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Four Players Named as FTP Representatives on UKIPT

The UK and Ireland Poker Tour will begin this August and Full Tilt Poker has announced that four players will be representing the site during the many tour events. Sinem Melin, Martins Adeniya, Ben Jenkins and Dermot Blain will be competing for FTP during the tour events. (31/07)

Player Earns Caribbean Stud Poker Double Win

Caribbean stud poker is a popular gaming choice for players in online game play. The game can be found in most online casinos and can give players nice paydays. The game is usually connected to a progressive jackpot and players who hit the jackpot can win major cash. Intertops Casino is one gaming option that provides a Caribbean stud poker gaming option. The site recently announced that they have one player who has earned a win with the game not once, but twice! (31/07)

High Speed Baccarat comes to Online Casino

The game of baccarat is one that is popular with many gamblers, especially those of the high rolling variety. Big bank rolls provide players with the option of wagering major amounts of cash and earning a nice pay day in return. Online gaming brand Bodog has announced they are now offering a new option for baccarat gaming in the Bodog Zone. This new option of baccarat provides players with a high speed version so the game can be enjoyed at a faster pace. Players will be able to compete for the same great prizes but at a quicker rate. (30/07)

Keno Coming to Kentucky

This November, residents and visitors to the state of Kentucky will have the opportunity to enjoy the game of keno like never before. The game of keno can be found in many states across the US and is a quick option for gambling that many enjoy. Players simply choose numbers and hope they make a match to win quick cash. Drawings take place every few minutes so players have multiple opportunities to earn a lottery win. (30/07)

Garbage Lottery Ticket Results in $1 million prize

When one plays the lottery it is very important to know and keep track of the status of your lottery tickets. Many times, lottery tickets are lost or misplaced and players have no idea they won a large amount of cash. The result of a lost winning ticket is the state gets to keep the lottery cash and the player loses out of the money they won after a certain time period. One couple from Massachusetts recently almost lost out on $1 million after throwing away their winning lottery ticket. (29/07)

Gambling Mom Makes Bad Decision

Gamblers have to make decisions every time they hit the casino from which casino to visit to which game to play. Players then have to decide what moves to make at the table games or how much to wager on the slot machines. These are relatively easy decisions which gamblers must make every day. Parents must also find someone to watch their children to be able to enjoy their favorite gaming games. (29/07)

New Slot games Released at Jackpot Party

Slot gaming is a favorite pastime of many online gamblers. Slot games are entertaining because they come in many forms and there are thousands of options available online. Players can enjoy video slots, classic slot games and so much more. Each game has lower wagering options so players can play the games for very little money. Online casinos are constantly adding to their gaming selections so that players have new and exciting slot games to enjoy. The latest casino to launch new games is Jackpot Party. (26/07)

Bingo Site Rewards Player with Nice Bingo Prize

The game of bingo is a rewarding one as players are easily able to earn nice cash prizes by playing the game. It seems that every day an online bingo site is announcing that players have won large jackpot prizes by taking advantage of their favorite bingo and gambling games. Landmark Bingo is the latest site to announce a big win from one of their players in the tune of £5,000. (26/07)

Striker under Controversy after Wagering on Blackjack Games

Papiss Cisse is a striker for the Newcastle United and a well-known player. He has been photographed on numerous occasions on the field and is known to be a top competitor. The player recently was in the news for not wanting to hit the field after the Newcastle United club decided to start a sponsorship with Wonga. (25/07)

New Online Casino Launches with Nice welcome Bonus

Online gamblers love having the opportunity to enjoy their favorite casino games. Players have instant access to their games by logging on to their favorite online casinos. Playing from home is a great bonus of logging online but one other great bonus is an actual bonus. Players can gamble at online casinos and take advantage of bonusing options. A new casino recently launched and is now offering players a nice $5,000 welcome bonus. (25/07)

New Software Available at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom is an online poker room that is available in the US and one that many use when they want to enjoy online poker. The cardroom offers online poker options and recently announced they have changed their software option. The online poker site has been completely redesigned with an enhanced version of their software and plenty of new features to enjoy. (24/07)

Mobile Gaming Now Available Via United Bingo

Online gambling sites are constantly adding to their gaming options to keep players happy. Now, with mobile gaming gaining in popularity, most online gaming sites are now creating a mobile version of their gaming software. This way, players can enjoy their favorite games while on the go. United Bingo is the latest online gaming site to join the mobile revolution with the recent announcement of a brand wide launch of a mobile gaming platform. (24/07)

Red Flush Casino Announces Big Win for New Player

Each and every day, gamblers sign up as a new member of online gambling sites. Online casinos are constantly working to bring in new traffic and new players to enjoy all the casino has to offer. Players love enjoying their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own home. Many times, new players are able to earn nice jackpots just minutes or hours after signing up as a new member to an online gambling site. The most recent instance of this happening is with Red Flush Casino. (23/07)

California Couple Wins Large Lottery Prize

Many states in the US offer lottery gaming options. Players can have the opportunity to enjoy a little gambling for a few dollars, in the hopes of earning a nice lottery prize. Tickets are low in price but can offer millions in cash prizes. Games come in many forms from scratch offs to numbers games and so much more. The latest win in the US comes from San Jose, California. (23/07)

New Technology Created to help with Pokie Addiction

The pokies is a popular gambling option in the UK and one that many feel should be controlled better to make sure that players with gambling issues are cared for. A new option has been created to help with this issue and is currently under trial at a pub in the Hamilton area. The new technology is based on facial recognition and is supposed to help prevent gamblers with issues from playing the games. (22/07)

UK Casino Celebrates Anniversary and Roulette Success

The Aspers Casino is a popular gambling spot located in Northampton in the UK. The casino has been in business for five years now and is currently celebrating this milestone. Recently, the casino hosted a special event which was for their VIP players. The event saw the release of a new menu specifically designed for summer as well as the opportunity to try out the new choices at the Clary’s eatery. (22/07)

Gambler Earns Second Jackpot Win from Intertops Casino

Winning a jackpot at an online casino is wonderful but winning two is amazing! It is very rare that a person can win a large jackpot from an online casino but it is almost impossible for a person to win more than one jackpot from the same online casino. However, one lucky player has just earned his second jackpot win from Intertops Casino. (19/07)

Ancient Sets of Mahjong Return Home

The game of mahjong is an ancient form of entertainment. The game dates back centuries ago and is Asian in origin. This game is one that has stood the test of time and can be played in many forms. The game originally was created with decorated gaming tiles and would be played on a game board. Today, the game can be played in this form as well as in online game play. The game is so ancient that items representing the game can be found in museums. (19/07)

New Video Poker Suite Launched by BetOnSoft

BetOnSoft is a popular HTML5 games developer that is known for offering top quality gaming solutions for gaming sites including popular casinos. The company recently announced they are offering a new suite of games that includes video poker gaming. The new suite includes eleven games of video poker origin and an update to the mobile gaming platform. With this new release, the gaming provider now offers as many as thirty mobile gaming options. (18/07)

Massachusetts Man Involved in Keno Scam

It was recently reported that a man from Holland, Massachusetts has been arrested for a keno scamming business. The man was arrested after getting away with over $11,000 from local businesses. John Karl Szyszko now faces several criminal charges due to the keno scam over several areas in the state. (18/07)

Baccarat Cheaters Face Charges

The game of baccarat is one that is popular with gamblers across the globe. The game is popular among players from all over and it is also a popular choice for those who want to try and cheat the casino. Players repeatedly use the game as a way to cheat the casino out of funds that are not rightfully theirs such as capping bets or using unique cheating methods to trick the dealer. Two players are now in court for their baccarat scheme and they could face serious jail-time for their actions. (17/07)

FTOPS XXII To Begin Next Month

Full Tilt Poker is a top online poker room and known around the world for many different reasons. One of which is the Full Tilt Poker Series. This series has taken place for many years and this August, the FTOPS XXII will begin! The new round of events will begin on August 4th and continue until the 18th. The series will feature $8 million guaranteed prize money and several tournament variants. (17/07)

Security Official Admits to Stealing from Arkansas Lottery

Just last week, Remmele Mazyck pled guilty to stealing lottery tickets from the Arkansas Lottery. Mazyck worked as a security official for the lottery office and was working the system, stealing and cashing out a large number of tickets to earn almost $500,000. (16/07)

Overweight Blackjack Dealer Fired Due to Dress Code

No matter where you are employed, you most likely deal with a dress code. While some places of employment are lax with their dress code, there are other companies that are very strict on what can be worn in the workplace. Some companies require a certain uniform to be worn while other companies just want you to dress appropriately. At casinos, employees are required to wear a certain type of clothing and meet the requirements. Recently, one casino employee of the Mardi Gras casino in West Virginia was fired because he did not adhere to dress code procedures. (16/07)

Online Casino Releases More Games for Mobile Application

Just a few days ago we reported that Lucky247 had released a mobile gaming option for their members. Mobile gambling has taken off in record numbers as players continue to download mobile gaming options from their favorite online casinos. Lucky247 has now also announced they are offering two slot gaming options that were created by Microgaming. (15/07)

Free Is Awesome at 888Ladies Bingo

Online bingo sites offered around the globe provide free gaming options for their members so players can enjoy the game at no cost. Free games can offer players prizes or small cash amounts. Players can find free gaming options at their favorite online bingo sites including 888Ladies Bingo. 888Ladies is currently offering free bingo games daily for their members to enjoy. (15/07)

Mobile App Launches for Lucky247

Mobile casino game play is in high demand and online casino and gaming companies are beginning to offer their services via mobile solutions. This option is becoming popular because players have the option of enjoying their favorite casino games from any location. On the go, at home, anywhere works with a mobile casino. The latest gaming company to offer such a solution is Lucky247. This site has launched a new mobile app that is now available for Android devices. (12/07)

Delaware Lottery Officials Release Online Gambling Regulations

Online gambling should be set to go live this September thanks to the release of gaming regulations in the state of Delaware. The state was one of the first in the US to pass legislation for online gambling in the state and they have worked hard to create the proper regulations to provide real money gaming options for residents and visitors of the state. (12/07)

Costa Bingo Celebrating 4th Birthday

The month of July signifies the fourth birthday of popular online bingo site Costa Bingo. The site is one that has thousands of members enjoying the game of bingo on a daily basis. Players enjoy the tournaments, chat games, promotions and more that Costa has to offer. The site is currently celebrating their 4th year in business and will continue to offer great gaming options throughout the month for players to enjoy. (11/07)

Illegal Gambling Raid Results in Twelve Arrests

Gambling raids take place more often than one might think. All across the world, individuals host gambling options and most times, these gambling games are not regulated, which makes them illegal. Depending on where you are, the gambling game of choice will vary. Some like to host illegal poker games while others offer video poker and other electronic gaming machines. In Asia, the game of choice for most gamblers is mahjong. The game of mahjong can be found in most illegal gambling raids. The most recent raid took place in Singapore and resulted in twelve arrests. (11/07)

Kingston International 2013 Backgammon Tournament Results

The 2013 edition of the Kingston International Backgammon tournament is complete and Kynan Cooke has earned the first place finish of the Sterling Asset Management event. The tournament took place at the Spanish Court Hotel and Cooke was able to defeat Billy West in the finals to earn the first place finish. On the women’s side, it was Marie Legualt who earned the title defeating fellow player Nikki Franklin I the finals. (10/07)

Video Poker Parlor Robbed

Gaming facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some gaming facilities, such as Las Vegas casinos are large and can house thousands of people for casino entertainment. Las Vegas is of course a large gambling city so they will offer larger gaming venues. Other states in the US offer gambling options but on a larger scale. The larger gaming facilities do not have to worry about robbers as much as smaller facilities do. A Milwaukie facility was recently subject to robbery due to small size. (10/07)

All Slots Casino Offering Spectacular Blackjack Gaming Options

The game of blackjack is one that is enjoyed in many forms. In land game play, the game of blackjack can be found in a few forms, such as 21 and electronic. However, when you get to online game play, the game of blackjack can be found in many more forms. Most online casinos offer at least 3 to 5 options for blackjack game play, yet some go overboard and offer even more blackjack options. All Slots Casino being one such casino. (09/07)

Maple Casino Announces Big Slot Game Win

Online casino game play is one of the most popular forms of entertainment from the home. Gamblers love to log on to their favorite casino, enjoy their favorite gambling games and hopefully earn a nice jackpot payday. Online casinos are constantly announcing when big wins are earned and the latest comes from Maple Casino. Maple uses Microgaming gambling games and just announced that a player of Franken Cash has earned $72,000 by playing the game. (09/07)

Party Poker to undergo Makeover

Online casinos and gambling sites that have a known brand will go for years, even decades without changing their look. The look is everything and most times, gambling sites do not want to make changes so they can continue to offer the same options for players to enjoy without breaking up the navigation or operation of the site. However, over time, a look of a casino can become drab and one must change it up to spice things up and bring in new players. This is exactly what Party Poker plans to do. (08/07)

Jacks or Better Game Added to Pollard Banknote Offerings

Jacks or better is a popular card game which is played mostly in electronic form at land casinos. The game is enjoyed by many gamblers and can be found at casinos across the globe. Pollard Banknote has recently announced that they are now offering a Jacks or Better game with their portfolio. The new game is fast paced and can provide hours of entertainment. (08/07)

Paris Casino Manager Rigs Roulette

Being the manager of a casino definitely has its perks but sometimes, managers take their authority a bit too far. Managers have to be trustworthy people to be able to run the casino as it should be run, efficiently and correctly. Sometimes a manager wants to impress someone or earn extra cash on the side and then trouble is afoot. A manager at a Paris casino recently came under fire after finally admitting to rigging roulette games for a female friend. (05/07)

Full Tilt Offering Freeroll Festival

Full Tilt Poker has been back in action for a few months now and the online poker room continues to offer new opportunities to players in the hopes of gaining back their former player base. The group came out strong in the beginning and continues to offer nice options for players to be able to earn extra cash and enjoy online poker. The site recently announced they are hosting a special free roll options for players to enjoy for the month of July. (05/07)

Celebrating the 4th of July

Today, our writing team in the US is celebrating the 4th of July. As we celebrate our Independence as a country, we enjoy fellowship together with friends and family. But we will be back in action again tomorrow, to provide you with up to the minute gambling news! (04/07)

Ponte Vedra Gambler Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize

$1 million dollars. Who wouldn’t love to win $1 million dollars? We all dream of one day becoming millionaires but in most cases, this does not happen. One has to have a really great job or win the lottery to be able to win $1 million dollars. Winning the lottery is very difficult and the odds are against you but it can be done. One Ponte Verda woman recently earned a $1 million prize by playing a special Millionaire lottery game. (03/07)

Casino Hosting Special Independence Day Tournament

July 4th is a special day in the US and citizens celebrate in various ways, but usually a cookout and fireworks are involved! Gamblers like to celebrate the 4th in this manner as well but love to throw in a good poker game. The Normandie Casino understands how much poker players want to enjoy a nice tournament on Independence Day so they are hosting a special $10,000 guaranteed event. (03/07)

Nevada Blackjack Dealer Arrested for Stealing

The game of blackjack is one that is normally played with a dealer. Players enjoy live game play when they can hit the table with fellow gamblers, and play against the dealer. The thrill of twenty one is hard to beat and is why the game of blackjack is one of the most popular gambling options in the industry today. There are millions of players who enjoy the game and some have perfected the game, earning large paydays whenever they play. Some gamblers even go so far as trying to cheat the casino to earn a blackjack win. However, gamblers are not the only ones to try and cheat the casino, sometimes even the dealers get involved. (02/07)

New Online Casino launched in the Gaming Universe

With hundreds of online gaming sites to enjoy, it is pretty exciting when a new gambling site is launched. Elray Resources Incorporated has announced they are now offering a new gambling site for players to enjoy titled Golden Galaxy. The new online casino is powered by Playtech and offers a nice range of gambling gaming options. (02/07)

Slot Win Shared with Pooch

Slot games are a popular choice for online gamblers as they provide a nice selection of gaming choices. Slot games come in all forms and players have a nice opportunity to win a jackpot prize for little wager. These games comes in all types of themes and when players earn a nice win, they usually share with friends or family. (01/07)

Summer Fun Rewards at Online Bingo Site

When summer time arrives, many of us enjoy the sunshine for a while but eventually the summer heat becomes too much to bare. When the heat is upon us, many gamblers head indoors to play their favorite gambling games one of which is online bingo. The game of bingo is entertaining and offers friendships as players can chat and make friends online. During the summer, many online bingo sites offer great opportunities for players to compete in unique games and options. (01/07)

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