009 European Team Snooker Championships and the Under 19s Championships are set to take place beginning March 18th through the 26th. The Championships will take place in Russia and twenty teams from fifteen different European countries will be participating in the men’s category. Malta is sending twelve players to represent their country in the Championships. (17/03)

New Poker Room Launches on Merge Poker Network

BigBetPoker is the newest online poker room to hit the poker industry and they have launched on the Merge Poker Network. BigBetPoker is offering players a little something different by having a loyalty program that allows players to earn points quicker. (17/03)

Dragon Promotions Event Becomes Sanctioned by WPA

It was recently announced that the upcoming Dragon Promotion’s Event is now sanctioned by the World Pool Billiard Association as the WPA Women’s World 10-Ball Championship. The sanctioning of the event establishes another women’s event in the WPA and also helps the international program for women. (17/03)

Three More Seats Awarded to March Madness Blackjack Tournament

Last night, three more players earned seats to the finals of the March Madness Blackjack Tournament which will be held at Lucky18Casino. The event is scheduled for April 15th and every Monday night in March, online players have the chance to earn a seat to the finals. (17/03)

US Player Hits Jackpot Powered by Real Time Gaming

United States online slot players haven’t been getting their fair share of online jackpots. It seems that the winners of the last few months have been from other countries as they have access to poker jackpots. Just a few days ago one lucky US player hit the jackpot while playing Crazy Dragon and took home $11,870. (17/03)

4th Annual Online Bingo Summit Scheduled for this June

Every year for the past three years, online bingo companies have met together at the Online Bingo Summit to discuss challenges and issues that face the industry. This year the fourth annual Online Bingo Summit will take place on June 16th and 17th at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, London. (16/03)

2009 NBA Eastern Conference Betting Odds Released by Bookmakers

As the month of March is in full swing bettors are mainly focusing on March Madness college betting. Even though this is the popular choice many bettors could be focusing on who will win the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Championship. Many of the top online bookmakers are posting their odds for the Championship and who will win. (16/03)

Bar Robbed of Keno Money by Twelve Year Old Boy

The California Bar in Omaha, Nebraska was robbed recently of their Keno money but what may surprise you is that the robbery was done by three people, one being a twelve year old boy. Not only was the store robbed by the twelve year old boy and his accomplices but the workers were held at gunpoint and the owner was beaten. (16/03)

Father and Son win Online Jackpots within Just a Few Months

It can be very exciting for a family member to win a large jackpot whether it is online or at a local casino. But imagine the excitement if not one but two family members won a jackpot! Recently a father and son won jackpots from the same site just nine months apart. (16/03)

New York Lottery Player Wins Large Prize on Friday 13th

Friday the 13th is supposed to be a day of superstition and bad luck. Well for one lucky lottery player it was a day of Great luck! An anonymous player from Wyandanch, New York won the Mega Millions lottery this past Friday the 13th which was for a total of $26 million. (16/03)

Crown Casino Fined For Giving Gambling Addict Free Chips

According to several reports the Crown Casino in Australia was fined $15,000 after they gave Harry Kakavas free chips to play baccarat with. Kakavas has a big gambling addiction and Kakavas was playing a marathon game of baccarat. When Kakavas’ money ran out the casino gave him $500,000 in chips without Kakavas paying for them. (13/03)

NJI 34th National Snooker Championship Announces New Details

The NJI 34th National Snooker Championship is set to take place on March 16th through the 21st at Karachi Gymkhana. NJI is sponsoring the event and more details have been announced that will most likely result in more players competing for the top prize. (13/03)

Kelly Fisher Wins Carolina Ladies J. Pechauer Tour Stop

Randolph’s Billiards in Hickory, North Carolina played host to the latest Carolina Ladies J. Pechauer tour stop and it was the largest held to date. Eighteen ladies participated in the event and it was #1 ranked WBPA player Kelly Fisher who took the first place win. (13/03)

Casino Tropez Adds Live Roulette Pro and Live Mahjong Pai Gow

Live gaming options have become the new game of choice for casinos to add to their lineup of game offerings. Live gaming gives online players a more real experience when they are playing roulette or blackjack or any other live dealer game. (13/03)

CryptoLogic Releases Call of Duty 4 Slot Game

CryptoLogic and Playtech, both providers of games for gambling companies have been in a little competition. CryptoLogic has been a solid provider of Marvel comic slot games for some time now. Recently Playtech signed a deal with Marvel so they are now the providers. To hit back at Playtech, CryptoLogic created and released a new slot game, Call of Duty 4, which is an extremely popular video game. (13/03)

Eurosport to Launch New Betting Service after Obtaining License

Eurosport, a sports entertainment group, will soon be launching their new betting service. Eurosport recently earned a remote gambling license, which gives them the go ahead to launch their new service. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission awarded the license to Eurosport. (12/03)

PartyGaming Believes Settlement with US Authorities Could Be Coming Soon

Everyone in the online gambling world knows that online casinos and poker rooms have been experiencing legal troubles in the United States since the passage of the UIGEA in 2006. One such company was PartyGaming who has been under scrutiny for taking “illegal” bets from US citizens in the past. (12/03)

GameAccount to Supply Cogetech SpA with Skill Games

Cogetech SpA recently signed an agreement with GameAccount that will see GameAccount supplying Cogetech SpA with skill games for their website. Cogetech SpA is an Italian online gambling group that provides horse racing and sports betting services. Cogetech SpA will join a long list of clients of GameAccount. Such gambling sites as William Hill, Victor Chandler International, BlueSquare and Paddy Power are among those who work with GameAccount. (12/03)

Video Poker Website Holding March Madness Contest

Everyone knows that when March rolls around it is time for March Madness to begin in college basketball. To celebrate the tournament, the Video Poker website has launched their own March Madness Tournament. Players can compete in a video poker challenge to win great prizes. (12/03)

Canadians Win Big At Keno and Banco

It is always exciting when people play lottery style games and win big. Everyone dreams of playing a game for a very little stake and winning a large amount of money. Well for two women from Canada that dream recently came true. (12/03)

Unemployed Americans Applying for Blackjack and other Casino Dealer Jobs

The unemployment rate in the United States is soaring and is on a continual rise. Millions of people are out of work, some who have worked at the same job for decades. To supplement their income, people are applying for all types of jobs including dealer openings at casinos. (11/03)

Illinois Could Offer Online Gambling Soon

Online gambling is a hot topic in the United States for many reasons. Several states want to regulate online gambling to provide citizens with the ability to play online as well as earning extra revenue for their state. (11/03)

Lady Wins Car From 888 Ladies Bingo

The 888 Ladies Bingo website is known for hosting great contests and promotions that give away fantastic prizes. Back in December the website hosted a special bingo game where one lucky player would win a brand new Mazda 2 car. Well, Carol Hedley was the lucky player who won the car and she was recently featured in her local newspaper standing side by side with her new ride. (11/03)

Rome Casino Adds Three New Slot Games

To add to their list of available online games, Rome Casino recently added three new slot games. Ocean Fantasy, Black Diamond and Shia Safavid’s Treasure can now all be found on the Rome Casino website. Rome Casino is new to the online gambling industry and they continue to add new features to bring new players to their website. (11/03)

Illinois Lottery Jackpot Continues to Grow

When a state holds a lottery it continues to grow until someone hits the jackpot. Many times the jackpot will grow to hundreds of millions of dollars before it is hit by one or many lucky players. In Illinois, the lottery has rolled over yet again and is now sitting at $3.5 million. (11/03)

Five New Games Launched at Casino Tropez

With the current economy, online casinos have to stay current with their game offerings as well as promotions and bonuses. Online players are spending less and less money at online casinos so Companies have to keep their websites fresh to keep the crowds coming in. (10/03)

Brian Capps Earns Great Southern Billiard Tour Win

The Great Southern Billiard Tour has finished another stop on their tour, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. The latest event took place at Paradise Billiards and seventy players entered to try and win the $1,500 added A-B handicapped amateur event. (10/03)

Scotland Snooker Player Claims Investigation Will Find Him Innocent

A formal investigation has been launched on the UK Championship defeat of Scotland snooker player Jamie Burnett. Burnett lost the Championship match and bookmakers saw heavy betting on him losing. This has prompted an investigation into the matter. (10/03)

Huck Seed Wins NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship

The NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship recently concluded as the eight final players competed for the top prize of $500,000. The first four matches determined who would be the final four and then the final four would compete for the first place prize. (10/03)

ASA Bans Online Sports Book’s Advertisement

The ASA recently banned a poster advertisement created by the popular bookie website, requestabet, to advertise wagering. This is not the first time the ASA has banned an advertisement that was created by an online website. (10/03)

Two Advocacy Groups Join Forces to Fight Keno Addition in Nova Scotia

Late last week, two advocacy groups announced they would be working together to fight the recent addition of Keno to Nova Scotia. The Safe Bet Society and Game Over VLTS are working to make the Nova Scotia government stop offering electronic Keno. (09/03)

Woman Remains a Penny Pincher Even After Winning Million Dollar Lottery

Just eleven weeks ago Maria Murray won a million dollars after playing the lottery. It that almost three month span, Maria has only spent £170 on a few small items. Maria gave a big chunk of her winnings to her four children and they in turn gave her a gift that is worth more than she has spent on herself. (09/03)

All Slots Casino Hosting $100,000 Competition this April

Players at All Slots Casino will be able to earn a ton of great prizes this April when the casino hosts a $100,000 competition. Prizes will be awarded in the form of casino bonuses when players compete in the upcoming Lucky Spin promotion. (09/03)

2008 Champion of Mahjong in Fallbrook Presented with Trophy

Fallbrook, California residents love to play the ancient game of Mahjong. Fallbrook has many different groups who gather and play the game on a weekly basis to practice their skills and to just have fun. One group has been together for almost twenty years and recently awarded one player with their Champion trophy. (09/03)

UK Sports Betting Rules Could Be Changing Very Soon

Governing officials over several sports in the United Kingdom have been meeting to discuss changes in the rules to create a stricter environment when it comes to sports betting. Evidence is mounting up that betting scams are becoming more of a problem in football, cricket, horse racing and other sports and the changes could help eliminate the problem. (09/03)

Nevada State Backgammon Tournament Scheduled for This April

The Nevada Backgammon Association has released the schedule for this year’s Nevada State Backgammon Tournament. The tournament is scheduled for April 15th through the 19th at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. (06/03)

John Higgins Reaches Snooker Championship League Final Stage

John Higgins has made it to the final stage of the Snooker Championship League after beating Steve Davis in the Group 6 decider match. The event took place at Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex and Higgins dominated the match up proving his skill in the game of snooker. (06/03)

WPT Invitational Draws a Record Field

A record field of four hundred and thirty three celebrity players and poker pros turned out for this year’s World Poker Tour Invitational. The event took place at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles this past weekend to raise money for the Vine Group USA Charity. (06/03)

Mika Immonen Wins Blatt Billiards Predator 9 ball Tour Second Stop

The second stop of the Blatt Billiards Predator 9 Ball Tour took place on February 28th and continued until March 1st. Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey hosted the event and one hundred and eight players registered to compete in the tournament. Mika Immonen managed to outlast the field in the open division and take the first place prize. (06/03)

March Mania Slot Tournament Sees Large Turnout

Golden Casino started an online slot tournament on March 4th called March Mania and online slot players responded. People signed on in droves and on the first day of the tournament, Golden Casino saw almost 20,000 people registered to compete. (06/03)

Bad Economy Resulting in More Gambling Addicts

We all know the strain of the current economy. Everyone is struggling and many are trying their best to earn more money to help their economic situation. One problem that has surfaced from the struggling economy is gambling problems. Many people are visiting casinos to try and make money quick and they end up losing more than they bargained for and then a gambling addiction as well. (05/03)

Titan Poker Launches Online Casino

One of the biggest names in the online poker industry recently launched an online casino. Titan Poker has created a new online casino called Titan Casino. Managers of the casino are hoping that existing Titan Poker players as well as new ones will visit the Titan Casino and make it their new home. (05/03)

Ben Affleck Treats Friend to Night of Craps and Blackjack

Regular people have always had a fascination with celebrities. We love them, we hate them, and sometimes we don’t know what to think. But one great thing about celebrities is that they can do a lot of good with their fame. Ben Affleck recently spent a good amount of time with a terminally ill twenty one year old gambling the night away. (05/03)

£20,000 Raised at Gala Bingo to Help Hospice

Kezia Obama is United States President Barack Obama’s stepmother. Kezia recently worked with Gala Bingo to create an online bingo game to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration. The game was called Mrs. Obama Bingo and it went live on January 14th. The game raised money for charity and now Kezia has presented the charity with a check for £20,000. (05/03)

New Jersey Co-Workers Win Large Mega Millions Jackpot

Ten co-workers who work for Chubb Commercial Insurance in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey have hit the jackpot. The co-workers played the $216 Mega Million lottery and won the massive jackpot. The win was announced during a news conference this past Wednesday. (05/03)

Electronic Roulette to be added to North Carolina Casino

The Paradise Township casino in Mount Airy will be adding electronic roulette tables in the next few days. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board decided last month to allow electronic roulette into the state. (04/03)

Sports Betting Company to Sponsor Players Darts Championship

Top bookmaker, Coral, will be teaming up with the Professional Darts Corporation to sponsor the Players Darts Championship which will be held at the Circus Tavern in Essex in January. The top thirty two players from the 2008 Players Championship Order of Merit will be competing for £200,000 in prize money. (04/03)

Taiwan Mahjong Development Association Offering Twenty Umpire Jobs

The Taiwan Mahjong Development Association is currently recruiting twenty umpires for positions they have available. They need the umpires for many upcoming Mahjong competitions that will take place. People who need a job and love the game of Mahjong are encouraged to apply for the position. (04/03)

Street Fighter Slot Tournament Taking Place at InterCasino

Street Fighter is a well known arcade game that is beloved by many. Fans would spend hours at their local arcades playing as their favorite character and beating up the competition. Now fans of Street Fighter can participate in a different type of competition. InterCasino is currently holding a Street Fighter Slot Tournament. Players can play the Street Fighter slot game and earn extra prizes at the casino. (04/03)

Grandfather Wins $50,000 Keno Prize

It seems as though Keno is the popular game of choice for many gamblers these days and it is definitely paying off. Players are winning more and more jackpots by playing while they eat dinner at local bars or just play for fun. (04/03)

Underground Atlanta Casino Could Be a Reality Soon

Dan O’Leary has plans to build a half billion dollar casino and hotel in the Underground Atlanta, Georgia area. On Monday, members of the City Council in Atlanta stated they are behind Mr. O’Leary’s plans and will help support him in the process. (03/03)

2009 NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship to Begin This Friday

Sixty four of the best players in the poker industry will gather this Friday to compete in the 2009 NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will be filled with poker pros and fans alike who want to watch as the competition begins. (03/03)

Bingo Day Website to Honor Women during International Women’s Day

Online Bingo website, Bingo Day, has decided to honor women for one week during the week of International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day is the 100th so the website decided to honor this special day. On this day women all around the world are allowed to express their feelings and men are traditionally supposed to give the women in their life small gifts and flowers. (03/03)

Mohammad Yousuf Fails to Qualify for the 2009 National Snooker Championship

The 34th National Snooker Championship is set to take place later this month and the most decorated winner will not be present. Former World Champion Mohammad Yousuf will not be featured in the upcoming event. (03/03)

Leo Liu Wins Last Tri-State Tour Stop of February

Thirty two players entered the last February stop on the Tri-State Tour to try their hand at winning the $500 added C-D handicapped event. The tournament took place in Edison, New Jersey at Sandcastle Billiards and Leo Liu outlasted the field to take the win. (03/03)

Keno Revenues Drop in Omaha, Nebraska

The game of Keno has seen a major drop in revenue in Omaha, Nebraska. The economy is only part of the problem and community betterment programs are suffering from the drop in revenue. However, nearby cities are not seeing a drop and officials want to find out what the problem is. (02/03)

Ontario Casino Halting Basketball Betting

Caesars Windsor casino in Ontario has decided to stop basketball betting after the Ontario government was asked by the NCAA to halt any bets that could be made on the Final Four. The Men’s Division I basketball taking place from March 30th to April 6th will not be available for bets at the casino. (02/03)

Lucky18Casino to Host March Madness Blackjack Tournament

Starting tonight, Lucky18Casino will begin their March Madness Blackjack Tournament to celebrate the beginning of the March Madness in United States basketball. Players will have the chance to win $1,000 in tournament prize money and then move on to the Championship in April. (02/03)

William Hill Casino Player Wins £100,000

Everyone hopes that when they play their favorite casino game that they will win a large amount of money. Slot players are always striving to win the largest jackpot they can. One lucky player recently won £95,000 at William Hill when he played the Pharaoh’s Treasure slot game. (02/03)

Oklahoma Resident Wins Large Lottery Prize

Tiny “TJ” Jones plays the lottery every once in a while. Jones recently went to a Thunder Shell Food Mart near his home and bought an Easy Pick lottery ticket. Jones was a winner but did not realize how much he had won until he looked online and discovered he had won $200,000. (02/03)

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