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Gambling News - Archive 2011-05
Sports book adds new mini casino gaming feature

Online sports book AllYouBet is used to players showing up to their site to enjoy their many sports betting options. However the sports book may soon become known for their casino gaming as they have just launched a new mini casino gaming section on the homepage of their website. (31/05)

2011 World Series of Poker Underway

The wait is finally over! The 2011 World Series of Poker has now begun and players are trying their hardest to win a coveted gold bracelet. The first of fifty eight WSOP events kicked off today with thousands of players vying for a cash prize. (31/05)

Pre-teen beats Stephen Lee in Charity Snooker Match

A charity event took place recently at 147 Club to raise money for the Cots for Tots charity. Businesses are being challenged to raise a certain amount of money by the end of the year so they can raise enough money needed for the charity. During this past weekend’s charity event, Stephen Lee, a big snooker star, was defeated by a twelve year old student. (31/05)

Sloto Cash launches new Hero’s Realm slot game

Sloto Cash recently launched a new Rival Gaming slot game called Hero’s Realm which is sure to be a hit with slot gamers. The game has three reels and uses medieval style characters to represent the theme. The game is quite different for Rival Gaming to release as they have been releasing islots or 3D slot games. (31/05)

Emerald Billiards to host DP Pro Classic this July

Emerald Billiards is getting ready to host a large billiards tournament this July. The billiards room is working with Dragon Promotions to host the 4th annual Poison DP Pro Classic on July 28th to the 31st. both the 9-ball and 10-ball Pro-Am tournaments will take place back to back during the Classic. (31/05)

Free Bingo now available at City Bingo

City Bingo is an online bingo site that has been around for a very short time in the online bingo industry. Despite being a newcomer, the online bingo site has done quite well, adding a nice customer base and offering great jackpot games that keep players entertained. The online bingo site recently announced they are now offering players new guaranteed and progressive jackpot games including a special one day a week Rush Hour Madness game. (30/05)

888 Casino offering players special Blackjack Double games

888 Casino is an online casino that offers players the best in online casino gaming as well as specials. The online casino currently is offering players a special blackjack contest which sees players win cash each Sunday and Wednesday of each and every week. The contest is called Blackjack Double and players can compete for their piece of the prize pools on these specific days. (30/05)

Atheist changes belief system after sarcastic prayer leads to large lottery win

Anyone who knows an Atheist knows that they are hard to convert to any type of religion. Many people may try but usually Atheist’s do not believe in any God and their beliefs stay that way. However sometimes circumstances happen that cause Atheists to change their mind. This is what happened recently in New York when an Atheist saw his mother win the lottery. (30/05)

Australian Government bans sports betting advertisements

Last week certain types of sports betting advertisements were banned by the Council of Australian Governments. The council issued a warning to television networks as well as sports betting agencies that said updated betting odds are not to be broadcast during live sporting events. If they are aired, then there will be legal action taken. (30/05)

Nebraska man wins large keno prize

Glen Widhalm has been playing keno for years but has yet to earn a large keno prize, until last week. Glen visited the Oasis Bar in Columbus last Wednesday to play a little keno and was shocked to find he won a six figure jackpot prize! (30/05)

Ellen DeGeneres deals blackjack for a good cause

Casino games are great ways for gamblers to have fun but they are also good when it comes to raising money for charity. Many charitable organizations, sports teams, celebrities, etc, use casino games to raise money for their favorite charities. The most recent instance of casino games being used to raise money for a good cause comes from Ellen DeGeneres. (27/05)

Rummy Royal Jackpot Tables offer large cash prizes

Rummy Royal is an online gin rummy site that offers players many variants of gin rummy as well as tournament options. One option the site has is the Jackpot Tables. The jackpot tables offer players an opportunity to try and win a $777 cash prize. (27/05)

Think Bingo offering large guaranteed prizes each week

Think Bingo is a free online bingo site where players can enjoy online bingo games for free or for real money. The online bingo site recently announced they are getting ready to give away a large amount of cash each week in guaranteed jackpots! (27/05)

William Hill launches a site for the Republic of Ireland

William Hill accepts players from all across the world and they have now announced they are launching a site that will be specifically dedicated to the Republic of Ireland. The site will offer players such options as sports book and casino. (27/05)

$67 Million Lottery Prize goes to Michigan Man

Over the past few weeks many lottery players have been earning large prizes. The most recent prize was awarded to a Michigan man when he won $27 million while playing the Mega Millions lottery game. The lucky winner purchased his ticket just a few days ago and went to Lansing just yesterday and now is a multi millionaire! (27/05)

Jak Jones wins Event 3 of World Snooker Q School

The World Snooker Q School has continued to run snooker matches over the past few days to see which players will earn their tour card for the World Snooker Tour. In Event 3 it was Jak Jones who was able to outlast his opponent, Oliver Brown, to win the match. (26/05)

First Annual J.Pechauer WV State Pool Championships set for August

August 11th to the 14th marks the dates for the first annual J. Pechauer WV State Pool Championships. The event is set to take place at the Morgantown Event Center which is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. (26/05)

Full Tilt Poker offering players Fantasy WSOP contest

For those who still have access to Full Tilt Poker, there is a special contest taking place that gives players a chance to live vicariously through the pros in the upcoming World Series of Poker. The Fantasy WSOP contest is offering players the chance to choose a team of fifteen players for each of the events of the WSOP. Each event held at Full Tilt will see the top winner earning FTP gear. (26/05)

West Virginia Football Coach Kicked out of casino for bad behavior

Dana Holgorsen has been known for coaching the West Virginia University football team but now he may become known for something else entirely. The coach was recently escorted out of a casino in the early morning hours after he was found to be acting inappropriately. (26/05)

Microgaming launches new 3D Slot Machine

Microgaming is a top online software provider that provides gaming options for several online casinos. The software provider recently announced that they will be launching a new 3D slot game. The new game is called Sterling Silver and it is expected to go live in June. (26/05)

Decade long video poker gambling ring finally busted by FBI

The La Cosa Nostra is an organized crime group that has been around for many years in Pennsylvania. The group has been involved with running an illegal video poker gambling ring as well as extortion for over a decade and now the ring has been busted. (25/05)

Casino Gran Madrid earns first online gaming license in Spain

Spain has now issued their first online gaming license and Casino Gran Madrid is the lucky recipient. Casino Gran Madrid is of course located in Madrid and the casino earned the license just before the country published their official gazette stating their new egaming legislation. (25/05)

Twenty Eight people arrested in New York Sports Betting Ring Bust

Operating a sports betting ring in the United States is illegal, even so, there are many people in the country who take illegal bets and make a profit off of gamblers. Most times the authorities find out about illegal gambling rings and arrests are made. This is exactly what happened in New York City recently. (25/05)

Paddy Power Bingo opening new bingo room this week

Online bingo is a popular choice for online gamblers because players have many options when it comes to game play. Online bingo sites have several rooms available which offer players different types of gaming options from 90 ball bingo, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo. Many times online bingo sites will open new bingo rooms for players to enjoy even more games. Paddy Power Bingo is the latest online bingo site to open a new bingo room. (25/05)

Queensland Keno Winner still a mystery

Just a few days ago two lucky keno players won million dollar prizes in Queensland. One player knows they are a big winner but one of the lucky winners does not know they have won a million dollar prize. The winner, yet to be named, won a $1.07 million keno prize from the Jolly Collier Hotel-Motel which is located in Dysart. (25/05)

Poker Pro purchases Pool Hall

Josh Arieh is a poker pro that has been playing poker professionally for over a decade. He has participated in many WSOP tournaments and finished fourth place back in 2004 as well as placing well in other tournaments. He has made quite a name for himself so it was surprising to hear that he recently purchased a pool room. (24/05)

New Casinos in Delaware could cause existing ones to close

In the US there are many states that have casinos for residents to visit and enjoy. Some states have a select few casinos while others have many to choose from. However sometimes the gambling options can get a bit too plentiful and wreak havoc on the market. This is currently what is being discussed in the state of Delaware. (24/05)

Department of Justice Seizes more Online Gambling Domains

After Black Friday, it seemed as though the online poker industry could not get any worse but apparently that is not the case. The FBI seized the domain names as well as accounts of Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Ultimate Bet last month and now they are continuing to shut down online gambling sites in the US. (24/05)

New Tournament coming to World Snooker Tour

The World Snooker Tour is getting ready to debut a new snooker tournament this July. The tournament is called the Australian Goldfields Open and it will be the first time the event will take place on the tour. The event is scheduled for July 18th through the 24th and will take place at the Bendigo Stadium. (24/05)

Luck of the Irish pays off for one William Hill Casino player

William Hill Casino recently announced that one of their members had a bit of Irish luck last week when the lucky player hit it big playing the Leprechauns’ Luck slot game. The lucky players name is Peter Brown and he was playing the slot game just a few days ago when he won just over £345,253. (24/05)

Blackjack Player sees string of good luck at Atlantic City Casinos

Over the past few days there have been a number of news sources discussing a man who was able to win millions at Atlantic City casinos playing blackjack. The player had been anonymous but has now been named as Don Johnson. The blackjack player is from Bensalem and has managed to win $15 million for three different Atlantic City casinos over the past six month. (23/05)

Online Bingo Summit Set for June 1st

It’s that time of year again for online bingo operators. The sixth annual Online Bingo Summit will begin in just a few weeks and bingo operators are getting ready to head to London to attend. The summit will take place on June 1st and 2nd with operators discussing the online bingo market as well as network with other gambling providers. (23/05)

Canadian Lottery Player wins Multi Million Dollar Prize

For some time Canadian Lottery officials have been trying to figure out who won a lottery prize worth over $35 million dollars. The lucky winner has finally come forward and it is David Rennie of Campbell River. (23/05)

Michigan Lottery creates new Club Keno App

Smartphone’s are one of the most popular forms of new technology available today. Not only are Smartphone’s a phone but they can do hundreds of different things thanks to the many applications available for download. Applications can be downloaded so owners can play games, find driving directions, enjoy Facebook and much more. A new application was recently created by the Michigan Lottery to allow players to play the game of Keno. (23/05)

Mahjong Logic Partners with HoGaming

Mahjong Logic is a top provider of online mahjong gaming and they have partnered with many different gaming companies over the years to be able to offer millions of people mahjong options. The software provider recently signed a partnership with HoGaming which is a live dealer gaming provider. (23/05)

Bookmakers pick Chicago Bulls to win NBA Championships

Bookmakers have made their picks for the 2011 NBA Championships and this year they are leaning towards the Chicago Bulls to win it all. The playoffs are now in the final four stage with the Bulls, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks left in the competition. (20/05)

Littlewoods Casino hosting special keno race today

Littlewoods Casino is known for hosting tournaments and races for players to enjoy and today the online casino is hosting a Krazy Keno Race. The race will take place all day May 20th and will give players the opportunity to play as much keno as they possibly can in the hopes of winning a cash prize. (20/05)

New Mahjong Application available for Android Mobile

The Android mobile phone is one of the most popular mobile devices available on the market today. Many people own the Android for the technology it provides as well as the applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed. There are hundreds of applications available for the Android from gaming options to practical options like a flashlight and GPS application. (20/05)

$10,000 Lottery Prize won by US Fugitive

Getting behind on child support in the United States will eventually lead the parent in jail. Robert Stayton is a father from Montana who is currently behind on his child support payments. He owes thousands of dollars in back child support and he now is being hunted harder due to the fact that he recently claimed a $10,000 lottery prize. (20/05)

WinADay Casino launching new traditional style slot game

Slot gaming is a popular choice for online gamblers as the games give players great prizes and are just plain fun to play. Online casinos are constantly adding new slot gaming options from basic slots to the most unique. WinADay Casino recently announced they are launching a new slot game that was created after traditional style slot games. (20/05)

Brenda Anderson wins BAAT Tour Stop

The Bay Area Amateur Tour held a $260 added event this past weekend at the Stix Billiards establishment which is located in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The tournament had thirteen players competing and the player who came out on top was Brenda Anderson. (19/05)

Snooker Match Fixing Charges dropped

Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett, both top rated snooker pros, were charged with fixing a snooker match back in December 2008. The pair was accused of fixing a match at the UK Championship because heavy betting was recorded on the 9-3 score which was predicted by bookies. This week the case went to court and prosecutors decided that there was a lack of evidence so the criminal charges were dropped. (19/05)

Two Pros resign from Poker Players Alliance

The Poker Players Alliance, known as the PPA, is a nonprofit group that works to ensure poker is available in all forms in the United States. The PPA has thousands of members created of players who play online as well as offline. There are many big name poker players that are associated with the PPA, some of which are even on the board of the PPA. It was recently announced that two pros who are board members have now resigned. (19/05)

Mecca Bingo Hires Peter Dillon to bring in more players to play online

Mecca Bingo has decided to hire Peter Dillon to try and bring in more players online. Dillon was hired by the Mecca Bingo in Crewe to try and encourage people to use the internet to enjoy bingo online. Dillon will be trying to talk those who do not use the internet for online bingo into trying out the gaming experience. (19/05)

William Hill rewards roulette and video poker players

William Hill is known as a top online gaming provider as they reward players with major prizes and rewards. The online casino recently paid out nice prizes to roulette players as well as video slot players. The last few weeks have been very beneficial to online players at William Hill Casino. (19/05)

Slot game pays off for one Jackpot City Player

A lucky player at Jackpot City earned a nice payday recently after making a good slot gaming choice. The online player known as susierom1955 at the online casino was playing the Return of Rudolph slot game when she hit a jackpot worth $10,500. (18/05)

New Bingo Tournament available at 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo is known for providing their players with awesome bingo games and tournaments. The online bingo site is currently offering a special tournament patterned after Pippa Middleton the sister to Kate Middleton the new bride of Prince William. (18/05)

Arizona Marine wins $1 million lottery prize

The Arizona Lottery offers players a game called $100 Million Cash Spectacular Scratchers and it offers players the chance to win $1 million dollars. There are ten $1 million dollar prizes and the ninth prize was recently claimed by a Marine from the state. (18/05)

Astraware Mahjong among top Nook Color downloaded applications

Reading tablets have become a popular choice for readers as they can download thousands of books to one device instead of having to have a book for every story they would like to read. Reading tablets make enjoying a book very convenient and there are many choices for people to choose from. The readers can also be used to enjoy online activities like games and other applications. (18/05)

Casino Employee works with gambler to try and cheat casino

A casino employee and a gambler tried to cheat a Birmingham casino a few months ago but were caught in the act on the CCTV security cameras. The employee had rigged a roulette wheel and the player had earned a good deal of cash before they were caught. The incident took place in July of last year and has now gone to court. (18/05)

Mike Watson wins first Tri-State tour event

The Tri-State Tour recently stopped in East Rutherford, New Jersey to host a $500 added A-D handicapped event. Castle Billiards hosted the vent and a total of fifty five players came out to compete. In the end it was Mike Watson who earned the first place win after making a comeback from the one loss side. (17/05)

Adam Wicheard earns spot on World Snooker Tour

Snooker players attended the Q School the past few days to try and earn one of twelve cards that would be given out for the players to be on the World Snooker Tour. One player to earn a spot on the tour was Adam Wicheard. (17/05)

Blackjack Tournaments this month at Mummy’s Gold

Mummy’s Gold is an online casino that offers players a great deal of tournament options. One option is blackjack tournaments. Players are able to compete in several different blackjack tournaments for various buy-ins. This month the online casino is offering a few great blackjack options. (17/05)

Sky Vegas Casino leaves Canadian Gambling Market

Many gamblers in Canada received an email recently from online casino Sky Vegas which read that the online casino is leaving the Canadian gambling market. Players were shocked to find out this option would no longer be available. (17/05)

Doyle Brunson leaves Doyles Room

Black Friday has affected online gambling in many ways not just the poker rooms affected. Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute Poker were directly affected on Black Friday but after the incident, the entire gambling industry was affected. (17/05)

Australian Olympic Committee to penalize athletic team if they manipulate Olympic matches

The Australian Olympic Committee is looking ahead to next year’s Olympic Games in London by letting their team members know that there will be strict penalties handed out to any player, official or coach that is involved in match fixing. The committee wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to sports betting and match fixing. (16/05)

Ex-Casino Employee claims to have created an unbeatable roulette system

There are many systems, books and seminars available to gamblers to help them learn how to beat the casino. Each of these options can be found on numerous casino games including roulette. An ex-casino employee recently came out with what he is calling an unbeatable roulette system. (16/05)

Online Casino adds new games including Let Them Ride

Celtic Casino recently announced they have added a few new games to their existing lineup. The new games include Let Them Ride which is a variant of Let It Ride Poker. The site also has added Color Champion, Lucky 7, Good and Evil, Fruit Fever and Tropical Poker. (16/05)

Multi Million Dollar Keno Winner keeps identity a secret

When a gambler wins a large lottery jackpot they tend to shout it from the rooftops, announcing the win to everyone they know. However, sometimes a winner likes to remain anonymous for their own personal reasons. A recent Queensland man won a very large keno jackpot prize and he decided to keep his identity a secret. (16/05)

California woman wins large bingo prize

Friday the 13th is a day when many people avoid doing anything. The day has superstitious meaning to many people and to avoid any bad luck people who are superstitious will avoid making major decisions or doing anything risky like gambling. However some people decide to test their luck and this past Friday, one woman was able to see great luck and win a large bingo prize. (16/05)

Mount Olympus contest at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is an online gin rummy site that offers players many different rummy options as well as tournament options. One new option at the online rummy site is Mount Olympus. This leader board challenge allows players to win cash prizes while they play several variants of rummy. (13/05)

Android Market adds JanNavi Mahjong option

Android users can now enjoy a new mahjong option thanks to JanNavi. The JanNavi Mahjong Online the world version has now been released and is sure to become popular with Android users. The game started out in Japan and was enjoyed by thousands of players, over 10,000 at one time. (13/05)

Paddy Power Bingo offering players Big Night of bingo

Paddy Power Bingo is one of the top online bingo sites in the gambling industry. Operating on the Virtue Fusion network, the online bingo site has a large player base which means players can always find a god number of players to compete against. One reason the site is so popular is their bingo offerings. (13/05)

Australian wins large keno prize

The game of keno is a popular choice for gamblers as it offers players large cash prizes and takes place numerous times an hour, giving players ample opportunity to win a cash prize. The game is easy to play and many times players are able to win million dollar prizes. Recently the SKYCITY NT Keno 10 spot jackpot was won and the winner was able to earn just over $1.8 million. (13/05)

North Carolina Man wins second $100,000 lottery prize

Winning a lottery prize is hard to do. Millions of people play the lottery but very few actually ever win a prize. Despite this fact, there are a few select players who manage to win more than one lottery prize in the lifetime and one of those people happens to be Michael Mabe of Belews Creek North Carolina. (13/05)

Royal Vegas announces Live Dealer Casino Offering

As more and more online casinos begin to add live dealer options, players are starting to have more gaming options. The latest casino to add live dealer games is Royal Vegas Casino. The Fortune Lounge Group casino recently announced they have added the live dealer games which include blackjack, roulette, mahjong, sic-bo and baccarat. (12/05)

ASA pulls 888 Casino’s Facebook Banner Advertisement

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has been pulling advertisements for many years if they think they are unfit for viewers. The group recently pulled the online casinos ad from Facebook stating the ad was using addiction to entice people to gamble. (12/05)

Andy Norman trying to get back on track with the game of Snooker

Andy Norman has been snooker pro for some time but the past year and a half has been trying for the pro. He has not done well in the snooker industry and is currently trying to regain his tour card. He wants to get his career back on track and will do so by taking part in the Q School. (12/05)

Dragon Promotions signs deal with Allison Fisher

Dragon Promotions is a global events producer and they recently announced they have signed a deal with Allison Fisher to represent the pool pro. Fisher is a fifteen time World Champion and is very happy to be working with Dragon Promotions. (12/05)

Absolute Poker reaches an agreement with US government

Absolute Poker has been holding out on paying their customers after the recent shutdown on Black Friday back in April. Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were part of the US shutdown as well and they reacted fast to pay back players while Absolute held out. Now the US Attorney has announced that an agreement has been made with Absolute Poker and players will now have their money returned. (12/05)

Betfair Casino launches live dealer gaming options

Betfair Casino has now joined the ranks of other top casinos that provide live dealer gaming options for players. Gamblers at Betfair can now enjoy live dealer games in Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai gow, Mahjong, Sic Bo and Casino Hold’em. (11/05)

Virtue Fusion Limited launches new online bingo game

Bingo players will be excited to hear that there is a new bingo game available online. Virtue Fusion Limited is a bingo software provider for online bingo sites. The new game is called 90 ball Lucky Numbers Bingo and it is now available on the Virtue Fusion Network. (11/05)

Barona Resort and Casino adds more Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive games

The Barona Resort and Casino in California was the first casino in the US to add the G3 progressive bonus technology which was created by DEQ Systems Corp. the casino has since added more of the games and they recently added nine more of the Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive Games. The casino now has twenty games of this style in operation. (11/05)

Six months equals two lottery prizes for one Panama City Man

Jody Massengale is from Panama City Beach and he has a ton of luck! He plays the lottery on a regular basis and has managed to win two multi-million dollar lottery prizes in the span of six months! Both times the wins came from scratch off tickets and both times the man won several million dollars. (11/05)

Casino Goer wins large pai gow poker prize

Every gambler dreams of hitting a big jackpot when they visit a land casino. However there are so many games to choose from it can take a little time to figure out which game is best for you and hopefully you make the right choice. One man from California recently made a great choice when he sat down at a pai gow poker table. (11/05)

Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open back for sixth year

The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open is back for their sixth consecutive year and some of the best amateur billiards players are getting ready to compete. The event will take place from July 28th to the 31st in New Iberia, Louisiana at Emerald Billiards and will be produced by Dragon Promotions. The event will be taking place alongside the Poison DP Pro Classic. (10/05)

Real Time Gaming launches new slot game

Real Time Gaming is constantly coming out with new content that is instantly added to the online casinos that run off of their gaming platform. From slot games to table games, the online content provider is always coming up with something new to keep players entertained. The latest new offering from RTG is a new slot game called Coat of Arms. (10/05)

Judd Trump: Snooker’s New Golden Boy

At just twenty one years of age, Judd Trump has become the new golden boy in the game of professional snooker. Trump has gained the attention of pros as well as fans and it looks as though he has a long career ahead of him. (10/05)

Casino Montelago prepared to hire workers for re-opening

Casino Montelago at Lake Las Vegas is getting ready to reopen at the end of the month and they are currently in the process of hiring workers. The casino will be hiring one hundred positions over a three day period. The casino held a job fair this week to try and find the right employees and a great number of people showed up yesterday for the first day of the job fair. (10/05)

Top Poker Rooms let go of sponsored pros

A surprising turn of events has taken place in the poker industry. Absolute Poker and UB have announced they have canceled sponsorships they have with poker players. A total of ten poker players have been cut from Team UB and Absolute Poker. (10/05)

Tabcorp to add many keno venues in Victoria

Tabcorp recently spent $60 million to be able to be the only company to have control of the keno license in Victoria. With the purchase, Tabcorp will be adding many keno venues in the area, as many as one thousand by next year. (09/05)

Twenty four people arrested in illegal sports betting operation

In Rhode Island, the state police have arrested a large group of people for their part in an illegal sports gambling ring. There were twenty four people arrested and they are believed to be mobsters as well as those who are associated with them. (09/05)

Sentencing hearing scheduled for South Korean baccarat cheaters

Casino cheating takes place all across the globe but in the United States it seems to have become very prevalent especially over the past year. Players and criminals tend to try and cheat at many games including blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and much more. Sometimes they try to steal chips while other times elaborate schemes are cooked up to scam the casino. Two men from South Korea are facing their sentencing this week after they tried to cheat a US casino. (09/05)

Virgin Games releases findings in new bingo study

Virgin Games is a top provider of all types of online gaming and gambling options. The gambling company recently conducted a study to find out how the game of bingo affects players social lives as well as study the friendships between players. What they found was that almost half of all bingo players studied had made genuine friendships while playing at the site, some of which had met in person. (09/05)

Iowa man wins multimillion dollar lottery prize

A Webster City, Iowa man is $9 million dollars richer after playing the Hot Lotto game. Larry Dawson purchased a Hot Lotto ticket on the drawing this past Saturday night gave the lucky man a multimillion dollar prize. (09/05)

Windows Casino launches flash version of popular game

When it comes to online casino gaming players have two choices to play games: Downloadable software and Flash Versions. Players can choose to download the casino software and play the full suite of games or they can choose to play the Flash version which loads instantly but offers a smaller pool of games. many players like to try out games in the Flash version first so they can see if they will enjoy the game before they wager any money. Players at Windows Casino can now try out the new King Kong slots game as it has been released in Flash version. (06/05)

Astraware Mahjong launches exclusively for NOOK Color

NOOK Color is an e-reader available at Barnes and Noble that allows owners to read thousands of books as well as access the internet and download applications. It was recently announced that Astraware is releasing several of their games for the NOOK one of which is Astraware Mahjong. (06/05)

Video Poker player takes home $700,000 prize

When it comes to online casino play, most of the big wins reported come from slot machine play. Slot machines offer players large jackpots as well as progressive jackpots so players have the opportunity to win massive amounts of cash. When it comes to other casino games players can win large prizes but we don’t usually hear of these large amounts. However, yesterday news broke of one lucky player who recently earned a large prize from a video poker game at CasinoClassic. (06/05)

Virgin Bingo adds new game for players to enjoy

Virgin Bingo is a top online bingo site that is part of the Virgin Games brand. The online bingo room offers players a large selection of online bingo games and tournaments as well as side games. Casino games are available for players to enjoy at Virgin Bingo and players will now be able to enjoy yet another new game as the online bingo site recently released a new slot game. (06/05)

California Family wins $51 million lottery prize

After winning a $51 million lottery prize, one California family’s life has changed forever. Bob Urquhart and his wife Etta May as well as May’s son Ronnie Orender are the lucky winners of the MEGA Millions lottery prize. The family is planning on enjoying the rest of their lives creating the best life they can. (06/05)

Choneyi Tenzin wins Rack’Em Up Tour Stop

Sunday May 1st Bo’s Billiard Club in Warwick, Rhode Island hosted an Open A-C handicapped event for the Rack’Em Up Tour which saw forty six players competing. Choneyi Tenzin was able to receive a bye in the opening round of the competition and then move on to defeat many players to earn the title win. (05/05)

World Snooker Championship benefits Sheffield Financially

The World Snooker Championships finished up just a few days ago in Sheffield and city officials have announced that the championships have done the city a world of good financially. As thousands of people came to the city to watch their favorite snooker pros compete, around £2.4 million was spent in the city by those visiting. (05/05)

Cubovision now offering sports betting options

Italian sports bettors can now access a new wagering platform thanks to Intralot and Telecom Italia. The two companies have struck a new deal which will see Cubovision offering sports betting options. Intralot is a developer and supplier of gaming and transaction processing systems based in Athens and they have signed an exclusive deal with Telecom to provide them with a sports betting service. (05/05)

Party Casino announces big slot winner

Party Casino is one of the more popular online casino choices for gamblers as they have a long standing reputation as one of the top online gambling providers. The online casino has hundreds of gaming choices one of which is progressive slot games. Players love progressive games as they give them a chance to win even larger cash prizes than a normal jackpot game. The online casino recently announced that one of their players took home a large progressive prize of almost $2 million while playing the Gold Mega Jackpot. (05/05)

Titan Poker offering players discounted buy-ins to tournaments

Poker players looking to get a good deal on tournament buy-ins should look no further than Titan Poker. The online poker room is currently offering players discounted buy-ins to several large guaranteed tournaments during the current month as well as June. (05/05)

Gambling Bill makes it through Iowa House

A new bill has been presented in the state of Iowa that would allow gambling in many areas as well as allow people to vote on their choice of horse races from their homes. The bill already made it through Senate and now it has passed through the House as well with a vote of 72-21. (04/05)

Grand Lisboa sees record jackpot winner

The Grand Lisboa has to be one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings in Macau. The hotel and casino has twelve restaurants and entertainment taking place around the clock. The casino sees visitors from all over the world and recently the casino announced that one lucky player walked away with a record breaking jackpot. (04/05)

Running out of gas leaves one man $200,000 richer

When most people run out of gas, it ruins their day, but not for one Abbeville, South Carolina man. An anonymous man from Abbeville ran out of gas on the way to get his hair cut. It would seem this would be a turn of bad luck but it just so happens as the man was walking to the barber shop he stopped to buy a lottery ticket. That decision made him $200,000 richer! (04/05)

Bet365 Casino Blackjack Bonanza

Blackjack is the game of choice for many online gamblers. Players love to play a quick game or spend hours online testing their skill at beating the dealer. Players have many options when it comes to blackjack play at online casinos from several variants to blackjack tournament play. One online casino hosting a blackjack tournament today is Bet365. (04/05)

Simon Cowell’s new roulette show a £15 million project

We brought you news a few weeks ago that Simon Cowell is getting ready to create a new roulette television show where players will have a chance to win £1 million. We have now learned more information about the new show which is going to be a £15 million program. (04/05)

Beijing Open names winners

The Beijing Open has finished up for 2011 and both Yu Ram Cha and Jun Lin Chang are the newly crowned champions. Both were able to outlast the competition and take down several competitors to be able to claim the wins. (03/05)

Wynn Las Vegas opens up new Baccarat Salon

The Wynn Las Vegas is known as a high rollers destination and they will be keeping the reputation even longer after the opening of their new baccarat salon. The Wynn Baccarat Salon has everyone impressed from the décor to the view and luxurious gaming environment. (03/05)

John Higgins shooting for Hendry’s Crucible title record

John Higgins is a snooker pro that has faced turmoil as well as great success in the snooker industry. The pro has been banned from the game of snooker for a six month period of time in the past year as well as worked his way up to the number one seat in the world snooker rankings. Higgins recently defeated Judd Trump in the World Championship to claim his fourth World title. (03/05)

Black Friday causes Wynn Resorts to abandon PokerStars

After Black Friday, many things changed in the poker world, most of which were not in favor of the online poker rooms involved. PokerStars, one company affected lost access to many players, all in the US, as well as having to deal with indictments from the Department of Justice. Now the online poker room has to deal with sponsors and company’s pulling away from the poker giant. Wynn Resorts is the latest group to abandon the online poker room. (03/05)

Intertops Red Casino continues Intertops Champions contest

Intertops Red Casino has been hosting a Champions leader board contest for some time now and players still have a few weeks to participate. The Intertops Champions Leader Board contest will continue until the end of May when the top three players will be rewarded with a large cash prize! (03/05)

Bookmakers pick Phillies to win World Series

The World Series of Baseball will be taking place this fall and online bookmakers have already begun setting their picks on who will be the winner of the big event. So far, online bookmakers have predicted that the Philadelphia Phillies will be claiming the win at the 107th edition of the World Series this fall. (02/05)

Siblings fighting over large lottery prize

Sam Haddad and Mike Dettorre have been friends for decades. During the time of their friendship they would purchase lottery tickets together many times. In 2008 the two had purchased a lottery ticket that was worth $32 million. After the win, Haddad’s sister decided she was due some of the lottery money so the three people are now in court fighting over the lottery winnings. (02/05)

Slots player wins three times in one month on same machine

Every slots gambler has their favorite slot machine they like to take advantage of. Whether it is at a land casino or online casino, players tend to have their favorites and spend a lot of time trying to hit the big jackpot. However most times players will only earn small wins. The odds are unlikely that a player will hit the big jackpot. But for one lucky King Solomon’s Casino player, the odds were in his favor when it came to his favorite slot game! (02/05)

Jacksonville man wins record bingo jackpot

The Game Show Network has a bingo sweepstakes game that takes place on the television as well as online. The game is called Bingo Blitz and it gives players an opportunity to win large jackpot prizes. Just a few days ago Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 Carlos Thrasher earned a $37,000 jackpot while playing the game. The jackpot won by Thrasher was the second highest jackpot in the history of the Bingo Blitz game. (02/05)

Royal Wedding gives grandmother a big keno jackpot

Millions of people tuned into the royal wedding last week to watch Kate Middleton and Prince William exchange their vows. People tuned in at home, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc to watch the big event and one lucky grandmother made the perfect decision when she tuned in. (02/05)

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