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Gambling News - Archive 2011-02
New Jersey Woman sues over broadcast of wrong lottery numbers

Rakel Daniele of New Jersey has decided to sue a television station after they broadcast the wrong lottery numbers for the Mega Millions. Daniele is suing WABC because she says she was severely damaged after they called out the numbers on her lottery ticket and she thought she had won. Apparently the station broadcast the wrong numbers and Daniele is angry. (28/02)

Software Company launches new roulette variant

WagerWorks part of the IGT company recently released a new version of roulette that will be available at online casinos very soon. The new game is called Player’s Suite Triple Bonus Spin Roulette and it offers players the entertainment of a standard roulette game with the twist of a bonus game. (28/02)

888 Games launches new 3D slot game

888Games is part of the 888 online casino family. The site offers players a large selection of games to choose from and now the site has added one more game to the list. 888Games has launched a new 3D slot game called Magical Forest. 888 is calling the game the first ever three dimensional slot game in the world. (28/02)

Teenager plowing through Prestatyn snooker event

The Star of the Future snooker event is currently under way in Wales at Prestatyn and it is a fifteen year old boy who is leading the way to what looks to be a victory. Ross Muir has made the semi final stage of the tournament and looks to be making a bid to win the event. (28/02)

Billiards Tournament launches new website

All across the United States there are various billiard groups that host various tournaments for both amateurs and pros of the sport. The tournaments usually see 20 or more people competing unless it is a major tournament that everyone knows about. To help their tournament become more well known the Ultimate 10- Ball Championships have launched their new website. (28/02)

$5 Million up for grabs this weekend at PokerStars

PokerStars Sunday Million is already one of the most popular online poker tournaments available on the internet today. The weekly game offers a great prize pool and brings in hundreds if not thousands of players each week. This weekend the event is celebrating its fifth anniversary so to celebrate PokerStars is offering $5 million for the prize pool instead of the typical $1 million dollars. (25/02)

$32,000 stolen from Rio All-Suite Casino

Early Thursday morning the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada saw a robber enter their facility to take $32,000 in casino chips. This is the second instance of this happening in the past few months on a large scale, according to the amount stolen, except this time the dealers decided to try and step in. (25/02)

Real Time Gaming launches new slot game

The new game takes a different approach to basketball in the Basketbull game. The game uses animals to represent the different characters in the game. Basketbull is a pro player and he represents the wild symbol in the game. This symbol can pay out 10,000 coins, the top jackpot, when the maximum bet is placed. (25/02)

Paddy Power Bingo launches new game

New games are always welcomed by gamblers when they are launched at online casinos. New games mean new earning opportunities as well as yet another chance to have fun. Paddy Power Bingo recently announced they have launched a new game that players are sure to enjoy. (25/02)

Newcastle native wins large keno prize

Popular lottery style game Keno has really been paying out these days. We have reported several wins over the past few weeks and now there has been another big keno win, this time in Newcastle. The lucky winner was able to earn just over $119,000 while playing the game. (25/02)

Online casino awards large video poker prize

Many times video poker takes a back burner to many of the other popular casino games. Players love to play blackjack, poker and other casino games and online casinos announce these wins on a regular basis. Video poker is popular as well but it is less common to hear about video poker wins. The most recent video poker win took place at Roxy Palace casino and the lucky player was able to earn a $228,000 prize. (24/02)

New Jersey residents in favor of sports betting

Sports betting could be a reality soon across the state of New Jersey and residents couldn’t be happier. A survey was recently taken on whether or not residents were for sports betting and the survey showed that over half polled were in favor of sports betting. (24/02)

New York resident wins nice Caribbean stud poker prize

Caribbean stud poker is a favorite game of many gamblers. The game can be found at online casinos as well as in land casino play. Recently a resident of New York was playing the game at the Turning Stone Casino and managed to win a nice prize while playing the game. (24/02)

Blackjack tournaments at Millionaire Casino this week

Millionaire Casino is offering two different blackjack tournaments this week for their players to enjoy. The first tournament began on February 21st and will continue to the 24th. In this tournament players will be playing for the pot that is collected. The fee to compete is $5 and players are allowed to purchase re-buys up to 250 times. Each time a re-buy is purchased players must pay $5. The top ten players will win a prize and the first place winner will earn 40% of the prize pool. (24/02)

Mahjong Logic now offering mahjong solutions to Golden Mango

Mahjong Logic is one of the top companies in the world that provide mahjong gaming solutions to gaming providers. The company recently announced they have signed a new licensee that they will be providing online mahjong gaming for. The new licensee is Golden Mango and they will now be using Mahjong Logic’s software solutions on their various online gaming sites. (24/02)

WinADay Casino launches new slot game

WinADay Casino has launched a new online slot game for their players to enjoy. The new game is called Busted and it is based on a classic comic book. The game is a video slot and has seventeen pay lines which gives players plenty of chances to win. The game even has a bonus game as well as a double up round. (23/02)

Roulette becoming more popular in the UK

Roulette has always been a popular game in the United States. Players could find it at just about any casino where it was allowed and now more and more casinos across the United States are offering the game. However in the UK, roulette was not so popular. The game was only found in a few casinos in the past but now the game is popping up everywhere and many believe this is due to a popular television show. (23/02)

Alex Olinger wins Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop

The Great Southern Billiard Tour stopped this past weekend in Bristol, Tennessee to host a $1,500 added event. The event took place at Borderline Billiards and with a large field of one hundred players the tournament was definitely exciting. In the end it was Alex Olinger who was able to best Brian White for the win. (23/02)

Woman takes down first at WPT National Series Paris

The WPT National Series Paris finished up recently and for the first time ever a woman has claimed the first place prize. Natalia Nikitina from Russia was the last person standing out of the 189 player field to earn the first place prize of $330,500. (23/02)

New Jersey Governor has extra week to decide on online gambling

Chris Christie is the governor of the state of New Jersey and he has a big decision to make. Two different gambling bills have been sent to Christie, both of which involve gambling. However one bill is a bigger deal than the other as it deals with online gambling. If Christie decides to pass the bill New Jersey would be a front runner in the bid to bring back online gambling to the US. (23/02)

John Higgins ranking leads gets larger

John Higgins is a top snooker pro that has had a long career in the sport. He currently is sitting at the top of the world snooker rankings and he has grown his lead to almost 4,000 points after a few successful showings in snooker tournaments. (22/02)

New Casino themed flights coming this summer

Thousands of people visit Las Vegas on a regular basis and soon those flying in from New York will be able to get the spirit before they even hit the Strip. LV Air is going to be available this summer and they are going to be offering casino themed services for those who fly their airlines to Las Vegas. (22/02)

Quick Tournament play at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is an online rummy site that offers players many tournament options as well as game play options. The online rummy site has round tournaments as well as quick table tournaments and multi table tournaments. The quick table tournaments are a great option for players who want to get a quick game in when they do not have a great deal of time to play. (22/02)

Korean Nationals plead guilty to baccarat scam

Last week, two people, both Korean Nationals, plead guilty to federal charges that were handed to them for their part in a casino scam. The two men were involved in a defrauding scheme that took place at the Foxwoods Casino and they were able to take money from the casino ranging from $400,000 to one million dollars. (22/02)

New Jersey Governor has extra week to decide on Online Gambling

The governor of New Jersey has a big decision to make. Two new bills have been sent to the governor which would legalize sports betting and online gambling in the state. The governor would normally have forty five days to make a decision on the bills but he now has an extra week since the congressional committees will be meeting on March 3rd. (22/02)

Kentucky Lottery looking for winner

Most times when a player wins the lottery they claim their prize within a few days of winning. Players want to hurry up and claim their prize so they can start enjoying their winnings. However there are also many times when players do not know they have won a prize. Many people forget to check their tickets or throw them away by accident and a prize goes unclaimed. Currently the Kentucky Lottery is looking for a winner of a $52,000 prize. (21/02)

Mirror Bingo offering special games this week

Online bingo is one of the most popular forms of online gambling available today. Millions of players enjoy playing bingo online and to keep their players happy, online bingo sites are constantly offering special games and tournaments. Mirror Bingo is the latest site to offer special bingo games for their players. (21/02)

Michigan bar owner faces jail time for video poker games

Craig H. Hatch is a bar owner in the Flint area of the state of Michigan and he is facing jail time for his involvement with illegal casinos. The bar owner could see up to five years in jail and he is going to pay a hefty fine for his actions. (21/02)

Virgin Casino launching new slot game

Virgin Casino recently launched a new slot game for their players to enjoy. The new slot game is called Chuzzle Slots and it is a branded slot game created by GameSys. The slot machine is based on the Chuzzle game that was created by Popcap and played on cell phones and various websites. (21/02)

Downloadable mahjong game now available from Mahjong Time

Mahjong Time is a company that creates software for mahjong games for online play. The company has announced that they have now released a new Downloadable mahjong game. The game is now available on the company’s platform. (21/02)

Siblings win other half of Mega Millions prize

On February 1st the Mega Millions drawing saw two tickets that won the $93 million dollar prize. The first half of the prize was claimed by postal workers from Michigan and now the other half has been claimed by a group of siblings. (18/02)

JackpotJoy announces 75 Ball bingo win

JackpotJoy is an exciting gambling site that offers their players large jackpot prizes. The site recently announced one lucky winner took home a jackpot while playing the Bingo 75 Ball game. The lucky player was Jeanette H. and she couldn’t be happier. (18/02)

Oregon woman wins large keno prize

Keno is a popular game that residents of many states enjoy especially in Oregon. Recently a woman from Hermiston won a large prize while playing the game of keno. Barbara Martin was able to earn just over $50,000 while playing keno. (18/02)

Bruno Mars gets probation for casino cocaine incident

Bruno Mars is a Grammy award winning artist who recently got into a lot of trouble. Mars was in court this past week over an incident that happened back in September of 2010. The musician was at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when he was found in possession of cocaine. (17/02)

PokerStars signs new players to online team

PokerStars has a ton of poker pros that are sponsored to represent their site. The online poker giant recently announced they have signed even more players to their existing Team Online. Poker players were able to apply for a position and the online poker room saw over 4,500 players vying for a coveted spot on the team. PokerStars has announced their new additions and the total comes to fifteen. (17/02)

Reanne Evans wins Southern Classic

The Southern Classic took place this past weekend at Jesters and it looked as though sixteen year old Jodie Symes was going to take the snooker win but it was Reanne Evans, the six time world champion that would earn the win. (17/02)

Bet365 awards over a million dollars to slot winner

Bet365 is a top online casino and they recently announced they had a big slot winner. Online player Mr. K.H. has been playing slots for many, many years and it has finally paid off. The lucky winner was visiting Bet365 casino when he decided to play the Gold Rally slot game. The decision was a good one since he took home a prize of over $1.5 million. (17/02)

Danny Smith wins Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop

The Great Southern Billiard Tour stopped in Conyers, Georgian at Classic Billiards to host a $1,500 added event which drew a field of sixty two players. The tournament took place on February 12th and 13th and it was Danny Smith who earned the first place finish. (17/02)

Horseshoe Casino hosting special $7 million blackjack contest

The Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi is hosting a special blackjack contest that is going to make several players very rich. The contest is called the Ultimate $7 Million Giveaway and it is s type of blackjack lottery. (16/02)

Red Hawk Casino sees big Pai Gow winner

The game of Pai Gow Poker is an interesting one that draws players of all kinds. The game becomes even more interesting when it is paired up with a progressive jackpot like at the Red Hawk Casino. The casino offers the pai gow game that is connected to a progressive jackpot so players have an opportunity to win a large prize. The casino recently announced the jackpot was hit by a lucky player from California. (16/02)

Lottery Winners claim prize day before expiration

When someone wins a lottery prize they have a certain amount of time to claim their prize before the winning ticket will expire. Different lotteries have different time limits so players should be aware of these limits when playing. A North Carolina couple recently claimed a large lottery prize just one day before the expiration date. (16/02)

Finland losing roulette tables

Roulette is a classic game that most all land and online casinos offer. Roulette is a high energy game that gets players excited and ready to gamble the night away. Gamblers of all ages and creeds enjoy the game of roulette so when roulette tables began to be taken away in Finland, players were not happy. In many areas of Finland there are no roulette games available and in other areas the games are slowly being taken away. (16/02)

Keno tournament this weekend at Littlewoods

Littlewoods casino is an online casino that offers gamblers great keno choices. The online casino is constantly offering keno tournaments and the next one is scheduled this weekend. This Sunday the online casino will be holding a Krazy Keno tournament. The tournament will take place all day long so players will have twenty four hours to try and win a piece of the prize pool. (16/02)

Jeff Furness wins New England 9-Ball Series Stop

The Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Series stopped at Schemengee’s Billiards in Lewiston, Me this past weekend to host a $100 added event. The tournament saw twenty six players sign up to compete and in the end it was Jeff Furness who was able to come back from the one loss side to earn the win. (15/02)

Mohammad Shahid wins NJI 36th National Snooker Championship 2011

The NJI 36th National Snooker Championship 2011 has finished up and the ending was quite a shocker in the snooker community. In the end it was qualifier Mohammad Shahid and top seeded player Imran Shahzad who would make it to the finals of the competition. Fans and players thought that Imran would take the win but in an upset it was the qualifier Shahid who took the first place win. (15/02)

Bet365 to launch Iron Man 2 Slot Game

Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel comic books that have done well in the motion picture realm. The first Iron Man movie was so popular when it came out a few years ago that a second version was made just last year. Now Playtech has decided to create a slot game called Iron Man 2 which will be launched on Bet365 Casino very soon. (15/02)

Another Isildur1 at the poker table?

Everyone in the poker world was captivated by the mystery player Isildur1 when he took the online poker world by storm, taking down massive pots from some of the best poker players in the industry. Everyone wanted to know, who is this mystery player? Well we finally learned that it was Viktor Blom when he revealed his true identity. Now it seems there is another mystery poker player competing at Full Tilt and his poker play has everyone wondering who he is. (15/02)

Windsor MP introduces new sports betting bill in Canada

Joe Comartin is the Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MP and he has been working hard to see sports betting legalized on individual games. Comartin wants to see the betting options available at casinos in Canada so much so that he created a private members bill and introduced it last week. (15/02)

Gun Lake Casino to offer large video poker section

Gun Lake Casino is a new casino that just opened last week in Michigan. The casino is a large facility with 76,000 of gaming space. The casino has a large selection of video poker games as well as slot machines that are sure to be a big draw for casino goers. (14/02)

Baccarat helps Nevada Gambling Bounce Back from Recession

The state of Nevada has been the epicenter of gambling for many years but over the past few years the state has seen a decline in gambling revenues. A report from the state gaming commission has shown that the decline was due to the recession and now after two years in decline the state has seen their revenues increase in 2010. (14/02)

Casino fined for youngsters slot play

All land casinos have certain rules that must be followed such as the age limit for admittance. Casinos all over the world have an age limit that must be met before a person will be allowed to enter the casino. Most places the age limit is 18 but sometimes it can be twenty one. If a person comes in to the casino and is underage the casino can get into big trouble especially if the minor plays a casino game. The Rivers Casino in Pennsylvania recently had to pay a fine for a minor playing slots at the casino. (14/02)

Tombola Bingo offering special bingo roulette prize

Tombola Bingo is a top bingo operator in the UK and they are currently offering a nice guaranteed prize for their players this week. The site has a popular game called Bingo Roulette that takes two popular gambling games, bingo and roulette, and merges them together. From February 14th to the 18th the online bingo site will offer big jackpots for players who enjoy this game. (14/02)

New Backgammon table created by Oomph

Backgammon is a classic skill game that players enjoy online as well as in land events. Players who enjoy the game usually have a game board at home so they can play with friends or practice for local tournaments. Backgammon is an age old game and the backgammon board can be a classic showpiece. A new backgammon board was recently released by Oomph that will look stylish in any home as well as offer game play. (14/02)

China Football being investigated for sports betting

Football in China has been in the news recently but not in a positive light. Several former officials have been arrested in connection with match fixing in games as well as online sports betting. There has been an ongoing investigation taking place for many months and now information is coming to light. (11/02)

Retired Firefighter wins large Powerball prize

The Powerball lottery is a favorite among many lottery players. It offers monster sized prizes usually in the hundreds of millions. Sometimes multiple people will win the lottery prize and sometimes the winner is lucky and they are the only one to win the lottery prize. The most recent winner of the Powerball lottery is a retired firefighter from New York. (11/02)

Online Gambling one step closer to fruition in Spain

Online gambling regulation has been in the works for some time in the country of Spain and now it could be about to become a reality. The Council of Ministers has approved a draft bill that will regulate online gambling at a national level. (11/02)

Woman uses fake mortgage application to gain money for bingo

Gambling can be an addiction especially for those who have addictive personalities. Many times those that become addicted to gambling will take their addition too far and it greatly affects their life and people in their life. This is the case in an instance that happed recently with a former administrator from the UK. (11/02)

Colorado Lawmakers hoping for Keno

Many states in the United States have added the game of keno to help reduce their budget. The game is popular among gamblers and takes place every few minutes so players have many chances a day to win a prize. The latest state that is trying to add the game is Colorado. (11/02)

New Slot game launched at EU Casino

Slot gaming is one of the most popular choices for online gamblers. Slots are easy to play, there is no real skill involved so players can just have fun and enjoy gambling. Slots also offer good sized prizes for low buy-in. players can enjoy slot games for just a penny a play or other small amounts. Online casinos are always adding slot games to keep their offerings updated and players coming back for more. the latest online casino to add a new slot game is EU Casino. (10/02)

Mark Williams wins German Masters

The German Masters was the latest snooker tournament to take place in the sport of snooker and it was snooker pro Mark Williams who took down the first place finish. Williams had to defeat Mark Selby before he could earn the win and he did in a tight race with a final score of 9-7. (10/02)

Virgin Casino awards large jackpot prize

Virgin Casino is a subsidiary of Virgin Games and they offer players a wide variety of online gambling options. The online casino has many options for players to enjoy with large amounts of cash up for grabs. The online casino recently announced they rewarded one lucky player with a large jackpot! (10/02)

Top Billiard Pros to host Pool School

Great Billiards recently announced they are hosting their first pool school this March. The school is called Great Billiards Pool School and it will take place on March 19th and 20th. The school will be taught by Rodney Morris, Tony Robles and Mika Immonen. (10/02)

National Heads Up Poker Championship coming this March

This March the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship will be back in action for their seventh season. The event will take place at Caesars Palace again and begin on March 3rd and continue until the 6th. The tournament will have sixty four players competing for a total of $1.8 million in prize money. The winner of the event will take home $750,000. (10/02)

North Carolina could add video poker and other gambling games

The state of North Carolina has been a hot topic in gambling news as of late since rumors have been circulating that the governor is getting ready to regulate such games as video poker and sweepstakes. Since the rumors have surfaced the Internet Sweepstakes Network has announced they have been in talks with the North Carolina head office and could be providing games for the state. (09/02)

ICC Chief Executive wants sports betting in India

Haroon Lorgat is the Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council in Indian and he has stated he would like to see the legalization of sports gambling in the country. Lorgat would like to see sports betting happen at the same time keeping the World Cup free of corruption. (09/02)

US Gamblers lose yet another payment processor

Gamblers in the United States are having a hard time as of late when it comes to online payment processors. More and more financial institutions are pulling out of the US due to legal reasons. This makes it harder for players in the US to enjoy their favorite online casino games. The latest processor to leave the United States is Gold-Pay. (09/02)

UK Couple get second chance at large lottery prize

The lottery is very popular in the United Kingdom as players play on a regular basis. Players get in a routine and usually use the same numbers in the hopes that eventually they will be the big winner. Imagine playing the lottery for years, the same numbers, and never winning, only to find that once you stop winning your numbers come up! This is exactly what happened to one couple from Grimsby. (09/02)

Dutch Player wins large Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Online casino Oranje has announced they have seen a player get lucky on the Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot. The game is very popular as players have a goo chance of winning a nice jackpot and just a few days ago a player hit the jackpot winning just over 408,000 Euros! (09/02)

SugarHouse Casino to add new table games

The SugarHouse Casino located in Pennsylvania recently announced they would like to add new games to their offerings. The casino has sent in a petition to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to ask permission to add more table games to their existing games. (08/02)

Europa Casino adds long list of live casino games

Live casinos games are being added at almost a daily basis to online casinos. Online casinos have seen the popularity that these games have and they want to have the best of the best live games to offer their players. The latest online casino to add live casino games is Europa Casino and they are offering a wide range of games. (08/02)

Female Pool Star launches Website

Kim White otherwise known as Lone Star is a professional billiards player who tours on the WPBA. White has been playing pool for twenty years and she has taken her love of the game as well as her history in the sport to create a new pool website. (08/02)

Snooker Championship back in action tomorrow

On Wednesday the semifinals of the NJI 36th National Snooker Championship 2011 will resume in Karachi Gymkhana. The end of the event was postponed for a few days and starting tomorrow the event will be back in action. (08/02)

High Stakes Poker Show hires new host

Poker shows are very popular for poker fans to watch and see how their favorite poker stars do against each other in a live setting. One of the most popular poker shows on television is High Stakes Poker. High Stakes Poker airs on GSN and fans have been tuning in for many years now to watch their favorite players in action. (08/02)

Online casino releases four new slot games

Slot games are a popular choice for online gamblers so online casinos are constantly added new games to keep players happy and coming back for more. The latest online casino to launch new slot games is Victor Chandler. The online casino has released four new slot games through a new deal with Chartwell Games (International) Limited. (07/02)

Michigan Postal Workers win large lottery prize

A group of postal workers in Michigan have been playing the lottery together for many years now, twelve years to be exact. The group of friends has bet $10 each week per person in the hopes that they would win the Mega Millions lottery prize. The group’s efforts finally paid off as they are the recent winners of the $29 million jackpot. (07/02)

New Bingo Application launched for the iPhone

Mobile online gambling is a hot commodity right now as many online casinos and gambling sites are creating new mobile applications for their software. There are online casinos and single casino style games that can be played via mobile phones for players to enjoy for fun as well as for money. The most recent gaming site to launch a mobile application is Mecca Bingo. (07/02)

Prison Gang member arrested for passing fake money at blackjack tables

The Nazi Low Riders is a large prison gang that runs rampant in the California prison system. A well known member of this gang was recently arrested along with his wife for visiting a casino in California and trying to play blackjack with counterfeit bills. (07/02)

Baccarat Ring Scamming Casinos out of Millions

Baccarat is a very popular casino game especially with the high rollers. The game is an Asian game and is also very popular with the Asian community. With the Chinese New Year upon us, casinos are expected to see many gamblers come out and enjoy the baccarat tables. Casinos are also on the lookout for a gambling ring that is taking money from casinos at the baccarat table. (07/02)

Coconut Creek Seminole Casino hosting special Miner Benefit

One of the biggest stories of 2010 was the Chilean Miners. Trapped in a mine shaft for sixty nine days, thirty three Chilean miners were able to survive and be rescued. This weekend the miners will be honored at a special charity fundraiser benefit for American Miners at the Coconut Creek Seminole Casino in Florida. (04/02)

Waitress wins millions in New York State Lottery

Over the past few weeks there have been several big lottery prizes won all across the United States. The most recent win comes from New York where a waitress won $3 million dollars while playing the state lottery. (04/02)

Keno proceeds benefit programs in Nebraska

The game of keno is used in many states as a way to raise money for government programs. In the state of Nebraska, the game is used to raise funds for programs that are centered on children. The state recently earned $5000 for SCORE which is the Science Camps Offer Rewarding Experiences summer camp. (04/02)

Online hacker steals cash from online poker game

Online poker is a popular game that is played by millions of people. There are many different online poker rooms players can enjoy online poker at as well as other types of online gaming sites like Facebook. Facebook offers many online poker options and it seems as though one player has hacked the system and gotten away with thousands in cash. (04/02)

Betsafe adds new live gaming options

Online casino Betsafe recently announced they are launching new live casino games. The online casino will now offer players live roulette, baccarat and blackjack. The online casino signed a deal with Evolution Gaming to use their software to offer the new games. (04/02)

New Jersey still waiting on governor to sign gambling bill

Online gambling is still at a standstill in New Jersey as the Governor of the state, Chris Christie, has yet to sign legislation that would let the state offer online casinos. The Senate and Assembly both passed the new legislation but Christie is taking his time to sign or not sign the bill. (03/02)

B.J. Ussery wins Jacoby Tour stop

This past weekend On The Snap Billiards hosted a $1,000 added Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour stop. The event took place on January 30th and several players registered to compete. In the end it was B.J. Ussery who would win the tournament in North Carolina. (03/02)

Paddy Power Bingo offering major moolah this month

Paddy Power Bingo is a big player in the online bingo industry. The online bingo room is one of the largest rooms available online as they offer the best in online bingo entertainment. For the month of February the online bingo room is offering up a ton of cash to celebrate what they are calling the month of love. (03/02)

New German Snooker Tournament begins today

The top snooker pros in the world are in Berlin, Germany today as a major snooker tournament will be beginning day one. Such players as John Higgins, Neil Robertson and Ding Junhui are going to be participating in the tournament as the top sixteen players in the world will be competing in the tournament. (03/02)

All Slots Casino offer new slot games

The month of February is bringing new games to one online casino. All Slots Casino has announced they are launching four new games in the month of February as well as offering special slot bonuses for the new month. (03/02)

WSOB Back in action this weekend

The World Series of Backgammon Heads up Championship will be back in action this weekend as Mochy and Jurgen Orlowski will be finishing up their heads up match. The World Series of Backgammon is an organization that hosts several backgammon events and this is one of the most anticipated. The two squared off back in January and they are excited to finish up their match. (02/02)

Match Fixing found in Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling is an exciting sport as well as an ancient one. The sport has come under fire recently as a match fixing scandal has broken out. Japanese police have found that many of the wrestlers have been involved with match fixing from the information from their mobile phones. (02/02)

Go Casino offering tournaments galore this February

Go Casino is a popular online casino that offers players a large variety of tournament options. The online casino recently announced they are going to be holding special tournaments this month, over one hundred and thirty tournament to be exact. (02/02)

Famous singer in trouble after celebrating blackjack wins

Bruno Mars is a famous singer and was recently nominated for a Grammy. Mars has been topping the charts as of late with hits like ‘Grenade’ but after a recent scandal his record sales may be affected. Mars was at the Hard Rock Casino recently when he earned a nice blackjack win. After the win he decided to indulge in cocaine in the bathroom and now faces community service time. (02/02)

Lucky couple wins $3.6 million lottery prize

David and Shauna Newsham is one lucky couple! The husband and wife recently played the Manitoba Lottery and managed to win $3.6 million dollars! That is an amazing win and would be hard to keep quiet about but the lucky couple managed to keep the win a secret for a while to tell everyone about their win. (02/02)

Online Mobile Gambling coming to Italy

Mobile gambling is showing up everywhere. All around the world online gambling companies are working hard to bring mobile gambling to their customers. Smartphone’s are the most popular piece of technology and since applications are so easy to use and download, mobile gambling has become very popular. Very soon Italy will have their own mobile gambling option thanks to Neomobile Group and Microgaming. (01/02)

2011 U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Qualifiers begin in March

May 16th to the 21st of 2011 marks the dates for the 3rd U.S. Open 10 Ball Championship. The event will take place at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the event will be a $25,000 added tournament. The qualifier events have been announced for the tournament and will begin in March. (01/02)

Nigel Bond new Snooker Shoot-Out Champion

Forty five year old Nigel Bond is the newest Snooker Shoot-Out Champion after earning his first televised tournament win in over a decade. The snooker player was excited to be a winner after all these years and was very happy with his performance at the Circus Arena in Blackpool this past weekend. (01/02)

Jackpot City launches new online slot game

Jackpot City, an online casino, has launched a new online slot game for their players to enjoy. The new game is called Monkey King and it is based on an ancient Chinese folk story. The game has five reels and thirty pay lines and it is a video slot game. (01/02)

Doyles Room moves to new poker network

Doyles Room is the popular online poker site that uses poker legend Doyle Brunson as the face of the poker room. The online poker room has been around for a few years now and they offer players the opportunity to enjoy online poker games and tournaments as well as the ability to compete against many in the Brunson family. The online poker room recently announced they are moving from the poker network to a new network. (01/02)

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