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Lottery Player Wins More Than Bargained For

When one hits the lottery, it is an exciting time. A big win can mean the difference between having a job one week and living the high life the next. It is always an amazing adventure winning the lottery but imagine if you won and the amount earned was actually larger than you originally thought. That is exactly what happened to Dennis J. Edwards Jr. of Providence, Rhode Island. (30/04)

Study Shows Mahjong Helps Exercise the Mind

The game of mahjong is known as a popular Asian game available in both online and live game play. However, the game is now being labeled as a game that will help elderly people with exercising their mind. According to a recent paper in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, the game has been suggested as an important way to help elderly remain flexible when it comes to the onset of dementia. (30/04)

Sports Betting Could Be Reality in California

The state of California could be the next state in the US to offer sports betting options if a new bill is passed. The new bill is named Senate Bill 190 and would allow for sports betting options in the state besides college options. The state could benefit greatly if the gambling option is allowed. (29/04)

Online Casino Provides Big Win to Gambler

Online gamblers long for the day when their favorite casino games pay off in a major way. Players want to say they won hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, by playing slot games, table games or lottery style options. Most online casinos offer a wide range of gaming options so players can have the ability to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. The most recent casino to announce a big win is Slotastic. One lucky player is now $95,000 richer thanks to a favorite of the casino! (29/04)

Ohio casino Fined for Several Violations

Casinos across the United States are subject to various rules and regulations according to where the casino is located. Brick-and-mortar facilities must adhere to these rules and regulations or they can face stiff fines. The Horseshoe Casino located in Cleveland, Ohio is one such casino that is now facing a fine after the casino violated several state laws as well as internal procedures. (26/04)

New Slot Game Launches at Slotland

Slot games are one of the biggest draws for online gamblers. Players love enjoying slot games as they are easy to play and come in many different forms. Slot games are available with video footage as well as special bonus opportunities so players can earn free spins, multiplied wins and more. Slot games can provide players with excitement from the comfort of the home and Slotland has announced that they are now offering a new slot game. (26/04)

Poker Tournament Running at Bingo Sky

Online bingo sites are an option that many gamblers take advantage of to play their favorite games, participate in tournaments, chat with friends and so much more. It is also an opportunity for players to enjoy other gambling games when they want a break from bingo. Bingo Sky has decided they are going to be hosting a special poker tournament for their players to enjoy and the tournament is scheduled to run for two days beginning on Friday. (25/04)

New Sic Bo Game Launched by Casino Webs Scripts

The game of Sic Bo is one that many people enjoy but can be hard to find in both land and online casino game play. The game is one that is a different option for those who enjoy the standard casino games. Casino Web Scripts has announced they are now offering a new Sic Bo game for players to enjoy which is titled the Sic Bo Deluxe Dice Game. The new game can be enjoyed by new players as well as the advanced gamers. (25/04)

Fantasy Sports Wagering Moving Fast in NJ

Fantasy Sports wagering in the state of New Jersey is now legal and bettors could not be happier. Although the option is available now, many operators will wait until the preseason to begin offering the option. Operators are currently getting their plans ready to launch the new sports betting options for football fans to enjoy. (24/04)

Lottery Employee Steals Tickets for Cash-in

The Maryland Lottery has announced that a former employee of the state has now been charged with theft of lottery tickets. Mark Barron Hantski is fifty nine years old and worked with the Gaming Control Agency a section of the Maryland Lottery. Hantski was found to be stealing tickets and then cashing in the winnings. (24/04)

New Game Room Launches at Bingo Hall

Bingo players all have their favorite gambling sites to visit each day to get their bingo fix. One of which is Bingo Hall. Bingo Hall offers the best in bingo gaming and players enjoy playing the games, chatting with friends and competing in special contests that the site hosts. The operators of Bingo Hall recently announced that now players will have even more room for bingo games as the Chameleon Room, a new bingo room has launched at the site! (23/04)

Jack Gold Casino Launches New Quickfire Games

Quickfire is a flash-based suite created by Microgaming, a top provider of software for online gaming and gambling websites. Microgaming is the operator behind many top online gambling sites including Jack Gold Casino. The casino recently announced they are now going to offer several titles featured on the Quickfire flash suite. (23/04)

South Carolina Couple Leave Children to Play Video Poker

Two South Carolina adults are in police custody today after leaving two small children in a vehicle unattended to be able to play the game of video poker. Prince Wilson and Maxine Brown were watching to children, ages 7 and 11, and decided to go play video poker. The two left the children in the car only to be caught in the act and arrested. (22/04)

New Slot Game Launches at Red Flush Casino

Slot gaming is a popular option for online gamblers. Players enjoy having a wide range of gambling options when it comes to slot game play. Online casinos usually offer hundreds of slot gaming options so players never run out of a gaming option. Online casinos also continue to add new games to their site so players continue to have new gaming options. The latest online casino to add new options to their site is Red Flush Casino. The casino has announced they are now offering a new slot gaming title called Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat. (22/04)

O’Sullivan to Face Marcus Campbell in Betfair World Championship

The Betfair World Championship will soon begin and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be defending his title against Marcus Campbell of Scotland. It was expected that O’Sullivan would miss the event when he pulled out of the rest of the current season due to what he is calling personal issues. However he ended his break in February and will now is competing in the event. (19/04)

Durrrr Challenge Continues; Cates Takes Down $60K

Tom Dwan started offering up challenge opportunities years ago to his fellow poker pros and one such pro to take on the Durrrr Challenge was Dan Cates. The two began their contest of 50,000 poker hands of heads up No Limit Hold’em over two year ago and have just started to get back into the swing of things now that Full Tilt Poker is back in action. The two pros competed just this week and Cates was able to earn $60,000 in the process. (19/04)

South Australian Government to Fight for Tougher Pokie Laws

Pokie machines in Australia are about to change if the South Australian Government has anything to do with it. The government would like to see changes made to the current laws and make problem gambling problems a thing of the past. The group stated the changes they would like to enforce would be the biggest changes to the machines since they were introduced in the country. (18/04)

Bodog Speeds Up Gaming Options

Bodog has long been a very popular brand for online gamblers. Bodog provides a wide variety of gaming options with their casino and poker room and recently the brand decided to speed up several of their casino games to offer players the opportunity to gamble on short notice. Included in the speedy gaming option is poker and baccarat. (18/04)

Tabcorp Holdings Keno License Extended in Queensland

Keno is a popular game in the area of Queensland and is provided by Tabcorp Holdings. The company has now announced they have extended their keno license in the area until 2047. The current license agreement was scheduled to expire in 2022. (17/04)

Mobile Gambling Player Wins Large Jackpot Prize

Mobile gambling has really gained in popularity over the past few years and players continue to log on to their favorite sites as they add mobile gambling options. Mobile gaming allows players to enjoy the same great casino games but from a mobile device. This means players have the opportunity to play whenever and wherever they like! (17/04)

Interwetten Now Offering Live Roulette to Spanish Customers

Interwetten is a top online gambling provider that offers a wide selection of gambling options. The company has recently announced they are now offering live roulette gambling options for the Spanish market. The company is working with Evolution Gaming to offer the new option. (16/04)

Lottery Scammers Placed on Watch

Andy Ashkar and Navel Ashkar are two brothers in their mid thirties who scammed the New York lottery. The two brothers claimed they purchased a $5 million lottery ticket from a store that their family owns. The two men now face charges of attempted grand larceny and conspiracy and they have been placed on the watch list so that they do not flee the country. (16/04)

Walkley Heights Gambler Wins Large Keno Prize

Keno is a popular game all across the globe and especially in Australia. Players love to have the opportunity to choose their lucky numbers in the hopes of earning a large keno prize. Players simply choose a certain number of numbers and then hope the same set is the same ones that are drawn. If so, the player will win a jackpot prize! The game is quite easy and provides players with exceptionally large cash prizes! (15/04)

Golden Riviera Casino to Host Slots Tournament

Slots tournaments are a favorite among online gamblers as they have the opportunity to enjoy slot gaming action with additional prizes added in the mix. Slot tournaments can usually be found each month at various casinos and the latest to offer this option is the Golden Riviera Casino. The Golden Riviera has started a new tournament which will continue for the next few days. Players will be able to compete for a guaranteed prize pool of €25,000 as part of the special RockStar Freeroll contest. (15/04)

Red Flush Casino Celebrating 5th Anniversary

Online casino Red Flush has been available online for five years this May and would like to celebrate this milestone with their members. The online casino will be celebrating this anniversary in a major way, with thirty two days of contest opportunities. Players will be able to compete for over $225,000 in prizes and giveaways at this time! (12/04)

Retro Nights Launches at Sparkling Bingo

Online bingo site Sparkling Bingo is set to offer a special bingo night called Retro Nights. The online bingo site is known for their popular contests and promotional activities and now the site will begin offering special gaming nights two days a week beginning on Tuesdays. (12/04)

Cake Poker Launches Gold Card Race

Cake Poker is known for being a top provider of online poker gaming options. The site has excellent game choices as well as quality rewards including the Gold Card option. Players can earn Gold Cards during game play and turn in the Gold Cards for prizes, merchandise, tickets, etc. Recently, Cake Poker announced they are offering players an opportunity to compete in a special Gold Card Race. The race will be a reward based tournament in the leader board format. Players will be competing for $30,000 in prize money. (11/04)

Maryland Live! Opens Table Gaming Options

Maryland Live! is ready for operation in the state of Maryland and players will be excited to play the table games the casino will now have available. Players will be able to enjoy the table gaming options such as craps, blackjack, pai gow poker and so much more. The owners of the casino are hoping that the addition of table games will bring in more customers as well as increase the revenue numbers. (11/04)

Blackjack Player Charged with Illegal Financial Transactions

Richard Dougherty is a blackjack player and member of a card counting team which was created by Tom Hyland. The card counter was recently charged for criminal activity. Dougherty was charged with the crime of illegal financial transactions at a local Kansas City casino. (10/04)

Property Owner Demands Pokie Removal

Sir Bob Jones is an owner of several properties including buildings in the Lambton Quay area. The tycoon is not happy about pokie machines in the area of one of his properties so he is demanding the removal of these machines. A pub nearby one of Jones properties has a TAB and a pokie machines which Jones wants to see removed. (10/04)

New Sports Betting App Releases

Mobile phones provide owners with a large selection of application options which allow for a variety of options from gaming to information services. One option that is growing more prevalent is online gambling applications. Bettors have many different options when it comes to gambling via their mobile device and one new app has now launched that is sure to give gamblers the best opportunity for gaming options. The new app, FavourIt, is now launched and is sure to be a favorite of gamblers in Melbourne, Australia. (09/04)

Police Officer Wins Large Lottery Prize

The lottery is a game that has long been enjoyed by gamblers around the world. For decades, players have competed in certain types of lotteries to try and win a large amount of cash. Every lottery player dreams of winning such a huge lottery prize that they never have to work again! Who wouldn’t love to be able to do anything they like for the rest of their life without worry? The Georgia Lottery is one that is available to residents in the US and a local police officer is now the winner of $1 million thanks to a lottery game. (09/04)

iPoker Network Makes Changes to Poker Options

The iPoker Network is one that many online poker rooms use to provide players with top quality gaming options. Titan poker is one such online poker room and according to news provider, Pokerfuse, the network is now offering a soft launch of anonymous tables at Titan Poker. The network will soon launch the same option at other sites as well in the future. (08/04)

Boyle Bingo Offering Grand National Celebrations

Online bingo site, Boyle Bingo, is a top online bingo provider that offers players many different gambling options. Bingo games are plentiful at the site and now players will be able to access additional gambling options thanks to celebrations based on Grand National. Over £50,000 is up for grabs and players will be able to earn this cash until Saturday. (08/04)

Casino LaVida Continues to Expand

Online casino, Casino LaVida, is an online casino that is open to players from many different areas across the globe. The site offers players a wide selection of gambling options and has just announced they are now offering even more great games for players to enjoy. The casino is powered by top software provider, (05/04)

Snooker Pro Wants Televised Gaming Coverage

The game of snooker is prevalent in the UK and is played in other countries as well, including India. Many top pros come from India and one pro would like to see the sport continue to grow in the area. Snooker pro Pankaj Advani has stated that he would like to see the sport televised in the country so that more people would catch on to the game. (05/04)

Special Billiards Challenge Match to Take Place This Week

Earl Strickland and Darren Appleton will be taking on Johnny Archer and Dennis Hatch this week when Steinway Billiards hosts a special challenge match. The two teams will be competing in a scotch doubles match on April 2nd. The Steinway Café & Billiards will be hosting the event, which will take place in Astoria, New York. (04/04)

PartyCasino Announces Major Jackpot Win

Party Casino is one of the oldest options available online today. Party Casino has lasted the test of time and continued to offer the best in online casino gambling games. The site is very well known and tons of players log on each day to enjoy the many gambling options. just recently, the online casino announced that one lucky player was able to take home a jackpot worth over $7.5 million! (04/04)

New Bingo Roulette Game To Launch in Britain

Gambling games are very popular no matter where you go but especially in Europe. Almost everyone enjoys gambling in Europe and because gambling is such a hot commodity, many operators and gaming creators try to find new options for players to enjoy. One way new games are released is with hybrids. The latest option like this, on the rise is Hybrid Roulette. (03/04)

Virginia Man Wins Large Lottery Prize

All around the world, gamblers are lining up each day to purchase lottery tickets. Players who enjoy the lottery on a regular basis always hope they will be the big winner. Players have the opportunity to win a few dollars with a scratch ticket or the opportunity to win millions, depending on what lottery game they play. In Virginia, one player was able to win a large prize this past week, when he decided to play the local lottery. (03/04)

World Snooker Tickets Still Up For Grabs

The World Snooker Championships will take place beginning on April 20th and tickets sold out rather quickly. Fans and players of the game will be excited to hear that World Snooker has now offered up extra tickets. The extra tickets went on sale March 28th so additional fans will now be able to attend the event at the crucible. (02/04)

European Blackjack Launches at Red Flush Casino

Red Flush Casino is a nice Vegas Style casino option for players who enjoy gambling online. The casino has a wide selection of online gambling options including table games and slot options. Red Flush Casino announced they now offer a new blackjack gaming option that will be a nice change for players. European Blackjack Redeal Gold is now available and will give players a new gaming option to try. (02/04)

Mardi Gras Casino Sued by Former Blackjack Dealer

The Mardi Gras Casino and Resort located in Charleston is being sued by a former employee who claims the casino wrongfully terminated her due to an illness. The former blackjack dealer, Jennifer Dillon, had to miss work periodically due to an illness she suffered from. Dillon was a blackjack dealer at the casino from September 2008 to November 2011 and she filed her complaint this March. (01/04)

Sparkling Bingo Mobile Option Grows in Popularity

Sparkling Bingo is a top provider of online bingo options. The online bingo site offers many different bingo gaming options from regular jackpot options to tournament play. The online bingo site also offers players an opportunity to enjoy their bingo offering via their mobile device. Players can log on now to try the online bingo gaming options via their mobile device. (01/04)

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