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Gambling News - Archive 2012-06
South Florida Casino Adds Electronic Table Games

The Isle Casino and Racing facility located in Pompano Beach is sure to be very busy from now on as they now offer a form of table gaming options. The casino has now been allowed to add table games in the form of electronic games. Such games as craps, roulette and sic bo have been added to the casino. (29/06)

Virginia Couple Wins Large Lottery Prize

A couple from Madison Heights, Virginia are now richer thanks to a recent lottery win. The lucky couple purchased a lottery ticket at a convenience store and soon enough found out that they had won $100,000! (29/06)

New Bingo Player Wins Big Prize

Online bingo is a favorite game of many online gamblers. Players love sitting back and watching the numbers on their card be marked off as the numbers are called in hopes of winning a large prize! Recently, online bingo site Crown Bingo announced that a new player to their site has won a very large bingo prize. (29/06)

Gambling Group Seeking License in Macau

Macau is a top gambling destination for gamblers and over the past few years it has become a travelerís top spot for gambling. Most of the gamblers who visit the Asian city are high rollers and now gambling group Cantor Fitzgerald wants to get in on the action. (29/06)

Las Vegas Casino Group Launching Free Play Site

Just last week, a new free play gambling option was launched by the Station Casino in Las Vegas. The casinos are working with software companies to launch a gambling game and if online gambling is legalized in the United States, they will be able to integrate to real money game play. (29/06)

Darren Morgan Earns European Masters Champion Title

The European Masters Championship has finished up and snooker player from Newport, Darren Morgan, is the first place winner. Morgan was able to work his way through the field without losing one frame to claim the title win! (28/06)

Hard Rock Casino Launches New MJ Slot Game

Michael Jackson is one of the most prolific people in the world. Loved by million, Jackson will long be remembered for his contribution to the music world. The pop star has been immortalized in many ways and now the Hard Rock casino has launched a new slot game themed after the King of Pop himself. (28/06)

Americaís Cardroom offering Punta Cana prize packages

Online card room Americaís Cardroom is currently offering their players prize packages to Punta Cana. The online poker room recently sent several people to Peru to compete in the LAPT and now they are sending players to the Punta Cana Poker Classic. (28/06)

Royal Vegas Australia Online Casino adds Skype

Online casino Royal Vegas Australia has decided to add another customer support option to their site. The online casino is now offering Skype as a customer service option for their players. Millions of people already use Skype as a communication tool and now visitors to the casino can contact support via the option. (28/06)

Billiard Companies Team Up to Support Military

Team Rubicon is an organization located in Los Angeles that was founded by William McNulty and Jake Wood. The foundation works to bring together military veterans and medical personnel to create emergency response teams to help in any crisis situation. The charity is also looking for help and now billiard business men are joining forces to help the cause. (28/06)

Love Bingo Launches Football Frenzy Contest

Online bingo site Love Bingo is joining the football bandwagon by hosting a special event as celebration of the Euro 2012 Championship. The new contest is titled Football Frenzy and will be giving away great prizes including cash prizes. (27/06)

Super Board Gaming Option at Rummy Royal

Online gin rummy site Rummy Royal is a top spot for online gamblers who enjoy a variety of gin rummy games. The site offers many different variants of gin rummy as well as tournament and special contests. The online gin rummy site recently announced a new option titled Super Board which is based on super heroes. (27/06)

Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Large Lottery Winner

The Pennsylvania lottery is always announcing big winners. Players in the state love to play the lottery and many players end up winning nice prizes, some of which are in the six figure range! One lucky ticket holder is now just over $700,000 richer but lottery officials have no idea who the lucky winner is. (27/06)

Councilors Want Higher Rates on Pokie Facilities for Gambling Problems

Councilors in Melbourne, Australia are hoping to see higher rates place on pokie venues so extra money can be earned and placed on gambling problems. A proposal has been made but hotel and gambling lobby groups are most likely going to oppose the bill because they would have to pay more money to have the games. (27/06)

New Backgammon Game Available on iPad

Backgammon is one of many popular skill games that were created centuries ago. The game has remained a staple and can be played in board game form as well as online. The game is most popular on mobile devices and just recently a new version of the game was released for the iPad. (27/06)

Gamblign Destination Uses Facebook as Promotional Tool

Facebook is one of the most frequented websites available today. Billions of users all across the globe visit the social networking site many times a day. This is why the site is the perfect choice for businesses to advertise. With so many people on the site each day, businesses can reach more people than the average commercial or paper advertisement. (26/06)

Nikki Keeney wins Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop

The Great Southern Billiard Tour stopped at Strokers Billiards located in Sumter, South Carolina on June 16th and 17th to host a $1,500 added event. The tournament would be a handicapped 9-ball event and a total of 32 players would register to compete. (26/06)

Mohammad Yousuf to Coach World Snooker Training Camp

Mohammad Yousuf is considered one of the best snooker players in the industry. Yousuf is a former amateur Asian snooker champion as well as an amateur World Snooker champion and he was recently asked to be a coach at the training camp for the World U21 Snooker Championship. (26/06)

Rafael Nadal Signs with PokerStars

Online poker room PokerStars is one of the best in the business and they remain a top provider of online poker gaming because they employ the best poker pros. Players love logging on and playing against their favorite pros. The online poker room recently announced that they have signed yet another pro to their team. Rafael Nadal is the latest pro to sign with the online poker room. (26/06)

Rival Gaming Launches New Slot Game

Rival Gaming is a top provider of online casino games and the company recently announced they have now created a new slot game. The new game is titled Pub Crawlers and is based on an English Pub theme. The new game has five reels and twenty pay lines and can now be played at Rival Gaming supported online casinos. (26/06)

Shuffle Master Takes App Developer to Court

Shuffle Master is a top provider of casino gaming options and they recently decided to sue Avalinx LLC an app developer for trademark and copyright infringement. Shuffle Master stated that Avalinx had developed as well as sold applications for mobile devices that supposedly infringed on Shuffle Masterís rights. (25/06)

New Jacks or Better Game Goes Mobile

Jacks or Better Video Poker is a popular game that many gamblers enjoy both online as well as at land casinos. The game is easy to play and is based on the standard game of poker. However, many do not understand how to play the game. Touch Play recently launched a new app for Android users so they can learn how to play the game of Jacks or Better. (25/06)

California Man Wins Nice Pai Gow Poker Prize

Pai Gow Poker is a favorite game among many gamblers. The game can be played online as well as at land casinos and many times it pays out really nice jackpot prizes. The Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort in California offers the game and they recently announced that one of their players has won a very large prize by playing the game. (25/06)

California to avoid college betting

The state of California is working hard to offer sports betting options and now the state has announced the will be offering this option but college sports will not be included. Players will not be able to wager on California College teams during their sports wagers. (25/06)

Lansing, Illinois Businesses Want Video Poker Options

In Lansing, Illinois, many business owners are lobbying for video gambling options such as video poker. Business owners want the opportunity to offer this type of entertainment in their venues so they can bring in added revenues to their pockets as well as the state. (25/06)

WinADay Casino Finally Launches New Slot Game

Online casino WinADay announced a few weeks ago they were celebrating their fourth birthday. The site has launched a large selection of special contests in honor of the birthday and they also hinted at a new game that would be released this month. The time has finally come and the new game, Birthday Bash, has now been released. (22/06)

Social Gaming Company Contemplating Online Gambling

Online Gambling is rapidly increasing all over the globe and as it continues to grow, more companies are joining the bandwagon. The latest company to announce they are looking into the online gambling market is Zynga. The Zynga Company is an online social gaming company that creates games for Facebook. Their games are very popular and they would probably do quite well with online gambling options. (22/06)

Castlemaine Football Chooses to Decline Pokie Revenues

The Castlemaine Football and Netball club has just announced that they have decided to not accept any form of revenues from the pokie games next year. A new organization has been created titled Funded by People by Pokies which will help generate funds so groups do not have to take funding from the pokie revenues. (22/06)

Sportsbetting Leads to Murder

When it comes to gambling, many gamblers become too wrapped in their favorite games and go to extreme measures to be able to play their favorite games. In Goa, two teenage gamblers took their sports betting to the extreme and killed their grandmother to steal money to gamble with. (22/06)

Iowa Plant Workers Earn $241 Million Jackpot

A group of plant workers in the state of Iowa are celebrating as they are the recent winners of a large $241 million lottery prize. The win was the largest in the stateís history and the group of players could not be happier! (22/06)

7Sultans Teams Up with Neteller

Online casino 7Sultans has teamed up with the financial service at Neteller to provide a special opportunity for gamblers. Neteller is a top choice for many online gamblers as they make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Players can now visit the casino and win 30 free spins on the Hitman slot game. (21/06)

Ladbrokes Bingo Player Wins Large Prize

Ladbrokes Bingo is a top online bingo provider that services thousands of players each and every day. The online bingo site recently announced that one lucky player is now an instant millionaire! Lisa Potter of Oxfordshire has three children and was bored at home so she decided to play a little bingo last week. Luckily, the decision was a smart one and Potter ended up winning just over £1.3 million! (21/06)

Efren Reyes hoping to earn another title win

Efren Reyes may be almost sixty years old but he still knows how to win a billiard tournament. The pro player will be competing in the 22nd World Pool-Billiard Association Menís 9-ball Championship this June and he plans on trying his best to win the event. (21/06)

2012 Irish Winter Festival Schedule Released at Paddy Power Poker

Paddy Power Poker is getting ready to launch the Irish Winter Festival this year and to get ready; the online poker room has announced the schedule of events. The tournament festival will take place over a four day time period and players can now earn their seats via super satellites at the online poker room. (21/06)

Snooker Proís Aide Part of Snooker Betting Probe

Promoter John Callaghan is an aide of snooker pro Jimmy White and Callaghan has now been placed in the limelight as part of a snooker investigation. The Daily Star Sunday released a report which stated the Callaghan recently earned over £5,000 on wagers against White. (21/06)

Las Vegas Roulette Wheel Hits Same Number Several Times

The Rio in Las Vegas is a popular spot for gamblers of all types. The casino offers a wide range of games including roulette. the odds are against you when playing the game of roulette but players enjoying playing the game anyway. However, this past week, the roulette game at the Rio would have paid off handsomely if any players managed to wager on the number 19. (20/06)

Free Lottery Ticket Pays Out Large Prize

Winning the lottery is always exciting but imagine wining a large lottery prize without spending a dime! That is exactly what one Georgia resident was able to do this past week after playing the Georgia Lottery with a free ticket! (20/06)

Microgaming Launches New Football Themed Slot Game

In honor of the 2012 Euro Championship Tournament, online software creator Microgaming has decided to launch a new slot game. The new game is titled Shoot and is based on the European football game. The game is sure to be a hit with both slot players and football fans. (20/06)

888 Sports Offering Great Mobile Options

Online betting group 888 is offering their players a few special options via their mobile sports betting option. Players can take advantage of these mobile betting options by visiting 888 Sports and logging on via their mobile device. (20/06)

Louisiana Governor Vetoes Anti Video Poker Legislation

Gambling is a popular form of entertainment all across the United States. However, many states do not offer many or any gambling options. In some states, only certain forms of gambling are allowed and in others, all types of gambling are available. Currently, the state of Louisiana is in debate over video poker games. (20/06)

Butlers Bingo Celebrating Anniversary with Special Contest

Online bingo site Butlers Bingo is celebrating their second year in operation and to acknowledge this great achievement, the site is currently offering a special contest. The online bingo site has launched a new contest for the month of June titled Lord or Lady of Walwyns. Players will be competing to earn a Noble Title for the month of June. (19/06)

Gambler loses out on winnings due to online casino glitch

Bruno Venturi is an online gambler who enjoys playing online casino games. Back in 2009, Venturi visited Eurobetís online casino to wager a little cash and after just Ä20 in wagers, Venturi was able to win Ä707,000. (19/06)

NY Giants Player Hosts Charity Billiards Tournament

Justin Tuck of the NY Giants as well as his wife Lauran hosted a celebrity billiards tournament just a few weeks ago to raise money for Tuckís literacy charity. The fourth annual Tuckís Celebrity Billiards Tournament took place on May 31st and was hosted by the defensive end to raise money for Tuckís R.U.S.H. for Literacy program. The event raised over $425,000 and this allowed the charity to pass the $1.5 million fundraising mark since the inception of the charity back in 2008. (19/06)

Lee Spick Decides To Retire as Pro Snooker Player

For the past couple of years, World Snooker has offered players a unique way of earning a tour card. Snooker players can sign up to compete in the World Snooker Qualifying School, known as Q school, and compete for a spot on the tour. Many top players earn their seat this way if they do not earn enough snooker points during the previous season. Lee Spick is one such player who has tried his hardest to earn a spot on the tour but has fallen short. (19/06)

Mr. Green Casino Launches Special Slot Contest

Online casino Mr. Green has announced they are hosting a special slots contest in honor of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. The new contest it titled Casino Challenge and players will have from now until July 1st to participate. (19/06)

Poker Players Alliance launches another petition campaign

A few months ago, the Poker Players Alliance created a petition online which asked for signatures so they could try and convince lawmakers in the US to legalize online poker options. The petition was a success with signatures and now they have created yet another petition in the hopes that someone in legislation will listen. (18/06)

Mahjong Time announces iOS Mobile Application

Mahjong Time is a top provider of online mahjong software solutions and they have been very busy as of late making various announcements. The company has recently announced that they are now launching an iOS mobile application which will be available for the iPad and iPhone mobile devices. (18/06)

Brooklyn High School Senior Wins Large Lottery Prize

The lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling available. Players from around the world enjoy purchasing lottery tickets from time to time or on a regular basis. Gamblers dream of winning a large lottery prize so they can quit their jobs and live out their lives in luxury. Players will purchase lottery tickets well into their golden years to try and win such a prize. In most cases, players have to be at least 18 years old to purchase a lottery ticket and just recently a high school senior earned a large win just before graduation. (18/06)

Singapore Police Nab Illegal Gin Players

All across the globe, police forces are working to stop illegal gambling syndicates. Criminals have a way of exposing themselves accidentally and then they are arrested for gambling illegally with all types of games from craps to blackjack poker and more. (18/06)

Virtual Roulette now available in Miami

Back in April, the Magic City Casino located in Miami decided to offer a roulette style game. The casino could not offer a regular roulette game since the games are illegal for regular casinos. Now another casino in the area has decided to add a non-traditional roulette game. (18/06)

Online Casino Goes Mobile with Roulette

Online casino GoWild has just announced they are launching a mobile casino titled GoWild Mobile Casino. This new option was launched due to the popularity of mobile gambling. The new mobile casino is now live and is supported on several mobile devices including the Blackberry, Androids, iPhone, iPad and many others. (15/06)

Iowa Lottery Reports $241 Million Powerball Won

Residents of the state of Iowa have been purchasing Powerball lottery tickets along with other residents in the United States in the hopes of winning the $241 million lottery prize. Officials of the Iowa Lottery have announced that the winning ticket was purchased in Cedar Rapids and someone has now won the large lottery prize. (15/06)

Jackpot Capital Casino Awards Large Jackpot

Online casino Jackpot Capital has just announced that a lucky player from their site has won a large jackpot from the slot game Loch Ness Loot. The lucky player is a veteran of the air force and was playing the game this past week when the jackpot of over $100,000 was hit! (15/06)

Bodog88 Adds Mahjong from Mahjong Logic

Bodog88 is an online casino and sportsbook that is based in Asia and they have recently announced that they are partnered with Mahjong Logic Limited. Bodog88 has been provided with mahjong gaming solutions via Mahjong Limited and the addition has been very successful. (15/06)

Matchroom Sport Teams Up with Diamond Billiards

For the year 2012, Matchroom Sport has announced that they are partnering with Diamond Billiard Products. Diamond will now be the official table supplier for all Matchroom events for the remainder of the year. Diamond first debuted at the Mosconi Cup in 2011 and they will now be providing their fantastic billiard tables for the Mosconi Cup this year as well as the World Pool Masters and the World Cup of Pool. (14/06)

Sky Poker offering Poker School

Poker is a very intriguing card game and many do not attempt to play the game because they feel intimated. Those who are interested in learning how to play the game from the comfort of their own home might want to consider online poker room Sky Poker. Sky Poker offers a poker school and they have the best pros teaching players the ins and outs of the game. (14/06)

Players Win Big at Bingo Cams

Online bingo room Bingo Cams is a popular gaming site for those who enjoy playing online bingo. The reason the site is a popular choice is that fact that the site offers players the opportunity to use their web cam to be able to interact with other players. The site recently announced that two Dutch players were able to win large prizes from the online bingo site. (14/06)

WinADay Casino Celebrating 4th birthday

Online casino WinADay is currently celebrating their 4th birthday as an online casino and they are giving players many different opportunities on their site as part of the celebrations! The online casino is handing out special offers as well as launching a new game for players to enjoy. (14/06)

Players Win Big at Bingo Cams

Online bingo room Bingo Cams is a popular gaming site for those who enjoy playing online bingo. The reason the site is a popular choice is that fact that the site offers players the opportunity to use their web cam to be able to interact with other players. The site recently announced that two Dutch players were able to win large prizes from the online bingo site. (14/06)

Casino Employee Aids Sic Bo Cheaters

Casino employees have very important jobs. Each employee is counted on by the casino to make sure that game play goes well and no one is trying to scam the casino. The most important employees of the casinos that aid in security are the surveillance and security team. Surveillance operators are employed by the casino to monitor the security cameras and make sure that game play is going according to the rules. These operators are supposed to keep the casino from losing money but one operator recently decided to help steal from the casinos. (13/06)

Virtual Money Option at Play65

Play65 is a top provider of online backgammon gaming options and they have a large player base by offering the best backgammon gaming options. The site has been adding new features to their site and now they are offering a free play option titled Virtual Money. (13/06)

Samurai Challenge at Rummy Royal

Online gin rummy site Rummy Royal is a popular choice for gin rummy fans. The site offers a wide variety of online gin rummy variants as well as tournaments and special contests. Players can compete in regular tournament options or contests to win great cash prizes and tournament vouchers. Currently the site is offering their Samurai Challenge for players to enjoy. (13/06)

Oregon Players Earn Large Keno Prizes

The game of keno is a popular lottery choice for gamblers in the United States and the game recently paid off very well for two players in Oregon. La Pine, Oregon is a quiet spot where players enjoy their keno games. In a one month time span two players managed to win large jackpot prizes totaling over $100,000! (13/06)

Four Card Poker rewards California Gambler

The Red Hawk Casino is a top destination for gamblers as they offer a nice gambling option on their table progressive games. The casino has a progressive jackpot that is connected to several table games and players can wager just $1 in the hopes of winning the jackpot. The casino recently announced that a four card poker player was able to win a nice prize by placing the progressive wager. (13/06)

Blaze Poker now available at BetVictor

Online poker room BetVictor is part of the Microgaming network so they now offer the new poker option Blaze Poker. Players who are members of BetVictor can now enjoy the new poker option which is a fast paced version of poker play. (12/06)

Amazing Jackpot Win at Betsafe Casino

Online gambling is a favorite pastime of many people all across the globe. Players love to be able to log on to their favorite casino and play their favorite gambling games. One top choice among gamblers is the slots. Slot game play comes in many forms and players have the ability to win massive jackpots for very little money. (12/06)

UK Shops Criticized for using Casino Marketing to lure in customers

Several top retailers in the United Kingdom are part of an online shopping campaign which allows customers to gamble on their purchases. After receiving tough criticism, many shops may be pulling out of the marketing campaign. (12/06)

Predator World Tournament begins 14.1 Qualifiers

Predator World Tournament is getting ready to host the 14.1 World Tournaments and to get ready; the group is currently offering qualifiers for the major tournament. The event is a straight pool event and qualifiers will take place in several areas across the United States. (12/06)

Snooker Pro Feels like a Victim

Snooker pro Joe Jogia has come forward after being suspended for alleged match fixing stating that he feels victimized by the World Professional Snooker and Billiards Association. Jogia is awaiting a trial on July 25th and he feels as though he was treated unfairly. (12/06)

William Hill adds Passoker to gambling options

Online gambling operator William Hill recently announced they are adding a new game to their site that combines sports betting and poker. The game is titled Passoker and uses the game of poker as well as sports betting options for playerís enjoyment. (11/06)

Canadian gambler wins yet another keno prize

The game of keno is a popular lottery style game that is enjoyed across the globe. The game is easy to play and allows players to win large jackpots in the process. Players long to win at least one big keno prize if that is their game of choice, and recently, a Canadian man won two large keno prizes not too far from the other! (11/06)

UK Player earns nice EuroMillions Lottery Prize

In the UK, lottery players have a few lottery games to choose from but by far the most popular is the EuroMillions. This option offers millions in prize money and several players over the years have become multi millionaires. Recently a player playing the lottery game earned just over £63 million! (11/06)

Mahjong Logic signs yet another partnership agreement

Mahjong Logic is THE Company when it comes to online mahjong gaming options. The company provides an excellent turnkey mahjong solution and many companies are partnering up with the mahjong company. The latest agreement comes from OpenBet. OpenBet will now be able to provide their licensees wit the turnkey mahjong solution of Mahjong Logic. (11/06)

Online Bingo Player wins large prize on small wager

When gambling, it is always nice to be able to wager a small amount and win a larger amount of cash! It was recently announced that an online bingo player wagered a very small amount of cash and won over £1,000. The player was visiting JackpotJoy when the win occurred and was enjoying the 90 ball bingo game when the win occurred. (11/06)

WillHill closes Australia sports betting site

It was recently announced that William Hill has shut down their online sports betting site based in Australia. It is believed that the gambling company shut down this option to get ready to be approved for online gambling in the state of Nevada. (08/06)

OLG launches new Keno and Lottery Games

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation have announced that starting today; Ontario lottery players will have many more options when it comes to gambling. Players will be able to enjoy new keno options as well as new lottery choices. (08/06)

BingoCams Live Win Moments continues to be popular

Online bingo site BingoCams is a relatively new online bingo site that has continued to gain in popularity. The site is a great option for bingo players as they offer a wide variety of online bingo options. The most popular option at the site is the Live Win Moments contest which allows players to use their webcams to earn a cash prize. (08/06)

Grand Lisboa Casino loses millions after baccarat scam

According to a recent report posted at the Calvin Ayre website, the Grand Lisboa in Macau has lost HKD 24 million+ after a gang visited the casino and conducted specialized baccarat scams. The gang is now facing a trial after they were found guilty of the complicated baccarat scheme. (08/06)

French Roulette now available at B3W Casinos

Online software group B3W has announced they are now offering a new game for the casinos that use their software. The group is now offering French Roulette as part of their one hundred and sixty plus games. The group now has an even larger selection of table games, card games, progressives and more. (08/06)

New Poker Community Launches Online

Online poker players tend to make many friends as they play at their favorite poker site as well as play alongside family members. A new online poker community has launched that now allows players to stay connected easily. (07/06)

Online Gaming Provider now offering White Label Licensing Deals

Topjack games are a company that provides online gaming software to online gambling sites. The group recently announced that they are now offering white label licensing deals for their instant win lottery games as well as their jackpot games. (07/06)

Sunset Slots Casino adds new slot games

Slot games are one of the most popular options for online gamblers. They come in many different forms and stakes, allowing gamblers to play online for hours at a time. The choices are endless and with operators adding slot games on a regular basis, players never run out of new slot games to try and enjoy. The most recent slot gaming additions were made at online casino Sunset Slots. (07/06)

Billiard Factory hosting free Pool School Fatherís Day Weekend

This Fatherís Day Weekend, the Billiard Factory located in Jacksonville, Florida will be hosting a special Pool School. The Pure X Cues group will be sponsoring the event as well as a tournament and challenge. Players will be able to attend the event for free and learn more about the game of pool as well as challenge top pros in the industry. (07/06)

Asjad Iqbal wins another snooker national title

Asjad Iqbal earned his third snooker national title just a few days ago during the 4th NBP Ranking Snooker Championship. The event was hosted by the DHA Creek Club and Iqbal earned the title win after defeating Mohammad Asif 7-4 in the finals. (07/06)

Four People Found Guilty of Cheating at Roulette

It seems like every week another story comes out about people trying to cheat casinos. Casino cheaters seem to think they have the perfect system to steal money from casinos, though they are almost always caught in the act. Those who are not caught in the process are usually caught down the road after surveillance footage or good investigative work. (06/06)

Illinois City Working Towards Video Poker Option

Calumet City is a town in the state of Illinois that would like to see video poker legalized. The mayor of the town, Michelle Markiewicz Qualkinbush is in favor of adding video poker options to businesses as well as a riverboat cruise in the city. (06/06)

Rio Race and Sportsbook taking wagers on WSOP

The World Series of Poker is arguably the most popular poker series in the world. Players spend tens of thousands of dollars to compete in the yearly series and now players are even betting on their favorite events as well as players. The Rio Race and Sports Book have announced they are now taking wagers on the final day of events. (06/06)

Pennsylvania Lottery Looking for Lucky Winner

In the US, the lottery is played by millions of people each day. Players purchase numerous tickets to be able to try and win tens of thousands if not millions of dollars. One player recently won a nice prize in the state of Pennsylvania and now lottery officials are waiting for the lucky player to contact them. (06/06)

Cyber Bingo pays out $10,000 Prize

Online bingo room Cyber Bingo, is a popular bingo destination for online gamblers. The site offers a wide variety of online bingo options and are especially popular for their $50,000 Coverall Game which takes place each and every month. The online bingo game recently announced that one of their players earned a $10,000 prize by playing at the online bingo site. (06/06)

Microgaming launches new slot game

Online software provider Microgaming has been very busy as of late, launching new games for players to enjoy. The software company is constantly coming up with new ideas and technologies to keep players coming back for more. Microgaming recently announced the launch of a new animal themed slot game titled UntamedóGiant Panda. (05/06)

World Snooker Faces Yet Another Match Fixing Scandal

The sport of snooker is no stranger to scandal, especially when it comes to World Snooker. The group recently confirmed that snooker pro has been investigated for unusual betting patterns taking place during one of his matches. (05/06)

EuroTour: Ralf Souquet Defeats Ruslan Chinakhov

The EuroTour tournament is in full swing and a recent match to take place was one between Ralf Souquet and Ruslan Chinakhov. Both players are top competitors in the sport of billiards and after a tough matchup; it was Souquet who earned the win 9-5. (05/06)

Sky Poker Tour is Back In Action

Online poker room Sky Poker has announced that their live poker tour is back in action. The Sky Poker Tour will be hitting Blackpool for a special event on June 23rd and 24th. The tour event will have a guaranteed GBP 30,000 on the table and this will be the fourth tour to take place since late last year. (05/06)

Pasig Casino Robbery Goes Bad

A casino is supposed to be a relatively safe place. Players should be able to visit their local casinos and play their favorite games without fearing for their lives but that is not always the case. Many casinos are subject to robbery attempts on a regular basis due to criminals. A casino is a hotspot for robbery as they hold thousands if not millions of dollars on the premises. (05/06)

North Carolina Police Seize Dozens of Illegal Video Poker Games

Video poker games are not legal in some states in the US, yet operators continue to run these games underground. Gamblers are able to visit these establishments and play the games for money illegally. Despite trying to keep these games a secret, most operators are eventually busted. A video poker operation in Grover, North Carolina was recently busted with dozens of gaming machines seized. (04/06)

South Carolina Lottery Pays Off

The state of South Carolina is one state in the US that offers a lottery for players to enjoy. The South Carolina Education Lottery is a popular gambling option in the state and the lottery recently handed out two nice lottery prizes. (04/06)

Online Gambling Halted In New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has been working hard to add online gambling opportunities for their residents. However, the hard work has not paid off as a recent online gambling bill has now been pushed back to this fall. Senator Ray Lesniak is the sponsor of an online gambling bill that was supposed to be voted on at the state senate on May 31st. but the bill was not voted on and will now possibly be pushed to later this year. (04/06)

Crown Bingo offering Free Bingo Contest

Online bingo site Crown Bingo has decided to celebrate the Queenís time on the throne by offering up a special contest. The online bingo site will be hosting a Diamond Jubilee Celebrations which will have £10,000, all of which can be won for free. (04/06)

Jamaica to host International Backgammon Tournament

The city of Kingston, Jamaica will be hosting an International Backgammon Tournament this month. This past week, the city launched the first staging of the major backgammon event and the tournament is set to take place from June 22nd to the 23rd. (04/06)

7Sultans Teams Up with Neteller

Online casino 7Sultans has teamed up with the financial service at Neteller to provide a special opportunity for gamblers. Neteller is a top choice for many online gamblers as they make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Players can now visit the casino and win 30 free spins on the Hitman slot game. (02/06)

Snooker Pro Fined for Twitter Remarks

Back in April, top snooker pro Mark Williams decided to take to his Twitter account and speak badly about the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Williams commented that he hates the venue and called it a few choice names that are not very nice. The WPBSA has now responded and Williams has been fined for his actions. (01/06)

PKR Offering WSOP Betting Options via Their Sportsbook

With the WSOP in full swing, online sportsbook PKR is offering bettors an opportunity to wager on their favorite players. Players will be able to wager on a variety of options for the WSOP and currently Phil Hellmuth is listed with the best odds to win another WSOP bracelet. (01/06)

Pool School in Paradise Announces New Schedule

The Pool School in Paradise has just announced their new 2012 schedule and this year the event will be held in Washington State. The school will take place from August 21st to August 26th and Belltown Billiards in Seattle will host the event. Several pros will be instructors during the school, including Mike Massey, Paul Potier, Ralf Souquet and Tony Robles. (01/06)

Yangpu Man Killed Over Mahjong Game

The game of mahjong is a popular game that is played all over the world. The game originated in Asia and has been played in the country for thousands of years. When the game began, it was a simple board game and now the game can be played online in solitaire form. The original form is a popular choice for those in Asia and mahjong parlors are located all across the country. (01/06)

Intertops Poker Celebrates Move to Revolution Network

Top online poker room Intertops has announced they are moving from the Cake Poker Network to the Revolution Network and they are celebrating this move. The online poker room will be hosting a special freeroll worth $1,000 tonight in honor of the move. (01/06)

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