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AllYouBet Ready for Football Season

Football season is finally upon us and fans from all around the world are ready for the 2013/2014 season. Sports bettors are ready to watch their favorite teams and players hit the field and place a few wagers. AllYouBet is ready for football season as well as are offering fans a great depositing option to get ready for the upcoming wagering season. (30/08)

Major Lottery Winner Earns Prize Seven Years After The Win

Robert Miles of New York State won a $5 million lottery prize but was tricked out of his winnings by the employees of a convenience store. The rightful winner is now going to earn the large prize seven years after it took place in 2006. (30/08)

Footballer Uses Snooker Table to hide Drug Money

Most football players in the UK work hard at their profession. The sport is highly popular and players must compete on the top of their game to be able to earn a living and have the respect of their countrymen. However, sometimes players make the wrong decisions and lose their focus. Recently a GAA player was arrested for his involvement with drugs. (29/08)

Slots Player Uses Motivation to Win Major Slots Prize

We all dream of visiting faraway lands. Maybe you want to visit Hawaii or the ruins of Greece. Everyone has a special place they would like to visit and experience. One gambler recently used his special place as an incentive to win a slots game. Giles R. was playing at the Grande Vegas Casino when he decided to use his goal of going to Machu Picchu to win a major cash prize. (29/08)

Connecticut Planning on 1,000 Keno Machines

The state of Connecticut will soon be the next state in the US to offer the game of keno. The game of keno is one that is very popular among gamblers. The game is a lottery style game and provides players with the option of simply choosing numbers and hope the same numbers are drawn. The state will be adding as many as 1,000 keno stations by the first of next year. (28/08)

Online Bingo Site Launches New contest

One reason that online bingo players enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes is the fact that they can win great prizes. Top sites offer quality gaming options as well as contests so players can earn extra cash while playing their favorite games. One such site is Foxy Bingo and they offer a great selection of gaming options and they have recently launched a new contest for players to enjoy. The latest contest will give the lucky winner tickets to the upcoming Super League Grand Final. (28/08)

PKR Releases New Blackjack Option

PKR is an online poker room that is known for offering top quality 3 dimensional poker game play. The company provides a unique gaming option and players have enjoyed the gaming option for some time now. The company also provides a casino gaming option for players to enjoy. PKR expanded some time ago and they offer several gaming options including blackjack and other casino games. The company recently announced they are now offering a 3D blackjack option. (27/08)

Slotland Player Earns Major Win

Slotland is known for their great selection of slot gaming options and many players have won very nice jackpots over the past few months. Players love to play the many different slot games and try to win a jackpot from progressives as well as the classic slots. Recently a player earned a nice six figure prize by playing the Heavy Metal slot game. (27/08)

Tidy Bingo offering major cash incentives

Online bingo is a popular gaming choice for gamblers, especially those in the UK. The game has been popular for decades and continues to be a great way for gamblers to earn extra cash, make new friends and just have fun. There are hundreds of online bingo sites for players to enjoy and every few weeks a new site is launched. One of the latest sites to launch is Tidy Bingo and they have received rave reviews as well as offered up great rewards. (26/08)

New Roulette Gaming Option at Lucky Live Casino

The game of roulette is one that is enjoyed by thousands if not millions of people across the globe. Players enjoy the game so much that they take to their favorite online casinos to play the game from the comfort of their own home. The game is so popular that many online casinos add the game to their live dealer options. Lucky Live Casino is one such casino. (26/08)

Lottery Ticket Thief Pleads Guilty

Lottery employees work with state lotteries to provide cash winning opportunities to residents and visitors of the state. Lottery employees are trusted by their employer to stick to the rules and regulations of the position. However, sometimes, lottery employees make the wrong decision and ultimately pay the price. A former employee of the Maryland lottery recently pled guilty to theft for stealing over $99,000 in lottery tickets. (23/08)

38th Backgammon World Championship Results

Backgammon is a popular board game that has stood the test of time for decades. Players can enjoy the game in board game form as it was originated or the game can be played online. Because the game is popular in board game form, players enjoy competing in tournaments when they take place. Recently the 38th Backgammon World Championship finished up and the winning team was from Israel. (23/08)

Online Bingo Site Offering Special Contest

For many in the UK, there is a bank holiday coming up very soon. Most players will be enjoying this time off with a little rest and relaxation. For most, this means online bingo game play. RAPchic Bingo knows that players will be gathering online to play bingo and chat with friends so they have decided to offer a new contest for the holiday. (22/08)

Summer Slots Returns

Slot tournaments are one of the most popular gaming options available online today. Players enjoy logging online and having the option of competing in a tournament setting for the chance to win large cash prizes. Players get the competitiveness of a tournament but from the comfort of their home! WinADay Casino is known for hosting high quality slot tournaments and recently finished up a Summer Slots tournament option. Players enjoyed the tournament so much that the site has decided to offer yet another round of the tournament series. (22/08)

South Carolina Town Subject to Video Poker Seizure

The State Law Enforcement Division of the state of South Carolina was very busy as of late working on a video poker case. Agents recently raided a warehouse where over seven hundred and fifty video poker machines were found and taken into custody. The raid was conducted by both police and firefighters as a report surfaced of a possible fire at the facility. (21/08)

Full Tilt Offering Pro Playing Opportunity

Full Tilt Poker is known for sponsoring big name pros, one of which is Gus Hansen. Gus is known for multiple titles in major poker tournaments as well as being a monster online. The pro can be down six figures one month and quickly build back up to up six figures. Hansen has skills and any player who would like to take on the pro has the chance with the latest Full Tilt Poker contest. (21/08)

Drinking While Gambling Can Be Hazardous

Drinking is something that gamblers are excited to do and usually enjoy while playing at their favorite casino. Drinks can be free at many casinos and players enjoy their favorite drinks while hitting the gaming tables. A favorite of many gamblers is roulette. Players try their luck choosing red or black and hope that the ball hits the right number. Recently a gambler in Illinois played the game of roulette and had a little too much to drink, earning a trip home instead of a cash prize. (20/08)

MLB Player Tricked with Lottery Scam

Everyone plays the lottery, even sports players. When the jackpots begin to rise, most anyone will purchase a lottery ticket in the hopes of earning the top prize. Players want to become instant millionaires and never have to work again or at least have the cash to do as they please. A major league baseball player recently became the victim of a lottery scam after a fellow player decided to fool his teammate. (20/08)

Sports Site offering up large jackpot prize

Sports fans love to wager on their favorite games and players have found that sports wagering sites are a great option. Fantasy football is one option when it comes to sports betting and TotelFootball is an option for soccer fans to be able to wager on their picks to earn extra cash. Soccer fans can place wagers at the site and then win prizes based on their team selections. The site recently announced they are offering up a great opportunity for wagers to win a six figure jackpot! (19/08)

Progressive Jackpot Continues to Climb

Progressive jackpots are always a favorite for gamblers online. Players love to be able to play their favorite games and have the option of placing a side wager to be able to earn even more cash. A progressive jackpot is connected to certain games and when a specific combination is found, the player will win the jackpot. These jackpots continue to grow as players post the side bets and at All Slots Casino, one progressive is sitting at £3 million!! (19/08)

Enjoy a game of mahjong, Underwater?

The game of mahjong is one that is known to produce unusual stories. The game has brought on fights with brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor. The game is so addictive that players have been known to become dehydrated, pass out and even die while enjoying the live board game. Mahjong players take the game very seriously and recently the game was taken to an even higher level of game play. (16/08)

Slotland Offering Slots Cash Prizes

Gamblers visit Slotland on a daily basis to enjoy the many different gaming options available. Players have many gaming options to choose from and a favorite is slot gaming. Players enjoy slot games so that they can earn a great deal of cash. Slotland is currently offering players a way to enjoy their favorite slot games and earn extra cash at the same time. Until the 18th of the month, players will have the option to win $3,000 in daily cash prizes from the online gaming site. (16/08)

Cheeky Bingo Continues with Online Bingo Contest

Cheeky Bingo is a top online bingo destination for thousands of bingo players each and every day. The site offers a nice selection of bingo gaming options and for a little while, the bingo site has provided players with a special contest titled Cheeky Fest. The festival has offered up bingo competitions with promotions and jackpots and a special bingo game is coming up very soon. (15/08)

New Blackjack and Roulette Gaming Options for iPhone

Blackjack and roulette are two table games that are very popular with gamblers. Because the games are so popular, they are two of very few choices that online casinos allow when creating mobile gaming options. Ladbrokes Casino understands the appeal of the two games and they have partnered with Realistic Games Ltd to provide both blackjack and roulette for the iPhone. (15/08)

Mobile Slot Selection Expands at Lucky247

Mobile gaming continues to be a top option for gamblers across the globe. Gamblers enjoy having the option of visiting their favorite online casinos while on the go. Lucky247 is one such casino that offers a wide selection of mobile gaming options. The site recently announced they are now offering even more games with the addition of several new slot gaming options. (14/08)

New Pokie Law in the Works

SkyCity pokies are a popular option with gamblers and other casinos in the area see just as many pokie players hitting the gaming floors on a regular basis. These games run at all times, but this may change if the Labour internal affairs have anything to do with it. A spokesman for the group, Trevor Mallard, has stated that a new law is being proposed that will shut the games down from 4am to 9am every day. (14/08)

Snooker Game Picked up by 3 Year old Toddler

When it comes to snooker game play, there are many pros from all across the globe that play at the highest level. These players are able to compete against each other at the top level. Snooker takes skill and the top pros have it. It can take years to develop the skills needed to play the game. However, a three year old from the Anhui province is proving that he can give snooker pros a run for their money. (13/08)

Kentucky Team Wins Major Billiards Championship

The Billiards Congress of America recently hosted their National Three-Man Nine-Ball Championship in Nevada and a team from Kentucky earned the first place finish. The team was made up of Anthony Beeler, Dean Lawson and Kenny Tran and they quietly returned home after they earned the first place win. (13/08)

Intertops Celebrating Birthday with Free Bets

Intertops is a top online gaming company that provides players with optimal wagering options including sports betting. Players enjoy wagering on their favorite sports and teams and Intertops wants to reward their loyal players with free bets in conjunction with their 30th birthday. Intertops have provided players with sports betting options for decades and they will be providing $30,000 in free bets for their players. (12/08)

Video Slots Prevail at Online Casino

Video slot gaming options are a popular choice for slot lovers as this game type provide players with interactive gaming. Video slots show players videos based on the theme of the game. Movie themed games will have clips from your favorite movies and make the game very interactive and enjoyable. All Slots Casino recently announced they are now offering five additional slot games for players to enjoy, all of which fall into the video slot category. (12/08)

Bingo3X Offering Special Contest

Bingo players are constantly searching for the perfect site to enjoy their favorite form of bingo. Players enjoy the game as well as the social aspect of playing online. Bingo3X is one such popular site that players frequent to be able to play their favorite games and meet up with friends. The site is known for offering great contests and they have just announced a new contest titled Pouch-A-Vouch. (09/08)

Illinois Couple Wins Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Prize

We all dream of winning the lottery, even if we donít play. Who doesnít wish they could instantly win $1 million dollars or more with very little investment? I can think of no one who would turn down a huge jackpot prize. This is why we play the lottery, in the hopes that we win a huge jackpot and never have to work again, or at least enough money to buy a new home or automobile. In the US, the lottery is quite popular and players are constantly hoping to be the next big millionaires. The most recent win comes from Roodhouse, Illinois where a lucky couple is now $6.2 million richer! (09/08)

Grande Vegas Casino Offering Special Slot Tournament This Month

Slot gaming is a game that many choose when enjoying online casino games. Slot gaming comes in many forms and Grande Vegas Casino offers many options for slot fans. The site recently announced they are launching a month long slot tournament for players to enjoy. The slot tournament will run for the entire month and will offer $500. Players can also compete in weekly gaming options which will hand out $100 to the winning players. (08/08)

Casino Gaming Site Adds New Languages

For an online gaming site to be successful, they need to provide gaming options for a wide audience of gamblers. This is why online casino sites will provide their software in a variety of languages. It is important to have the gaming options available in different countries and languages so the traffic continues to flow and the site is successful. Most recently top provider of online casino game Casino has decided to offer their gaming options in three new languages. (08/08)

Nevada Offering up William Hill Special

William Hill is a popular sports book brand that offers their services around the world. Players from many different nations have the opportunity to enjoy gambling games via William Hill. The company even boasts seventy five locations in the state of Nevada. Speaking of Nevada, the William Hill options in the state are now offering players a special NFL and College football wagering option this Fall. (07/08)

Keno Struggling in Delaware

The game of keno is one that can be found in many different states in the US. The game is easily played and provides large jackpots for players to enjoy. Players simply choose a certain amount of numbers and then hope the numbers are picked during the drawing. Many states add this game as a lottery option to raise funds for various government projects. The latest state in the US to add the game is Delaware and the game has yet to catch on with gamblers. (07/08)

Slotland Announces Nice Slot Win

Slot games are a very popular gaming choice for gamblers who enjoy gaming from the comfort of their home. There are hundreds of choices that players have when it comes to slot game play and it can be hard to find the perfect gambling site or game to play. Many players visit Slotland to play the slot games the site has to offer. Slotland has a long list of gaming options and the majority of the games the site provides are slots. The site recently announced that one player earned a nice win after playing while in the hospital. (06/08)

Billiards Tour To be sponsored by ImproveYourShot Site

ImproveYourShot is a popular online billiards site that focuses solely on the game of billiards. The site works hard to provide information on the sport and provide help with game play as well as the latest news and tournaments. The information website is now going to sponsor the Lone Star Billiards Tour and provide great entertainment and knowledge along the way. (06/08)

Pokies Addict Steals From Employer

The pokies are quite popular and have been known to cause players to become addicted to the game. Gamblers have to be very careful when playing any game, especially the pokies, to ensure that they are playing with limited funds and carefully. However some players take the game too far and go to great lengths to be able to play the game. Recently, a player who is addicted to the game was found to be using her employer to fund her gambling habit. (05/08)

New Roulette Game Released for BlackBerry

Gaming options are widely becoming available for mobile users and players want to be able to access any gaming option they desire while on the go. One popular gaming choice that many want to enjoy via a mobile device is the game of roulette. Roulette is very popular in land and online game play and now, thanks to Magmic, players can enjoy the casino game on the BlackBerry 10. (05/08)

New Cross-Platform Video Poker Tournament Option Released by IGT

Video poker players will be happy to hear that a new tournament option is now available. IGT is a popular gaming provider who is known for being innovative and creative with online gambling options. The company recently announced they have created a first ever gaming option. The company has released a cross-platform video poker tournament gaming option which can now be enjoyed several different ways! (02/08)

Michigan Man Accused of running sports gambling ring

This past week the Attorney General of Michigan Bill Schuette announced that an elderly gentleman of Westland has been charged with a felony for running a sports gambling ring. The allegedly ring ran over several counties and the man ran the scheme with his wife for several years. (02/08)

Winner Bingo Launches New Campaign

There are hundreds of online bingo sites available online but only a choice few provide the best benefits and rewards for players. Bingo lovers enjoy visiting their favorite sites to play great games and chat with friends. It is always exciting when a site provides new options for players to enjoy and Winner Bingo has just announced they are currently offering a new advertising campaign to entice new players to the site. (01/08)

New HD Roulette Gaming Option Available Via Mobile

Roulette is a gaming option that many find exciting. The game allows gamblers to choose a number and color and hope that the exact number shows up on the wheel when the ball is dropped. The action can get pretty heated at live roulette tables so it is no surprise that players enjoy the game online as well. Roulette can be found at many online casinos and has recently been added to many casinos mobile gaming options. (01/08)

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