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Gambling News - Archive 2011-01
Virgin Bingo offering free bingo games

Online bingo companies love to create new campaigns to bring new players in. many will offer nice bingo bonuses and tournaments to draw in new players as well as bring back old players who may have taken a break. However one online bingo site has decided to launch a new campaign that will offer an even better gaming experience. (31/01)

Award winning actor apologizes for loud mahjong parties

Ethan Ruan is an award winning actor who likes to throw wild and crazy mahjong parties. The actor has been hosting very loud parties as of late and he was been upsetting his neighbors. The neighbors’ complaints have hit the national news and now Ruan has placed a public apology for his loud mahjong parties. (31/01)

California blackjack dealers arrested for stealing chips

Corrupt blackjack dealers are not uncommon and unfortunately sometimes it is weeks if not months before a casino will catch on to the criminals. The Tachi Palace Casino in California recently had two of their blackjack dealers arrested for stealing around $2500 in poker chips. (31/01)

Another online bingo site adds Jackpot Keno

Keno is a very popular casino game and many online bingo sites have been adding a new keno game to their offerings. The latest online bingo site to do so is Bingo Beez. The online bingo site has added a new keno game called Jackpot Keno which offers players a chance to win up to £10,000. (31/01)

Kentucky Lottery launches new lottery game

The lottery is a very popular gambling choice for residents of the United States. Many of the individual states offer lottery options which bring in a ton of money to the states programs. The Kentucky Lottery recently announced they have launched a new lottery game for their players to enjoy. (31/01)

Gambling Control Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board make agreement

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is the central unit behind all things gambling in the state of Nevada. They help monitor and control gaming activities and it was announced recently that they have come to an agreement with the Gambling Control Commission which is located in the UK. (28/01)

Super Bowl guarantees increase in problem gamblers

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and fans of football look forward to the event every year. The Super Bowl is popular because it is the finally of the NFL season but it is also popular for gamblers as they like to place bets on who they think will win and other outcomes of the game such as who will score the first touchdown. But with the many gambling options most times comes gambling problems and many gambling hotlines are gearing up to take massive amounts of calls from problem gamblers. (28/01)

New York Waitress win large lottery prize

Patricia Eisel is a waitress from New York who recently got the surprise of a lifetime. Eisel was supposed to go to Ireland for the holidays but could not go due to bad weather. She then decided to take what little money she had and purchase a lottery ticket. The big surprise was that the lottery ticket was worth $21 million dollars! (28/01)

Penny slot players win millions of dollars

The penny slot machines are very popular with many gamblers as they can enjoy the slot games they love without losing a lot of cash. Sometimes the penny players will move up to the nickel and dime slot machines and if they are feeling really lucky they might head on over to the quarter machines. But most of the time they stick to the penny machines. Well, as luck would have it, two penny slot players have hit the big time in Atlantic City winning $8.4 million dollars! (28/01)

Facebook application to be turned into online gambling site

Facebook is the most popular online social networking site available. The site has billions and billions of users who access their accounts on a regular basis. Facebook users check up on friends, update their statuses and keep up with the latest gossip. But what Facebook players probably do most is play games. There are thousands of applications available on Facebook one of which is Wonder Bingo. (28/01)

Oscar Bonilla wins first every Gauntlet event

Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey, recently launched a new tournament series called The Gauntlet. The event is a upper level tournament and it is a 10 ball competition. The best of the best competed in this event which took place on January 17th. (27/01)

Andy Hicks hoping to win Blackpool snooker event

This weekend a shoot out snooker tournament will be taking place in Blackpool and snooker player Andy Hicks is planning on winning the event. Hicks is hoping to outlast the other sixty three players to take home the victory. (27/01)

Virgin Casino adds new game to lineup

Virgin Casino is part of the Virgin Gaming brand and they recently announced they have launched a new slot game to their casino offerings. The online casino has added a new WagerWorks games that is called Wipeout. (27/01)

New Keno Jackpot launched at Online Bingo site

Keno is a very popular game that players can enjoy online as well as at restaurants, bars and gaming facilities. Many online casinos and gaming sites offer the game of keno as a side game and one line bingo site recently launched the game of keno as a special jackpot. (27/01)

2011 Aussie Millions offer huge buy-in event

The Aussie Millions is one of the most anticipated poker tournaments in the poker industry and the 2011 edition is no exception. Players have been really excited about the upcoming series as this year the tournament series is going to offer a tournament with an extremely large buy-in. The event could possibly have the largest buy-in ever in a tournament. (27/01)

Nordic Gaming teams up with Playtech to offer online bingo

Virtue Fusion is part of the large software company Playtech. They will now be an online bingo supplier to Nordic Gaming which owns such sites as Triobet, Tobet and NordicBet. Nordic Gaming has signed an agreement with Playtech to see their entire sites offer their bingo software. (26/01)

Card Dealers Ready for New Casino Opening

All across the United States new casinos and gaming facilities are being built. Gambling laws are softening in many states as they prepare to offer table games with the already approved slot games. As casinos are created more jobs become available especially for casino workers. Many casinos are hiring table game dealers to work at their table game offerings. The latest casino getting ready to launch is Gun Lake Casino. (26/01)

Sports betting provider launches new mobile sports betting option

Mobile gambling options are a main choice for today’s gamblers. Having the ability to place a bet via a mobile device makes gambling very accessible for gamblers. Many sports books offer players a mobile gambling option and if they do not offer it they are most likely working to create their own version. EveryMatrix is the latest sports betting provider that have launched a new mobile sports betting option. (26/01)

Football Break earns Maryland Resident $250,000

Sunday is football day in many households. Sometimes its just the men that site down to watch the numerous games on television and other times the whole family sits down to enjoy a game. This past Sunday was the NFL playoff games and one football fan took a break from watching the games and it was one of the best decisions he ever made! (26/01)

New Live Roulette Dealer Game launched by Microgaming

Live gaming is one of the most popular gaming options available to online gamblers today. Live gaming offers players the opportunity to enjoy their favorite casinos games in a more ‘real’ setting. Top online gaming software provider, Microgaming, recently announced they have launched a new live casino game. (26/01)

Joss Tour Event Begins this weekend

The Joss Northeast 9-Ball tour will be stopping this weekend at the Diamond Eight Billiards in Latham, New York to host the eight stop on the tour. Many top players will be competing in the event and pool fans can enjoy watching the tournament as it is absolutely free to attend. (25/01)

2011 Edition of the WSOP announced

This week got off to a great start for poker players as the 2011 World Series of Poker schedule was announced. Many changes were made and players can now find all the information they need for the forty second edition of the long running poker series. (25/01)

Kansas City Man Cleared of counterfeit gambling chip charge

Zhe Li age thirty eight of Kansas City has been cleared of all charges in an instance that included counterfeit gambling chips. Li was carrying counterfeit gambling chips when he was arrested at the Argosy Casino back in December of 2008. Li was cleared of these charges but this did not keep him from getting into trouble. (25/01)

Ronnie O'Sullivan to be face of new snooker game

Dark Energy Sports is currently developing and will be publishing a new snooker game for gaming consoles. Koch Media recenlty announced that snooker pro Ronnie O'Sullivan will be the face of the official video game of snooker called World Snooker Championship Real 2011. (25/01)

New Slot game to be previewed at ICE by CTXM

The ICE Totally Gaming Expo begins today and continues through the 27th as gaming operators and other businesses in the industry will be revealing new games as well as products. One company, CTXM, is going to be launching a brand new slot game called Farm Slots. (25/01)

Three North Carolina Residents connected to illegal video gambling

The U.S. District Court recently filed a report that stated three residents of Robeson County which is located in North Carolina have been connected to illegal video gambling. The three people have been charged with money laundering as they apparently tired to hide funds from illegal gambling activity from 1999 to 2006. (24/01)

Idaho Lottery Winner Disappears

Holly Lahti age twenty nine was the lucky winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot drawing that took place on January 4th. Lahti won $190 million dollars and as as single mother the money definitely would come in handy. The story of the win was definitely an exciting one but now the story has turned to heartbreak as Lahti is now missing. (24/01)

Bingo player wins progressive jackpot at Moon Bingo

Progressive jackpot games are very popular at online bingo sites. The jackpot grows at a rapid rate and offers players a large prize if they manage to win the jackpot. There have been many bingo progressive jackpot wins taking place over the past few weeks and the latest comes from Moon Bingo. (24/01)

Ex Mafia Boss removed from New Jersey Casino banned list

Robert Chee is the former boss of the Ghost Shadows Mafia as well as the On-Leong Triands. Chee was banned years ago by the state of New Jersey's casinos and now he has been removed from the banned list. (24/01)

Gaming Ring Operator denied Sentence Reduction

Jeffrey Castardi was sentenced to sixteen years in prison last December for operating a gambling operation known as the Gin Rummy Club. The ringleader of the operation tried to have his sentenced reduced this past week but he was ultimately denied a shorter sentence. (24/01)

Young Snooker player blows away competition in CCI Open Invitational

The CCI open invitation snooker tournament has been in full swing and it has been full of surprising results. The best players in the snooker industry have been competing in the event but it has been the underdogs that have been making headlines. Shivam Arora is one of the underdogs and he has played phenomenally and turned the tournament into a real competition. (21/01)

2011 Schedule for Philippine Open Pool Championships released

The World Pool Billiard Association recently announced the details for the upcoming 2011 Philippine Open Pool Championships. The event is set to take place in the Manila Bay Area at the World Trade Center in the main hall this April. (21/01)

Bwin launches iPoker application

Gambling applications are being launched on a regular basis for smart phones. Almost every week online gambling operators are launched their casinos and gambling options on an application and players are downloading them at record speed. The most recent operator to launch an application for a smart phone is Bwin. (21/01)

Indiana Bans Smoking in all public places except casinos

Government officials in the state of Indiana have decided to ban smoking in all public facilities. However officials did decide to keep smoking legal in casinos and pari-mutuel facilities in the state. Casino workers do not agree with this decision as their lives are still in jeopardy due to smoking patrons. (21/01)

William Hill launches new Android app for sports betting

Online gambling giant, William Hill, recently launched a new application for the Android that will allow gamblers to place wagers from their mobile device. Mobile gambling has become very popular over the past year and because of this more and more applications are being launched to allow players the opportunity. (21/01)

Montana State Senator pushing blackjack for the state

Just two days ago the state senator of Montana introduced legislation that would allow blackjack table games in the state. Jonathan Windy Boy a democratic state senator for Montana created a bill that would allow blackjack in the state and the funds earned would be used on the human services budget. (20/01)

Asian Television Personality wanted by police for gambling

Shin Jung-hwan is a well known television celebrity from Korea who has a troubled past. The celebrity has had gambling problems for some time now and it currently wanted for allegedly playing baccarat in the Philippines last year. (20/01)

William Hill Player wins two jackpots in less than a week

Winning one jackpot prize is a big deal amongst online gamblers but winning two jackpots in a short period of time is an even bigger deal. The odds of winning one jackpot from an online casino are not large but the odds of winning two jackpots from the same online casino in less than a week are even longer. William Hill just announced that a player enjoying online games at their site has won two jackpots in less than a week. (20/01)

Keno winner decides to forgo celebration

James Planton is the recent winner of the Special Keno game from the Oregon Lottery. The sixty one year old winner is very happy to have claimed the $1 million dollar prize but he is not planning on attending the celebration in his honor. (20/01)

Single Mother wins lottery after train is delayed

A single mother of six recently won the lottery after she was waiting for a train to pass. The woman, who is remaining anonymous, was heading home when she was stopped by a train. She was tired of waiting so she pulled over to a gas station. When she went inside she decided to purchase a lottery ticket and it just so happened to be a million dollar winner. (20/01)

Bookmakers pick Heat and Lakers to win NBA Championship

The NBA has reached the halfway point in their current season and that means teams are just halfway from the Championship. Bookmakers have stayed on top of all NBA action and they still feel as though the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat are in the running to take the championship. (19/01)

Jadestone Networks and Unibet extend their partnership

The Jadestone Networks are an online operator of both skills games and gambling games. The network offers their gaming portfolio to various gaming and gambling companies. They offer a large selection of skill games as well as backgammon which is a popular offering of Jadestone. It was recently announced that Jadestone has extended their partnership with Unibet, an online gambling operator. (19/01)

Bet365 bingo player earns progressive jackpot

Bet365 is a popular online bingo site in the UK that offers players the best bingo games as well as bingo tournaments and unique offerings. The site also offers players the chance to win progressive jackpots and Bet365 Bingo recently announced that they have rewarded yet another progressive jackpot. (19/01)

Video poker players robbed in Portland

Casino robberies are not uncommon especially in this day and age. Everyone in America is struggling in one way or another and some people take drastic means to try and get money. There are many facilites in America that are small gambling lounges and pubs and these places are targets to robbers. The latest incident of this type of robbery took place in Portland, Oregon. (19/01)

Ukraine Finance Ministry creates fees for roulette games

In recent gambling news, the Ukraine Finance Ministry has now created new amendments that will be connected to the Tax Code which Will see new fees added to games in the gambling industry. The new fees are set for roulette table usage as well as other gambling games. (19/01)

Maryland to spend millions to purchase video slot machines

The state of Maryland recently taxable certificate of participation bonds for $41.5 million dollars and they will use the money they earned to purchase almost 2,000 slot machines that will be added to the Perryville and Ocean Downs casinos. (18/01)

Junior Snooker Player Knocks Out Snooker Pro

The CCI Open Invitation Snooker Challenge Took Place Just A Few Days Ago And In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Top Snooker Pro Jimmy White Of The Uk Was Knocked Out By A Nineteen Year Old Junior Snooker Player. Laxman Rawat Of Delhi Was Able To Take Down The Snooker Legend In A 4-3 Scoring Match. (18/01)

UB Celebrates new Bad Beat Jackpot Winner

Bad Beat Jackpots are very popular amongst poker players. The Bad Beat allows players to win a nice size jackpot if they are beaten during a hand with a Bad Beat. This type of jackpot can be found at online poker room UB and they recently announced the jackpot has been won yet again. (18/01)

World 10-Ball Championship to take place in Manila

Manila is going to be thee place to be when it comes to billiards game play. The city located in thee Philippines recently announced theey will be hosting thee Philippine National Open Pool Championships. Now it has been announced theat Manila will also be hosting the World 10-Ball Championship as well. (18/01)

American Online Gambling Sites to lose eWalletXpress option

eWalletXpress is a payment processor that is available all over the world. the processor announced back in November that American players will not be able to make deposits or withdrawals because of technical issues. now the payment processor says they are under investigation in the US and they are completely unavailable to American gambling sites or users. (18/01)

Orosi, California resident wins multi million lottery jackpot

This past weekend residents of Orosi, California were abuzz with the news that someone had won the $32 million SuperLotto jackpot. This is the largest jackpot every won in the area and everyone wants to know who the lucky winner is. (17/01)

New blackjack application now available for Android

The Android is a very popular mobile device that offers owners thousands of applications. These applications have many uses from GPS navigations to games and flashlights. Owners can find just about any type of application to entertain themselves. Those who are interested in gambling will be excited to hear that the Android is now offering a new blackjack application that can be used to play for real money. (17/01)

Intertops celebrating fifteen years in service

Online sports book Intertops is celebrating a milestone. The online sports book has been available online for fifteen years now since they first launched back in 1996. The online sports book is a US friendly option and they have remained a reputable company for the past fifteen years. (17/01)

Krazy Keno tournament this week at online casino

Keno is a popular lottery style game that hundreds if not thousands enjoy on a daily basis. The game is easy to play and offers players nice size prizes which keep players interested and coming back for more. Players who enjoy keno can play in a tournament that will take place this Thursday at Littlewoods Casino. (17/01)

Baccarat top revenue earner for Macau

Macau has been a hotspot for gaming for some time now. The casinos there are very popular with all types of gamblers including the professionals. Many top poker events take place in Macau as well as other special events. According to recent reports however the game of baccarat takes center stage in Macau. (17/01)

BBC to continue to cover snooker events

Snooker fans will be glad to hear that the BBC is going to be continuing their coverage of the World and UK Championships as well as the Masters and the Welsh Open. The BBC recently signed a deal with World Snooker to cover the events for three additional years. (14/01)

New York Man faces charges for cheating at roulette

Casino cheating is very prevalent especially in this day and age. There have been many technology advances that make it easier for players to try and cheat the casino. There are mobile devices as well as other options that can aid players in cheating the casino. One incident of casino cheating comes from Delaware Park. A man from New York tired to cheat the casino while playing roulette. (14/01)

Online sports book adds new side gaming options

Side games are an important part of any online gaming site. Side games are there for players who like to play games during breaks or just for fun. Titan Bet, an online sports betting site, recently announced they have added new casino style side games for players to enjoy while they place their sports bets. (14/01)

CueSports International now offering online registration

CueSports International (CSI) recently announced they are now accepting tournament registration online. Players who want to compete in CSI independent events can now visit the CueSports Tournament System website and register for the events. (14/01)

Home Poker Games now available at PokerStars

Home poker games are very popular but many times it is hard to get friends and family together in one place to enjoy a game. PokerStars has remedied this problem by creating online poker home games. Players can now visit PokerStars and set up their own home game online. (14/01)

New Jersey moves closer to offering online gambling

This past Monday the state of New Jersey became the first in the United States to pass legislation that is moving them one step closer to offering online gambling. With a vote of 63 to 11 the assembly of the state voted to green light horse racing, poker and casino games via online portals. (13/01)

PayPal becoming a popular option for online bingo players

Online bingo players have many options when it comes to financial transactions. Players can use credit cards, debit cards and other financial institutions to make a deposit at online bingo sites as well as withdrawals. PayPal is a popular option for people to use for online transactions and now the option is becoming popular for online bingo players. (13/01)

Third man revealed in Video poker scam

Just a short time ago we published the news about a recent video poker scam that took place Las Vegas. The report was about three men who used a glitch in video poker machines to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from Las Vegas casinos. Both Kerry Laverde and Andre Nester were revealed as the masterminds behind the scam and the third man involved was a mystery. The name has now been revealed to the last man involved in the scam. (13/01)

Mac App Store now offers Mahjong for Mac

Mahjong is one of the most popular games in the world and it is available in almost every form from online gambling to mobile devices. Byterun Ltd recently announced that their version of Mahjong for Mac is now available via the Mac App Store. The application was released back in December and it has now made it to the top 300 applications list from Apple. (13/01)

New slot game added to Roxy Palace Casino

Roxy Palace Casino has added a new slot game to their casino offerings that mystery lovers are sure to enjoy. The online casino has added the slot game Private Eye to their content and players can go on a mystery of the olden days. (13/01)

Parx Casino to ban gamblers for bad parenting

Last year the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania had several instances of parents leaving their children in their vehicle so they could gamble. Most of the players who were leaving their children in the car were hitting the blackjack tables. Management at the casino has now decided to take action against these parents and will be banning anyone who leaves their children in the car to gamble. (12/01)

FDJ sees major increase in online sports betting

La Francaise des Jeux otherwise known as the FDJ has reported they have seen a large increase in their online sports betting operations. The FDJ is the former lottery monopoly of France and they have seen over double the amount wagered over the past year. (12/01)

Friends share keno lottery prize

It’s always nice to win money. Whether it is a lottery prize or casino game who doesn’t love to win a cash prize? However it can be much nicer when you have someone to share the win with. This is exactly what happened to two friends from St. Louis, Missouri. (12/01)

$1.5 million dollar lottery prize won in Somerset County Pennsylvania

Cash 5 has been available in Somerset County Pennsylvania for almost two decades and the single largest jackpot every awarded just took place a few days ago. Rhoads Mini Mart in Somerset recently sold a winning ticket to a man from the county which rewarded him with $1.57 million dollars. (12/01)

Sunderland Defender Storms out of casino after roulette loss

Athletes have been known to visit a casino on a good number of occasions. Athletes tend to have large bankrolls especially if they are famous or very important players. However many times the athletes will be enjoying gambling a little too much and they end up losing a great deal of money. This is exactly what happened when Sunderland defender Anton Ferdinand visit a casino just a few days ago. (12/01)

Tommy Kennedy wins Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour event

The Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour stopped this past weekend at the Miscue Lounge in Fort Myers, Florida to host a $500 added event. The event drew a field of just ten players and it was Tommy Kennedy who remained undefeated and win the event. (11/01)

PBSA to take action on Punjab Cup match fixing incident

Match fixing is not uncommon in sports and that is why sports organizations are very strict on their rules and regulations. Sporting bodies such as the NBA, NHL and others have very strict rules and will deal with those who break in the rules in different ways. One organization the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association recently had to deal with a match fixing incident that involved profession snooker players. (11/01)

Android adds Microgaming Gambling Application

The Android is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market today. There are hundreds of applications for owners to download and enjoy and Microgaming has just added new software available for the Android that most everyone will be excited about. Microgaming has now created a casino games package for the Android. (11/01)

Isildur1’s identity finally revealed

For a couple years now fans and poker players alike have been trying to figure out who the mystery poker player who goes by Isildur1 online really is. The poker player became known in the industry after he began taking down massive amounts of cash from some of the top poker players in the world online. After all of the mystery online poker site PokerStars has now revealed who the mystery player is. (11/01)

Slotland sees large slot win

Online gaming site Slotland, recently announced that one lucky player has hit a very large jackpot! The lucky winner was playing at the site on the Booster slot when the jackpot was triggered. The winner, TWOTONEJOAN, earned just over $100,000 for hitting the jackpot. (11/01)

Retired Aerospace Worker wins $190 Million Lottery prize

Jim McCullar has been through a lot in his lifetime. The retired aerospace worker has suffered three heart attacks and was pronounced dead three times. Hard times have been plenty for McCullar but things are surely about to change after he was identified as one of the winners of the $380 million Mega Millions Lottery prize. (10/01)

Software Company releases new mahjong game at Mac App Store

Games have become an integral part of the online experience. Most people enjoy a game online at least once a day or multiple times a day. G5 Entertainment is one of the many companies that create online gaming options and they recently announced they have released a new suite of games for players to enjoy. Included in these titles is a mahjong game called Mahjongg Artifacts. (10/01)

Microgaming Video Poker Games pay out big to players

Online casinos offer players a large selection of gaming options. Many of these games are connected to a progressive jackpot which will reward players with a large jackpot if the player is lucky enough to hit it. Most progressive jackpot games are slot games but sometimes an online casino will connect a progressive to a different game. Microgaming offers players many video poker options and they recently announced that two of their progressive video poker games rewarded two very lucky players. (10/01)

Atlantic City Casinos Fined for illegal activity

State regulators recently fined four different Atlantic City casinos for various infractions, many of which took place at the blackjack tables. Many think the fines were sent out to try and reinforce why full time casino inspectors are so important since legislature has been up for debate on a bill that would take away the inspectors. (10/01)

Enjoy Burraco Contest at Rummy Royal

Back in April of 2010, online rummy site Rummy Royal added a new game called Burraco. The game is a variation of rummy and very popular in Italy. The game is just one of many variations of rummy that Royal Rummy offers and players can compete in the Burraco Leader Board competition at the online rummy site. (10/01)

Bingo player earns five jackpots

Bingo is a very popular online game for gamblers. It costs very little to play and players can meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Tombola Bingo is a popular online bingo site that is frequented by hundreds of players a day and they give away very large jackpots. It was recently announced on the site that one player has won five big prizes from the site. (07/01)

Europa Casino player wins large slot jackpot

Slot machines are a very popular gaming choice for online gamblers as they are fast paced and offer big rewards. Payouts can range from $10,000 and up sometimes even in the millions. One lucky Canadian player recently found out how fun the games are when she won over $500,000 while playing at Europa Casino. (07/01)

California Senator proposes new online gambling bill

Online gambling is the topic of many conversations in the United States. It goes two ways: either you are for it or against it. Many government officials are trying to see online gambling become legal and regulated in the US but there are also officials who do not want to see online gambling become legal. One such person who is for online gambling is Orange County senator Lou Correa. The senator recently proposed new legislation which would legalize online gambling. (07/01)

Australian woman wins keno prize twice with same numbers

All across the world gamblers are purchasing lottery tickets. There are many different types of lotteries for players to choose from and most times players will choose to play the same numbers when they purchase a ticket. Players can purchase hundreds if not thousands of tickets and use the same numbers and still not win a prize. However one woman from Australia recently defied the odds by winning a keno prize twice in one year by using the same numbers. (07/01)

Sportsbook now offers Live Blackjack

Sportsbook is an online betting website that offers players the best in online betting options. Sportsbook has been around for many years and they are a respected brand in the gambling industry. The online betting site now offers players live blackjack options which have become very popular online. (07/01)

Mark King ready to take on Mark Selby

The Masters are kicking off this weekend and snooker pro Mark King is ready to take on his first opponent Mark Selby. King will take on Selby in the opening match of the tournament and he is confident he will be victorious. (06/01)

All Slots Casino launches new games for the New Year

The New Year brings many great changes to the online casino industry. New casinos are launched; casinos update their gaming choices as well as update their gaming platforms. That is just a few of the many things that happen in the online casino industry as the New Year arrives. One online casino, All Slots, recently announced they have launched four new games just in time for the New Year. (06/01)

Feds Freeze Poker Cash in Washington State

In the state of Washington, federal prosecutors have seized almost $8 million over het last few months from financial institutions that were processing poker transactions. The institutions were working with such companies as Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker and UB. (06/01)

Woman Wins $100,000 after checking forgotten lottery tickets

Hundreds if not thousands of lottery tickets are purchased each day in the United States. Many times the tickets get misplaced or are not checked and this results in lottery winnings going back to the state instead of being awarded to a ticket holder. Players only have a certain amount of time to claim their prize and once that time period is gone then the player is just out of luck. However sometimes players find their tickets just in time and they can claim their prize. (06/01)

Black Widow to Tour United States

If you follow the game of pool then you have definitely heard of The Black Widow. Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow, is one of the best pool players in the world. Not only is Lee beautiful but she is also talented. The American Poolplayers Association recently announced they are sponsored a Black Widow Tour which will see Lee visiting several cities across the US to speak and show off her skills. (06/01)

Man faces over a million dollars in charges after slot scam

Andre Michael Nester of Swissvale has been accused of stealing over $400,000 from a Las Vegas slot machine. Not only does Nester now face charges but he also faces up to $1.4 million dollars in fines from Nevada. (05/01)

Foxwoods Scammers used shirt sleeves to cheat casino

Last year a group of Korean nationals were able to visit the Foxwoods Resort Casino in a two week time period and scam the casino out of over $870,000. Many wondered how the four men did so and now the police reports have been unsealed and details have been released. The men used a device up his shirt sleeve to work the baccarat tables and get away with the large amount of cash. (05/01)

888 Ladies Bingo brings back Golden Ticket

Bingo players love to compete for a nice bingo prize and 888 Ladies Bingo have given players the chance to win the ultimate prize, £5 million. The online bingo site has brought back the Golden Ticket event, where players can compete for the large sum of money. (05/01)

Keno win goes toward school fund

When a lottery prize is won the lucky player has a certain amount of time to claim their prize. Most times it is at least 180 days if not one year. When the player does not come forward the local government will be able to take the prize money and use it for public use such as school funds. The most recent case of this happening took place just a few days ago in Michigan. (05/01)

Gambler gets paid despite casino ban

Last year in late summer Sothea Sinn age twenty eight was visiting the SkyCity casino when he earned a large $60,000 jackpot. The player was enjoying the Caribbean Stud poker game when he won the jackpot. However Sinn was banned from the casino as a problem gambler in 2004 so the casino did not pay him his prize. Sinn has now been paid the full amount of the win. (05/01)

Ernesto Bayaua wins Texas Amateur Tour event

The Texas Amateur Tour finished up 2010 at Q Stix Billiards in Odessa, Texas on December 18th and 19th. The event took place over the weekend and fifty eight players registered to compete. In the end it was Ernesto Bayaua who earned the first place win after he remained undefeated throughout the competition. (04/01)

Blackjack Assault lands man in jail

Just last week a forty eight year old man was arrested for assaulting a man after an argument at the blackjack table. The assailant was at the Delaware Park Casino when he got into a physical fight with another patron. (04/01)

USSA announces 2011 National Snooker Tour Dates

Back in 1991 the United States Snooker Association was established to help govern the sport of snooker as a non-profit option. The USA association was recognized by the world snooker governing body as well as the IBSF, International Billiard & Snooker Federation. The USSA recently released the 2011 edition of their National Snooker Tour. (04/01)

Bet365 Casino offering Roulette tournament this month

Bet365 Casino offers their players a large variety of gaming options as well as tournament game play. For the month of January the online casino is offering a special roulette tournament where players have the opportunity to win great cash prizes. (04/01)

Team UB loses Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth

For the past few years online poker room UB has seen Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth as the face of their brand. The poker pros have represented the site in just about everything they do from online events to live tournaments. So it was quite a shock to poker players when the news hit that both Duke and Hellmuth have left the UB Poker Team. (04/01)

Bwin to be top owner in PartyGaming Merger

Two of the top online gambling companies are merging together very soon and one company will maintain the majority of the company. PartyGaming and Bwin are working on a merger of the two companies and it will be Bwin that maintains the majority of ownership. (03/01)

Ontario Lottery pays out $50 million to lucky player

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently discovered that a woman has won the $50 million lottery prize. The lottery had $50 million dollars up for grabs and with the win the woman becomes the first person to win a jackpot in Ontario single handedly. (03/01)

Casino Scammers set to go to Trial

It seems like every day there is a new story about how a person or group of people has tried to scam a casino. Some succeed in their plight while others are caught in the process and charges are filed. There are so many different cases of this happening all over the world and in one case, the criminals are about to head to trial. (03/01)

Slot Player wins millions from Clover Rollover Slot Game

Slot gaming is a favorite option of online casino players. The options are endless as players have hundreds of slot gaming options to choose from. Online casinos usually have at least fifty slot varieties for players to enjoy if not more. Slot games cost little to enjoy and most times offer large jackpots. Just as online player taaloo1 who recently won a large jackpot from Bet365 Casino. (03/01)

Tombola Bingo offering new Big Link Week Contest

Tombola Bingo recently announced they are offering a special contest starting this week. Players can now begin to compete for a piece of the £70,000 of the prizes available. The contest is called Big Link Week and players can from today to the 9th for a chance to win part of the £10,000 in daily prizes. (03/01)

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