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Gambling News - Archive 2010-10
Europa Casino offers Multi Player Roulette Options

Online casinos offer gamblers a large selection of casino games and thousands of gamblers log on to online casinos everyday to enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette and other gambling options. Most online casino games are single player games but some casinos do offer multi player options. One casino that offers these options is Europa Casino. (29/10)

XpertX Inc Keno Games heading to new Casinos

XpertX Inc is a supplier of live action keno systems. The company supplies land casinos with the keno systems and they recently announced they have signed two deals with casinos one in New York and one in Nevada. XpertX will be adding their keno systems in the casinos for players to enjoy. (29/10)

Virgin Casino launches yet another new casino game

Virgin Casino, a subsidiary of Virgin Games, has been very busy the past few months adding new games and features. The online casino has added a new game almost every week over the past few months. The online casino recently announced they have added a new slot game called Cats. (29/10)

Rummy Royal Round Tournaments

Rummy Royal is an online gaming site that offers players the opportunity to enjoy a large selection of gin rummy games. Players can play in tournaments, free rolls and different rummy variations. One option for players at Rummy Royal is Round Tourneys. (29/10)

Chickasaw Nation Subsidiary Proposes Casino in Kansas

Global Gaming Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of the Chickasaw Nation and they recently made a proposal to build a Kansas casino and hotel complex. The company is competing for the build against an Iowa casino operator, who also pitched their plans. (29/10)

Euro Players Tour Championship won by Marcus Campbell

The Euro Players Tour Championship snooker event recently finished up in Germany and it was Marcus Campbell that earned the win. With the win it looks as though Campbell will be making the top twenty four snooker players. (28/10)

Sports betting Site Offering Instant Payment Option

Sports betting sites are very popular with online gamblers especially when depositing and withdrawals are made simple. Most sports betting sites offer the same methods but one online sports book is now offering instant payments via debit cards. (28/10)

Slotastic Progressive Slot Game Surpasses $1.5 million mark

Progressive slot games are very popular gaming choices for online gamblers. Players can enjoy their favorite slot games with the opportunity to win even more cash. Players place a side bet to try and win the progressive jackpot which grows each time players place the side bet. Online casino Slotastic recently announced that Jackpot Piñatas an online slot game available at the online casino has grown to over $1.5 million dollars. (28/10)

PokerStars signs Theo Jorgensen to Poker Team

PokerStars is the number one poker room for several reasons but one important reason is the fact that the poker site signs the top poker pros to their poker room. PokerStars recently announced they have signed Theo Jorgensen to their sponsored poker pros team. (28/10)

Nick Van Den Berg named to European Mosconi Cup Team

The Party Casino Mosconi Cup is set to begin this December and all around the world, different countries are getting their teams ready to compete. The European team recently announced the fifth member to their team in Nick Van Den Berg. (28/10)

Meribel’s International Backgammon Tournament open to players

Meribel will be hosting a backgammon tournament beginning in December and it will be the second year Meribel will have hosted a major backgammon tournament. The tournament will take place from the 8th to the 12th of December and will take place at the Trois Hotels de la Chaudanne. (27/10)

GCasino Launches Live Dealer Baccarat and other games

Live dealer gaming is one of the most popular options for online players visiting online casinos. Live gaming gives players the opportunity to play their favorite casino games while viewing live gaming to feel as though they are at a real casino. Many online casinos have added this option and GCasino is the latest to do so. (27/10)

Mobivention launches new mahjong application for iPhone

Mahjong is a hot game right now and it seems every available software company is releasing their own version for mobile devices. Mobile device owners love to download applications and mahjong is the popular choice for those who have iPhones, iPads and Androids. The latest application to be released comes from Mobivention. (27/10)

Pennsylvania Couple Wins Large Lottery Prize

It seems as though millionaires are popping up everywhere thanks to state lotteries. Millions of people play the lottery all across the United States and as the players continue to play the lottery prizes become larger and larger. The larger the lottery prize the more people will play hoping to be the next winner. Many dream of becoming a millionaire and one Pennsylvania couple saw this dream come true. (27/10)

Rhode Island Keno Player wins large prize

Keno is a very popular game across the United States. Players can play the game at bars and restaurants as well as online. There are many online casinos that offer the game of keno but most people enjoy playing the game while they grab a beer or watch sports at their favorite bar. Keno is easy to play and pays out quite well, just ask a recent winner from Rhode Island. (27/10)

World Snooker heads to Brazil

World Snooker will be heading to Brazil next year to host the first ever event in South America. World Snooker will be hosting an invitational tournament in Sao Paolo and the event will have a buy-in of £130,000.the event is titled The Brazilian Masters and it will feature the top twelve ranked players in World Snooker as well as four wildcard players. (26/10)

Finance Minister Announces No Online Casinos for Prince Edward Island

Wes Sheridan the finance minister for Prince Edward Island recently announced that the island will not be offering online casino gambling. Sheridan was going to agree to a proposal brought to PEI by Atlantic Lottery but now has changed his mind. The proposal would bring casino gaming to PEI’s government website. (26/10)

Kurt Jewell Wins WSOPC Hammond Main Event

The WSOPC Hammond Main Event finished up a few nights ago and it was poker pro Kurt Jewell who earned the first place win. Jewell had to face a tough field before he could claim the win, including a final table that saw Bryan Devonshire and Will Reynolds competing. (26/10)

Billiard Bash 2010 to take place this December

Billiard Bash 2010, an event filled with pool related events as well as tournaments, is set to take place from December 1st to the 5th. The event will take place at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel which is located in New York. Billiard Bash 2010 will include the Women’s Professional Billiard Association Tour Championship. (26/10)

Microgaming Releases New Slots in Time for Halloween

Top online gaming software creator Microgaming just announced they have released three new slot games just in time for Halloween. Slot players will have extra time on their hands this weekend after trick or treating with the kiddies so why not enjoy a few new slot games at your favorite casinos? (26/10)

iPad Sports Wagering Now Available through Paddy Power

iPads are the latest technological craze and they offer their owners the ability to do just about anything. There are hundreds of applications that can be downloaded to do a variety of things. Paddy Power, an online gambling company, recently announced they have launched a new application in which players can place sports wagers via their iPad. (25/10)

Mahjong Launches on Nintendo DSiWare via DTP Young Entertainment

Millions of people enjoy the game of mahjong. The game is extremely popular in Asia in board form and has been popular for thousands of years. Because the game is so popular, it quickly found a place online. There are hundreds of online gaming sites that offer the game of mahjong. There are computer games as well as video games available that allow players to enjoy the game. (25/10)

$1.3 Million Lottery Prize goes to Great Grandmother

Every one dreams of winning the lottery. That is why millions of lottery tickets are sold all across the United States in short periods of time. Many dream of what they would do if they won a large lottery prize and for most people their dream begins with retirement. However one recently million dollar lottery winner stated she had no plans on retiring. (25/10)

Gina Bingo makes major changes to online bingo room

Gina Bingo is a popular online bingo room and they recently announced many changes to their online bingo room. The site has added new bingo games as well as rooms and they have also added new side games as well. (25/10)

Power Outage Affects Gamblers at Las Vegas Casino

Casinos are enjoyed by gamblers every day of the year. Most times a trip to the casino results in a good time without incident, unless the player manages to lose a great deal of money. However, just a few days ago one Las Vegas casino had odd experiences occur to disrupt casino goer’s game play. (25/10)

The Meadows Adding Roulette and other table games

Land casinos will add new games to their casino offerings to be able to attract more players to their casinos in the hopes of earning more revenues. The Meadows located in Pennsylvania has seen their revenues plummet so they are adding more table games such as roulette in the hopes of increasing their revenues. (22/10)

MegaZebra’s Mahjong Trails Grows in Popularity on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular online social network available today. The social networking site has billions of registered users who check up on friends and family, network with others in their field and just plain snoop. But one great aspect of Facebook that millions if not billions enjoy is online gaming. (22/10)

EuroCasino Announces Mega Fortune Game Winner

EuroCasino is an online casino that offers players a great variety of online casino games including large jackpots. The online casino has been paying out players in the millions and they recently announced their latest million dollar winner. (22/10)

Skill Game Payout Limit Upheld by Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Supreme Court recently decided to uphold the skill game payout limit which reversed a ruling by a lower court. Games of skill will have a limit of $10 on payouts to winning players. The justices on the court ruled that the prize ceiling served a governmental purpose. (22/10)

Littlewoods Casino Video Poker Tournament

Video Poker tournaments can be hard to find online but we have discovered that Littlewoods Casino is offering players a video poker tournament every month! The tournaments give players an opportunity to play their favorite video poker games and have the opportunity to win extra cash prizes! (22/10)

World Snooker Event to feature Several Champions

Next weekend the World Snooker EPTC Event number four will be taking place in Gloucester and several world champions are going to compete in the event. Some of the champions are former winners of the world championship while others are current world champions. (21/10)

Europe’s Largest Lottery Jackpot Ever has Italians Betting in Large Numbers

Lottery Company’s know that once a lottery jackpot hits a certain amount players are going to be buying more tickets. The more tickets a player purchases means more money for the lottery companies but also more money for the players. The SuperEnalotto in Europe is now at an all time high of 169 million Euros. Because of the large jackpot up for grabs Italian lottery players have been spending an unusually large amount on lottery tickets. (21/10)

Microgaming launches new Software System

Microgaming is a top online software company and they recently announced they have launched a new system. Online gambling operators can add the new system to their existing operating systems easily. The new system is called QuickFire and it has already been added to several top online gaming providers sites. (21/10)

Steve Mizerak’s Annual Championship back this November

The 2010 Seminole Pro Tour is set to host their finale series of their tour and the event scheduled is the fourth annual Steve Mizerak Championship. The event will be back in action at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino located in Florida. (21/10)

MMA Fighters and Poker Pros Back to raise money for Veterans

One of the top Ultimate Fighting Champions is Randy Couture. Randy has won six titles and has also been inducted into the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame. Randy now uses his fame to help raise money for troops who were wounded in the recent war. (21/10)

GTech G2 adds new games to software update

GTech 2 is an iGaming software provider that provides online games for many operators. The company recently showed their latest casino software update at the European iGaming Congress and it includes several new games including a Caribbean Draw Poker game. (20/10)

Blackjack Dealer Arrested for Cheating

Yet another news story has broken out about a blackjack dealer helping players cheat. This time the incident took place in Prior Lake, Minnesota at the Mystic Lake Casino. A blackjack dealer at the casino was arrested for paying a player for a losing hand. (20/10)

California Resident Receives Massive Birthday Surprise

Most everyone loves when their birthday rolls around. There is usually cake, presents and party involved or at least one of the three. But one usually doesn’t imagine winning a large amount of money on their birthday! Well that is exactly what happened to one California resident when he visited the Red Hawk Casino this past weekend. (20/10)

King Jackpot offering up Large Guaranteed Jackpots starting next week

UK bingo players have a great many options when it comes to online bingo play. There are many major online bingo sites to choose from that are operated by the best companies in the business. One such option is the online bingo site King Jackpot. King Jackpot offers players a wide variety of bingo options as well as video poker and slot games. The online gambling soon will be offering up players special guaranteed jackpots beginning next week. (20/10)

Shanghai Mahjong gets new update

Shanghai Mahjong is a very popular mahjong game that can be played on the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Players simply download the game application and then they can play from anywhere in the world just by using their mobile device. As technology advances, most applications tend to receive updates so the games offer even more for the players. Shanghai Mahjong was recently updated and now offers players the 1.7 version. (20/10)

Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment announces the launch of their first online casino

There are several gambling companies in the United States but one of the most well known is Harrah’s Entertainment. Harrah’s owns several casinos and gambling establishments across the United States and players enjoy their casino offerings every day. The entertainment company’s subsidiary Harrah’s Interactive (19/10)

BetUS launches new Sports Betting Video Program

Sports’ betting is one of the major areas that gamblers like to dip their hands into. Gamblers love to bet on their favorite teams as well as the occasional odd sports bet like who will get the first touchdown or who will strike out first. But gathering information on your favorite team can be time consuming. BetUS seems to have solved this problem. (19/10)

Michael Mizrachi Teaching Poker Course this Friday

Poker players often have an opportunity to learn the game from the best in the business. For example, poker pro Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi is going to be teaching a course this weekend to help players better their skills at the game of poker. The course will take place in South Florida and Mizrachi will be joined by Tristan Wade and Matt Graham during the teaching course. (19/10)

Islamabad Sport Complex hosting Snooker Camp

The Guangzhou Asian Games are the next big event for snooker competitors and this Friday the Pakistan Sport Complex Islamabad is getting ready to begin a twenty five day camp. The camp will help prepare cueists for the tournament will take place next month. (19/10)

JoAnn Parker Wins Cues for the Cause Event

The Flamingo Billiard Tour recently held a breast cancer fundraising event which was titled Cues for the Cause. The event took place at Amy's Billiards in Stuart, Florida on October 16th and had twenty three players register to compete. The event was created to raise funds for breast cancer and the winner of the event was JoAnn Mason Parker. Parker not only competed in the event for the cause but she also was motivated to play due to the fact that she has friends who have faced breast cancer as well. (19/10)

EveryMatrix Partners with Mahjong Logic

EveryMatrix is a provider of sports betting and gaming options and they recently partnered with Mahjong Logic to provide online mahjong gaming for their players. Mahjong Logic is a top mahjong provider and they will be working with EveryMatrix to add their online mahjong games to the clients of EveryMatrix. (18/10)

Macau sees large increase in VIP Baccarat Revenue

One of the most popular places to travel to gamble is Macau. Located in China, Macau has grown to become a hot destination for gamblers as well as travelers. The casinos there are beyond luxurious and some of the biggest events take place there. A report was recently published that stated the VIP baccarat game in Macau has produced a fifty seven percent increase on year on year totals for the third quarter of 2010. (18/10)

Virgin Bingo launches new slot game

Virgin Bingo is a subsidiary of Virgin Games and they offer players a wide variety of online bingo games. The site also has a large selection of side games as well. Recently Virgin Bingo announced they have added another selection to their slot game offerings. The latest game added to Virgin Bingo is the Osbournes themed game which is based on the famous family of Ozzy Osbourne. (18/10)

William Hill Bingo supporting Breast Cancer this month

William Hill Bingo is a large provider of online bingo offerings in the United Kingdom. The online bingo operator provides bingo options for many players and they are one of the top stops for online bingo players. The online bingo site recently announced they are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness this month as the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. (18/10)

Lottery Oddity takes place as same numbers are drawn

Lotteries have drawings almost every week if not every day. The number of drawings that take place in a lottery depend on which lottery you are playing. Each time a lottery has a drawing a certain number of numbers are drawn which will then be posted and hopefully a player has played those numbers. The odds of winning the lottery are very long and many players will play the same numbers in the hopes of eventually finding luck. Well the Mifal Hapayis national lottery recently held a drawing and they managed to draw the exact same numbers that were drawn just one month prior. So if you happened to play the numbers that had already won then you would have been the winner! (18/10)

Jackpot Winner Still Penniless after Two Years

It has been two years since Mike64 a German online casino player won a large jackpot while playing online at Casino Club. The player earned the Royal Flush Jackpot which was worth €167,500 back in August of 2008. However the online casino has yet to pay the winner his prize. (15/10)

Bingo Star Launches for iPhone and iPod Touch

The iPhone and iPod Touch are very popular mobile devices as they have ability to download hundreds of applications. Software developers have created hundreds of applications that range from games to GPS systems and other useful options. A recent application created for the iPhone and iPod touch is called Bingo Star. (15/10)

Detroit Family accused of operating large illegal lottery

A criminal complaint was unsealed this past week and it revealed that a Detroit family was accused of running an illegal lottery in multiple states. The operation took place on the Coney islands from homes and stores for many decades and the FBI had been looking into the case. The leader of the group was identified as Herbert Lee Daniels. However the FBI is a little late in bringing about charges as Daniels passed away last month at the age of 76. (15/10)

Mahjong Player Kills Gaming Partner

Mahjong is an extremely popular game especially in the Asian community. Asian mahjong players have been known to go to extremes during marathon gaming sessions, in some instances players will become dehydrated, suffer heart attacks or even get violent. In recent mahjong news, a mahjong player killed her partner for unknown reasons. (15/10)

Live Dealer Blackjack Guide now available at Live Dealer Casino

Live dealer gaming has become increasingly popular over the past few months and is available now at many online casinos. Live dealer gaming first began at just a few casinos and was only available in blackjack and roulette forms. Now online casinos offer even more live versions of casino games including baccarat and sic bo. Live Dealer Casino has now announced that for those who enjoy live dealer blackjack there is a live dealer blackjack guide now available. (15/10)

Jimmy White supporting Quedgeley Snooker Academy

The South West Snooker Academy located in Quedgeley is now fully operational and snooker pro Jimmy White has pledged his full support of the facility. White will be facing Tony Drago at the facility and many spectators are expected to attend. (14/10)

ProPool Launches Universal Challenge System

ProPool is an online website that offers players an opportunity to track their statistics and earn a performance rating. The site recently created a new system called the Universal Challenge System that will help organizing as well as manage pool competitions. (14/10)

Secret Code slots Launches at Casino Euro

Online casinos are constantly adding new slots games to their lineups to keep up with the latest trends as well as keep their players coming back for more. Casino Euro recently announced they have added a new slot game to their lineup. Secret Code Slots is the latest slot game to be added to the online casino. (14/10)

Wynn Casino looking to start online casino

The Wynn Resorts is based in Las Vegas and offers casinos as well as casino development. Wynn Resorts was created back in 2002 by Steve Wynn and it was recently reported that the company is looking to create an online gambling site. (14/10)

Doyle Brunson Blogs on Poker Players Just Not Ready for Hall of Fame

Doyle Brunson is a legend in the poker industry. Brunson has been involved in the poker game for decades and has won many WSOP bracelets as well as competed in hundreds if not thousands of poker tournaments. Brunson is very respected in the poker community and he keeps a blog that is followed by many people. In his recent blog, Brunson commented on poker pros that are not quite ready for the Poker Hall of Fame according to him. (14/10)

Online Sports book coming to France via Greek Intralot

Intralot in Greece is set to begin offering an online sports book in France. A deal was made between ARJEL and Intralot to create an online sportsbook. ARJEL is the regulatory group that presides over France’s online gambling. Intralot France just earned their online sports betting license and they have a license with a five year renewable term. (13/10)

Palaces Casino partners with ComTrade to begin Live Games System

Palaces Casino, a land casino in the United Kingdom, recently announced they have partnered with ComTrade to launch a Live Games system. The Live Games system will bring roulette and blackjack of the land casino to the internet. (13/10)

Child’s Pit Stop Leads to Huge Keno Win

Every parent knows that pit stops can become a regular occasion when you are in the car with your child. Sometimes parents will tell their kids to hold it and other times the parent is willing to stop. A Battery Hill mother recently decided to stop when her sixteen year old daughter needed to use the restroom and it was the best decision she ever made. (13/10)

Blackjack Tournaments added to Cake Poker Network

The Cake Poker Network provides gaming options for many online poker rooms and casinos as well. The Cake Poker Network has become very popular over the past few years as the Network has grown and started offering more gaming options. The Network recently announced they have now added blackjack tournaments to their network. (13/10)

Singapore Gamblers lose over $100 million at baccarat tables

Singapore media recently reported that two gamblers lost a total of $115 million dollars while enjoying the baccarat at both of Singapore’s casinos. The island opened its first casino in February and now they offer two casinos, the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa. (13/10)

Ryan Ward Wins Come and Take It if You Think You Can tournament

Mike Gulyassy Custom Cues and Baby’s Pro Shop hosted the Come and Take It if You Think You Can tournament this past weekend at the Ice Breakers Pool Hall. Ice Breakers is located in Youngstown, Ohio and sixty players registered to compete in the event. (12/10)

Power Snooker Draw takes place tonight

The new look for the sport of snooker, Power Snooker, is set to have their draw tonight at 8:15 pm. The drawing will take place tonight during half time of the Euro 2012 qualifier of England versus Montenegro. The drawing will be announced live on ITV1 as it takes place. (12/10)

New Scratch Cards now available at William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino offers players a large variety of online gaming options. From blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots and other casino games, the site has it all. William Hill Casino recently announced they have added new scratch cards for players to enjoy. (12/10)

Bingo Hollywood Gets Harry Potter Fever

Harry Potter is one of the most well known characters in the world. From the books to the movies and merchandise the young wizard is popular with both kids and adults as well. The next installment of the movie series is set to release in about a month and online bingo site Bingo Hollywood is getting in on the Harry Potter action. (12/10)

PokerStars to help create Belgian Online Poker Site

PokerStars is the number one poker room available online so it is not surprising that other companies in the industry seek their help with business prospects or ventures. Recently the Circus Groupe, a Belgian casino operator has been working with PokerStars to create a new online casino in Belgium. (12/10)

Slotastic offering Millions in Jackpots

Slotastic is an online casino that offers players a large selection of online slot machines. Included in the slot machine offerings are several progressive jackpots. Players will be happy to hear the Slotastic currently has three progressive jackpots that are over $1 million dollars and climbing. (11/10)

Mary Hickey Releases New Backgammon Book on CD

Mary Hickey is a top backgammon player who has played the game for many years. Hickey began playing the game in the 1970s and since then she has won many tournaments including the U.S. Open Backgammon tournament back in May. Hickey has now released a book as a resource for backgammon players. (11/10)

Harrah’s Chester Casino Pays Heavy fines for Underage Gambling Incidents

Harrah’s Chester Casino and Racetrack located in Pennsylvania recently had to pay several thousand dollars for incidents of underage gambling. Last week the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board fined the casino $70,000 for seven different incidents which involved underage gambling. (11/10)

Blackjack Cheaters Scam Casino in just minutes

Cheating in the game of blackjack has become very prevalent at land casinos. Gamblers try anything they can to cheat the casino and many work with others to try and scam the casino. Back in July a group of blackjack players as well as a floor supervisor at the Turlock Poker Room were caught cheating the casino at the blackjack tables. (11/10)

Roulette Tournaments Every Friday at Virgin Casino

Roulette tournaments are very popular with online casino players but they can be hard to find especially on a regular basis. Currently online casino Virgin Casino is offering players roulette tournaments every Friday as part of their Tournament Friday special. (11/10)

PBSA Squad goes it alone at Asian Games

The Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association have announced which players will be playing on the team headed to the Asian Games in November. The team members include the top cueists of Pakistan but they will be heading to the event without a coach. The team will have to rely on each other’s skills to be able to help each other in the competition. (08/10)

PBSA Squad goes it alone at Asian Games

The Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association have announced which players will be playing on the team headed to the Asian Games in November. The team members include the top cueists of Pakistan but they will be heading to the event without a coach. The team will have to rely on each other’s skills to be able to help each other in the competition. (08/10)

Virgin Casino adds new video slot game

Virgin Casino is the latest online casino to add a new slot game to their game offerings. It is always exciting when an online casino adds a new game to their lineup. Players always enjoy new choices and options when it comes to online gambling. Virgin Casino has added the Microgaming video slot Thunderstruck II to their online casino. (08/10)

Gambler Passes Counterfeit Bills at Baccarat Table

As long as casinos exist there will always be gamblers who try to cheat the casino. Criminals try many different ways to cheat the casino. Gamblers have tried card counting and various scams as well as passing counterfeit money to try and cheat the casino. Recently a gambler tried to pass counterfeit money while playing at a baccarat player. (08/10)

Barry Behrman opens U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships Field to include women

The 2010 U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships are getting ready to begin and the promoter and producer of the event has decided to open up the field of competitors this year to include women. Barry Behrman has announced that women can now compete in the event. (08/10)

2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Schedule Announced

PokerStars is the top online poker site for several reasons but one of the most exciting aspects of the online poker room is the live tournaments the site offers. One of the most anticipated events that PokerStars offers is the Caribbean Adventure. The online poker room recently announced the 2011 schedule of the upcoming Caribbean Adventure. (08/10)

Home Raided for Sports Betting Operation in New York

It seems as though almost every week a new sports betting ring is busted in the United States. Criminal organizations as well as everyday homes are being raided for providing US citizens with sports betting options. The most recent raid took place in Bulls Head, New York. (07/10)

CHERUBS hosting special Halloween Blackjack Event

CHERUBS is a charity in North Carolina that raises money for children. The charity is the Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and support and they help raise money for families that have children who were born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. The organization is getting ready to host a special blackjack Halloween party to raise money for the charity. (07/10)

Blue Water Resort and Casino installs new video roulette game

The Blue Water Resort and Casino is located in Parker, Arizona and they offer gamblers the best in casino entertainment as well as resort amenities. The Casino has all varieties of casino gaming from slots, bingo, table games and bingo. The casino recently announced they have added a new roulette game to their lineup. (07/10)

Casino player fined for stealing Sic Bo chips

Sic Bo is a popular casino game especially in Asia. The game can be found at almost any casino, online or land. Recently a player at the Marina Bay Sands was arrested for stealing another sic Bo player’s chips. The player received a large fine for breaking the rules of the casino. (07/10)

All Slots Casino launches four new slot games

All Slots Casino is known for offering the best in slot gaming as well as other casino games. The online casino recently announced they have added four new slot games to their already large selection of slot games. (07/10)

Romania’s Online Gambling Proposal Denied by European Commission

Romania has been working to create a proposal to be able to offer online gambling in their country. A proposal was recently sent to the European Commission in the hopes that Romania would be able to offer online gambling. However the EU did not approve of the proposal. (06/10)

PlayNow Baccarat Incident: a Glitch or a Promo?

PlayNow is an online casino just two hands of a baccarat game. Many thought the incident was a glitch in the system but the online casino is stating that the incident was simply a promotion. (06/10)

Indiana Couple Win Massive Lottery Prize

A couple from Hoagland, Indiana recently made headlines as they became the recent winner of the Hoosier lottery. The lucky couple managed to win $5 million dollars playing the scratch-off game. This is the largest lottery prize ever paid out for a scratch-off in the state. (06/10)

New Sports Betting Platform from All Slots

All Slots Casino is known for their online casino gaming but now the group has launched their very own sports book. This week the new sports book AllYouBet has been launched by All Slots Casino. Players who have enjoyed the casino games at All Slots can now enjoy placing sports bets as well. (06/10)

William Hill Bingo Gets Mini Makeover

William Hill is one of the more popular online gaming providers available today. With a wide variety of options, many gamblers choose William Hill as their home site. The gambling operator offers a poker room, casino; sports book and bingo site and recently their bingo site received a mini makeover. (06/10)

Come and Take it if You Can Tour comes to Ohio

This weekend the Come and Take it if You Can Tour heads to Youngstown, Ohio for their next event. Ice Breakers will be hosting the event and it will begin this Friday October 8th and carry on until Sunday October 11th. (05/10)

Imran Shehzad Beats Sohail Shehzad to win Snooker Cup

The Karachi Club recently hosted the Snooker Cup and the event has finished up. It was Imran Shehzad of Punjab who managed to defeat Sindh’s Sohail Shehzad in the final to take the Cup victory. Shehzad earned the win by gaining 8 frames to Sohail’s six frames. (05/10)

Four Winds Casino Reports Major Loss in Slots Revenues

The Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan has been hurting revenue wise especially in the slot section of their casino. The Michigan Gaming Control Board recently reported that the gaming facility has seen a large drop in slots revenues. (05/10)

Jackpot Capital offering special Halloween Contest

Jackpot Capital is an online casino that is getting ready for Halloween. The site recently announced they are currently offering a Haunted Fortune contest where players can play their way through a haunted house and try to win a prize. (05/10)

WSOP Circuit in Full Swing in Indiana

The World Series of Poker Circuit travels across the United States hosting several events throughout their season. The tour is on its second stop of the 2010/11 season and they are currently hosting a tournament at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino. (05/10)

Missouri Man hits lottery twice

The odds of winning a large lottery prize are very small, so insignificant it’s a wonder that anyone actually plays the lottery. However small the odds are of winning a large lottery prize the odds are even smaller that the same person will win another large lottery prize. However this is exactly what happened to Ernest Pullen of Missouri. (04/10)

Wink Bingo Offering New Tournament

Online bingo tournaments are always fun especially when they offer great prizes and cash. Wink Bingo recently began a new bingo tournament for players to enjoy called Strictly Come Spin with Me Tango & Cash. An oddly named tournament, the offering is giving away a Wii as well as an iPod Nano and other prizes. (04/10)

Party Casino launches new slot game

Party Casino recently announced they have added yet another slot game to their online casino offerings. The online casino has launched the new Kung Food slot game which has thirty pay lines offering players more chances to win. (04/10)

Montreal Mafia Members Plead Guilty to Illegal Sports Betting Site

In recent sports betting news ten people who are alleged members of the Montreal Mafia have pled guilty to running an illegal sports betting website. The ten members of the mafia decided to forgo a trial and they pled guilty to the charges they faced. (04/10)

PokerStars pushed out of Washington State

Online gambling rules have become quite stiff in the United States and it has become more difficult for online poker sites to operate in the US. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has hurt the industry even more and now one of the top online poker rooms in the business has been forced out of the state of Washington. (04/10)

Spadester Offers Multiple Spades Tournament options

Spadester is an online spades site where players can sign up and enjoy a large selection of online spades games. Spades is a popular game enjoyed by many people but it can be hard to find a profitable tournament online. Spadester solves this problem by offering players many options of spades tournaments. (01/10)

Online Gambling Could be hurt by new government proposal

Online gambling is struggling in the United States and if a new proposal that has just been introduced is approved the online gambling industry will be in even more trouble. The government in the United States has already made it difficult for players to conduct transactions and now they have introduced a proposal that will make transactions even more difficult. (01/10)

BetInternet Changes Software Provider

BetInternet is an online sportsbook and casino that offers players a wide variety of online casino games as well as sports betting options. The sports betting site recently changed their software provider and they decided to go with CTXM and iGaming software provider. (01/10)

Cryptologic Announces Dispute is over in Marvel Slots Case

Cryptologic is a provider of online software for top online casinos and gaming sites. The provider had created several slot games based on Marvel slot games and their subsidiary WagerLogic had come under fire by marvel Enterprises Inc due to licensing issues of Marvel comic book characters. Cryptologic has now announced the dispute has ended and both companies have come to an agreement. (01/10)

Wink Bingo offering special bingo game this weekend

Online bingo sites offer players many options when it comes to bingo gaming. The best bingo sites offer large bingo jackpots that draw in large numbers of bingo players. Top online bingo sites such as Wink Bingo offer these jackpot games on a regular basis so players have more opportunities to win. Wink Bingo has announced that this weekend they will be holding one of these special jackpot games. (01/10)

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