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Gambling News - Archive 2010-09
Unique Mobile Application for Billiards

There are hundreds of applications available for download on mobile devices. From GPS application to gaming applications, cell phone owners can find an application for just about anything. Recently an application was created for those who enjoy playing pool. players can now download an application called Break Speed which allows players to see how fast they can break. (30/09)

Police Officer Caught Card Counter at Philadelphia Casino

Card counting at an online casino is not uncommon and it seems like more and more casino goers are trying for the quick win. Most times the person is struggling for money or just the common criminal so it was surprising to learn that a veteran police officer was caught at a Philadelphia casino recently using a card counting device. (30/09)

Liv Boeree Signs with PokerStars

The top online poker rooms such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have several poker pros signed to their site to help promote their online poker rooms. Fans of the game as well as poker players love to watch their favorite pros compete in live events as well as having the chance to compete against their favorite pros online. Fans now have a chance to play against Liv Boeree as she is the latest pro to sign with online poker room PokerStars. (30/09)

Ontario Police looking for multi-million dollar lottery winner

The Ontario Police force have recently come forward to say that the wrong person claimed a $12.5 million lottery prize almost seven years ago and they are looking for the real winner. The Super 7 ticket was claimed by someone who stole the ticket and the rightful winner is still out there. (30/09)

Mark Williams knocked out of World Open

The World Open is in full swing and one of the top snooker pros has been knocked out of the competition. Mark Williams faced Neil Robertson of Australia in the semi-finals of the tournament and he was knocked out of the competition with a score of 3-2. (30/09)

Gammon Empire offers players multiple tournament options

Gammon Empire is an online backgammon site where players can enjoy playing backgammon as well as play in backgammon tournaments. The online backgammon site offers players a wide variety of tournament options for both the beginner player as well as experienced backgammon player. (29/09)

New Virtue Fusion Games added to Virgin Gaming Site

Virgin Games is a large provider of online gaming. The company owns several websites including Virgin Casino and Virgin Bingo. All of Virgin’s sites offer a large range of gaming options and they are constantly updated to keep up to date with the latest games and technologies. Recently Virgin Bingo added three new games one of which is a roulette game. (29/09)

Virgin Casino launches new slot game

Virgin Casino recently announced they are launching a new slot game today. The new slot game is called Alice’s Wonderland and players will be immersed into Alice’s world as she chases the white rabbit down the dark hole. Virgin Casino is offering special prizes for a few lucky players who try out the new slot game. (29/09)

Slotland announces video poker winner

Video poker is a popular gaming choice for online gamblers and online casino Slotland offers players many video poker gaming choices. The online casino recently announced that a Canadian player has won over $100,000 while enjoying one of their video poker games. (29/09)

Rummy Royal Offers Full Tutorials for Various Rummy Games

Rummy Royal is one of the top providers of online rummy gaming and fans of the game will find they offer a wide variety of rummy gaming. Players can enjoy a single rummy game or tournaments as well as fun contests. One advantage for players who use Rummy Royal is the Demo options. The online rummy site offers a detailed demo of several of their games for players who may not be familiar on how to play. (29/09)

B.J. Ussery wins Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop

The Great Southern Billiard Tour stopped in Rocky Mount, North Carolina this past weekend to host a $1,500 added event. The event took place at Greentop Billiards and forty one players registered to compete in the event. The event was sponsored by Andy Gilbert Custom Cues as well as Nick Varner Cues and Cases. In the end it was B.J. Ussery who came up with the first place win. (28/09)

Cambodia Casino suffers million dollar loss from baccarat scammers

A casino in Cambodia is short about $1.3 million dollars after a group of players found a loophole in the casinos baccarat game. The casino which is called NagaWorld, suffered at the hands of fraudulent players after they found a opening in the dealer’s shuffle which allowed them to win the $1.3 million dollars. (28/09)

Women to Referee Power Snooker Tournament next month

The Power Snooker launch tournament is scheduled for this October and it was recently announced that the new game will have female referees. Patricia Murphy and Michaela Tabb will be serving as referees for the event. (28/09)

Canadian Players having trouble with online casinos

Canadian casino gamblers recently found out that they can no longer play at certain online casinos. Players at several online casinos including: Bwin, Casino Club and Paddy Power have lost their gambling privileges. The online casinos have sent emails out to their Canadian players which stated they are unable to play at the sites from now on. (28/09)

Full Tilt Poker launches new Black Card

Full Tilt Poker is one of the top online poker rooms for many reasons. They offer players a nice variety of online poker games as well as guaranteed tournaments. The online poker room also hosts live events as well as major online events and they host qualifiers for some of the largest land tournaments. As if that wasn’t enough the online poker room also offers players many rewards as well as promotions. The site recently launched the Black Card which gives players added value for playing at the online poker room. (28/09)

Ireland Could Add New Gambling Tax Soon

Each country, state, city, etc. around the world have different laws and rules when it comes to gambling. Some rules are understandable and others are not. One law that varies depending on where you live is a betting tax. Some countries have them and some do not. There have been rumors surfacing recently that Ireland will be adding a new tax on betting very soon. (27/09)

Rikers Guard Wins Huge Lottery Prize

It is always nice to hear when someone wins the lottery, especially a large lottery prize. It can be heartwarming to see someone who was out of work or in need of money win a lottery prize. That is why the story of the recent Mega Millions winner is so special. (27/09)

Super Free Bingo Begins today at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes Bingo works hard to provide their players with the best in online bingo gaming. The site has many offers for players to enjoy and starting today the online bingo site is going to be offering Super Free Bingo nights. Players will be able to log into the Ladbrokes Bingo each night and enjoy free bingo games. (27/09)

Clover Rollover Progressive Slot Game Jackpot Reaches Massive Proportions

Clover Rollover Slot game is a progressive slot game that can be found at many popular online bingo websites. Players can enjoy the slot game during bingo downtime as well as on its own. Players have begun playing the game so much that the progressive jackpot has now grown to an amazing 3.4 million GBP. (27/09)

Free Version of Backgammon Deluxe now available

The iPad is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market today. The device has many capabilities and with hundreds of applications available there is no wonder as to why the iPad is so popular. Owners can do just about anything with the many applications that are available. Many times companies offer smaller versions of their gaming applications for free and that is exactly what EnsenaSoft has done with one of their backgammon games. (27/09)

Gambling Raids in Virginia Beach

Law enforcement as well as Harvey Bryant the attorney for the Commonwealth has been working together for months in an online gambling investigation. Apparently several online gambling businesses have opened up in stores as well as strip malls and officials have been gathering information to bust the businesses. (24/09)

Sarasota Gaming and Raceway adds Roulette

Players visiting the Sarasota Gaming and Raceway will be happy to hear that the game of roulette has now been added to the gaming floor. Players have wanted to see the game added for some time now and now they have their wish. (24/09)

Rick Parry Not for Banning Footballers from all betting

This past week officials of the Football Association and representatives from the Professional Footballers’ Association as well as the Premier league met to discuss betting in the game of football. During the discussion Rick Perry the former Liverpool Chief Executive stated there is no reason to total ban gambling for footballers. (24/09)

Illinois Lottery Launches New Ticket Offering

State lotteries are constantly updating their offerings a variety of ways including adding new games and changing up the styles of tickets. The Illinois Lottery recently announced they have added a new game to their lottery called Cash 4 College. (24/09)

Mansion Casino Launches $20k Slot Tournament

Slot tournaments are a great way for players to play the games they love and have an additional chance to win cash. Tournament play can be very exciting, as players do not know who is going to win the tournament and they continue to try their best so they can be the big winner. Mansion Casino recently announced they are offering a special slot tournament for players to enjoy. (24/09)

Glass City Open Returns after changes made

The Glass City Open is returning to Toledo this November with a few changes. The tournament is not an 8-Ball Triple Elimination event and is a 5 player open team event. The tournament is limited to twenty four ladies teams and sixty four men’s teams. The Ramada Hotel and Conference Center is hosting the tournament on the weekend of thanksgiving which is November 26th to the 28th. (23/09)

Bet365 offering special blackjack tournament

On September 25th online casino Bet365 will be offering up a special event called Blackjack Bonanza. The event will give players a chance to play online blackjack against other players at the site and win a piece of the £5,000 prize pool. (23/09)

Mark Williams Makes Final Sixteen of World Snooker Open

Snooker pro Mark Williams can rest easy now, if just for a little bit. Williams recently defeated Ali Carter 3-1 to become eligible to compete in the final sixteen of the World Open. Williams played brilliantly to beat the Shanghai Masters champion and he will now move forward in the hopes of winning the Open. (23/09)

Custom Slot Created for Online Casino

Rushmore Casino is a popular US friendly online casino that provides players with a large selection of gaming options as well as tournament play. The site has a large selection of tournaments which range from slot games to blackjack. The online casino recently announced they have released a new slot game that was custom created for the online casino. (23/09)

PokerStars heads to Argentina today for LAPT Grand Final

Season three of the PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour is at an end as the last stop begins today. Players will be descending onto the City Center Casino located in Argentina to compete in the $5,000 Grand Final main event. (23/09)

Baccarat Player Dies After Jumping Off Cruise Ship

There are many stories of people doing crazy and stupid things when they gamble. Sometimes people drink too much and make the wrong decisions while others lose a great deal of money and then make bad choices. Recently a fifty one year old gambler made the decision to end his life after losing a large amount of money while playing baccarat. (22/09)

Play65 Offering only qualifier for World Backgammon Tour Finale

The World Backgammon Tour Grand Finale is coming up soon and it has been announced that Play65 will be the exclusive provider of online qualifiers for the event. The Grand Finale will be the final event of the tour and Play65 will be offering up seats to those that qualify. (22/09)

The Great Pyramid at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is a leader in online rummy gaming. The online rummy site offers many different options for game play and one of those options is The Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid is a take on Egyptian culture and gives players a chance to clear levels and earn cash prizes. (22/09)

Sports Betting coming to All Slots Casino

The Jackpot Factory Group, the owner of several online casinos, recently announced that one of their casinos will now be offering sports betting. All Slots Casino will now offer sports betting for players to enjoy. The site is powered by Microgaming and they will be providing the software. (22/09)

Zoom Bingo Launches New Tournaments

Relatively new to the online bingo industry, Zoom Bingo has become a popular bingo site very quickly. The online bingo room did not have a large opening but the site has come to be known as a place players can come and visit with others to have fun. Recently Zoom Bingo announced they have made new additions to their site including bingo and slot tournaments. (22/09)

Amanda Lampert Wins OB Cues Ladies Tour Event

Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, Texas recently held an OB Cues Ladies Tour event. The tournament took, place on September 11th and 12th and thirty eight players showed up to participate. Lambert had to defeat Melinda Bailey her best friend to make it further in the competition before she could claim the victory. (21/09)

Blackjack Tournaments at Crazy Vegas Casino

Crazy Vegas Casino recently announced they are going to be offering blackjack tournaments as well as slot tournaments. The casino has joined a campaign created by the Microgaming Network to offer daily as well as weekly and monthly tournaments. (21/09)

SEGA Casino and SEGA Poker Shut Down

The SEGA Company is known for creating some of the best and most popular gaming options in the world. Who doesn’t know Sonic the Hedgehog or Altered Beast? Since the company was well known for creating games in the industry, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, it was no surprise when the company opened an online casino and poker room in 2009. It was thought that the new sites would do well but SEGA has apparently shut down both sites. (21/09)

Borgata Poker Open Sees Largest Turnout Ever

The Borgata Poker Open is a very popular event on the World Poker Tour. The event sees hundreds of player’s turnout every year to compete and this year’s event was no different. In fact, so many players turned out to participate this year that the event set a record. (21/09)

Norwich’s Oldest Snooker Club Revamped

The oldest snooker in Norwich recently underwent several changes. Clarke’s Snooker Club first opened in 1928 which makes it the oldest in the city. For decades patrons have enjoyed the game of snooker and now the club is offering up even more to visitors. (21/09)

Nebraska Reports Low Keno Sales

The game of keno is a popular lottery style game. Players pick numbers on a computer screen and hope their numbers match in the draw. If they do, then the player wins a cash prize. Many states in the US have added the popular game in the hopes that it will draw in much needed revenue. However the game has not done very well in many of the states, including Nebraska. (20/09)

Store Clerk Denies Stealing Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Ticket

Salem Al Saidi works at the Dynasty Deli and Grocery in Jamaica which is his father’s store. He was in the news recently as he has been accused of taking a multimillion dollar lottery ticket from an elderly gentleman. Saidi stated he did not take the ticket and that it was a big mistake. (20/09)

Douglas Rennick Sentenced in Online Gambling Payment Case

Douglas Rennick was recently back in court to be sentenced for the money laundering charges that were brought to court in New York City. Rennick owned a payment processing business and was accused of processing over $350 million dollars to online gambling sites for over two years. (20/09)

Free Bingo Rooms Now Available at Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the top providers of online bingo gaming. The site has become immensely popular over the past few years and the site has a very large player base now. The site recently announced they have added a new tab to their lobby which is called Free Bingo. (20/09)

Kerching Casino Adds New Vampire Themed Slot Game

Vampires are all the rage these days with teens and adults alike. With Twilight and True Blood practically in everyone’s face, it is hard not to get addicted to vampires. The online gambling industry has seen this trend and there is now a new vampire slot game available at Kerching Casino that fans can take advantage of. (20/09)

International Olympic Committee worried about Gambling in 2012

In 2012 the Olympics will take place in London, England. Londoners are very excited about bringing the Olympics to their area but the International Olympic Committee is nervous about online gambling. Gambling is prevalent in the UK and the committee is worried about corruption in many of the Olympic sports. (17/09)

Manchester United Picked to win match against Liverpool

Manchester United is set to face Liverpool in a soccer match this weekend and bookmakers have chosen Manchester United to earn the win. Soccer fans can now place their bets at the various sports betting sites on who they think will win the matchup. (17/09)

Roulette Nation Launches Express Version

Roulette Nation is a broadcast television show that allows players to watch and play along online. Players are able to play roulette along with the television which creates a unique experience. Roulette Nation recently created an Express version of their show to allow players to enjoy the game at a faster pace. (17/09)

WinADay Casino announces yet another jackpot winner

WinADay Casino is a top online casino that rewards players with large jackpots on a regular basis. It seems as though every week the casino is announcing yet another online jackpot win. The casino recently announced that an online player has won almost $100,000 while playing one of their online slot games. (17/09)

Unique Backgammon Application now available for iPad

The Apple iPad has become almost a staple in many people lives. Owners of the iPad are able to do a large variety of things thanks to the hundreds of applications that can be downloaded to the iPad. The latest application to come out is a usual backgammon game. (17/09)

11th World Series of Spades to begin this November

Spades is a popular card game that is played around the world at both online and land casinos as well as from the comfort of your own home. It is not unusual to find a card game going at any home in America as the game is very popular. (16/09)

Rack EM Up New England 9 Ball Tour Kicks off new season

Bo’s Bar & Billiards located in Warwick, Rhode Island recently hosted the first event of the Rack EM Up New England 9 Ball Tour. The first event of the new season took place on September 12th and a large field of sixty four competitors showed up to participate. (16/09)

British Poker Awards Winners List

The Kensington Close Hotel in London, England played host to the first annual British Poker Awards which took place this past Monday night. The hosts of the show were none other than Michael Caselli and poker pro Antonio Esfandiari. (16/09)

New Baccarat System installed at Casino Barcelona

Gaming technology is always changing, evolving to the next big thing. Casinos, whether online or offline, add the new technology to stay relevant as well as bring in new players. One popular brand of technology that is currently being installed at land casinos is multiplayer gaming systems. There are many types of these systems and they make adding new games easy for operators. (16/09)

Martin Gould States he is ready to face anyone

Martin Gould a Pinner Potter snooker player has stated that the top snooker players in the industry should look to avoid playing him in the last matches of the World Open. The World Open is set to take place in Glasgow next week and Gould believes he is going to take the win. (16/09)

Barona Resort & Casino Start Bad Hand Bonus

The Barona Resort and Casino located in California has started a new option for players to be able to win. The new feature is called Bad Hand Bonus and it allows players to win cash without winning a single game. (15/09)

Jadestone Adds new skill game to website

Jadestone Networks is the company that created the DiceArena and GamArena websites. These sites offer players skill games as well as casino style games to enjoy. The network recently announced they have added a new game to their offerings called Liar’s Dice. (15/09)

Happy Couple Wins 2.6 million lottery prize

Imagine celebrating your fortieth wedding anniversary, what a happy occasion! Now imagine celebrating the win with a large lottery prize, it makes the celebration that much sweeter. This is exactly what happened to a couple from Birmingham, England as they won a large Lotto prize at the same time as they celebrated their anniversary. (15/09)

Russia now has new online bingo site

The game of bingo is popular all across the world, especially in the United Kingdom. It seems as though the game as spread far and wide and now Russia has launched their very own bingo site. The online bingo operator Bingo Stars has now launched a Russian version of their site. (15/09)

All Slots Casino to Continue Lord of the Rings slot Tournament

The Lord of the Rings is a new slot game that has released at All Slots Casino. To celebrate the release of the new slot game, All Slots Casino decided to host a special tournament. The tournament was such a success that they have brought it back again this month. (15/09)

Quinten Hann comments on John Higgins Court Verdict

Quinten Hann is a former snooker player who was banned from the sport of snooker for eight years for throwing frames. Hann recently commented on the verdict in the John Higgins snooker match fixing case. Hann stated that he was not surprised at the verdict and that snooker will continue to and will always have match fixing. (14/09)

Online Gambling on the rise in UK

Online gambling is popular all over the world but according to a recent study, it has apparently become very popular in the United Kingdom. Nielsen Media Research recently conducted a survey that shows a dramatic increase in online gambling in the United Kingdom. (14/09)

Ryan McCarthy wins Tri-State Tour Stop

The Tri-State Tour stopped this past weekend in Edison, New Jersey to host a $750 added C-D handicapped event. The tournament took place at Sandcastle Billiards and drew a field of eighteen competitors. It was Ryan McCarthy who managed to come from the one loss side to win the event after defeating Ken Debroske in the finals. (14/09)

4th Annual WSOPE Begins Today

Today marks the official kickoff of the fourth annual World Series of Poker Europe. Players will be coming together at the Casino at the Empire in London to begin the first event of the series. This year’s series will consist of five events and the first event to take place is the six handed no limit hold’em event which has a buy-in of £2,650. (14/09)

JackpotCity has to convince player to take jackpot

When an online casino player manages to win a jackpot they usually are so excited they cannot wait to get their prize. The player is usually ready and willing to see the casino hand over the cash. However a recent winner at JackpotCity, an online casino, refused to take their winning jackpot. (14/09)

Chiefs Face Chargers tonight on Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football kicks off tonight with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the San Diego Chargers and bookmakers have placed their odds on who will win the matchup. Bettors can visit their favorite bookmaker and place their bets on who will win the big game. (13/09)

William Hill Bingo offering players Large Bingo Jackpot

William Hill Bingo is one of the top providers of online bingo games. The online bingo room has it all from tournaments to low price bingo games as well as major jackpot games. William Hill Bingo recently announced they have a bingo jackpot that is rising fast and just waiting on a lucky player to hit it big! (13/09)

New Microgaming Slot Launches at Virgin Casino

Microgaming is one of the top providers of online gaming software in the industry today. The company releases new games on a regular basis and they recently announced yet another new slot game released. This time the game is based on hip hop and is called Loaded. The new game was created to cater to hip hop fans and bring new life to the slot gaming genre. (13/09)

Companies Compete to run Illinois Lottery

The state of Illinois is looking to find a new company to run their state lottery and this past week two companies presented their ideas on why they would be the best choice to run the state lottery. Camelot Illinois and Northstar Lottery Group both pitched their plans on how they would run the lottery. (13/09)

Backgammon Masters Offering Daily Free rolls

Online backgammon site, Backgammon Masters, is currently offering players daily free tournaments. Each day twenty eight winners are named and players get to share in a $750 prize pool. The game of backgammon is a favorite among online gamers and Backgammon Masters gives players the perfect opportunity to play the game the love at no cost! (13/09)

Australia’s Major Sporting Leagues Team up to Fight Illegal Betting

In recent sports betting news, all of the major sports leagues in Australia have teamed up to fight illegal sports betting. The Cricket Australia, NRL, AFL and Australian Rugby Union are working together to try and create several options to fight sports betting including a permanent gambling commission. (10/09)

Rummy Royal offers beginner players Free rolls

Rummy Royal is one of the best online rummy sites available for everyone who enjoys the game of rummy. The site offers many variations of the game of rummy including: Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40, Traditional rummy, Rummy 500 and many more. For those who are new to the online rummy site, Rummy Royal offers them two great deals to get them started. (10/09)

DSiWare Launches Mahjong this week

DSiWare has been busy as of late launching several new games to their network. For those who love the game of Mahjong, there is now a new mahjong to play as well as two new games called My Exotic Farm and Music On: Acoustic Guitar. (10/09)

Daily Free Cash Games now available at Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo is a popular online bingo site that is about to get even more popular. The online bingo operator has started offering their players even greater prize offerings. Tasty Bingo is currently offering players Daily Free Cash games where players can earn great cash prizes without having to spend any money to do so. (10/09)

CrazyVegas Offering Daily Freerolls

Online casino CrazyVegas has recently announced they are now offering daily freeroll tournaments for their slot players. Online players can now log on to CrazyVegas or create a new account to get started playing in the daily slot free rolls. (10/09)

John Higgins Banned from Snooker for six months

Just a few days ago we brought you the news that snooker star John Higgins was going to trial for charges of match fixing. The trial is now over and Higgins has been banned from the sport of snooker for six months and was fined 75,000 pounds for breaking betting regulations. (09/09)

United States Pool Players Association Changes up format for Tournament

The United States Pool Players association recently announced that they, along with the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino have decided to change the format and dates for the upcoming Pacific Rim Billiard Expo. There are several changes that have been made with many of the tournaments being moved to later dates. (09/09)

Partouche Poker Tour gets down to final table

Cannes, Frances is the spot where the Partouche Poker Tour €8,500 Main event is currently taking place and the tournament is now down to the top nine players. These players will be returning in November to play out the tournament’s final table. (09/09)

Keno Style Game now available extended hours in New York

The Quick Draw video lottery game, which is similar to keno, used to be available for just thirteen hours in the state of New York. Now the game has been extended to twenty three and one half hours a day to try and help increase the game’s decreased sales reports. (09/09)

EZ Baccarat Systems installed at California Card Rooms

The EZ Baccarat System is a new way for casino operators to speed up the game of baccarat. The game was created by DEQ Systems Corp. and they have already installed the system at several casinos across the United States. The latest casino to add the system is the California Card Rooms. (09/09)

Play65 Gains New Backgammon Partner

Play65 is a top online backgammon operator and they have been in operation since 2004. Play65 teams up with various backgammon associations as well as tours and leagues to offer the best in online backgammon play. Play65 sponsors various backgammon events as well as hold online qualifiers for those who would like to earn a seat to top events. Recently Play65 announced they have partnered up with yet another backgammon association. (08/09)

VIP Casino Switching up their monthly tournaments

Every month VIP Casino offers their players two tournaments to choose from. The casino will pick two popular online games and then create a tournament around those games. Normally the tournament is free to enter and at least of the tournaments will be a slot tournament. This month the site is changing it up a bit and they are offering two card game tournaments each of which has a buy-in. (08/09)

Truck Driver wins Mega Millions Lottery after finally checking ticket

Millions of people play the lottery on a regular basis, especially the Mega Millions. Most people when they play the lottery they check their ticket immediately to see if they are a winner, however some do not. Some people will not check their tickets for weeks or months unless they hear that a win has come from their town. That is exactly what happened to an Idaho truck driver this past week. (08/09)

Gala Bingo offering special lunchtime gaming

Lunch time for most people is an opportunity to relax during their busy workday. Many people like to hop online and play a quick game or browse the web while they take a break from work. Gala Bingo knows that bingo players love to enjoy a quick game of bingo during their lunch break so they are currently offering special lunchtime games this week. (08/09)

PlatinumPlay offering up several new slot tournaments

Slot tournaments are a top choice for online gamblers as they offer great prize pools for very little cost. Many online casinos host slot tournaments from time to time and now PlatinumPlay casino has announced they are offering four new slot tournaments for players to enjoy. (08/09)

Finnish Slot Machine Association Delays Online Casino Launch

The end of August was supposed to signify the beginning of an online casino for Finland. However the Finnish Slot Machine Association announced the opening of the monopolistic casino will now be in October. (07/09)

John Higgins to begin Disciplinary Hearing

John Higgins, a top snooker player and the current world number one position holder, will be heading to court today to state his innocence in a disciplinary hearing. Higgins has been suspended from the sport of snooker due to match fixing claims. (07/09)

Casino Gaming Company changes up Roulette

Roulette is a favorite game of many casino goers but the house advantage is quite high, which is not good for players. So one gaming company has decided to change up the game a little and give players a side bet option that has a lower house advantage. (07/09)

70th Annual Predator World Tournament of Straight Pool details announced

Dragon Promotions recently announced that they will be producing the 70th Annual Predator World Tournament of Straight Pool for the fifth year in a row. KnightShot will be presenting the event and Breaker Billiards will be hosting the event. (07/09)

Biggest Poker Buy-in ever to take place at Monte Carlo IPPA Championship

Poker tournaments take place all the time at varying buy-ins. Poker players will see tournaments with very small dollars, sometimes just pennies, while other tournaments can cost thousands of dollars. In November the International Poker Players Association Championship will take place in Monte Carlo and it will have the largest buy-in ever for a poker tournament. (07/09)

Pakistani Cricket Players involved in Sports Betting Scandal

Three Pakistani cricket players are involved in a recent sports betting scandal. A former teammate of the players claims that the three players as well as a possible fourth player are involved in throwing matches to win bets. (06/09)

Virtue Fusion Progressive Jackpot Sits at over £3,200,000

Virtue Fusion is an online software company that creates games for online gaming sites. The software creator has a game called Clover Rollover which is a slot game. Players can find the slot game at any gaming site that is powered by Virtue Fusion and playing might want to get busy playing now as the game is currently standing at over £3,200,000. (06/09)

Baccarat cheating on the rise

When it comes to cheating at land casinos, most criminals tend to focus on the blackjack tables. But one security consultant is now stating that the game of baccarat is the new choice for those who want to cheat the casino. (06/09)

$1 Million Lottery Ticket Goes Unclaimed

When it comes to major lottery wins, players who earn a win have a certain amount of time to claim their prize before the ticket is null and void. Usually players have one hundred and eighty days to claim their prize and most players who win will claim their prize within a few weeks of the win. But sometimes tickets get lost or players do not know they have won a prize and the prize goes unclaimed. That is exactly what has happened to a million dollar winner in Idaho. (06/09)

Tombola Bingo Announces New Bingo Room

Tombola Bingo is a popular online bingo site that released a popular Cinco game some time ago in honor of the World Cup. The game was so popular at Tombola that they have now created a new online bingo room for the Cinco game. (06/09)

Edmonton Couple Win $10 Million Dollar Lottery Prize

In recent lottery news, an Edmonton couple has won the Lotto Max jackpot which is worth an astounding $10 million dollars. Michael and Liz Kennedy are the latest winners of the jackpot and they picked up their very large check on Thursday September 2nd. (03/09)

Mahjong Logic signs new partnership deal

Major gaming companies all across the world work with other gaming companies and operators to expand their business as well as market their own offerings. Software companies can partner with top gaming providers to promote their software as well as gain new clients. Companies sign such deals on a regular basis to stay current and fresh in the market. One of the latest deals in the gaming industry comes from Mahjong Logic. (03/09)

American Wagering Launches Blackberry Gambling Application

Mobile gambling options are extremely popular in the gambling industry. There are many software companies from all over the world that create gambling and gaming applications that can be downloaded and used on several mobile devices. The iPad and iPhone are the most popular for software developers to create applications for but there are also other options such as the Blackberry. (03/09)

Kentucky man steals to fund video poker habit

Video poker is a fun way to play poker without having to actually handle cards. The cards are shown on a video screen and players simply choose the cards they want to try and make a winning hand. Since the game is so simple and easy to play, it can become addictive. A Kentucky man recently went to jail for his addiction to video poker. (03/09)

Blackjack Winners Top Bodog Casino’s Winner List

Each week, Bodog Casino releases a list of their big winners. Just about every week the game of blackjack produces a winner but this past week the game of blackjack was on fire as several winners earned a big payday, many earning five figure pay days! (03/09)

Jennifer Kraber wins OB Cues Ladies Tour Event

The OB Cues Tour held a $2,000 event on their tour on August 21st and 22nd at the Billiard Den in Richardson, Texas. Thirty six women competed in the ladies event and it was Jennifer Kraber who took home her first OB Cues title. (02/09)

President of PBSA Demands Government Support for Snooker

Alamgir Shaikh believes the sport of snooker has a bright future ahead of it and he as well as the rest of the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association is demanding the government support the sport. The PBSA chairman Iqbal Mohammad Ali Khan commented that snooker is the number sport in the country and they want the governments support. (02/09)

Virgin Casino Announces Slot Game Additions

Virgin Casino, a popular casino owned by Virgin Games, recently announced they will soon be launching nine new casino games. The month of September will see new slot games added to the site as well as roulette and other options. (02/09)

Poker Hall of Fame announces Top Ten Nominees

As of August 31st the voting options were closed for the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame and the names of the top ten nominees have now been announced. The 2010 Poker Hall of Fame voting polls were open for two months for the public to vote and their choices have now been released. (02/09)

SuperCasino Creates iPhone Application

SuperCasino is a gaming program available in Great Britain and now players can enjoy the casino gaming via their iPhone. The SuperCasino program has signed a contract with NetPlay TV, an interactive gaming firm, to create a free application for players to enjoy via their mobile device. (02/09)

Intertops Chooses Favorite to win Super Bowl XLV

Intertops is a top online Sportsbook and they recently announced their picks for the 2010 Super Bowl. Football season is just days away and fans of the sport can now start placing their bets on the games as well as the much anticipated Super Bowl XLV. (01/09)

Ladbrokes Casino offering Three Card Poker Prize Draw

Ladbrokes Casino is kicking off the month of September right by offering players a table game weekly prize draw competition. Every week during the month of September the online casino will be offering players a chance to play their favorite table game and then be entered into a special prize drawing. (01/09)

Hurricane Earl Interrupts Online Gamblers

Hurricanes are a major occurrence that can destroy homes and lives but one would never think they would mess up online gambling but that is exactly what Hurricane Earl did when it hit the small island of Antigua. The island is the epicenter of many online gambling sites and many sites had interrupts on their sites when the hurricane hit the small island. (01/09)

Roulette Scam at Mount Airy Casino

The Mount Airy Casino Resort in Pennsylvania recently charged two men with theft after they were caught allegedly cheating at the roulette tables. Jairo Rafael Gomez Abreu and Antonio DeJesus Bultron were working together to try and cheat the casino by passing roulette chips to each other. (01/09)

Royal Rummy’s Third Birthday Celebration

Royal Rummy is one of the top destinations online for those who enjoy all forms of gin rummy. The site offers the best games as well as tournaments and promotions and they are currently celebrating their third birthday! To celebrate the occasion, the site is offering players a nice guaranteed cash tournament that starts as low as $3. (01/09)

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