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DoubleDown Casino Moves to New Markets

Online casino game play is readily available to millions of people across the globe. With tons of sites available, players have many options when it comes to online game play. Most casinos offer their services in one to two markets and then open up to other areas. Doubledown Casino is one such online gambling site that is open to many different markets and recently decided to offer their services in additional gambling markets. (28/06)

Pennsylvania Man Caps Caribbean Stud Poker Bets

When visiting a casino and hitting the table games, players must play the game according to the casino rules. Each table game has specific rules that must be followed to ensure that game play is fair and the casino is not cheated. However, there are still players who will try and cheat the casino. Players will go to any lengths to try and earn extra cash at the casinos expense. The latest instance of casino cheating comes out of the state of Pennsylvania. (28/06)

Steve Davis Supports Functional Snooker

Steve Davis is known as a top snooker pro in the industry and has won many a snooker tournament in his day. The fifty five year old supports not only the sport but what the sport can bring to young people. Davis knows that the game can help young people who may be struggling or in need of an activity. This is why the pro supports Functional Snooker. (27/06)

World Record Set for Fastest Billiards Jump Shooter

World records are set on a more regular basis than one might think. The Guinness Book of World Records and other record books keep track of thousands of different categories of records for a variety of categories including many sporting events, one of which is billiards. The sport has many records that have been set and recently a new world record was set in the sport. (27/06)

Elderly Man Wins Major Keno Jackpot

The game of keno is one that can provide gamblers with major jackpots. The game is easy to play and after players simply choose numbers they hope to see the same numbers in the jackpot drawing. Drawings usually take place every few minutes, so players have many chances to win at the game. The latest big win comes from Lambton, Ontario. (26/06)

Revel Casino Offering Special Cash Back Option for Slots Players

When it comes to bringing players in to enjoy slots games, many casinos are quite creative. Some casinos offer special contests, tournaments and game play options to bring players in to gamble on their casino floor. Being creative is the best way to provide traffic for your casino and players get something in return. The latest casino to offer a unique option is the Revel in Atlantic City. (26/06)

Online Bingo Addiction Leads to Stolen Family Funds

Online bingo can be a fun entertainment option for gamblers but is one that can lead to gambling problems. Players need to be wary that the game can be very addictive and be proactive with their bingo gaming. However, some players do not take care with their bingo gaming play and they can become addicted fairly quickly. The latest story released of gambling addiction involves two sisters. One sister was so addicted to gambling that she ended up taking several thousand pounds from here sister to play online bingo games. (25/06)

Lottery Winner Earns Large prize Before Big Wedding

People across the globe play the lottery on a regular basis. Everyone wants to be the big winner and hopes that when they purchase a lottery ticket, the big win will go to them. However, this rarely is the case. Most times, players will earn a few dollars and go on about their day. But there are some times that players actually do win a large prize. (25/06)

Ladbrokes Casino Launches Free Blackjack Cash

Blackjack is a favorite gambling game played online at many top online casinos. Most casinos offer a wide selection of blackjack games and Ladbrokes Casino is one such casino. Ladbrokes has been in the industry for years and they offer a great selection blackjack games. The site recently announced they are offering up to £750 in free cash for those who enjoy the game of blackjack. (24/06)

Pokie Addiction Leads Parents to Wrong Decision

Playing the pokies can be a fun and entertaining time but also a gambling entertainment option that can be quite addictive. Players have to be careful to have fun with the game but not take playing too seriously or they could end up in serious financial trouble, or worse, in trouble with the law. In Tongan, a couple recently found out the hard way how hitting the pokies can be disastrous if not handled well. (24/06)

Blackjack and Baccarat come to Bet365 Mobile

Bet365 is quickly adding to their mobile offering each and every month. The online gaming giant recently added a new roulette gaming option for mobile gamers and now they are offering blackjack and baccarat for players to enjoy. (21/06)

WinADay Casino Offering Free Cash

This weekend is the fifth anniversary of a popular online casino and to celebrate the casino is offering a free $20 for wagering. WinADay Casino is offering up $20 in free chips for those who log in anytime from this Friday to this Sunday. (21/06)

Roulette tournament launched at Moon Games

The game of roulette is one that is enjoyed across the globe. Players enjoy the thrill of the roulette wheel as the ball races around the numbers. Pick red or black and hope that your color is hit. The game of roulette is offered at many different establishments both online and offline and one in particular is offering a special roulette tournament this summer. (20/06)

100 Billionth Hand Dealt at PokerStars

PokerStars continues to host their hand promotions as they move higher in poker hand count. The online poker site was recently working on the 100 billionth hand and has announced this hand was hit, earning the wining player $103,000 in the process! (20/06)

Foxy Bingo Announces Bingo for iPad

The iPad is an Apple device that offers users hours of entertainment. Thousands of companies have created apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed for gaming, reading and so much more. These apps can be free or cost a few dollars but are great ways for everyone to pass the time. One form of entertainment that can be readily found on the iPad is the game of bingo. Many top bingo providers have released an iPad app so their members can play for fun or real money on this mobile device. (19/06)

Palmetto Cash Game Pays out $300,000 to Lucky Gambler

Everyday players compete in the lottery in the hopes of winning enough cash to never have to work again. Odds are that you most likely will not be able to win a great amount of cash but there is always that chance and players will continue to play in the hopes of hitting that one chance. The latest instance of a big win comes from a Boiling Springs man. The player competed in the Palmetto Cash 5 drawing this past Sunday and managed to win $300,000 in the process! (19/06)

Russian Gamblers Turn to Mahjong

The game of mahjong is one that is very popular in Asia but also around the globe. The game has taken off in a variety of countries and the most recent country to pick up the game is Russia. Players have really taken to the game and major cities have begun to host tournaments and gaming opportunities. A tournament with around sixty players took place in Moscow recently and more are becoming open to playing the game. (18/06)

Keno Comes to Kentucky

The game of keno may be coming to the state of Kentucky as early as this fall based on a recent voting with the Government Contract Review Committee. Last week the committee voted four to three to approve a contract amendment that would allow GTECH, a local lottery vendor, to place the game of keno in the state by October 19th. (18/06)

Bingo Site Offer Special Summer Contest

With summer in full swing, many people are taking breaks from the outdoors to enjoy a little online gaming. Players enjoy a wide variety of casino gaming while taking a break from the heat including online bingo. Online bingo sites offer great contests and tournaments during the summer months to entice players to play the game. RAPchic Bingo is now offering a special summer option for players who want to earn special prizes. (17/06)

New Slot Game Launches at Lucky247 Casino

Slot games are one of the most popular gaming options at online casinos. Gamblers all have their favorite casino they visit from the comfort of their home to play their favorite games. Players have thousands of options when it comes to online slot play and online casinos continue to add new games to their offerings so players continue to have even more games to play. The latest online casino to add a new slot game is Lucky247 Casino. (17/06)

Stan James Casino Announces Major Jackpot Win

Gamblers love to play their favorite casino games at online casinos in the hopes of hitting the largest jackpot. Players want to be the biggest winner and set themselves up to be set for life. Large jackpot wins take place all the time, many times in the seven figure range! The latest big win took place at the Stan James Casino with a lucky player from London. (14/06)

Big Fish Launches Roulette Gaming First

The game of roulette is one that is enjoyed by many gamers across the globe. The game can be enjoyed in land based play and many have taken to the game online. The game is easily played at online casinos and Big Fish has now announced a new option for roulette gamers. The new version offers real money gambling which is offered by Betable via Big Fish. The game can be played at Big Fish and offers the first synchronous multiplayer mobile option. (14/06)

Mom Steals from Disabled Daughter to Fund Bingo Habit

The game of bingo is one that is very addictive. Players love to purchase multiple cards and chat with friends while having the chance of winning a ton of cash. However, as much fun as the game of bingo can be it can lead to seriously issues. Many times, gamblers take the game too seriously and spend their life savings or worse. One mom has been found guilty of spending her disabled daughter’s benefits to fund her gambling habit. (13/06)

Pennsylvania Gambler Accused of Altering Poker Bets

When one sits down at the poker table, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. Players need to make sure that they play according to the rules to avoid begin extracted from the casino or in trouble with the law. However, some players want to make a quick buck and will do anything to be able to earn quick money, even break the rules. One player in Pennsylvania is now accused of altering his bets to make quick money. (13/06)

Snookers Lounge to Host Special Event for Boston Bombing Victims

The Boston Bombings were a horrific event to take place in the United States and many have worked hard to provide support in both the emotional and monetary sense. All genres of business have lended their expertise and support to help those who were victims of the event. The Snookers Pool Lounge and MD Promotions have worked together to create a new event which took place on June 9th to benefit victims of the Boston Bombings. (12/06)

Casino Waitresses Want New Shoe Options

When one visits the casino one of the must haves is a drink. We all love hitting the casino floor, finding our favorite games and then ordering a cocktail. We look for a waitress and hope we tip her enough that she keeps us in stock with booze for the entire visit. Waitresses are always dressed nice and ready to serve but in Connecticut, a few waitresses are hoping for changes to their wardrobe so they can remain comfortable during working hours. (12/06)

All Slots Casino Launches New Gaming Options

One of the most exciting things about online casinos is when your favorite casino adds new gambling games. With new game additions at your favorite casino, players have the option of enjoying new games and features. Online casinos are constantly adding to their portfolios so that players always have something new to enjoy. All Slots Casino is the latest casino to add new games and this time the casino has added four new gaming options. (11/06)

AllYouBet Ready for MLB Season

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is in full swing and that means bettors are placing wagers on their favorite teams and players. Gamblers who enjoy baseball love to place bets on the favored teams in the hopes of turning a profit. Since it is baseball season, players can expect to find specific deals for the sport at betting sites. AllYouBet is one such site that is currently offering such deals. The online sports betting site is currently offering players a free $50 bet for meeting certain criteria. (11/06)

Winner Gaming Offering Mobile Roulette Options

Mobile gaming has quickly become the popular choice for gamblers. Mobile options allow players to be able to play their favorite games whenever they like, no matter where they are. With mobile options, players simply download a mobile casino and then play the games available via their mobile device. Many online casinos are beginning to offer this option and players have a wide variety of choices when it comes to gambling games. (10/06)

Maine Resident Earns Massive Lottery Win

The lottery is enjoyed around the United States and it seems large wins are constantly popping up all over the place. The latest super win comes from East Millinocket, Maine. Gloria MacKenzie has earned a massive lottery prize worth $371 million! The lucky lottery winner has won such a large amount that it is worth almost four times the value of the town land. (10/06)

Mega Jackpot Awarded at BetVictor Casino

Every gambler dreams of hitting the big jackpot. We all want to earn that million dollar payday and be able to say we won a major jackpot. However, it does not happen as often as gamblers would like. It is very rare for a player to be able to hit a monster jackpot. However, one recent BetVictor player would have to disagree. (07/06)

New Gaming Room Available at Bingo Hall

Online bingo sites offer players a wide selection of gaming options to choose from each and every day. These sites are available 24/7 and have various bingo rooms that house the many different online bingo games. Players simply choose a room and go play. Bingo sites are constantly adding rooms to their options so players have new and interesting gaming rooms to choose from. The most recent online bingo site to add a new bingo room option is Bingo Hall. (07/06)

Police Search for Video Poker Robbery Suspect

When gambling, one must be very careful to observe their surroundings. Many times, we get so excited over a big win; we miss the fact that someone is watching our every move, waiting to pounce. Many criminals frequent gambling facilities so they can take advantage of unsuspecting victims. It is very important for players to be very careful with their money as well as any earnings they may win. (06/06)

Michael Phelps Competes in 2013 WSOP

Michael Phelps is well known for his actions in the water as the gold medalist has won many an Olympic medal. But the Olympian is also known for his love of poker. The athlete has been known to rub elbows with top poker pros and competes in the occasional poker tournament. Phelps was recently seen in attendance at the 2013 World Series of Poker where he competed in his very first event! (06/06)

French Mahjong Team Upsets China during Championship event

The Mahjong Open French Championship took place in France just a few days ago in the Toulouse area and teams from around the world competed in the prestigious event. The game of mahjong is an ancient one that derived from Asia and those of Asian descent grow up learning and playing the game. Many are considered experts and the Chinese team expected to do very well in the event but did not and certain remarks were made about their performance. (05/06)

New Bingo Site Launched to Cater to Gay Bingo Players

The LGBT community now has an online bingo site that caters to gay players and the new site is titled Fierce Bingo. The new site states they give the LGBT community a ‘fierce and fun’ place to play the game of bingo and at the same time a meeting place for those who live similar lifestyles. (05/06)

Record Keno Win in British Columbia

The game of keno is one that most every gambler enjoys. The game is very popular in restaurants and bars in North America as the game is simply played every few minutes. Players will choose a certain amount of numbers and hope their numbers pop up during the drawing. The drawings usually take place several times an hour and with low ticket prices and large jackpots, players play the game on a regular basis. Recently a lucky gambler of Tumbler Ridge British Columbia was able to earn a record breaking keno prize. (04/06)

New York Store Clerk Steals Thousands in Lottery Tickets

When it comes to lottery ticket sales, we all rely on trustworthy sales clerks. The sales clerk can check a ticket for a winner and also has access to the lottery tickets. So essentially, the owner of the store as well as the player needs to be able to trust the lottery clerk. Many times, the access to lottery tickets is too great for clerks and they steal lottery tickets, either from the store or from a winning player. Recently, a female store clerk of New York was arrested for stealing tens of thousands in lottery tickets. (04/06)

BetSoft Gaming Premieres New Slot Games

BetSoft Gaming is a top provider of slot gaming options as well as other gambling type games. The company has been very busy creating new slot titles and they recently debuted three new games at Cosmik Casino. The site had just launched another BetSoft title with It Came From Venus and now they are offering three additional titles. (03/06)

Sports Betting Site Launches New Reward Opportunities

With several sports seasons coming to an end, online sports betting site, GEObet is offering players an opportunity to earn extra winnings. The NHL, NBA and baseball sports bettors now have the opportunity to win 50% more when at least three wagers are placed in the above categories. (03/06)

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