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Gambling News - Archive 2012-04
South Dakota Casinos allowed increasing betting limits

South Dakota lawmakers recently decided to allow casinos in the state to increase their betting limits. This past February, legislatures decided to raise the betting limits to $1,000. This increase will begin in July and players will now be able to wager even more cash if the casinos in the state choose to adopt this new option. (30/04)

California lottery player wins large prize

Every day gamblers play the lottery in the hopes of winning a large prize. Millions of players purchase tickets for the Mega Millions lottery as the prizes get very large from seven to even eight and nine figures. However, sometimes the prizes are a big smaller if not all the numbers are matched. Lottery officials in California recently announced that one player was able to match a few numbers while playing the lottery to win a $300,000 prize. (30/04)

New Zealand Sports betting scammer sentenced

In New Zealand, a group has been found to be running an illegal sports betting scam. The group managed to earn over $2 million with the sports betting scam and one of the members of the group was able to get away without any jail time. David John Morgan was part of the scam that took millions of dollars wit sports betting options. Morgan will have to be supervised by the court as well as undergo community detention as well as community work. (30/04)

Pokie addict steals from employer to fund habit

Margaret June Findlay was working as a sales assistant at Kirks in Wellington when she made a bad decision. Findlay enjoyed playing the pokies on a regular basis and her entertainment soon became a habit she could not break. The gambler ended up stealing over $132,000 from the department store where she was employed. (30/04)

Bingo 90 Win pays off for Jackpotjoy player

Jackpotjoy is a top online bingo site that sees millions of players logging on at regular intervals to play the best online bingo games. The site offers a large selection of online bingo games from tournament options to basic 90 ball bingo games. The site recently announced that one bingo 90 ball player was able to win a nice jackpot while enjoying the game. (30/04)

Sportsbetting measure moves forward in California

Sportsbettors in the state of California will be happy to hear that a measure that will offer sportsbetting opportunities leagally in the state has now moved forward. The bill was recently discussed in the Senate Governmental Organization committee in the state and they approved the measure unanimously. (27/04)

Las Vegas Casino Group paying out large Pai Gow prizes

Pai gow poker is a popular casino game that can be enjoyed at online casinos as well as in land game play. The game is frequently played at Las Vegas casinos and one casino group recently announced that their pai gow poker games are Hot! (27/04)

Slotland sees jackpot hit twice

Online casino Slotland is a popular choice, especially for slot gamers. The site is always announcing big winners and just recently the site announced that one of their progressive slot games was hit twice, handing out almost $250,000 for two lucky players! (27/04)

BingoCams offering celebrity chat hosts this Friday

Online bingo site BingoCams is getting ready for a special night this Friday. The online bingo room will be offering a special celebrity chat this weekend which will feature three stars from the popular television show The Only Way Is Essex. (27/04)

7Red Casino to offer mobile casino option

Online casino 7Red has partnered with Mobile Stakes to offer mobile gambling options. Mobile Stakes will be using their platform at 7Red to offer streaming games live on the iPad and Smartphone’s. Mobile Stakes offers a cloud based platform where online casinos can offer their games on mobile devices. Games do not have to be redesigned, they are simply streamed. (27/04)

Barry Hearn lashes out against pros remarks

A couple of snooker pros are feeling the heat from World snooker chairman Barry Hearn. Both Mark Allen and Mark Williams have made remarks about how World Snooker operates as well as commented on fellow players and Hearn is fed up with their actions. (26/04)

Jason Richko wins HXT Classic Tour Stop

The HXT Classic Tour stopped at the Strokers Sports Bar and Grill located in Palm Harbor, Florida on April 14th. The tour hosted a $300 added amateur tournament and twenty players registered to compete. In the end it was Jason Richko who came back from the one loss side to win in the finals match against Justin Login. (26/04)

Australian Residents in favor of Pokie Reform

A recent survey was conducted by AMR, an independent research firm, on pokie reform. The survey was conducted with just over 1,200 people to see how they felt about the proposals to stop gambling addictions. The study was conducted for the Stop the Loss Coalition, a group that focuses on anti-gambling campaigns. (26/04)

Gambler giving tips for new WinADay keno game

Just a few days ago, we brought you the news that online casino WinADay has launched a new keno game. Keno 101 is now live at the online casino and is based on the traditional game of keno. The game has already become quite popular with online gamblers and one player is offering tips on how to play the new game. (26/04)

Bet365 Poker changes up VIP Scheme

Bet365 Poker is a popular online poker site that offers their players a wide variety of options. From poker tournaments to regular gaming options, the online poker site has it all. The online poker room also rewards their players with special options. Bet365 has a nice VIP scheme and they recently announced they have amped up the scam with additional rewards. (26/04)

Online Bingo site launches new marathon gaming option

Sing Bingo is a top online bingo room that offers a long list of online bingo options. The site has online bingo games, tournaments, and other options. The online bingo site recently announced that they are offering a instant games marathon for players to enjoy. (25/04)

Online Gambling Featured in new Film

Back in 1998, a small movie titled Rounders, which starred Matt Damon and Edward Norton, shot t fame. The movie was based on the game of Texas Hold’em and helped skyrocket poker to where it is today. It has now been announced that another gambling movie is set to be made which may have the same impact. (25/04)

Roulette Players and Employee Charged with Cheating

When it comes to land casinos, there are many instances of gamblers working with employees of the casino to try and cheat. Sometimes the plans to cheat will work out and the group will get away with millions and other times the group will be caught in action right when they begin. But most every time, those involved are caught and then must pay the consequences. This is exactly what happened at Hamilton SkyCity Casino. (25/04)

Mississippi man to retire on lottery winnings

Playing the lottery is a great way for gamblers to win a little cash, if they get their numbers right. Playing the lottery is always a guessing game and has a very low percentage of odds for players to win. However, players still play and big prizes are awarded. Most times, players will say they are going to Disney World or they are going to buy a car or a home with their winnings. However, one Mississippi has decided that he will now be able to retire after winning his big lottery prize! (25/04)

Slot player wins major cash prize

When it comes to online slot play, there are thousands of choices. Each online casino has a long list of slot games available that come in different styles from video slots to progressives. However, what the games do have in common is that they offer large prizes for very little money. Players can wager small amounts of cash and there is a possibility that they will win a large prize. This is exactly what happened to one lucky Slotastic casino gambler. (25/04)

Mark Williams talks bad about Crucible Theatre

Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre will play host to the Betfred World Championship tournament and Mark Williams has been quoted as talking bad about the venue. The former champion took to Twitter to call the venue ‘rubbish’ and a ‘sh*thole’. (24/04)

A-rating for Americas Cardroom

Online poker room Americas Cardroom is a top poker room and they recently announced that their network Poker Affiliate Solutions has ranked them with an A-rating. The poker room received the rating for performing at the top level when it comes to payment processing. (24/04)

Turkey Gamblers lose Rummy Royal Service

Rummy Royal is a top provider of gin rummy gaming variations. The gambling brand offers a wide selection of gin rummy gaming options from tournaments as well as special gaming options. The company has been making rough decisions with their brand. The company moved out of France, the United States and Israel just one month ago and now they are saying they are moving out of the Turkish market. (24/04)

BEF Junior Nationals Information Released

The Billiard Education Foundation has announced that their prestigious event for juniors in North America will be taking place very soon. The Junior National 9-Ball Championships will take place from July 11th to the 15th at Romine’s High Pockets in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The event is for young billiard players from the age of eighteen and under. (24/04)

Star Casinos keep their high rollers information a secret

Echo Entertainment, the owner of Star Casino, has won their interim order which prohibits the publication of the identities of their high rollers. The customers who play at the large cash games tables will now be able to keep their identities a secret as well as how much they have wagered and other information. (24/04)

Wynn Resorts working with Zynga for online gambling

Wynn Resorts is a large gambling company that offers casino gaming all over the world. The company is now in talks with Zynga, a social gaming developer, to try and work together to create an online gambling site. (23/04)

Mobile Option Boosts William Hill’s Revenues

Online gambling brand William Hill has reported they have seen a 19% profit in the first quarter of operations this year. The company is stating that the increase in revenues is due to a new mobile application that was released as well as marketing drives. (23/04)

Want to learn a second language? Try playing Mahjong!

Learning a second language is a goal of many people all over the world. There are so many different beautiful languages available for one to learn but it can be difficult. No one wants to take a class to learn the language and listening to the language sometimes doesn’t cut it. However, there is one option that could be considered for those who love the game of Mahjong. (23/04)

Mobile Option Boosts William Hill’s Revenues

Online gambling brand William Hill has reported they have seen a 19% profit in the first quarter of operations this year. The company is stating that the increase in revenues is due to a new mobile application that was released as well as marketing drives. (23/04)

Want to learn a second language? Try playing Mahjong!

Learning a second language is a goal of many people all over the world. There are so many different beautiful languages available for one to learn but it can be difficult. No one wants to take a class to learn the language and listening to the language sometimes doesn’t cut it. However, there is one option that could be considered for those who love the game of Mahjong. (23/04)

Massachusetts lawmaker wants online poker

Online poker is a sensitive subject in the United States. There are many who are for offering online poker and many against. All across the United States there are government officials who are either trying to stop online poker from happening or to start it. One state that is now being talked about is Massachusetts. A lawmaker in the state has decided to try and get online poker passed in the state. (20/04)

Chicago Police Shut Down Video Poker Parlor

Police officers in the Chinatown area of Chicago recently conducted a raid on a business after finding out the facility was running an illegal gambling business. Players were able to go into the establishment and play video poker machines for cash prizes. (20/04)

Gambler wins large jackpot via Fluffy Favorites Slot Game

Slot games are a popular option for online gamblers as they are easy to play and most times quite entertaining. There is no real thought involved and players can enjoy colorful graphics as well as interactive options with many slot choices available. Jackpots are also another big reason gamblers like to play the slots. Mile High Bingo recently announced that one of their players has earned a nice jackpot prize via the Fluffy Favorites slot game. (20/04)

Roulette Players and Employee Charged with Cheating

When it comes to land casinos, there are many instances of gamblers working with employees of the casino to try and cheat. Sometimes the plans to cheat will work out and the group will get away with millions and other times the group will be caught in action right when they begin. But most every time, those involved are caught and then must pay the consequences. This is exactly what happened at Hamilton SkyCity Casino. (20/04)

Mississippi man to retire on lottery winnings

Playing the lottery is a great way for gamblers to win a little cash, if they get their numbers right. Playing the lottery is always a guessing game and has a very low percentage of odds for players to win. However, players still play and big prizes are awarded. Most times, players will say they are going to Disney World or they are going to buy a car or a home with their winnings. However, one Mississippi has decided that he will now be able to retire after winning his big lottery prize! (20/04)

Accountant Steals from Employer to fund online bingo habit

Maria Parsonage is a thirty six year old mom of two how worked as an accountant for an employment agency in Stockport. The young mom found herself addicted to online bingo and decided to steal from her employer to fund the habit. Parsonage has now been arrested and charged with fraud. (19/04)

WinADay Casino launches new online keno game

Online casino, WinADay, has announced they are now offering a new keno game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Keno 101 and is based on the traditional game of keno. The game uses the classic design of the online casino version so players will be familiar as to how the game works. (19/04)

Online Sportsbook launches new Mobile Casino

Many online gambling companies and brands are moving into the mobile industry as technology continues to make advances. Over the past year, more online casinos and gambling sites have begun to offer their services via a mobile casino or mobile gambling site. Online sportsbook Sports Interaction has now joined the bandwagon, launching their very own mobile casino. (19/04)

Ronnie O’Sullivan to face Peter Ebdon in World Championship

The Betfred World Championship continues and now Ronnie O’Sullivan and Peter Ebdon are set to face off. Ebdon is considered a major threat in the competition since he won the China Open earlier this month and no one wanted to face him and now O’Sullivan has the job. (19/04)

Angelo Inness wins Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour stop

The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour stopped this past weekend in Albany, New York to host a $1,500 added 9-ball event. The tournament had a field of 45 players and was hosted by pool room Golden Cue Billiards. The event was a big draw for regulars and it was Angelo Inness who earned the first place win. (19/04)

EOZ Games releases new Backgammon game

EOZ Games has just announced they have launched a new backgammon game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Roman Backgammon 1.0 and is available for download on the iPod touch, iPad and the iPhone. The game is available for a special price for a limited time and is based on the ancient version of backgammon. (18/04)

UnitingCare Australia releases Pokie Research Findings

The Uniting Church of Australia has a national body that works in community services titled UnitingCare Australia. The group conducted a new research study on Pokies and they have now released their findings. The Monash University conducted the study and UnitingCare commissioned the study. After the research was completed, the group asked for tighter consumer protection measures when it comes to the pokies. (18/04)

Online Sportsbook offering reduced juice on NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are starting up and online sportsbook Lowvig has decided to help their members out by offering reduced juice options. The online sportsbook will be limiting the juice for hockey fans as well as playoff money lines, puck lines and low totals. (18/04)

Pennsylvania lottery looking for $1 million winner

The Pennsylvania lottery has announced that one lucky lottery ticket holder is now $1 million richer and they are wondering who it might be. The lottery announced that a Powerball ticket worth over $1 million was purchased in Northtowne Plaza in East Norriton at the Smoking’s cigar shop. (18/04)

Penny Slot pays out well in California

Slot games are very popular choices for many gamblers especially in land play. With slot games, gamblers are able to sit comfortably and play with small amounts of cash to try and win large jackpot prizes. Slot game play is very simple and takes no strategy, just a simple push of the button! And most players like to have a few drinks as they sit and gamble the night away. We recently came across a story from California where one lucky gambler ended up earning a nice prize form a penny slot game. (18/04)

Major Billiards Tournament Cancelled

The Southern Division Billiards and Snooker Association has worked hard over the past few weeks trying to get ready for the first ever event for veteran snooker and billiards players. The event has now been postponed due to poor response. (17/04)

Croatian player wins PokerStars Eureka Poker Tour Croatia Event

Alija Filipovic was one of 171 players competing in the PokerStars Eureka Poker Tour Croatia Event at the Golden Sun Casino in Zagreb. The poker pro was able to outlast the field of competitors and take down the first place win after a tough competition. (17/04)

Stephen Hendry may retire soon

Stephen Hendry is a top snooker veteran of Scotland that has won the World Snooker Championship a total of seven times. The pro is considering retirement but will take one more shot at winning the World Snooker Championship before he makes his decision. (17/04)

William Hill launches Live Blackjack and Roulette in Italy

William Hill recently announced the launching of their Live Casino in Italy. The mega online gambling brand has launched the online casino in Italy to give players in the country the best online casino gaming options available. Italian players will now be able to enjoy Roulette Live and Blackjack Live, with a total of over 20 games available. (17/04)

Vegas Palms launches new slot game

Online casino Vegas Palms has announced they have just added a new slot game to their lineup of online casino games. The new game is from Microgaming and comes in video slot form. The game is titled Mystique Grove and can be played in the instant play casino at Vegas Palms. (17/04)

City Bingo offering amazing trip package

Online bingo site City Bingo is an online bingo room that is popular with many online bingo players. The site has large tournaments available as well as regular bingo games. The online bingo room provides their players with many opportunities to earn cash and prizes and the site is about to host a special game that will give away a very special trip! (16/04)

Michigan man wins large Keno prize

Keno is a popular game all across the United States. The game is played on a regular basis by millions of people because it is easy to play and offers nice sized jackpots. Players can enjoy the game while they are visiting a restaurant or having a beer at a local tavern. The game is also available at Convenience stores and gas stations and a Michigan man can now attest to how the game pays off! (16/04)

Pennsylvania lottery officials searching for big lottery winner

Officials of the Pennsylvania state lottery are hoping that a big winner will soon come forward to claim their prize. The April 29th, 2011 $250,000 has still not been claimed and there is only a short time left to claim the large lottery prize. (16/04)

Casino Tropez announces multiple roulette winners

Casino Tropez is a top online casino that offers many different online casinos games. The casino has it all from table games to slot options and each game offers nice prizes and jackpots. The online casino recently announced that their roulette games have been paying out nicely as of late. Below is a detailed example of how the game of roulette can be very rewarding! (16/04)

NFL Allowing Casino Ads

The National Football League has recently announced they are now going to offer the option of casino and gambling advertisements to be shown by their teams. NFL teams will have at least two seasons for the advertisements. (16/04)

Sky City Pokie Deal Blasted by Critics

The Australian government has recently gone public with the information that they are thinking about changing the law on pokie machines at Sky City Casino in Auckland. The government is considering the option to allow hundreds more pokie machines at the casino in return for a national convention center to be built. (13/04)

Billionaire to create yet another casino in Macau

Macau is currently known as one of the most popular destinations for gambling, especially for those who have money to burn. The area has amazing nightlife and luxurious casinos and resorts and many top names in both poker and casino gambling frequent Macau to enjoy what they have to offer. Macau may soon offer even more as United State billionaire Sheldon Adelson is planning on launching a fourth casino resort in the area. (13/04)

Truck Driver wins part of the Record Breaking Mega Millions Jackpot

Back in March, it seemed as though every resident in the United States had purchased a Mega Millions Lottery Ticket. The jackpot had started out quite large, in the 400+ million range and by the time of drawing, the jackpot had increased to $656 million! Only three people were able to win the large jackpot by matching all the numbers but other players were able to win smaller prizes including a truck driver from Idaho. (13/04)

New Video Poker Tutor App Available with Apple

A new Video Poker Tutor application has launched at the Apple App Store which should help those who need help learning the game of Video Poker. The application is free and was created by Quatrian, a Canadian software firm. (13/04)

New offerings at Bet365 Bingo

Online bingo site Bet365 has been making big changes as of late. The online bingo room has been updating and improving their site and now they have announced even more changes. Bet365 is now offering players a chance to enjoy new gaming options which includes fixed jackpot games. (13/04)

Big Stars to compete in Asian Poker Tour Manila Millions Event

The Asian Poker Tour will be hosting a monster poker tournament this month in Manila and some of the top poker pros in the world will be competing in the event. The Poker Tour has now confirmed that two more pros have signed up to compete in the event. (12/04)

Spin Palace player wins large jackpot prize

Online casino Spin Palace recently announced that one lucky player at their online casino is now over $200,000 richer after taking a go on some of their popular slot titles. The lucky player played three different slot games on April 7th and managed to win over 200,000 credits! (12/04)

Experts say Troubled Gamblers could head to Cleveland

Experts in the gambling field have weighed in on the casinos being added to the state of Ohio and they believe that if a casino is added in the Cleveland area then operators should expect troubled gamblers. Cleveland is one of the poorest cities in the US, and experts are saying that bringing new jobs and the glitz and glamour to the area will attract liars, cheaters and stealers. (12/04)

George Osipovitch wins Tri-State Tour Stop

The Tri-State Tour recently stopped at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, New Jersey to host a $500 added stop. The event was for A-D players and sixty players registered to compete. In the end, the winner was George Osipovitch, who worked his way through the field to defeat Scott Simonetti in the finals of the event. (12/04)

Snooker Pro falls out of top 64 for first time in years

Adrian Gunnell is a top snooker pro who has done well in the industry for the past eighteen years. The pro is just thirty nine years old but has had a long and successful career in the sport. However, in the recent Betfred World Championship, Gunnell fell short in his match against Adam Duffy and this caused the pro to fall out of the top 64 in World Snooker rankings. (12/04)

Additional Information Released in Kangwon Land Incident

We have brought you several reports of the Kangwon Land scandal which broke out in Korea. The Kangwon Land facility is the only casino allowed for residents in the area and they recently shut down to determine the factors that contributed to a scam that was associated with the casino. We have now learned even more information about this incident. (11/04)

2012 European Backgammon Tour to be sponsored by Betfair

The World Backgammon Association has just announced that online casino operator Betfair has signed a deal with them to be the lead sponsor for the upcoming European Backgammon Tour. The 2012 tour kicks off on April 25th and satellites are already running at Betfair for players to earn seats to the first event. (11/04)

Blackjack with Nickelback Contest Running on Clear Channel Radio

Blackjack and Nickelback may sound good together but they do not exactly make sense. One is a very entertaining casino game and the other is a loud rock and roll band. Despite their differences, the two have been partnered together for what is being called Blackjack with Nickelback. Clear Channel radio is hosting a special contest which will see one lucky winner taking friends to play blackjack in Las Vegas and enjoy a Nickelback show. (11/04)

California Waiter wins large lottery prize

Being a waiter in the state of California can have its perks. You might see a celebrity or two but that’s about it. You still make a lower end salary and rely on tips to get you through the day. However, one waiter is now a little richer after playing the state lottery. (11/04)

IGT showcases new Video Poker Game

International Gaming Technology attended the National Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego just a few days ago to showcase a few of their new gaming options. The group unveiled a new video poker game titled Build a Wheel Poker. This was the first time the new game was debuted in front of a live audience. (11/04)

11th ONGC Asian Billiards Championship Results

The 11th ONGC Asian Billiards Championship took place this past weekend and finished up on Sunday with Pankaj Advani taking the title win. Advani had breezed his way to the finals and had to defeat Thawat Sujaritthurakarn to earn the win. (10/04)

888 Poker sponsors Canadian University Poker Championship

The Canadian University Poker Championship is a popular event for college students and is usually sponsored by online poker room PokerStars. However, this time, the event was sponsored by online poker brand 888 Poker. (10/04)

South Korean Casino to temporarily shut down due to scamming

Just a short time ago, we brought you the story of the South Korean Casino, Kangwon Land. The casino recently became the victim of inside cheating and now the casino will shut down on a temporary basis. The casino will be taking some time off to try and prevent game fixing as well as any other cheating scams of their staff. (10/04)

Another Canadian Province decides to offer online gambling

Online gambling is beginning to become more popular all over the world and as its popularity grows, more governments are deciding to begin offering their own online gambling sites. The government in Manitoba has decided to begin offering online gambling as well and they are now planning offering an online casino of their own. (10/04)

Romil Azemat wins USSA Tour Event 10

The United States Snooker Association Tour is in full swing and just a few days ago, Event #10 finished up. The event saw the best of the best come out to the 4 Kaz Snooker Club & Bar in Las Vegas to compete. In the end it was Romil Azemat who earned the first place win this season. (10/04)

Silly Tale updates popular mahjong game

Silly Tale is a publisher of many different popular games for mobile devices, especially the iPad. Players enjoy playing their favorite games from casino style options to skill games and those just for fun. Silly Tale recently announced they have now updated their popular mahjong game, Mahjong Dynasty, and re-released it in the 1.3 version. (09/04)

New Slot Games available at Intertops Casino

Online casino Intertops is hosting a special points race for the month of April which will reward players with $70,000 in cash prizes. The online casino will be hosting special drawings as well as the April Cash Showers point’s race. (09/04)

Tombola Bingo announces big win

Tombola Bingo is a top online bingo site that provides players with many different bingo gaming options. The online bingo site offers great jackpots on all of their games as well as in tournament play. The online bingo site recently announced that one lucky man is now £20,000 richer after winning a big jackpot game. (09/04)

Malaysia Sports Betting Ring takes in billions

A sport betting ring was recently busted in Malaysia and it was found that the ring was possibly taking in the billions. Police are stating that the football betting ring was raking in around $1.3 billion dollars in just one month. (09/04)

New Jersey man steals from fellow roulette player

A New Jersey man was arrested just a few days ago after he made the poor decision to steal from a fellow roulette player. Paul D. Coates of Convent Station decided it would be smart to steal $650 in roulette chips while at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. It was not a good decision and Coates was soon caught and arrested. (09/04)

Steve Davis to host charity exhibition this weekend

This weekend, six time snooker world champion, Steve Davis will be hosting a special snooker exhibition. Davis will be showing off his skills and special merchandise to benefit the special charity Loros. Loros is a hospice style charity that helps those over the age of 16 who need care and their families. (06/04)

Major Slot Win for Lucky Casino Player

Everyone loves to hear a great gambling win story. There are many factors that can make up a great gambling story, but the best factor is a large prize win! Just a short time ago, one lucky player at Slotastic Casino managed to win almost $250,000 with a very small wager! (06/04)

Intertops Poker offering extra tournaments for Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend takes place this weekend and to celebrate the holiday, online poker room Intertops Poker is planning on hosting additional poker tournaments for players to enjoy. The online poker room will add eight tournaments to the schedule of different varieties. (06/04)

Jackpot Capital player wins large windfall after small investment

Every gambler hopes to win that one special jackpot that will change their life. Many times, a player will gamble tens of thousands of dollars before winning such a jackpot. However, there are those few times when luck is on a player’s side and they win a great jackpot prize for very little money. This is exactly what happened to one lucky player from Jackpot Capital. (06/04)

NeoGames launches new Lottery Style Game

NeoGames is an online gambling software company that creates gaming options for online gaming sites. The company recently announced they have teamed up with BBL Distribution Incorporated a television distribution firm to create a new instant win scratch card game. (06/04)

Pokie Addict Fined for Gambling while Children Remained Unattended

In October of last year, Rosemary Pavic made a bad decision. Pavic decided to visit the Grovedale Hotel in the late night hours to enjoy the pokies. This may not seem like a bad idea, but Pavic also decided to leave her two children unattended to play the games. (05/04)

Bodog signs Jennette Tan to online poker team

Jennette Tan is a professional poker player that is based in Hong Kong. Tan was recently signed to the poker team at Bodog poker, joining the likes of Evelyn Ng and Tatjana Pasalic as part of the team. Tan decided to sign with Bodog partly because she really is impressed by the unusual games the site offers such as mahjong and super six baccarat. (05/04)

Special Roulette Wheel Rewards Players at Titan Casino

Titan Casino has launched a new contest this month which gives players an opportunity to earn a cash prize each day. The special event is titled A New Spin on Easter and features a special Easter themed roulette wheel that rewards players with up to EUR25 free! (05/04)

Missouri Keno Player wins $40K

A night out with the guys turned out to be a great decision for thirty year old Joseph Grillo of Troy, Missouri. The young man hung out with his friends at a bistro in Wentzville and managed to end the night with over $40,000 to his name! (05/04)

All Slots Casino launches new Pig Themed Slot Game

All Slots Casino is known for their many different online gambling options including slot machines. The online casino recently announced they have added another slot game to their list of options titled Karate Pig. The unusual game can be played via the Viper download platform and has free spin options as well as multi level bonus games. (05/04)

Baccarat Scammer Faces Lifetime in Prison

De Rong Shang of California faces the rest of his life in prison for a scheme he concocted in Las Vegas. Shang is fifty years old and worked with fellow gamblers to open up credit lines to steal cash from casinos in the state of Nevada. (04/04)

JackpotJoy Bingo pays out yet another large prize

JackpotJoy is a well known online gambling site especially with online bingo players. The site is constantly announcing large jackpot winners from their various online bingo games and just last week, yet another big winner was named. As JackpotJoy rewards player after player with large jackpot prizes, it is no wonder that their site does not overload with players trying to be the next big winner! (04/04)

Alabama Leprechaun wins large lottery prize

Seamus Fortune moved to Alabama thirty years ago on April 1st. Fortune has an unusual job and now his name and position match his luck. Fortune is the latest winner of the Alabama/Mississippi Powerball lottery and he earned over $60 million dollars with his win. (04/04)

California Casino pays out big with table game progressives

The Red Hawk Casino located in the state of California is a popular destination for many gamblers. The casino has a wide selection of casino games including many favorites. One reason the casino is so popular is the progressive jackpots which are connected to the various table games at the casino. Just a few days ago, the casino announced they paid out over $40,000 in progressive jackpots connected to these games. (04/04)

March Madness surpasses Super Bowl with sports betting numbers

March Madness is about to be over and over the past few weeks, sports wagers have been piling in at bookmakers in Las Vegas. Experts are now stating that the number of wagers placed on March Madness games have now surpassed the amount placed on this year’s Super Bowl. (04/04)

Concordia University Study shows Online Gambling leads to Risky Behavior

Concordia University recently conducted a study of online gambling compared to offline gambling. The study found that online gambling is a common practice due especially to Smartphone’s and that online gambling can lead to risky behavior more so than offline. (03/04)

Washington Teen given very own Pool Hall

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a wonderful organization that offers to make children’s wishes come true when they suffer from illnesses, most times that is life threatening. The foundation recently helped a fourteen year old girl fulfill her dreams of her very own billiards hall by building her one. (03/04)

BetVictor Poker hosting Big Specials This Month

The month of April has just begun and like most online poker rooms, BetVictor Poker has announced their latest offers. BetVictor will be hosting special options with over EUR40, 000 in free cash up for grabs as well as changes for players to qualify for the European Masters of Poker in Bulgaria. (03/04)

Online Casino launches new bonus game

Online casino 32Red has decided to launch a new bonus option so their players can earn even more prizes. 32Red already offers a large selection of online casino games and the addition of the new option gives players an extra shot to earn prizes! (03/04)

Bally Technologies to debut new Beach Boys Slot game

Bally Technologies is a top provider of gambling solutions. The company has created many of the most popular gambling games including slots options, video machines and other options. The company is getting ready to attend the NIGA Indian Gaming 2012 Tradeshow and Convention. At the convention, the company will be unveiling a brand new slot game. (03/04)

Kangwon Land Employees wanted for Baccarat Cheating

The Kangwon Land facility is the only casino for Korean’s in the area and two employees of the casino are now wanted by police. Arrest warrants were just issued last week for the two men who face charges of fraud and obstruction of business. The men have been accused of planting micro-cameras in the gambling facility. (02/04)

Three Players win largest lottery jackpot in US History

This past week, the Mega Millions lottery reached massive proportions. Millions of people purchased tickets to try and win the jackpot which continued to grow at a rapid rate as players continued to purchase tickets. The jackpot ended up at $656 million and lottery officials are now stating that three ticket holders were able to win the jackpot. (02/04)

First Time Bingo Player wins large jackpot

Online gambling site JackpotJoy specializes in online bingo gaming as well as other online gambling options and they have been announcing big bingo winners on a regular basis. The site recently announced that their latest winner was a first time player! (02/04)

Ebdon to take on Maguire in Bank of Beijing China Open

The Bank of Beijing China Open has seen the best of the best competing in a work ranked snooker tournament. Many top competitors have tried to make it to the finals yet many found themselves ousted before the second round of play. In a surprising turn of events, it was Peter Ebdon who makes it to the finals to face Stephen Maguire. The two will now compete in a best of nineteen frame match to see who will be the winner. (02/04)

New Zealand Pub to add Pokies

Pokies are a popular gambling option all around the world and now the games are coming to a pub in New Zealand. A new Wanaka bar has sent in an application to operate as many as nine electronic gambling games and in the process they have come across a backlash from the community. (02/04)

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