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Gambling News - Archive 2011-08
Sports Betting Employee steals from Employer

Ezekiel Rubalcada was considered as an associate in a large sports betting business when he decided to steal almost a half of a million dollars from his employer. Rubalcada worked at for ACME Group Trading LLC when he allegedly stole over $480,000 from January to April of 2011. (31/08)

James Bond wins large lottery prize

James Bond. The name is synonymous with super spy, action and suspense. Everyone knows who James Bond is or do they? James Bond Jr. is a man from Indiana who recently won a large lottery prize. No, he is not a super spy, but now he will be able to live the luxurious life thanks to a multimillion dollar lottery prize! (31/08)

Pai Gow Poker pays off at Barona Casino and Resort

The Barona Resort and Casino is one of many that offers the EZ Pai Gow Poker table game, which is enjoyed by many players on a daily basis. The game is connected to a progressive jackpot so players have many ways of earning large jackpot prizes. The Barona Resort recently announced that one lucky player was able to take home a prize of just over $126,000 while playing the Pai Gow Poker game. (31/08)

Woman steals from mother to fun online gambling habit

A Doncaster woman has been charged with stealing from her mother to fund her online gambling habit. Alison Scott had access to her mother’s bank account and decided to steal over £7,000 to play online bingo games. Scott was found out by her family and has now been disowned and has received a suspended jail sentence. (31/08)

Backgammon King Game updated for Blackberry devices

BlackBerry Smartphone’s offer owners many options including gaming offerings. Owners can download various games to enjoy on the go, which is a plus for many when they are bored or have nothing to do. Magmic is a provider of online gaming solutions and they recently announced they have updated their Backgammon King game exclusively for the Blackberry device. (31/08)

Online Casino awards two jackpots in just twenty four hours

Unibet Casino has a large selection of jackpot games for their players to enjoy and they recently announced that in less than twenty four hours, two players were able to walk away with large jackpot prizes. Most times, large wins will occur within days, weeks or months. It is rare for two jackpots to be won in less than a twenty four hour period. (30/08)

Europa Casino offering special Rookie Race

Online gambling site Europa Casino is getting ready to offer their players a special race which will take place throughout the month of September. The special event is called Rookie Race and it offers players a chance to win a part of the weekly €1,000 prize pool. (30/08)

PPNPoker leaving Cake Network; Says goodbye to US

PPNPoker, part of the Poker Pros Network, has announced that this Wednesday night they will no longer be part of the Cake Network. PPNPoker will be moving off of the Cake Network after midnight this Wednesday and US players will no longer be accepted. (30/08)

Snooker Association hosts coaching workshop

A coaching workshop took place this week in Suva at the Merchants club to see if there is any young, undiscovered talent in the area. The workshop was hosted by the Southern Division Billiards and Snooker Association and the workshop was specifically set up for teenagers as well as children. (30/08)

2011 Academic Scholarships handed out by Billiard Education Foundation

The Billiard Education Foundation has been awarding students with academic scholarships for many years now and they have just announced the 2011 recipients. The Foundation Academic Scholarship Program has rewarded students with scholarships to help them further their education. (30/08)

Gambler Takes Anger out on Video Roulette Game

Most times, gamblers are happy and just having fun while they enjoy their favorite casino games but sometimes the gamblers get angry when they lose and they do silly things. Gamblers will flip out and yell or even act out on their anger with dealers or other patrons. One casino gamblers from Staten Island became so angry recently at the Monticello Casino and Raceway; he decided to take out his anger on the gaming machine. (29/08)

WinADay Casino launches new keno game

Keno is a popular gambling game that can be played at both online casinos as well as in land casinos, restaurants and bars. The game is so popular it can be found online at many different gaming sites in several different forms. WinADay Casino has launched a new keno game with a twist. (29/08)

City Bingo launches new ways to earn rewards

City Bingo is a popular online bingo site that many players enjoy. Gamblers will be happy to hear that City Bingo is now offering new ways to earn rewards. Rewards are a big draw for online gamblers as it gives them even more ways to earn extra cash. City Bingo has now launched two new ways for players to earn rewards: Break the Bank and VIP options. (29/08)

Elderly Woman threatened during lottery scam

Lottery scams are a common occurrence in the United States as well as around the world. Scammers try to find unsuspecting victims to steal money from by luring the victim in with lottery tickets or cash from a lottery win. These scams can come in many forms and one recently took place in California with an elderly woman as the victim. (29/08)

Gambler warns others about leaving children in vehicle

Paul Vargas was sent to jail for leaving his two sons in his vehicle while he went to play blackjack at the Parx casino in Pennsylvania. Vargas had to stay in jail for seventy days and was put on three months’ probation. Over the past few weeks, two people have been arrested at Parx for doing the same thing and Vargas cannot believe it continues to happen. (29/08)

Sky Vegas Casino Jackpot reaches massive proportions

Online casino Sky Vegas has just announced that one of their slot machine jackpots has reached massive proportions. Sky Vegas offers players an opportunity to play Alice’s Wonderland, an online slot game that is patterned after the famous fairy tale. The jackpot for the game has grown quite large and it now sits at £380,000! (26/08)

Kyabram Couple win $10 million lottery prize

Millions of people play the lottery on a regular basis every year. Most people are superstitious and use the same numbers each time they play. Many people play for years and never win a prize but sometimes, player’s persistence eventually pays off. This is exactly what happened to a lucky couple from Kyabram. (26/08)

ITV signs deal to produce games based on Simon Cowell’s Roulette Program

Simon Cowell has produced a television show based on the game of roulette called Red or Black?. The television show has players competing in a roulette style game to earn a cash prize. It has now been announced that ITV has joined in a partnership with two different companies to create free and real money games based on the television show. (26/08)

Accumulator jackpot available today at Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power Bingo is offering players their special accumulator bingo game today which will give players an opportunity to win £3,000. The jackpot games start at 7pm today and will have £100 added to the jackpot each hour until £3,000 has been given away. Each hour three players will win and the jackpot will continue to grow until players have earned all the cash available! (26/08)

Online Gambling Ads on Facebook after Ad Guideline policy changes

Facebook is the largest online social networking site available online today. With millions of users, Facebook is visited on a daily basis if not an hour basic by a very large group of people. Because of the large mass of people that frequent Facebook, business owners and companies will purchase advertising to be able to have their business known at the online social network. (26/08)

Fifteen year old wins Tri-State Tour Stop

The Tri-State Tour stopped in Brooklyn, New York to host a $1,000 added C-D handicapped event at Gotham City Billiards on August 20th. The event saw twenty four players register to compete and it was fifteen year old Charles Vergara who earned the first place win. (25/08)

Another poker pro leaves US

After the Department of Justice took down many poker rooms in the United States, many poker pros were ready to leave the country. Their way of making a living was jeopardized and they would be unemployed if they chose to remain in the United States. Some pros left the country in April but many others decided to stick around and compete in the WSOP. Now that the WSOP has wrapped up until November, many pros have headed abroad. (25/08)

World Snooker decides to donate player fines

In every sport, there is always someone who will face disciplinary issues and those players usually are fined for their behavior. Players can get in trouble for breaking rules of the game as well as their conduct. In the sport of snooker, players can be fined for these issues and World Snooker has decided to put player fines to good use. (25/08)

Omni Casino launches new blackjack game

Online casino, Omni Casino, has been very busy the past few months finding new games to add to their online casino. Just recently, the online casino launched three new games, including a blackjack variant. Not only has Omni Casino launched three new games but they will also be launching even more games in the coming weeks. (25/08)

Viaden Gaming launches new 3D slot game

Viaden Gaming is a top provider of online gaming options and they recently launched a new slot game which has debuted at Big Casino online. The new game is called Magic Pot and it was created as a 3 dimension video slot game. The animations are in 3D which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable for players. (25/08)

BlueSq announces new mobile betting service option

Mobile gambling has become one of the fastest and most convenient ways for gamblers to be to place wagers and play their favorite games. BlueSq is an online sports betting site that recently decided to launch an online mobile betting service. Players will be able to use the mobile betting service of BlueSq to enjoy a large range of mobile gambling services. (24/08)

Video Poker Robber’s trial set

Christopher Hatchett has been accused of working with two other people to rob a video poker player back in May at a casino in Rapid City, South Dakota. Hatchett has been charged with robbery, assault and conspiracy and he has pled not guilty to the charges. Hatchett will now go to court in November to begin his trial in the video poker robbery case. (24/08)

King Solomon Casino announces roulette winner

Roulette is a favorite casino game of many gamblers, especially at online casinos. Online casinos give players many opportunities to play roulette, with many variations available. Many times, gamblers can play a unique roulette game, which makes for an interesting gaming experience. King Solomon’s Casino offers a unique roulette gaming option called Pinball Roulette and one lucky player earned a large prize while playing the game. (24/08)

Wonder Bingo offers new players game by unlocking level opportunity

Wonder Bingo is a top online bingo provider who offers players a large amount of bingo gaming options. Everyone enjoys a good bingo game but what really get a bingo gambling going are great offers. The online bingo site is now offering players an opportunity each day to enjoy new games. (24/08)

Mansion Gambling Group joins forces with Manchester City Football Club

Mansion Group operates in the online gambling industry on an international level and they have now partnered with the Manchester City Football Club. The two have signed a deal and Manchester City Football Club will be expanding to Asia. (23/08)

Titan Poker celebrating 6th anniversary this September

This September, online poker room Titan Poker, will be celebrating their sixth anniversary in operation. The online poker room is happy to have survived the past few years and would like to reward their players for their loyalty and dedication. Players will be able to earn many rewards during the month of September as part of a thank you from the online poker room. (23/08)

Windows Casino launches new slot game

A new slot game has been adding to the online casino options at Windows Casino. The online casino has added the Mr. Cashback slot game which has five reels and fifteen pay lines. The game offers a large jackpot of 7500 coins and players can earn a win even when they do not earn a jackpot! (23/08)

Stevens defeats Higgins in Premier League snooker opener

Opening night of Premier League snooker was definitely an interesting one. The best of the best in the snooker industry was out in full force to compete in the event. Most times the well known players dominate the competition but sometimes they are defeated. In the recent event, Matthew Stevens was able to defeat top snooker player John Higgins in the opening night of the event. (23/08)

Fourteen year old billiard champion challenges governor

In the billiard industry, champions can range in age from a young teen to an elderly grandpa. There are many different types of tournaments available that allow even the youngest players to compete. In the United States there are many tournaments and large championships for young billiards players. Sometimes the young champions will challenge older players to see who can win a match. A young champion from Maine recently met the governor of the state and challenged him to a quick match. (23/08)

Las Vegas Gambler wins Large Pai Gow Poker Jackpot

The Cannery Casino Resort located in Las Vegas, Nevada recently announced that one of their gamblers earned a large win from the EZ Pai Gow Poker table game. The lucky player’s prize was so large that it was the biggest ever paid out on the game at the casino. (22/08)

Georgia Governor going after illegal gambling dens

Nathan Deal, the governor of the state Georgia, is getting tough against illegal gambling. The governor recently ordered authorities in the state to get serious about illegal gambling dens. Several businesses are using internet café fronts to offer illegal gambling services. (22/08)

Fairway Casino launches live roulette game

Visionary iGaming offers gambling operators many gaming choices, one of which is live dealer gaming. Live dealer gaming has taken off in popularity over the past year and almost every online casino is getting in on the action. Fairway Casino is the latest online casino to add live dealer gaming and they have decided to go with Visionary iGaming. (22/08)

Euromillions ticket still unclaimed

A Euromillions lottery ticket is still left unclaimed and lottery officials are still trying to determine who the lucky £600,000 prize winner is. The drawing took place on August 5th and the lottery determined that the winning ticket was purchased in Barnet, so one lucky winner is still sitting on the winning lottery ticket and must not know they have won. (22/08)

Casino Titan rewards player with large keno prize

The game of keno is a popular choice for online gamblers as it offers large jackpot prizes. Casino Titan offers players the game of keno and the game has a maximum jackpot of $250,000, which is quite large for a keno game online. Recently, one lucky player earned a nice sized jackpot from the keno offering at Casino Titan. (22/08)

Roulette player sentenced to prison after murder

Robert Mason made the news a few months ago after he viciously murdered a friend. If the murder was not shocking enough, after the murder, Mason went to a local bookmaker to play roulette. Mason has now been sentenced to at least fifteen years in prison for his actions. (19/08)

Oddschecker to offer live in-play betting odds option

Oddschecker is an online betting website which will now have more options available thanks to a new deal signed with Push Technology Limited. Push Technology Limited will be providing messaging and internet communications services to Oddschecker so they can launch a new live in-play betting odds option. (19/08)

Cache Creek Casino adds progressive jackpots to table games

Progressive jackpots are a great way for gamblers to earn extra cash. Progressive jackpots can be added to almost any type of casino game from slot machines to blackjack and other table games. Players simply post a side bet, which is usually one dollar, to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. The Cache Creek Casino and Resort in California recently added two progressive jackpots to many of their table games. (19/08)

Backgammon player threatens site administrator

Millions of people enjoy online gambling games on a regular basis all over the world. Most of these people know that at any point they could lose money. This is a known fact and even though players may get mad over losing, they eventually get over it. However, one backgammon player decided he was just too mad and he took his anger out on an administrator of the backgammon site. (19/08)

Gambler wins large Pai Gow Prize at Red Hawk Casino

Red Hawk Casino, located in the great state of California, is one that is visited by tens of thousands of people each year. Gamblers visit the casino as they are passing through the state to enjoy a little gambling while they are away from home. Residents in nearby cities also visit the casino to get in on the action as well. One lucky player recently walked away with just over $65,000. (19/08)

World Snooker Status granted to Gloucestershire Snooker Academy

The World Snooker Academy is the top of the totem pole when it comes to the game of snooker. Snooker players strive to compete in WPBSA events and snooker halls strive to gain World Snooker status. Recently, the WPBSA granted a Gloucestershire academy World Snooker Status. (18/08)

Carbon Poker to re-enter the US Market

After Black Friday, online poker players in the United States were left high and dry. Online poker rooms were being shut down left and right, due to the government shutting them down as well as sites choosing to leave the United States to avoid shutdown. The online poker world has looked bleak in the US for many months now but one online poker room recently announced they will be opening back up in the US this month. (18/08)

Few Days left in InterCasino Tournament

InterCasino began hosting a special slots tournament on August 11th and players still have a few days left to participate. The tournament, which is a $30,000 slot tournament, will continue at the online casino until August 23rd. (18/08)

Billiards team wins trip to 9-Ball National Team championship

This week the 9-Ball National Team Championships will take place at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and one lucky team earned their spot in the tournament by winning the City Cup Tournament. The City Cup took place in Syracuse at Salt City Billiards and now the team has a shot at winning $15,000! (18/08)

Bet365 announces big slot win

Slot games are a popular choice for online gamblers as they offer players exciting game play with the potential to win large jackpot prizes. Slot games come in a variety of options from video slots to 3 and 5 reel slot games to progressives. With so many choices, gamblers never run out of games to enjoy. One online casino, Bet365, recently announced one of their gamblers won a very large slot jackpot! (18/08)

10Bet Sports signs deal with Microgaming

10Bet Sports is a top sports betting provider in the UK and they recently announced they have joined forces with Microgaming. Microgaming is one of the world’s largest providers of online gaming software and they will be providing 10Bet Sports with casino flash games as well as many other software options. (17/08)

William Hill Bingo hosting large summer party

William Hill Bingo is a popular choice for online gamblers and thousands are sure to log on to the site on August 28th to compete in the £100 Summer Party. The party is offering players a chance to win great cash prizes and players are sure to be itching to compete. The party will be a marathon of bingo which takes place over six hours! (17/08)

Rummy Tournaments added to Poker in the Park Lineup

Poker in the Park is a yearly event at Hanover Square that is highly anticipated by poker players and enthusiasts. The event is in its fifth year and will take place from September 2nd to the 3rd. the event features several booths and exhibits by vendors in the gaming industry as well as tournaments and games. Just a few weeks ago, organizers of the event announced they are offering a mahjong tournament and now they have announced a series of rummy tournaments will be taking place as well. (17/08)

Pennsylvania woman wins large keno prize

Sharon Gurdon has played lottery games for about a decade and she has never won a large prize that is until last week! The lucky lady was playing the INSTANT Keno game when she won a large prize worth $50,000. (17/08)

Co-Workers laid off; win lottery next day

Being laid off from work is a very tough situation and it happens almost every day. People, who are laid off have to figure out how they are going to pay their bills, buy food and the other items necessary to live. Most times, being laid off means a struggle, but not for a group of former co-workers from Canada. (17/08)

B.J. Ussery wins Great Southern Billiard Tour Event

B.J. Ussery competed in a Great Southern Billiard this past weekend and managed to remain undefeated throughout the competition to earn the first place win. The event took place in Raleigh, North Carolina at Brown’s Billiards and Ussery had to face Sam Monday twice before he would be able to claim the victory. (16/08)

Imran Shahzad takes top spot in National snooker rankings

Imran Shahzad played well in a recent event which pushed him back to the top of the national snooker rankings. Shahzad moved down to second place in the rankings for a short period of time before reclaiming the top spot. (16/08)

Austrian Casino denies gambler their prize; cites gaming malfunction

The Bregenz Casino is located in Austria and they recently made the news after they denied a slot player his prize money. Behar Merlaku was visiting the casino back in March when he played a slot game and won a large jackpot. The casino told Merlaku that the win was not valid due to a software error. (16/08)

Slot Survivor Tournament begins this September

Red Flush Casino is getting ready to host the fifth installment of the Slot Survivor Tournament. The tournament gives players a chance to enter in a very large slot tournament and hopefully win a large cash prize. (16/08)

Lock Poker adds Leo Margets to ELITE poker team

Online poker room, Lock Poker, has added a new member to their poker team. Leo Margets, known as the Queen of Spanish poker, has now joined the online poker sites team, which is known as LockPRO ELITE. (16/08)

Bet365 offering Blackjack Tournament this month

On August 27th 2011, Bet365 casino will be hosting a special blackjack tournament called Blackjack Bonanza. The tournament will take place for twenty four hours and players will be competing for a piece of the £5,000 prize pool. (15/08)

Online Gambling in Washington DC delayed again

Online gambling is a hot topic issue in the United States. Many states are trying to get some type of legislation passed to see online gambling legalized. Since online gambling is not legalized in the United States at a national level, individual states can create legislation of their own. Several states have been working on legislation but it was the District of Columbia which was on the brink of becoming the first state to launch online gambling. However, the launch has now been delayed yet again. (15/08)

Euromillion Jackpot Winners celebrate the high life

Winning the lottery means different things to different people but most times it means that the winners have more money than they know what to do with. This is exactly the case with recent Euromillions jackpot winners Colin and Chris weir. (15/08)

Mathematical error causes Caesars Bingo to lose cash

Caesars Bingo is an online bingo site owned by the Caesars Las Vegas Casino. The site is very popular all over the world and recently players were paid extra cash for an error that was found on the site. The error has caused the casino to pay out tens of thousands of dollars to those who figured out how to work the system. The online bingo site has now fixed the glitch but not before they lost money. (15/08)

Littlewoods Casino hosting Roulette Tournament

Littlewoods Casino is an online casino known for offering gamblers the best in online casino tournament play. The online casino hosts tournaments for a variety of games including blackjack and roulette. The casino is currently hosting an online roulette tournament today and tomorrow which will see players being able to earn nice cash prizes. (15/08)

New Mahjong game coming this month

A new mahjong game is releasing this month for the PC that players are sure to enjoy. The new game is called Mahjong Escape Ancient China and it is a solitaire style mahjong game. Players will be taken on an adventure through ancient China as they explore eleven different dynasties along the way. (12/08)

Weekend pays off big-time for Barona Visitors

The Barona Resort and Casino in California is a popular gambling destination for anyone visiting the area. The casino has a large selection of casino games as well as special contests and tournaments. The casino recently announced that two of their recent visitors were able to take home nice cash prizes thanks to a few slot games. (12/08)

Genius Recluse wins lottery four times

Joan R. Ginther is a reclusive math genius from Texas. Ginther keeps to herself most days but she recently made the news after winning the lottery for a fourth time! It is amazing to win the lottery one time but simply outstanding to win the lottery four times! Ginther is a genius, especially in math, and many are wondering if she was able to choose how to play the game instead of winning from pure luck. (12/08)

European Roulette Tour coming to Belgium

Roulette is a popular casino game that many people enjoy both online and at land casinos. The game is fun and exciting and players can win a good amount of cash while playing the game. However, as fun and as popular as the game can be, it can be hard to find in tournament form. Thankfully, Casino770 has solved this problem. (12/08)

iPhone Sports Betting App now available at Sky Bet

Online betting applications for mobile devices are being launched by operators almost every day. Mobile gambling has taken off as one of the most popular options for gamblers to place wagers as well as play their favorite casino games. Sky Bet, an online sports betting company, recently announced they have launched a new sports betting application that can now be downloaded for iPhone and iPad devices. (12/08)

Judd Trump wins Players Tour Championship event

The second Players Tour Championship event of the season has come to a close and in just under three quarters of an hour, Judd Trump was able to earn the victory. Trump faced Ding Junhui in the finals at the South west Snooker Academy located in Gloucester and he shut his fellow pro out with a score of 4-0. (11/08)

Party Casino offering players special blackjack challenge

Blackjack is a game played by many people all over the world. The game is so popular that online casinos host special challenges and tournaments with the game so players have even more blackjack gaming options! The latest online casino to host a special blackjack challenge is Party Casino. Party Casino is hosting a special contest toward the end of August called Jack in the Box. (11/08)

Jason Colebrook to represent Australia in IBSF World Billiards Championship

Fifty eight year old Jason Colebrook will be representing the country of Australia in the upcoming IBSF World Billiards Championship. The event is set to take place on August 23rd to September 1st in Carlow, Ireland. Colebrook will be the first player from Ballarat to represent Australia in a snooker or billiard event. (11/08)

Free Bingo Games Abound at Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy is a very popular online bingo site that offers players the best in online bingo gaming options. The site has a wide selection of online bingo games including free games. Online bingo players enjoy free games as they give them an opportunity to win cash and other prizes without having to make a stake. (11/08)

FairPlayUSA Advisory Board adds Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton was recently added to the Advisory Board for the FairPlayUSA group. This group works to keep policy makers and the public aware of current laws that are associated with online gambling. Sexton will join many others on the board which consists of poker pros as well as professionals in the security and safety fields. (11/08)

Cellectivity launches new version of Bet2Go

Cellectivity recently announced they have launched a new and improved version of their Bet2Go mobile betting offering. Players will be able to access more sports as well as new betting markets when they log on to the new updated version of the software. The new launch was scheduled just in time for eat upcoming season of the Premier League. (10/08)

SkillOnNet Backgammon Platform to be used at Europe-Bet

Europe-Bet an online gambling operator located in Georgia, recently decided to add backgammon to their gaming offerings. Europe-Bet has decided to use SkillOnNet to provide a comprehensive backgammon network to provide their players with the best backgammon games. (10/08)

Big Virginia Lottery Winner comes forward

Many times, lottery winners do not know they have won a lottery prize. Sometimes a ticket becomes lost or forgotten and lottery prizes will go unclaimed. Players have only a short amount of time to claim a lottery win and sometimes the win is never claimed. The Virginia Lottery has been trying to find the July 1st winner for the Mega Millions lottery but no one had come forward, until now. (10/08)

Church goer uses keno wins to pay off church mortgage

The words church and keno do not usually go hand in hand but in a recent news story they do. A member of the United North Atlanta Church located in Marietta, Georgia recently gave the church winning keno tickets so they can be closer to paying off their mortgage. (10/08)

Live Roulette the Irish version launched by Celtic Casino

Live online gambling options are a very popular choice for online gamblers. Players love the fact that the games can be played online in the comfort of their own home but still in a live setting. Celtic Casino is the latest online casino to launch a live dealer gaming option and this time the casino launched an Irish roulette game. (10/08)

Poker Pro admits to scamming high stakes poker players

A well known poker pro recently admitted to conducting an online poker scheme which earned him $30,000. Jose Macedo known as Girah online recently came out on the 2+2 poker forums that he had in fact scammed high stakes poker players out of money. Macedo stated the players trusted him and he played against them with another account so he could swindle money from them. (09/08)

National Snooker Championship to take place tomorrow

The semi final rounds of the National Snooker Championship have ended and now the finals are ready to begin. Both Alok Kumar and Aditya Mehta have made the finals and they are ready to compete in the 78t edition of the tournament (09/08)

European 10-Ball Champion Named

The European 10-Ball Championship 2011 has finished up and the winner of the event is Henrique Correia of Portugal. The event features players from all across the globe and Correia was able to defeat Tomasz Malinowski in the finals to earn the championship title. (09/08)

New Zealand looking to offer online gambling

News recently broke that New Zealand is looking to add online gambling options for their citizens. Currently the country is discussing adding lottery scratch tickets online. New Zealand currently does not offer online casinos as they are illegal and they also do not have any agency set up to regulate online gambling in the area. If they do start to allow online lottery tickets, it could be a major step for New Zealand to break into the online gambling industry. (09/08)

Bodog Casino offering vacation packages

Bodog Casino offers their players many incentives but this month the online casino has went above and beyond the call of duty. The online casino is currently offering players a chance to win fantastic vacations all over the world! (09/08)

1 VS 1 Tables at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is an online gin rummy site that offers players many ways to enjoy the game of rummy. The site has many rummy variations available as well as many different tournaments and competitions that players can participate in. one such competition is the 1 VS 1 tournament. (08/08)

Bet365 Bingo offering no lose opportunities

Bet365 Bingo is a top stop for many online bingo gamblers. The online bingo site is operated by a reputable gambling brand, which is a big draw for players. But most of the time it is the games and tournaments as well as jackpots that have players coming back for more. Right now, the online bingo site has several no lose offers for players to take advantage of as well as guaranteed jackpot games. (08/08)

1 VS 1 Tables at Rummy Royal

Rummy Royal is an online gin rummy site that offers players many ways to enjoy the game of rummy. The site has many rummy variations available as well as many different tournaments and competitions that players can participate in. one such competition is the 1 VS 1 tournament. (08/08)

King Solomon player earns second win on Great Blue Slot game

It is really exciting to win a large cash prize while playing an online slot game but it is amazing to win a second time by playing the exact same game! That is exactly what happened to one lucky player at King Solomon casino. The player has won two large cash prizes in a span of just two months playing the Great Blue slot game! (08/08)

Powerball Jackpot continues to grow

The Powerball lottery is a very popular option for gamblers looking to make a quick buck. The lottery offers players very large jackpot prizes and those who manage to win a jackpot are very happy to become a new millionaire! The jackpot for the Powerball has continued to grow over the past few weeks as a winner has yet to be found. (08/08)

Baillieu Government trying to push new sports betting laws

The Baillieu government is trying to push new sports betting laws which would see those who decided to fix matches going to jail. The new laws would add match fixing as an offence instead of going to the anti-fraud laws as they do today. (05/08)

Bacca releases new mahjong variant

A new mahjong game has been launched for the iPad thanks to Bacca, a software company based in Russia. The new game is called Baccahjong 1.0 and is a variation of the game of mahjong. The game is played like standard mahjong and the large screen makes viewing the game enjoyable. (05/08)

New Zealand man finds winning lottery ticket in laundry

It takes a good bit of luck to win the lottery but it takes even more luck to find a winning lottery ticket that has been forgotten or went missing. A lucky New Zealand man recently found a lottery ticket that he had been missing. The missing lottery ticket was worth NZ$250,000! (05/08)

Large jackpot available at Caesars Bingo

Online bingo sites offer players many ways to win cash and one such way is through jackpot games. Players can play a bingo game and if they get a certain pattern in a certain number of balls then they will the jackpot. Caesars Bingo is currently offering players a chance to win a jackpot worth almost £750,000. (05/08)

Poker Pro wins large jackpot playing video poker

Since Black Friday, poker pros in the United States have been having a hard time finding online poker rooms to enjoy online poker games. This has put a hurting on poker pros wallets. Players can always compete in live tournaments but the majority of their cash flow comes from online poker games. Huck Seed is one such pro who recently announced he won a great cash prize without having to play online poker. (05/08)

Supadra Geronimo wins Mezz Women’s Tour event

The Mezz Women’s Tour held an event on July 23rd at Amsterdam Billiards and Bar which is located in New York City. The tournament had a small showing of participants but those who did enter the tournament were ready to compete. In the end it was Supadra Geronimo who earned the first place win after defeating Gail Glazebrook. (04/08)

2011 Brazil Masters Championship to start next month

World Snooker is heading into Brazil for the first time this September to host the Brazil Masters Championship. The event will take place from the 15th to the 18th and feature some of the best players in the snooker industry. The Costao do Santinho resort in Santa Catarina will be hosting the event. (04/08)

Sky Poker getting ready to deal 400 millionth hands

Online poker sites get to celebrate many milestones as they remain online year after year. Various yearly tournaments are celebrated as well as other milestones such as the number of hands that are dealt. Online poker site Sky Poker is getting ready to celebrate their 400 millionth hand and in the process, their players are going to benefit! (04/08)

888 Casino hosting special Race Tomorrow

888 Casino offers their members many great gaming options, including online tournaments. Players can participate in many different tournaments at 888 Casino and tomorrow the casino is hosting their monthly Casino Race tournament. (04/08)

Saskatchewan casino loses thousands over slot gaming glitch

Land casinos are constantly keeping a check on all of their electronic gaming machines to make sure no problems arise. Many times, electronic gaming machines can suffer from glitches and cause the casino to lose money. If the glitch is not caught, then the casino can suffer major losses. This is exactly what happened to a Casino located in Saskatchewan, Canada. (04/08)

Another Arrest in National Rugby League Betting Scandal

In Australia, several arrests have been made as part of a National Rugby League betting scandal. The police in Australia recently arrested another man who has allegedly been involved in the scandal. The man supposedly talked a woman into placing TAB bets in the sports betting scam. (03/08)

Moonlight Mahjong for the Mac

Mahjong is a popular skill game that can be played many ways. The game has become so popular that these days it seems a new application for the game is released on an almost daily basis. Moonlight Mahjong is one such application that has been available for the iPhone and iPad. Just a few months ago the game was released for the Mac and players have been downloading it at a rapid pace! (03/08)

Massachusetts Lottery to get rid of large prize loophole

The Massachusetts Lottery recently announced they are going to be changing the rules to a lottery game because a loophole exists which is giving players an unfair advantage to winning large prizes. A few players had realized the loophole and they were winning prizes they did not really earn. (03/08)

British Columbia looking to add mobile gambling applications

All across Canada, online gambling sites are popping up everywhere. Residents of the provinces are now able to enjoy online gambling via casinos that have been launched on the internet. Various games are available online from table games to lottery style games. British Columbia has now announced they are looking to take online gambling a step further by introducing mobile gambling applications. (03/08)

Progressive Jackpot play at Ruby Bingo

Ruby Bingo is a top online bingo site that provides bingo lovers with many different bingo opportunities. Fans of the game as well as serious bingo players can play their favorite type of online bingo games as well as participate in various tournaments and special events at Ruby Bingo. The online bingo site also provides gamblers with progressive jackpot bingo games and one such game is currently increasing its jackpot each and every day! (03/08)

Imran Shahzad wins NBP Ranking Snooker final

The NBP Ranking Snooker finals have finished up and Imran Shahzad had no trouble earning the first place win. Shahzad was in rare form as he flew through the competition and earned the first place win in the snooker tournament. (02/08)

Poison Dragon Promotions Pro Classic 10-Ball Division event won by Johnny Archer

The Poison Dragon Promotions Pro Classic held a 10-ball division event at Emerald Billiards just a few days ago and it was Johnny Archer who earned the first place win. There were over two hundred players competing in the event and Archer was able to outlast them all and earned his first win in about a year’s time. (02/08)

New Monopoly Slot game now available at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino has steadily been adding new games to their online casino and recently they announced the addition of a new slot game. The new game is called Monopoly: You’re in the Money and has thirty pay lines so players have many ways to earn a cash prize! (02/08)

Another Child left unattended at Philadelphia casino

It seems to have become a trend to leave your children in the car while you gamble in many states in the North East. Gamblers want to get a quick fix at the gaming tables so they are leaving their kids in the car to be able to place their bets. However, this illegal and many parents are facing charges after being caught. The latest instance of this happening is at the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania. (02/08)

IPN Bad Beat Jackpot win sets new record

The International Poker Network recently announced that their bad beat jackpot was hit and the win set a new record. The bad beat jackpot had reached massive proportions and was the largest bad beat jackpot to ever be won online. (02/08)

Play Backgammon at the London Mind Sports Olympiad

The London Mind Sports Olympiad is getting ready to begin in London and those who attend the event can compete in a backgammon tournament. The event is scheduled to take place on August 20th in London at the University Union. This is the 15th Olympiad to take place and is expected to see many people attend. (01/08)

SkyBet now offering Live Mobile Horseracing

SkyBet is an online sports book that offers gamblers many betting options. The sports book recently announced they are going to expand their mobile betting option. Gamblers will now be able to watch live horse races via streams from Mobenga a Swedish technology developer. (01/08)

Roulette Tournament coming to Bet365 Casino

Online casino tournaments are a popular choice for online gamblers. Players love to be able to play their favorite casino games in a tournament setting and show their skills at the game. Tournaments usually are based around poker, blackjack and slots so it is rare to find a tournament on such games as roulette, sic bo, etc. however, Bet365 is planning on hosting a roulette tournament this Wednesday and £5,000 will be up for grabs. (01/08)

Mecca Bingo working to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Online bingo sites are one of the most charitable online gambling operators in the business. Online bingo sites host special games as well as promotions to raise money for various charitable organizations. Mecca Bingo is one such online bingo site and they are currently working to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care. (01/08)

Large Video Slot Jackpot won at CasinoCo

CasinoCo is one of the online casinos owned by TotalESoft. The online casino offers players many different online casino games and they recently announced that a video slot player has taken home a record breaking progressive jackpot for the gambling network. (01/08)

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