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Intertops Casino to offer Sports Playoffs Event

Online casino Intertops has decided to offer special contest this month to celebrate sports on both the basketball court and the hockey court. The casino will be hosting a leader board competition this month and $150,000 will be handed out to the top players who earn the most points during the month of June. (31/05)

New Instant Play Option Launched at Europa Casino

Online casino game play is one of the most popular forms of entertainment available all across the globe. Gamblers love to go online and visit their favorite casino to play their favorite games from craps to blackjack and poker. One such option is Europa Casino. In the past, this casino was only open to downloading the software to play the game but now the casino is offering instant play! (31/05)

Illusionist Banned From Another Casino

Most people who are banned from casinos are those who either have a gambling problem and have banned themselves or those who are banned for cheating the casino unfairly. However, one illusionist is banned for an entirely different reason. (30/05)

Batman Themed Slot Game Pays out Well

When it comes to slot game play, there are many different types of players. Those who enjoy the simple game of slots to those who want to be entertained with all the bells and whistles. The majority of the time, every player has one thing in common, they play the games they enjoy the most. This could be the type of game or theme behind the game or the amount wagered on the game, as many factors are to be considered. However, the main component is fun and the ability to earn cash! A big win recently took place on The Dark Knight slot game by Microgaming, which has everyone online talking! (30/05)

Full Tilt Hits the Airwaves Once Again

Full Tilt Poker has been back in action since November of 2012 with online game play an now the site will soon be back in action on television once again. Channel 5 in the UK will soon provide the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship for fans to be able to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. (29/05)

2013 World Professional Billiard League Season Ready to Begin

On May 30th, the 2013 season of the World Professional Billiard League very first season will begin. The tournament series will take place at the WPBL Arena which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the inaugural season of the tournament series and will feature the Bonus Ball, a new cue sport. (29/05)

Roulette Touch Releases by Net Entertainment

The game of roulette is one that is very popular with both online and brick and mortar game play. The game is relatively easy to play but can be intimidating to the beginning player. Once tried, players seem to enjoy the game very much so. The game of roulette is now available via mobile devices thanks to many different operators including Net Entertainment. (28/05)

Another Death due to Mahjong

As we have reported in the past, the game of mahjong is one that is no stranger to weird and crazy stories. The game is one where players are constantly becoming addicted to the game going very far to win a round of mahjong. Players have starved, dehydrated, fought and died to play the game. No one really understands the serious draw the game has on players except those who enjoy the game. But we do know that a few times a year very serious stories are reported about the game. (28/05)

Gossip Bingo Offering Special Gaming Options

Gossip Bingo is offering players special gaming options thanks to the site’s birthday celebrations. The online bingo site has provided bingo options for three years now and will be running several special contests to provide members with great deals. The site is currently hosting a special Red Carpet Jackpot game on June 7th which will offer up £10,000 in cash prizes. (24/05)

The Anonymous Poker Series Continues at Bodog Poker

A short time ago, Bodog Poker decided to create a new poker series called the Anonymous Poker Series. The series has had two events that were a big hit so the top online poker room is going to offer another event and this time, the series tournament will take place during the World Series of Poker. (24/05)

eConnect Launches New Baccarat Software Tool

Software company eConnect has announced they are launching a new product that will help with baccarat player tracking. Operators who use the Dragon Baccarat Game Analyzer will be able to use an updated version which will help track player progress on electronic baccarat games. The product helps to find cheating, collusion or errors in dealing. The solution also processes gaming activity. (23/05)

Sydney Harbor Bridge Features Mahjong Game

Every month, fascinating stories of the game of mahjong are found online. From curious stories of players staying up all night to scary stories of players fighting and killing each over a game, the game of mahjong is quite interesting. This month, a very interesting story has been released about the game. In Australia, four players decided to play a game of mahjong high up on the Sydney Harbor Bridge! (23/05)

WinADay Searches for Best Slot Game

WinADay Casino is considered one of the best online casinos available today. The site offers players a wide selection of gaming choices and tournament options, for all levels of game play. The site recently announced they conducted a survey to see which game was the player’s favorite. The results were quite interesting and gave players an inside look as to what games everyone enjoys playing. (22/05)

Hidden Lottery Ticket Pays out Millions

When playing the lottery, many players forget about purchased lottery tickets. Tickets will be stuffed in pockets, drawers, vehicles and anywhere else only to be forgotten about. This is how many lottery prizes go unclaimed. With many lotteries, the monies have to be claimed in a certain time frame or they go back to the state. Luckily one lottery winner was able to find a missing lottery ticket and claim an amazing prize in the state of Illinois. (22/05)

Keno Player Wins Large Jackpot Prize

The game of keno is one that is readily available in the US. Players can enjoy the game on an hourly basis at restaurants and bars across the US and pay very little to win a large jackpot. The game is available in many different areas including the Log Cabin Restaurant. A lucky player recently earned a nice jackpot by playing the game at the Log Cabin restaurant. (21/05)

Jaxx Casino Announces Big Slots Win

Every slot gamer dreams of winning a major jackpot prize. Players log on every day to try and win a large sum of money from playing their favorite game. At Jaxx casino, one lucky player has won a large jackpot while playing the Millionaires Club game. The Millionaires Club is a popular game and the recent lucky winner was able to earn $3.5 million with the win! (21/05)

Intertops Casino Awards Slots Player Large Cash Prize

Intertops Casino is a top provider of casino gaming options and players visit the site on a daily basis to try and earn a nice cash prize by playing their favorite games. The online casino recently announced that a lucky player named Tanya S is the latest winner at the online casino. Tanya was able to earn a prize of over $55,000 by playing several games at the online casino. (20/05)

Online Bingo Site offering Major Prizes this Month

Moon Bingo and Polo Bingo are two online bingo sites that offer players a wide selection of bingo gaming options. The two sites have decided to launch a summer contest for players to be able to earn a nice cash prize. The two sites are offering mega jackpot games with £5,000 in prize money up for grabs. Players will not only be able to earn cash prizes but also bonus codes, extra chips and luxury items. (20/05)

New iOS App Released by RedKings Poker

Online poker site RedKings Poker has announced they are now offering a new platform for mobile users. In the past, the site only offer their mobile platform to Android users and now the games are available to Apple iOS devices. This means that players who have an iPhone or iPad can now download the online poker option and compete from their mobile device. (17/05)

Casino LaVida Pays off handsomely

The month of May is a little over half over and already, one online casino has given away millions in cash prizes. Casino LaVida has announced they have handed out almost €4 million in cash prizes this month alone. The big wins started on the very first week of the month and have continued to see players earning very large cash prizes. (17/05)

College Student Wins Large Lottery Prize

The lottery is the most prevalent gambling option available to gamblers in the United States. Not every state offers gambling options, but the majority offers players the opportunity to enjoy lottery style games. The lottery is easy to play and players will have the opportunity to win great prizes which can make players rich for just a low amount of cash. The latest big winner in the US comes from the state of Virginia. (16/05)

New Mahjong Set Available in Limited Quantities

The game of mahjong is an enjoyable board style game that can be played online or in live form. The game gained popularity when it was created in Asia centuries ago and continues to be popular today. The board option is one that is enjoyed by many people and can become quite addictive. Board gaming options come in many forms and NetEase recently announced they are offering a new special edition of the game of mahjong. (16/05)

Roulette Touch Available for Mobile Devices

The game of roulette is one that is enjoyed by players across the globe. Players can enjoy a number of roulette variants and gaming options, all of which can be enjoyed online as well as in land game play. The game of roulette is an easy game to play as players simply place wagers on the number and color that will show up on the wheel. A new roulette gaming option is now available to players on mobile devices thanks to Net Entertainment. (15/05)

Gambling Site Offering Special Cash Option

Players enjoy online gambling for two reasons: Entertainment and Cash. Players enjoy playing their favorite games to pass the time but they also enjoy playing the games in the hopes of earning extra cash in the process. At 24LiveBet, players have the option of playing their favorite casino games and earning cash prizes. The site recently announced they are offering players the opportunity to win €20,000 in cash prizes! (15/05)

Jack Gold Casino Continues to Add Gaming Options

Just last month, online casino Jack Gold announced the addition of four new video slot games. Now the site continues the additions with new video poker gaming options. The site has added new games that are based on the Quickfire Flash-based gaming suite. The new games come on the heels of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Avalon and Agent Jane Blonde. (14/05)

Pros Leave Lock Poker

Lock Poker has seen quite their share of problems over the past few weeks and a few pros at the site have decided to cut and run. The site is one that has been very popular in the past but with certain issues arising, they are suddenly in the news and not in the best light. Like many online poker rooms, Lock Poker has a pro team, the Lock Pro Elite. After the problems the site has been having, two have now decided to part ways with the poker room. (14/05)

iPad now offers Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer gaming has quickly become one of the most popular gambling options available today. Players enjoy having the option of playing live games from the comfort of their own homes or even on the go. Only a handful of games are available in live dealer play, especially considering the form of entertainment you use from laptop to mobile options. For the iPad, players had only roulette, blackjack and Punto Banco baccarat. Now, the iPad is able to offer live dealer baccarat options thanks to the talented team at Evolution Gaming. (13/05)

Malta Gaming Company Releases New 3D Keno Games

Keno is a simple numbers game that is played by millions across the globe. The lottery style game is easy to understand and play and offers players an opportunity to win a large amount of cash in a short amount of time, what could be better? The game is usually played in live form but can be enjoyed online as well. Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd, a gaming company based in Malta, has released a new keno option that players are sure to enjoy, especially considering the new game is in 3D form! (13/05)

Sky Vegas Offering Special Megajackpots Contest

The summer is almost here and Sky Vegas would like to entice players with an opportunity to earn extra gambling cash for the hottest season of the year. The online casino has announced they are now offering Megajackpots, a special contest where players can earn a piece of a one million pounds prize pool. Players have from now until August to compete in the contest. (10/05)

Boyle Bingo Offering Special Bingo Month

Bingo is one of the favorite pastimes of many online gamblers and Boyle Bingo is one option that players have access to. The online bingo site offers a wide selection of games including tournaments and card games. The site recently announced they are offering up a special option for the entire month of May. From now until May 31st, players can take advantage of Fair 4 All bingo month. (10/05)

Oregon Man Video Poker Losses Lead to Attempted Robbery

When most gamblers lose while gambling they accept the loss and either wager more or move on. However, some gamblers cant take the loss and they take drastic measures to be able to regain their losses. One losing gambler, from Medford, Oregon, took matters into his own hands after losing at the video poker machines. (09/05)

Keno Player Wins Large Lottery Prize

The game of keno is one that is prevalent across the United States. Players can enjoy the lottery style game at restaurants and bars as well as other establishments that offer the keno game. Keno is easy to play and pays out handsomely for little cost, so players are more apt to play the game again and again to try and win a large prize. Just recently, a Nevada provider of keno announced that one lucky player has hit the $200,000 jackpot; this is only the fourth time this occurrence has happened in the La Vista area in a quarter of a century. (09/05)

Giant's Pro to Host Annual Celebrity Billiards Tournament

Justin Tuck is a professional football player for the New York Giants and every year, Tuck hosts a celebrity billiards tournament to raise money for charity. This year, Tuck's Celebrity Billiards event will take place on May 30th in Manhattan. The event is in its fourth year and as many as 35 celebrities are scheduled to take part in the 8 ball tournament with single elimination. (08/05)

California Authorities Searching for Lottery Thief

The lottery is a known gamble. Players understand that they are testing their luck by purchasing a lottery ticket and hopefully they will win. Sometimes players win small amounts of cash while other times, players win millions. Its all about the gamble, the opportunity to win the large amount of cash. (08/05)

Red Flush Casino Revamps Website

Red Flush Casino is a top online casino that will be in operation online for five years this month. The site is ready to celebrate their birthday with special gaming options for their loyal customers as well as launch a brand new look for the site. The new site will have a completely new look and will be easier to navigate so players can use the casino on several different devices. (07/05)

Luxury Backgammon Sets Now Available at GammonVillage

The game of backgammon is one that is enjoyed in both a live setting as well as with online game play. The game is featured at GammonVilliage, a community of sorts for backgammon gamblers. The site has now announced that they are carrying a new line of luxury backgammon gaming boards. Zaza & Sacci have created new backgammon sets as well as game boards which can not only be enjoyed in game play but also as an heirloom. (07/05)

Pokie Gaming Leads to Addiciton for Mom of Two

According to a recent court case, a mother living in Leopold is now facing severe charges for her actions based on her pokie addiction. Wendy Hope Jobson has spend millions playing pokie machines and gained the money for the games by stealing from her employer over a five year period. (06/05)

Bingo Addict Steals From Employer to Fund Habit

There are many different gambling gaming options available in the world today, from online gambling options to live settings. Gamblers have their favorite games and will play these games on a regular basis to entertainment purposes. Some players even use the games as a source of income. However, many times, gamblers can become addicted to gambling games and then make choices that affect their life in a negative manner. Online bingo is one such game that is highly addictive and one gambler from Newcastle found this out the hard way. (06/05)

Atlantis Sportsbook Set To Open Soon

By the first of September, a new sports book will be opening by the Atlantis company. The new facility cost $6 million to build and officials are stating that changes need to be made with gaming laws in the state in order to not lose guests. (03/05)

New Online Casino Launches

With the internet at our fingertips, we all have access to millions of various entertainment opportunities. We can watch videos, chat with friends, visit social networks and so much more. One option of entertainment that many have access to is online gambling. There are hundreds of online gambling opportunities available and more pop up almost every day. The latest online casino to launch is Lucky Fox. This new online casino is licensed in Malta and live for players to enjoy. (03/05)

Intertops Poker Launches Series 2013

Poker fans will be excited to hear that Intertops Poker has now officially started the Series 2013. Players will now have an opportunity to earn prizes worth up to $5,000 each week thanks to the series. Each Sunday, the online poker room is offering up a $5,000 cash prize to the finalist players in the competition. (02/05)

New Penny Game Options Available at Bingo MagiX

Fans of bingo are one of the most loyal fan bases in the world. The game of bingo has remained a popular gaming option for decades and players really enjoy online options that are available today. Players can log on to their favorite bingo site, chat with friends and play as many bingo games as they would like! Playing is easy and most online bingo sites have created a community which is very appealing to players. (02/05)

Bingo Addiction Leads to Theft for UK Woman

The game of bingo is one that is enjoyed by millions on a daily basis. Players can compete online in tournaments and chat games or they can head down to the local bingo hall to get in on the live action. Whatever the bingo wish, it is usually available. Because the game is so readily available, players tend to become addicted to the game. Gambling addictions, especially bingo, can lead to very poor choices with certain individuals which is exactly the case with a UK woman. (01/05)

Rich Casino Launches New Slot Game

Online slot players will be happy to hear that Rich Casino has launched yet another slot gaming title. Slots are a popular choice for online gamers as the games give players an opportunity to enjoy a simple game but the potential to win a massive amount of cash. The games come in many different forms and cost very little to play but the reward can be major, sometimes in the millions! (01/05)

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