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Olympic Online Offering Special Easter Celebrations

Olympic Online is a great gaming destination for players who enjoy the game of poker. The site offers a wide selection of gambling options and poker players will find the site is currently offering special tournament option for poker players. Over $600,000 is up for grabs and players have until April 7th to take part! (29/03)

Video Poker Player Wins Big In Reno

Las Vegas, Nevada is not the only gambling destination in the state of Nevada. Reno is also a location that players can enjoy the gambling experience. The city is home to several gaming facilities one of which is the Siena Hotel Spa Casino. Players can visit the casino and enjoy great gambling games from table options to slot game play. The casino recently announced that one visitor was able to win a very large prize via a popular slot game. (29/03)

New Gin Rummy Game Available for Android

Concrete Software is a top quality mobile gaming provider. The company offers gamers a wide selection of gaming options from unique gaming options to card games. Concrete Software recently announced they are now offering a new gin rummy game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Aces Gin Rummy and can be enjoyed via the Android mobile device. (28/03)

New Kiss Slot Game Launches at Jackpot Party

Online casino Jackpot Party has announced they are now offering a new slot game based on the popular band Kiss. The new game is titled Kiss: Shout It Out Loud. The new game offers players the opportunity to play alongside the famous band members as well as enjoy music from the band! (28/03)

Interblock Roulette now available at WestSpeil Casino

Interblock roulette is a casino roulette option which is electronic in nature. Electronic roulette is a very popular form of roulette gaming. Players can enjoy the game of roulette individually without having to be at a live gaming table. Different betting options are available so players get the same great experience. One option of electronic roulette is available Interblock roulette. (27/03)

Wink Bingo Launches Weekend Double Jackpot Option

Last weekend, online bingo site Wink Bingo decided to launch a new gaming option for players to enjoy. The site will now offer a special weekend gaming option that will provide a combined double jackpot worth £25,000. This amount of cash will be available every weekend from now until April 28th! (27/03)

Long Time Friends Split Million Dollar Lottery Prize

Everyone dreams of winning a large lottery prize. We all play the lottery in the hopes of becoming instant millionaires. Many people team up and purchase lottery tickets with a group of friends or co-workers. These groups then agree to split the money if they win the big prize. Well, one trio of friends from different parts of the US can now say they lived up to their pact of lottery winnings sharing! (26/03)

All Jackpots Casino Announces Big Jackpot Win

All Jackpots Casino is an online gambling option that many players take advantage of. The site offers a wide range of gaming options from slots to table gaming choices. The online casino has just announced that one player was extremely lucky at the slots and managed to earn a £14,232 jackpot win! (26/03)

Moon Games Launches New Gambling Site

Moon Games has announced they are now launched and offering a wide range of gaming options. The new online gaming site provides over 200 real money gaming options for casino game play including slots and instant games. The company has worked with several top providers to have the best in real money gaming options. (25/03)

Online Payment Provider Offering Reward Option

As millions of gamblers enjoy online casino and poker play, a payment processer is needed. Players need a quick and easy way to be able to deposit funds as well as make withdrawals. Skrill is one such payment provider that allows players quick and easy access to depositing and withdrawing. This service is much needed with online game play. However, Skrill has decided to take things one step further. The company has now announced they are going to offer a reward program for loyal players. (25/03)

Supercasino Announces New Codes for Roulette Nation

The Roulette Nation website is a gambling option that residents of the UK take advantage of on a regular basis. Players have the ability to watch roulette games on television and place wagers to coincide with these games. Supercasino is an online casino located in the United Kingdom and they have now announced that two new bonus codes are now available for Roulette Nation. (22/03)

Bovada Online Casino Makes Welcome Change

Bovada casino is an extension of the popular Bodog Casino and is available to many users including US citizens. The casino offers the same great options at Bodog and recently announced they have now improved their welcome offering. The online casino is now offering players up to $3,000 in bonus chips when a new account is created! (22/03)

New Rooming Options at Bingo3X

Online bingo is a game that is played all across the globe. The age old game has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for online gamblers. Online bingo is easy to play, offers players an opportunity to chat with friends, new and old. The game is played on many online bingo sites such as Bingo 3X. Bingo 3X is a top choice for many bingo lovers and the site recently announced they are now offering a new room for game play. (21/03)

Missouri Gambler Wins Large Keno Prize

The game of keno is one that many players enjoy on a regular basis. Keno is a simple lottery style game that allows players to choose a certain set of numbers and then hope these numbers are chosen during the random drawing. If the numbers drawn match the numbers chosen, the player will earn a jackpot prize. Such as a lucky player in Missouri, who recently won a large Club Keno prize by playing the game in Overland. (21/03)

Florida Lottery Player Wins Massive Prize

Lottery players dream of winning a large lottery prize every time they play. That is the goal; to be the next big lottery winner and never have to work another day for the rest of your life. A large payday would mean that you can enjoy everything the world has to offer without a care as to how much money you are actually spending. An Orlando, Florida man now knows what this is like as he is the recent winner of a very large lottery prize! (20/03)

Crystal Spin Casino Launches New Slot Game

Online casino Crystal Spin has announced they now have a new slot game for players to enjoy. The new game is titled Lost Gems of Brussels and offers players an opportunity to enjoy slots game play with a twist of mystery. The game is based on a manhunt for gems that takes the player on a worldwide journey. The special gems have gone missing in Brussels and players must play the game to find them. (20/03)

Intertops Offering March Madness Action

March Madness is in full swing and fans of the college basketball circuit always have their favorite teams and players. The games give us an opportunity to watch rising basketball stars in action as well as the opportunity to make a few wagers. Intertops Sportsbook is getting in on the action and are currently providing players with an opportunity to wager on their favorite teams with a few special offers. (19/03)

Switch Poker Adds New Game

Switch Poker is an online poker provider of mobile gaming options and the company has now announced they are offering a new game for players to enjoy. Switch Poker has been in operation since 2010 and has continued to launch new gaming options so players can have even more great gaming options to choose from. (19/03)

Player Wins Big At William Hill

William Hill has announced that one lucky gambler is now £258,000 richer thanks to the Super Spins Bar X game. The lucky player was enjoying the game this week when he hit the large jackpot. The player placed just 20 pence on the game to win the massive cash prize. (18/03)

Love of Mahjong Gets Woman Killed

As we have reported in the past, the game of mahjong can get people in serious trouble. From health issues to actual death, the game of mahjong is one that is taken so seriously by players that someone usually always gets hurt in the live game setting. The most recent bizarre mahjong story to be released comes from the Jiading District. (18/03)

Stephen Lee Applies to World Championship despite Investigation

Stephen Lee is currently being investigated for a match fixing scandal and has not competed in the game of snooker for some time. Despite this, the pro has decided apply to compete in the World Championship. Lee is suspended and should not be allowed to compete, but may have a chance if all goes well. (15/03)

Lottomatica Announces Live Roulette for iPad

Over the past few years, online gambling opportunities have opened up for mobile devices such as iPads, iPods and mobile phones. Players enjoy having the opportunity to play the games on their mobile devices because it is easy and fun. Recently, the national lottery company of Italy, Lottomatica, has launched a new platform for the iPad which allows for several gambling options. (15/03)

Lottery Winner Earns Big Win After Job Layoff

The lottery is a gambling option that millions of gamblers enjoy each and every day. Lottery games come in many forms and players enjoy a variety of games during their everyday lives and even on vacation. Most players try to win a large lottery prize so they can either quit their job or be set for life. However, some players play the lottery so that they can survive when things go bad. A recent lottery winner from Walnut Creek played the lottery in the hopes that things would be better and now they certainly are! (14/03)

Reno Gambler wins Large Pai Gow Jackpot

Gamblers not only hit Las Vegas in the state of Nevada to enjoy gambling games. Players also head to Reno, Nevada to be able to enjoy excellent gambling games. The Siena Hotel Spa Casino is a new gambling venue and players are coming from all across the globe to check the casino and what they have to offer. Recently, the casino announced the slots and progressives were hot, leaving one California native with over $46,000 to take home! (14/03)

Oregon Gambler Wins Large Keno Prize

The game of keno is a favorite gambling game of many gamblers across the United States. The game is easy to play and provides players with an easy way to win a nice cash prize. The game of keno is simple and can be played multiple times an hour so players can get a quick gambling fix as many times as they would like. (13/03)

Las Vegas Sports Bettors In Trouble for Illegal Chip Transfers

It was recently reported that two sports bettors from Las Vegas now face punishment due to illegal chip transfers. The two men, Aaron Virchis and Mitchell Garshofsky, both face charges for not turning in the proper currency transaction reports. The men have been accused of transferring chips illegally between accounts at Cantor Gaming and Strip Casinos to avoid filing reports of currency earned. (13/03)

The Star to host World Series of Mahjong This June

The Star located in Sydney is going to play host to the upcoming World Series of Mahjong this June. The event will take place from June 2nd to the 4th and this will be the first time that Australia will host the event. The Star has a brand new Event Centre so this facility will be the perfect place for the mahjong tournament. (12/03)

Crazy Vegas Casino Offering Secret Gaming Option

Online casino Crazy Vegas is offering players an option that is quite secretive. The online casino will soon be hosting a top secret spy themed slots freeroll competition. Players will be able to compete for free to earn a portion of the €25,000 in cash prizes. (12/03)

Vulcan Slot Releases at Online Casino

Jackpot Capital Casino is an online gambling option that allows players to enjoy a large variety of online gambling games. The casino has been very busy as of late with many different features and upgrades. Just a short time ago, the casino made changes to the homepage with a complete redesign. Now, the casino has announced they are now offering a new online slot game titled Vulcan. (11/03)

Americas Cardroom Bumps Up Sunday Guarantee

Every weekend, online poker rooms offer special poker tournament options that allow players to compete for guaranteed prize pools. One such poker room is Americas Cardroom. This online poker room offers a tournament every Sunday and on April 7th, the online poker room is planning on upping the guaranteed prize pool. (11/03)

Gin Rummy Game Launched for Mobile Devices

The game of gin rummy is one that many people enjoy, whether it is for fun or for money. Players can play the game in many different forms including mobile devices. Kuralsoft recently announced the release of a new update of their gin rummy game. Best Gin Rummy 1.6 is now available for the iOS which means players can enjoy the game on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (08/03)

Bingo3X Offering Special Trip For Members

Online bingo sites are a favorite pastime of many gamblers and there are many choices for players to enjoy. The online bingo sites always offers special games and options for players to be able to enjoy their favorite games as well as earn special prizes. Bingo3X is one such bingo site that offers players many opportunities and the most recent option is a special New York Trip giveaway. (08/03)

Gaming Arts LLC Creates New Keno Solution

The game of keno is a simple and age old gambling game that is enjoyed on a daily basis across the United States. The game is played easily when numbers are chosen by the player and numbers are drawn for a winner. But no matter how easy the game is to play, it can be expensive to operate. Gaming Arts LLC has announced they have created a new solution to lessen the cost of the game of keno. (07/03)

Roulette Pays Out Well at Online Casino

Online gambling is a favorite past time of millions of people all across the globe. Players have their favorite gambling games and want to win cash while they enjoy the games from the comfort of their own home. One game that many players enjoy is the game of roulette. Casino La Vida is one online casino that offers players an opportunity to enjoy the game of roulette and apparently the casino’s offerings are paying out in large jackpots! (07/03)

Catholic Priest Gambled Church Funds on Pokies

A Catholic priest has received jail time in Christchurch after it was found that he was stealing money from the church to fund his pokie gambling habit. The priest, Father John Fitzmaurice, was sentenced last week for stealing $150,000 in church money to play the pokies. The priest had worked at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and Addington’s Sacred Heart Parish located in Christchurch for 34 years. (06/03)

Opera Bingo Player earned Large Bingo Win

Opera Bingo is a large bingo chain that offers their services to players all across the United Kingdom. The group provides regional clubs so players have a live bingo venue to enjoy in their neighborhood. The Whitehaven Opera venue recently announced that one lucky player has earned a large bingo win of £28,000 while enjoying the National game. (06/03)

Lottery Winner Poisoned Day after Winning $1 Million

Usually the day after a big lottery win, the lucky gambler will be celebrating heartily. But unfortunately for one Chicago native, the day after a large lottery win resulted in his death. Urooj Khan played the lottery in June of 2012 and managed to win $1 million with a scratch off ticket only to pass away the very next day. Officials have now ruled the winner’s passing as subject to poison. (05/03)

Grand Cruise Available via Golden Riviera Casino

The Golden Riviera Casino has decided to offer a long and rewarding online casino contest for their members. Players will be able to compete for a chance to win a luxury cruise as part of the Casino Treasure Cruise contest. This is the seventh edition of The Voyage and this time, it is better than ever. (05/03)

Intertops Casino Offering Special Leaderboard Competition

Intertops Casino is currently offering their players a special leaderboard competition which will last for six weeks. The competition will run from now until April 8th and will offer a total of $180,000 in bonus cash. Players have plenty of time to accrue points for the Running of the Bunnies competition at Intertops Casino! (04/03)

Malaysian Police Force Raids Gambling Dens

The Year of the Snake celebrations have been massive in Asia and a recent report was released from Kuala Lumpur which stated that the Malaysian police force has raided several gambling dens who were enjoying pai go poker, other gambling games as well as cock fighting and other illegal activities. (04/03)

AllYouBet Offering Special NBA Offer

AllYouBet is a top provider of sports betting option. The group has a large selection of betting options including many different sporting categories. The brand recently announced that as the NBA season moves toward the end, fans will be able to enjoy a special offer for the remainder of the regular portion of the season. (01/03)

New Roulette Game Launched By Topjack Games

Topjack Games recently announced the launch of a new online gambling game based on roulette. The new game is titled Zero-2-Hero and will offer players an opportunity to win a jackpot of €2 million. The game offers the mega jackpot to gamblers who enjoy the game of roulette. (01/03)

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