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Gambling News - Archive 2011-07
Macau police bust large baccarat cheating ring

The Standard recently reported a story on a syndicate in China that stole million from casinos with a new technique that was used in the scam. The Macau police have now busted the ring and arrested seven men in the process. (29/07)

William Hill launches new site for their mobile offering

William Hill is one of the most popular and well known online sports books in the world. William Hill has been in the gambling business for decades and they always bring in the latest technology to keep players happy. The online gambling site recently announced they have launched a new site strictly for their mobile gambling offering. (29/07)

Military man returns from Iraq and wins $1 million lottery prize

The lottery is something that most everyone has in common. Even those who do not play the lottery, dream of winning the lottery. It is always heartwarming to hear of people winning large lottery prizes when they need it most. A deserving man from Washington State recently won a large lottery prize, a record breaker to be exact. (29/07)

Big Fish Games launches new mahjong game

Big Fish Games is known in the gaming industry as one of the giants. The company has created a long list of games and they have now released a new mahjong game. The company started out with a mahjong game almost a decade ago and now they are launching yet another mahjong game, this time for the iPad. (29/07)

Largest Keno win in NSW takes place at Mt Annan Hotel

Keno players are sure to flock to the Mt Annan Hotel in New South Wales after hearing the news of the latest keno win awarded from there. A lucky man from Mt Annan was visiting the hotel when he won $1.9 million jackpot from the keno game. (29/07)

World Snooker Qualified Coach now available for training help

Kevin Ellis of Bromsgrove recently graduated from the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield after taking a class to become a World Snooker Qualified coach. Ellis is now available to help those who want to improve their snooker skills. Ellis will be working out of Pockets which is located in Kidderminster. (28/07)

Cory Morphew wins Great Southern Billiard Tour event

On July 23rd and 24th the Great Southern Billiard Tour stopped at Borderline Billiards in Bristol, Tennessee to host a $1,500 added event. The tournament saw a large group of eighty seven contenders and in the end it was Cory Morphew who earned the first place win. Morphew was able to defeat Eddie Adams 7-7 to earn the first place win. (28/07)

Betfair Casino launches new upgrades on mobile offering

Betfair casino is one of the largest providers of online casino gaming options. They were one of the first to offer mobile gambling and now have decided to upgrade their mobile web application. The upgrades have seen many improvements added to the mobile option of the online casino. (28/07)

Ladbrokes Casino offering players free spins this Friday

Ladbrokes Casino is getting ready to offer their players a free spins on one of their most popular online slot games. This Friday players can visit Ladbrokes casino and get twenty free spins on the Lord of the Rings slot game if they take the qualifying steps to participate. (28/07)

CBS and Discovery to feature Epic Poker League

The Epic Poker League is coming to the United States now that a deal has been signed between CBS and Discovery Communications with the Federated Sports and Gaming. Federated Sports and Gaming is a sporting events organizer who is based in LA and they will now see the Epic Poker League events featured with twenty hours of footage to be aired. (28/07)

Betfred launches mobile fantasy football option

Betfred, an online sports book, recently announced they are now offering a mobile version of their fantasy football option. The new application is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod from the Apple’s App Store. (27/07)

William Hill Bingo offering free bingo cards

William Hill bingo is an online bingo site that likes to celebrate many occasions. Whether it is sports games, holidays or special events, William Hill usually comes up with a way to celebrate. The online bingo site is getting ready to celebrate the Glorious Goodwood horse race and to do so they are offering free bingo. (27/07)

Windows Casino rewards two keno players

Windows Casino offers players many different online casino games. Players can enjoy their favorite games or check out new games that the online casino has to offer. Recently the online casino announced they have rewarded keno players with some great prizes. (27/07)

North Carolina Family wins lottery three times

Winning the lottery more than one time is about as farfetched as winning the lottery one time. The odds of winning a lottery prize, much less winning the lottery more than once, are very long. Most people will never win more than a few dollars playing the lottery. However one lucky family from North Carolina has won the lottery a total of three times. (27/07)

New Jersey Senator wants to move forward with online gambling

Raymond Lesniak is a state senator in New Jersey and he is planning on introducing new legislation this November to try and get online gambling passed in the state yet again. The new piece of legislation will cover the concerns of the governor of the state, which choose to veto the last bill brought forth to him on the subject of online gambling. If the bill had passed, New Jersey would have been the first state in the US to offer the option. (27/07)

Unibet adds new slot game

Online gambling site, Unibet, has launched a new slot game called Hot City that players can check out now. The new game features a young female who lives in a large city and how she lives her everyday life. (26/07)

Vidya Pillai wins National Billiards and Snooker Championship

The National Billiards and Snooker Championship finished up recently and it was thirty three year old Vidya Pillai who earned the first place win. Vidya is no stranger to the sport as she has earned five national champion titles in the past. (26/07)

Win a Fury Cue at any Seminole Pro Tour Challenge Event

Fury Cues are the creator of top pool cues and billiard equipment. The company recently announced they are working with CueSight, a retailer, to offer players a chance to win a free Fury Pool Cue. Players simply play in a Seminole Pro Tour event this season and they will have the opportunity to win a cue. (26/07)

Attempted robbery at Wisconsin Casino

Over the past few months there have been several robberies taking place across the United States at casinos and other gambling establishments. The robberies are different but have one thing in common, someone always gets arrested. No matter what the robber tries to do, whether it is cheat the casino during game play or rob the cashier at gun point, they eventually will get caught. (26/07)

Bwin launches poker application for Android

Mobile gambling has increased in popular over the past few months and because of the technology available, many online casinos and gambling sites have launched mobile versions of their software. IPhone’s, iPads, Androids and many more devices offer players the opportunity to play their favorite casino games online. The latest online gambling site to launch a mobile betting platform is Bwin. They recently announced they now offer online poker for the Android. (26/07)

Playtech purchases mobile sports book platform

Top software provider Playtech recently announced they have purchased a mobile sports book betting platform out of Sweden. Playtech already provides mobile software solutions as well as services to online, mobile and land based operators. They now have purchased the entire share of Mobenga AB. (25/07)

AC Casino wants to add new blackjack game

The Hilton Casino in Atlantic City recently announced they would like to add a new blackjack variant to their gaming floor. The casino has asked for permission to add the Triple Attack Blackjack game to their casino offerings. (25/07)

Rummy Royal offering great guarantees this month

Gin rummy is a popular choice for online gamblers. Many rummy players like to visit Rummy Royal to play the large variety of rummy games the site has to offer. Rummy Royal provides players with a large list of rummy variants as well as tournaments and special games. The site is currently getting ready to host a $7,000 guaranteed tournament which will take place at the end of the month. (25/07)

Brooklyn Couple wins large keno prize

The game of keno is a popular choice for gamblers since it takes just a couple of minutes to play and can yield large prizes. The game can be played online as well as in bars and restaurants across the US. Just recently a couple from Brooklyn earned a large keno prize of $300,000. (25/07)

New Hampshire Lottery to debut new game

The state of New Hampshire is getting to ready to launch a new lottery game this week. The new game will offer players an opportunity to win $100,000 a year for the player’s entire life. The new game is called Set for Life and costs $20 for an instant ticket. (25/07)

Mahjong Logic signs deal with Dora Mahjong

Mahjong Logic has been signing deals left and right, offering their services to various companies across the globe. The latest deal signed was with Dora Mahjong. Mahjong Logic will be providing their various mahjong gaming options and services to Dora Mahjong, which is a major gaming site in Japan. (22/07)

Skill Gaming to be added to Poker in the Park event

The fifth annual Poker in the Park is about to begin and this year the event will feature skill gaming options. Poker in the Park is an annual event that takes place in Europe and features the best poker games and companies. Live poker games take place as well as entertainment options and much more. the festival will now be adding skill gaming options such as mahjong, chess, rummy and backgammon. (22/07)

SC Man wins large lottery prize; keeps prize a secret from wife

A Greenwood, South Carolina man is $200,000 richer and managed to keep the large prize a secret from his wife. The man, who remains anonymous, won the cash prize while playing the South Carolina Education Lottery. (22/07)

Baccarat Cheater apprehended six months after casino scam

Kim Tae Dong was wanted for cheating at the game of baccarat in a Seoul gaming facility. Dong had participated in a baccarat cheating scheme in December 2010 and January 2011 and he was just now arrested for his involvement in the crime. (22/07)

Castle Casino launches new live roulette game

Castle Casino is the latest online casino to begin offering gamblers a live roulette option. Many online casinos are beginning to offer live dealer games because players really enjoy the realistic experience the gaming options provide. Castle Casino will now offer players a live roulette option which will stream live from a real casino. (22/07)

Mark Allen makes quarter finals of Australia Open

Snooker pro Mark Allen has advanced in the Australian Open snooker tournament. After Allen faced Marcus Campbell, he won the match up and made his way into the quarter finals after winning the match 5-1. Now, Allen will face Stuart Bingham this Friday in the quarter finals. (21/07)

Accu-Stats Media Productions to cover US Open 9-Ball Championships

The US Open 9-Ball Championship is to be videoed by Accu-Stats Media Productions after a new deal has been reached. Accu-Stats will now be covering the event for the next two years. The event will be broadcast via ESPN Star Sports. (21/07)

888 Gaming Company could be online in Nevada soon

The 888 Gaming Company is very well known in the online gambling industry. Officially known as 888 Holdings Plc, the company has a top online casino as well as poker room and other gambling options. The group recently announced they may be applying for a license to offer online poker in the state of Nevada very soon. (21/07)

Club Gold Casino adds three new games

Online casinos are constantly adding new games so players will remain interested in their websites. New games keep players busy and interested in what the casino has to offer. Slot games are popular additions to online casinos since they are one of the most played options at casinos. Club Gold Casino recently announced they have launched three new games for players to enjoy. (21/07)

King Solomons Player wins nice slot prize

King Solomons is an online casino that is popular with many online gamblers. The site has many games to choose from and they recently announced that one lucky player has earned a six figure payday after enjoying an online slot game. (21/07)

Former Blackjack Dealer fighting large fine

Matthew Eisenberg is a twenty six former blackjack dealer who has been fined a five figure amount because he stole $200 worth of gambling chips from the casino he was employed with at the time. Eisenberg admitted he stole the chips but he believes the $75,000 fine he faces is unjust punishment. (20/07)

Golden Hat Bingo offering free bingo cards

There are millions of bingo players across the universe and most of them play bingo online. There are many online bingo sites to choose from and many times players will choose a bingo home based on the special incentives and promotions the site offers. Golden Hat Bingo is one such bingo that is getting ready to offer players a special offering. The online bingo site is going to be giving away free bingo cards in just a few days. (20/07)

Krazy Keno Race Today

Today, online casino Littlewoods is offering players a chance to compete in their regular Krazy Keno Race. Players can play the game of keno for the opportunity to win extra cash prizes. Littlewoods offers the Krazy Keno Race on a regular basis so keno fans can earn extra cash to play even more casino games. (20/07)

UK Gambling Commission gives Bodog a gambling license

It was recently announced that the UK Gambling Commission has granted a gambling license to top online gambling provider Bodog. Bodog will now be able to supply their services to the millions of gamblers located in the UK. (20/07)

Virgin Casino launches new video poker games

Virgin Casino has been very busy over the past few months adding games to their extensive collection of casino offerings. The online casino recently announced the launch of several new video poker games. Video poker is a popular category when it comes to online casino games and players can now check out the new options available. (20/07)

Team China wins Snooker World Cup

The Snooker World Cup finished up this past Sunday and it was the China team that came away the victors. The team defeated the Northern Ireland team to claim the championship title. Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo made it look easy as the team took the title with a score of 4-2. (19/07)

Matt Krah wins Planet Pool Tour event

The Planet Pool Tour recently held an event at the Top Hat Cue Club in Parksville, Maryland. The event has a great turnout as forty players registered to compete. In the end, it was Matt Krah who earned the win after defeating Ryan McCreesh in the finals. The tournament took place this past weekend on July 16th and 17th. (19/07)

Virgin Casino set to launch new slot game

Slot gaming is a popular past time for millions of people. The games are simple to play and require no skill. Each game is different and there are so many different types of slot games to choose from, players never get tired of enjoying them. Online casinos are a great place to play slot games as they usually have a long list of games available. Virgin Casino is an online casino that is getting ready to release a new slot game for players to enjoy. (19/07)

Ongame Network offering Italians Cash Poker Games

Late yesterday, officials in Italy decided to legalize cash games in the country. The Ongame network was ready for this decision and they are now the first online gambling network to offer Italian poker players cash poker games. The cash poker games are a welcome option to those living in Italy as they will now have more gaming options at their favorite poker sites. (19/07)

Millionaire Casino closing down this August

Millionaire Casino has been a popular site for gamblers around the world for many years but now the online casino is getting ready to shut down. The online casino is planning on closing its doors to the public as of August 1st. (19/07)

Table Game Rewards at Omni Casino

Omni Casino is getting ready to host a special table game offering which will see players earning extra cash by playing their favorite table games. Included in this special contest are blackjack, roulette, Caribbean stud poker and red dog poker. (18/07)

Attempted Baccarat Scammer Caught in the Act

Casino owners design their casinos so players can have an entertaining time, all the while, enticing players to gamble and drink the night away. The casino watches players every move and studies them to keep them coming back for more. However, casinos are also on the lookout for those who may have other plans than just having fun. Casinos are always on the lookout for cheaters and scammers and recently a Pennsylvania casino caught a woman trying to cheat in a game of baccarat. (18/07)

Wonder Bingo launches new bingo room

Online bingo site, Wonder Bingo, is relatively new to the online bingo world and they have made quite an impression on players. The site offers great incentives as well as a good selection of bingo games which has caused many online bingo players to call Wonder Bingo their new bingo home. The online bingo site recently announced they have launched a new bingo room which will offer the best in incentives and tournaments. (18/07)

Mount Annan Grandfather wins large keno prize

A fifty seven year old grandfather from Mount Annan recently won a very large keno prize while playing at a local pub. The man was very thankful for the almost $2m keno win since he has been raising his four year old granddaughter. His daughter died of ovarian cancer and he has been struggling to take care of her ever since. (18/07)

Georgia Man wins Two Lottery Prizes in Three Months

Everyone dreams of winning a large lottery prize but odds are most people will never win the lottery. With such long odds, it is odd to even know someone who has won the lottery. However, there are a few cases where luck strikes a person more than once. (18/07)

Michigan Police arrest dozens in video poker sting

The police force in Michigan has been very busy as of late in the area of Flint. As of right now almost forty people have been arrested for their participation in an illegal video poker operation. We brought you news just a few days ago on two major arrests and now a total of thirty seven people have been charged for their involvement. (15/07)

Vacation results in large keno win for lucky man

An anonymous man has won a very large keno prize after playing the game while he was on holiday in Cairns. The man first earned a $600 win playing the pokies then he became an instant millionaire after playing keno. (15/07)

New Mahjong game now available on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site where members can enjoy staying in contact with friends as well as family members. The site is also known for their gaming selections and just recently a new mahjong game has been added. King, an online provider of gaming content, recently added a new mahjong game called Mahjong Saga to the website. (15/07)

New York Mechanic wins large lottery prize

Scratch off tickets are a popular choice for gamblers. They are easy to play and it takes only seconds to see if you have won a prize. The excitement stems from not knowing what is under the silver film that is over the prize amount. Players will quickly rub the silver film off to be able see if they have won a large prize. Recently, a man from New York won a $1 million while playing a scratch off lottery ticket. (15/07)

Betfair files complaint with European Commission against Germany

Online gambling company, Betfair, recently filed a complaint with the European Commission on Germany. Betfair feels as though Germany should open up their state run betting monopoly and they are hoping their complaint will make that happen. (15/07)

Titan Poker hosting qualifiers for 2011 Irish Winter Festival

The 2011 Irish Winter Festival is set to begin this October in Ireland and Titan Poker recently started offering qualifiers for the event. The special qualifiers give players an opportunity to win a seat to the tournament. Titan Poker is hosting Super Satellites and the lucky winners will head to Ireland this October. (14/07)

Eurosport to cover five more seasons of World Snooker

Eurosport recently announced they have renewed their partnership deal with World Snooker. Eurosport will be covering the next five season of World snooker which will see them partner with World Snooker and IMG Media though the 2015-16 season. (14/07)

King Kong slot game launched at William Hill Casino

New slot games are launched almost every week at online casinos and this week it is online casino giant William Hill’s turn to release a new slot game. The online casino now offers slot players Kong- the 8th Wonder of the World. The new slot game is based on the newer version of King Kong which featured Adrian Brody. (14/07)

Association of Billiard Professionals boycotting Barry Behrman promoted events

The Association of Billiard Professionals based in Chicago, Illinois recently released a statement by their General Attorney Dennis Walsh which stated the ABP pro pool players will not be competing in any events promoted by Barry Behrman. This includes the 2011 US Open 9-Ball Championships, the Master 10-Ball event and much more. (14/07)

Florida High School Football Coach charged with murder over casino incident

Benjamin Hawkins is a high school football coach in Florida who was recently charged with murder after he punched a Utah man at a Las Vegas casino. The punch was fatal to the victim and Hawkins wife is saying the incident was purely self-defense. (14/07)

Michigan men charged with operating illegal video poker operations

Michael Kremski and Robert Murray of Genesee county Michigan were arraigned in court recently for their involvement in an illegal video poker operation. The two men are considered the ringleaders of the operation and the Judge John L. Conover set both men with $10,000 bond and they are due back on court on July 19th. (13/07)

New York Baccarat Cheaters plead not guilty

Just a few days ago we brought you the story of two men from New York who cheated a Connecticut casino out of a ton of cash. The two men showed up in court last week and pled not guilty to charges of larceny and casino cheating. (13/07)

888 Casino offering players special live blackjack contest

888 Casino is one of many online casinos that offer players live gaming options. One option they have is the live blackjack games. Players can play blackjack in a live setting as the casino uses live dealers to run the games. The online casino recently announced they are hosting a special contest for the rest of July. The contest is called Blackjack Xtra Time and will offer players a chance to win bonus cash! (13/07)

Foxy Bingo appeals to radio audience

Foxy Bingo is a top provider of online bingo and they work hard to bring in new players to their online bingo site. Foxy Bingo recently announced they have partnered with both Real Radio and Smooth Radio to promote their site during the summer. (13/07)

Washington State man wins lottery and keeps janitorial job

Tyrone Curry is one lucky man. He won the Washington state lottery five years ago and became an instant millionaire. Instead of retiring from his job as a school janitor, Curry decided to keep his job and modest home and use the money to better the school. (13/07)

Simon Bedford knocked out of Players Tour Championship

Snooker pro Simon Bedford attacked the Players’ Tour Championship, being able to plow through the last thirty two rounds. The event has been going strong at the Snooker Academy in Sheffield and it looked as though Bedford was in it to win it. However he would come up against Fergal O’Brien in the third round stage and he would make it no further in the competition. (12/07)

European Pocket Billiard Federation begins Tweeting on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site that has taken over the internet. Members of Twitter are able to keep up with friends, family, co-workers and even celebrities via Twitter. Twitter gives their members the opportunity to post what is going on in their life or post pictures. Many companies have started to use Twitter as well to post about new products as well as events. Pool fans will now be able to keep up on the latest European news as The European Pocket Billiard Federation has now signed up on Twitter. (12/07)

Everest Poker brings back International Cup

Everest Poker has brought back one of their most popular contests the Everest Poker International Cup. This will be the fifth time the contest has taken place and players will be able to compete for a total of $125,000 in prizes. The online poke room will be offering qualifiers from July to August and the finale will take place in September. (12/07)

Bet365 Casino brings back slots club

Bet365 Casino has brought back an excellent way for their members to earn extra cash. The online casino had started The Slots Club last year and players enjoyed it so much the online casino has brought it back. Players are able to earn free slots bonuses in the club worth up to $2,000! (12/07)

New Slot game launched by Virgin Casino

A new slot game has just been launched at Virgin Casino and players can now take advantage of this new offering. The new game is a five reel slot with twenty pay lines with a title of Chests of Plenty. The new game has two bonus rounds as well as wild and scatter symbols to help players win cash! (12/07)

New Mobile Mahjong App teaches the Chinese Language

Ever thought about learning another language but was unsure how to do so? Or thought a language class would be hard or boring? Now there is a new way to learn the Chinese language thanks to TileSpeak Software. The mobile application developer has created a new mahjong application that can be played on various mobile devices and teach the Chinese language during game play. (11/07)

All Slots Casino launching new slot game with roulette variation

Interesting new games are coming to All Slots Casino this month those players are sure to enjoy. The new games are both slot options and one of the new games is considered an alternate slot game because of the roulette variation included. (11/07)

Virgin Bingo brings back Free Bingo for short time

Part of the Virgin Gaming brand, Virgin Bingo is a popular option for online bingo players. The site has a ton of bingo games and special offerings that players enjoy on a regular basis. The online bingo site is constantly creating new promotions and deals for players to take advantage of and the online bingo site recently announced they are bringing back the Free Play Happy Hours for a limited time this month. (11/07)

Wellingborough couple win large lottery prize

Chris and Sue Bowers are a loving couple from Wellingborough who recently had a bit of good luck swing their way. The lucky couple is the recent winners of the National Lottery drawing which gave them a £3.5m prize! (11/07)

Atlantic City Casino offering free play to video poker players

The Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City is a popular stop for gamblers in the area as well as visitors from all over the world. The casino has everything a gambler loves; from the best gaming options to beautiful scenery. The casino currently is offering players a chance to get a little free play action by playing the video poker games or slot options at the casino. (11/07)

Seven suspects arrested for supposedly rigging football matches

The National Investigation Office in Hungary held a press conference last week reporting on the arrest of seven people who has suspected of rigging football matches in the nation. A spokesman for the office reported that of the seven people arrested three were soccer players or former players. The other four people involved were referees in the sport. (08/07)

NYC Men arraigned for conspiring with baccarat dealers

Just this morning, two men from New York City were arraigned in court after an incident that happened in 2010. The two men have been charged with working with baccarat dealers at the Mohegan Sun to try and cheat the casino to earn money. (08/07)

Online casino launches live European Roulette game

Live table gaming options are quickly becoming the most popular choice for online gamblers. Most online casinos are starting to add live table games to their gaming options and Fairway Casino is the latest online casino to add these games. The online live dealer casino has just launched a live European roulette option and they will be streaming the games live from the Sporting Emporium Casino and Card Club. (08/07)

Plus-Five Gaming to add mahjong via Mahjong Logic

Plus –Five Gaming will soon be offering their players mahjong gaming options after they recently signed an agreement with Mahjong Logic. Plus-Five Gaming is a white label gaming solutions provider and they will now be offering Mahjong Logic Gaming to their portfolio of products. (08/07)

Salem Woman repeatedly steals keno tickets

Nothing in life is free. Everyone knows if they want something they have to work for it. However there are some people in the world who think they can take what they want without paying for it. That is exactly what a Salem, Massachusetts woman has been doing with keno tickets. The woman has been playing keno in town and then running out before she pays for her tickets. (08/07)

Ireland Team getting ready for 2011 Snooker World Cup

The 2011 Snooker World Cup is about to begin. The event will take place on July 11th to the 17th and teams from around the world will be competing in the tournament. Representing the Ireland snooker team will be Ken Doherty a former world snooker champion and Fergal O’Brian. (07/07)

BCA issues correction to recent ABP news release

The Association of Billiard Professionals recently released a press release which stated information about the World Tournament of 14.1. The Billiard Congress of America has now issued a correction to the statement released by the ABP since the information was invalid. (07/07)

Online Casino visit pays off for slots player

Almost every day an online casino gives a lucky player a nice payout. Whether it is an online slot player, table game enthusiast or a sports bettor, someone is going to win some cash while visiting an online casino! Recently a report came out about a lucky women from the UK who was able to win a large prize while enjoying slot games at an online casino. (07/07)

Four new slot games launched by Chartwell Technologies

Slot players are some of the most loyal gamblers in the world. Slot gaming fans will play numerous slots at both land casinos and online casinos and love to hear when new slot games have been created. Chartwell Technologies, creator of online games, recently announced they have launched four new slot games for players to enjoy. (07/07)

Full Tilt Poker players invited to Red Kings Poker

Since Full Tilt Poker has been having problems for the past few months with the United States government, their former players have been left without a poker home. Online poker site Red Kings recently invited any ex-Full Tilt Poker players to join their site. (07/07)

Post Office Manager accused of stealing from employer to fund gambling habit

Tony O’Reilly age thirty six is accused of stealing a large amount of money from the An Post he worked at as a manager. O’Reilly apparently had a gambling problem which got out of control and caused him to steal from his employer. (06/07)

Self-employed man wins large keno prize

Many times people will play a gambling game to pass the time. Many restaurants and bars offer lottery style games such as keno for their patrons to enjoy while they have a cold beer or enjoy a bit of food. A sixty year old man was visiting the Brothers Leagues Club this past Sunday night when he decided to play keno to pass the time. The decision was a good one as he earned over $1 million dollars! (06/07)

Mecca Bingo offering amazing deals this July

The new month has begun and for Mecca Bingo players it is going to be amazing! The popular online bingo site is offering players many ways to win bingo tickets as well as extra cash. Players will find that each day of the week during the month of July, Mecca Bingo is offering players exciting gaming options. (06/07)

Ladbrokes Casino offering special gaming days in July

Ladbrokes Casino has started the month of July off right! The online casino is offering players special gaming days almost the entire month of July. Players can play special games such as 3 Card Poker on Tuesdays to win free chips or special slots games on Thursdays to be able to win extra spins! Each special day offers rewards for players who enjoy certain gambling games. (06/07)

Rummy Bounty Hunter at Rummy Royal

When it comes to gin rummy games, Rummy Royal has it all. They offer players a ton of gin rummy options including Kalooki games, Oklahoma Gin and much more. The online gin rummy site also has many tournament and promotional games including a new offering called Rummy Bounty Hunter. (06/07)

McDermott Cues re-launches website

McDermott Cues is a manufacturer of pool cues as well as other billiard accessories. They are a leading distributor of the products they produce and they recently revamped their website. The newly designed website went live on July 1st and now offers customers a simpler interface so customers can find the billiards products they need. (05/07)

Snooker player criticized for snubbing female official

All across the world, there are hundreds of different religions. People believe what they feel is right and their actions are usually based on their religious beliefs. A snooker player recently came under fire after her refused to shake a female referee’s hand after winning a snooker match due to his religious beliefs. (05/07)

Windows Casino slot game pays out to lucky player

Windows Casino offers players many options when it comes to online slot play. The online casino has many slot games to choose from and one of the most popular is Bonus Bears. This slot game has five reels and twenty five pay lines and is based on a jungle picnic theme. The online casino recently announced a lucky player earned a four figure pay day while playing this game. (05/07)

Party Poker cancels tournament rake

Leading online poker site, Party Poker, has decided to do away with the tournament rake fees for a limited time only. Players will be able to compete at the online poker site’s tournaments and have the option to win even more cash than ever! (05/07)

Nevada Woman falls from casino balcony

A casino is a relatively safe place. Land casinos have security teams as well as cameras so players will be safe while they enjoy their favorite casino games. however, sometimes players get riled up and they will fight each other or do something stupid like try to rob the casino. And sometimes even stranger occurrences take place. At the Stateline Casino in Lake Tahoe a woman recently died after she fell from a balcony at the hotel portion of the casino. (05/07)

Alderney Gambling Control Commission Signs Agreement with Denmark

The Danish Gambling Authority recently signed an agreement with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission that will see the two working together. The agreement is a bilateral cooperation agreement and the agreement will create a ‘formal basis for cooperation’ and the two will be sharing information with the other as well. (04/07)

Microgaming releases new roulette game

Microgaming is one of the top providers of online gambling games. the software company creates new games on a regular basis and they recently released a new roulette game for players to enjoy. The new roulette game is called Multi Player Premier Roulette—Diamond Edition. Microgaming is releasing several new games for the month of July and players will find each game offers a new and different experience. (04/07)

Grand Duke Casino accusing player of cheating at blackjack

Cheaters will be cheaters, whether it be online or at a land casino. If a player is going to cheat they will try any way they can to earn cash. The Grand Duke Casino is an online casino that recently made the news for accusing a blackjack player of cheating. The casino believes that a player was visiting their online casino and played blackjack by using a system which caused him to win. (04/07)

Two For One at Paddy Power Bingo

Online bingo is a popular pastime for online gamblers. The game has been around for decades and is easy to play. There is no skill involved and it is fun to enjoy. Online bingo has become popular for many years as it is easy to play and gamblers can win great prizes as well as cash while playing the games. there are hundreds of online bingo sites available for players to enjoy and each offer player’s special options for bingo play. (04/07)

One Person wins Mega Millions Jackpot

The Mega Millions lottery is played in several states across the United States and offers players millions of dollars in prizes. The latest lottery drawing took place just a couple of days ago and a player from Virginia was able to win the $105 million prize. (04/07)

Murderer plays roulette after stabbing victim multiple times

You never know who may be playing roulette beside you at your local casino. It could be a teacher, a banker, a preacher or even a murderer. As crazy as that sounds, it could happen. Back in January Robert Mason took out his frustration over a money dispute on Andrew Alexander, stabbing him eighty one times, and then went to a local gaming facility to play roulette. (01/07)

Fifth Annual Backgammon Tournament takes place at Festival

The Food Fair and Festival took place just a few days ago in Montebello, California and during the festival the annual backgammon tournament took place. This is the fifth edition of the backgammon tournament and nineteen players turned out to compete. (01/07)

New Jersey Lottery Drawings to be featured online

The New Jersey lottery has been hosting their drawings on television for years via the New Jersey Network. However the lottery must now change how they announce the winning numbers due to the fact that the New Jersey Network has now stopped production. The lottery has now decided to post the live drawings online. (01/07)

Let’Em Ride Player wins big at Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino offers online gamblers a large selection of online casino games one of which is Let’Em Ride. This game is a poker variant and is very popular with online card players. The online casino recently saw one lucky player take home a six figure win after playing the card game. (01/07)

WinADay Casino awards large slot prize during birthday celebration

Just last week the WinADay Casino celebrated their third birthday as an online casino operator. During that week, one lucky slot player was able to earn a record breaking prize while playing the Vegas Mania slot game. (01/07)

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