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Intertops Casino Launches New Slot Game

Slots are an enjoyable option for many online gamblers. Slot games are easy to play and cost very little but can have a really big payoff. Online gaming sites constantly add new games to their offerings to be able to provide interesting and exciting game play. Intertops Casino has recently announced they are now offering a new slot game for players to enjoy. (30/09)

Americas Cardroom Updates the Beast Competition

Americas Cardroom is known for offering top quality gambling options and just recently, the site has updated their Beast Progressive Points Race. This competition is a popular one and is a simple leaderboard competition. The site has now announced that the competition will be doubling their payout frequency so that players have more opportunity to earn cash prizes. The prizes will now be handed out bi-monthly instead of monthly. (30/09)

Bingo Site Hosting Special Celebrations

Kitty Bingo is an online bingo site that recently celebrated their first year in operation. Like so many other online bingo sites before them, Kitty Bingo is celebrating. The site is offering a special opportunity for players during the birthday celebrations. Players have until the 29th of the month to take advantage of the special birthday offerings. (27/09)

Mahjong Record Set In Hongkou Township

The game of mahjong is one that is readily enjoyed in Asian culture. The game was created in Asia and players from all over the world enjoy the game on a regular basis. The most popular form of the game are in board form and one township in China decided to host a mahjong tournament to try and break records. The township of Hongkou recently hosted a mahjong game to break the unofficial record for the highest standard of mahjong to ever take place. (27/09) Goes Live in the United States

United States poker players have been without online poker gambling options for some time, at least in the real money sense. Over the past few months, many changes have been made in the US and players have been able to see online poker options coming to life. In April of this year, the state of Nevada launched Ultimate Poker and now a second site has been launched in the state. (26/09)

Louisiana Man Earns Jail Time for Video Poker Burglary

Video poker machines are a great source of money for those who manage to get a winning hand. Players love to sit down and play a few hands of cards in the hopes of earning a nice payday. However, some players do not want to wait for a win and have been known to try and get an easy Ďwiní. A Louisiana man is now facing jail time after breaking into several video poker machines for the money inside. (26/09)

Snooker Players Home Attacked

In the game of snooker, players are no stranger to investigation. For years, many players have been investigated for breaking the rules, in many instances, for match fixing. These players are investigated and then punished for their crimes, which many times include suspension and fines. Two Thai players are recently under investigation for match fixing and the two players have had their Sheffield home firebombed. The attack has been proven to be premeditated and an investigation is underway. (25/09)

Blackjack Trainer App Released for Basic Strategies

Learning to play the game of blackjack is a goal of many gamblers. Of course the game is easy to learn based on the rules, but there are also strategic moves that can be done to increase the odds in game play. A popular blackjack application, Learn Pro Blackjack, has proved to be a great learning tool for players and the company behind the app has now announced that it is available for Android users. (25/09)

South Carolina Lottery Winner Still Remains a Mystery

The odds of winning the lottery are quite small, but that still does not stop players from purchasing tickets. Lottery lovers enjoy the thrill of purchasing tickets and watching the drawings to see if they are the next big winner. Most times than not, people lose, but there is always that chance that a player will earn a multimillion dollar jackpot. A huge jackpot was recently won by a resident of South Carolina and everyone is wondering who the lucky player is! (24/09)

Intertops Casino Releases New Games

Intertops Casino has decided to change things up a bit and re-launch with a new title: Intertops Casino Classic. The new look also brings with it many new games for players to enjoy. The casino has gotten bigger and now offers hundreds of titles, many of which are brand new to the site. Such new titles include: Amanda Panda, Agent Cash, Mega Money Mine and Pay Dirt. (24/09)

FTP Remission Process Begins for US Players

Black Friday took place in April of 2011 and since that time; former US players of Full Tilt Poker have been waiting patiently for their funds to be given back to their bank accounts. The process has been long and just this week, the claims administrator for the company, Garden City Group, has now opened up a website for claims to take place. (23/09)

888Ladies Bingo Offering Special Autumn Contest

888Ladies Bingo is a popular gambling spot for many online players. The site offers a nice selection of bingo games and recently announced the addition of a new contest. Players can now compete in a slots and bingo tournament at the site titled Turn Over A New Leaf. The new tournament will offer up £2,000 in prize money and the event will continue until October 6th so players still have plenty of time to compete. (23/09)

New Nursery Rhyme Slot Game Launched

Slot games come in all forms, from classic versions to video reels. Players look playing slot games based on their favorite movies, television shows or board games. There are hundreds to choose from no matter where you play! The Golden Riviera Casino recently announced they have one more slot game offering for players to enjoy. The casino has now launched the Georgie Porgie slot game which is based on the popular nursery rhyme. (20/09)

Health Issues Cause Snooker Champion to Regain Love for Sport

The sport of snooker is one that is enjoyed by players from around the world. In the industry, there are many top performers who have made a career for themselves by staying on top of their game. Many top pros play the game for years and can eventually become burned out with the game. Ali Carter is a snooker pro who has played the game for many years and seen great success. (20/09)

Three New World Records Set by Viejas Casino & Resort

Casinos across the United States are constantly breaking records. From the amount of cash won on a jackpot to the number of players in a tournament, casinos are always setting new records. The Viejas Casino & Resort in San Diego recently tried to break two Guinness World Records and ended up breaking three! (19/09)

Roulette Book becomes popular choice for Gamblers

The game of roulette is one that many people choose to enjoy while visiting a casino. The game is relatively easy to play but with a strategy, many feel they have better odds. There are many books that have been created to help roulette players have a better game and one book has taken over as the top choice for roulette players. (19/09)

Video Poker Pays out Well in California

Video poker is a popular choice for gamblers at casino as the game has the feel of live poker but is based on one person play and on a machine. The game can be fast paced and players can use strategy to choose their cards wisely and hopefully win a nice jackpot prize. With regular poker, there is no jackpot and this is the major advantage that video poker holds. At the Barona Resort and Casino in California, players have been very lucky, earning nice jackpots from the video poker options. (18/09)

Online gambling scheduled to arrive in New Jersey by November

Online gambling is in high demand in the United States. Players are going crazy without having the option of entertainment and many states are now realizing the opportunity that online gambling offers. Nevada now offers a poker option for online players located in the state and Delaware will soon follow suit. New Jersey is also in the mix and they plan on launching online gambling on November 23rd of this year. (18/09)

Slots Tournament Launches at WinADay Casino

Slots tournaments are always fun, especially when they take place online. Players are able to enjoy slot gaming action for extra cash by staying at home! What could be better? WinADay Casino recently announced they are now offering a new slot tournament for players to enjoy. The tournament will offer $15,000 in prizes and will take place for the rest of September. (17/09)

Robin Hood Bingo Enticing New Players with Special Incentives

Online bingo site Robin Hood Bingo has created a new option for new players that has everyone signing up. The online bingo site has launched a new option for new players that sees anyone who deposits five pounds or more will earn £20 in vouchers as well as the identical amount in bingo cards for a special bingo game. (17/09)

Lottery Winner Spreading the Wealth

When someone wins the lottery, they usually want the win to remain a secret. When a big lottery prize is earned, family members can come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of the prize. Most family members are generous and give money away to their extended family and friends and sometimes a winner will give money to a complete stranger! Max Coronado recently won the Mega Millions for just over $1 million. (16/09)

Keno Player Wins First Grand Prize in over a decade

The game of keno is one that is very fun to play and pays out handsomely. Players can win five figures or more just by matching numbers they have chosen with the numbers in the keno drawing. Itís so simple that players continue to play on a regular basis to try and be the next big winner. This past week, one lucky player was finally able to win a huge prize after playing the same number combination for a yearís time. (16/09)

Former Government Employee Sentenced to Jail Time due to Pokies Addiction

The pokies have proven to be an addictive game, especially for those who have addictive personalities. Players should always seek help when they start to have an addiction to the pokies or any other gambling game but many times players will not and this decision will greatly affect their lives. Anne Elizabeth Dalton became addicted to the pokies and now is serving five years in prison for her choices. (13/09)

Ladbrokes Rewards Grandmother with Large Bingo Prize

Everyone likes to play the game of bingo but especially the elderly. Older folks in the UK tend to gravitate towards the game when they have more free time on their hands. Older players have been known to take down major jackpots and this past week was a prime example. A grandmother to nine grandchildren recently earned a jackpot just under £67,000 for playing at the online bingo site provided by Ladbrokes. (13/09)

Stephen Lee Snooker Career under the Microscope

Snooker players, just like any other sports player, must adhere to certain rules and regulations to play the game with integrity and have a good reputation in their sport of choice. If the rules and regulations are not followed, players can face penalties such as fines and even suspensions. In the sport of snooker, it is not uncommon for players to break the rules, especially when considering the amount of match fixing charges that can be found in the sport. Many players have been securitized for their involvement with alleged match fixing charges. The latest is top snooker pro Stephen Lee. (12/09)

Sports Betting App Goes Live in Las Vegas

Sports betting is a popular past time for many gamblers and with the NFL and NCAA seasons in full swing, punters are ready to begin wagering on their favorite teams once again. Because of technological advances, many bookmakers and casinos are creating sports betting apps so players can wager on their favorite games while on the go. South Point Hotel Casino Spa is the latest gambling provider in the state of Nevada to offer this type of wagering option. (12/09)

Mahjong Leads to Yet another Stabbing

The game of mahjong is one that players take very seriously. It doesnít matter where you play the game, something crazy tends to happen. We have reported about players who have gone without food, water and bathroom breaks to be able to play marathon sessions of the game. This type of behavior can lead to dehydration, sickness and sometimes death. Players will even go to the extreme of fighting their opponents, and sometimes this leads to jail time or even murder. The latest instance of mahjong craziness comes from Alaska. (11/09)

Carlton Bingo to change Network Providers

Bingo players in the United Kingdom are very familiar with the bingo company Carlton Bingo. Carlton Bingo is known for hosting online bingo gaming options as well as brick and mortar bingo halls. The brand has been in business for many years and worked with the Virtue Fusion Network to offer online gaming options. However, the company is now going to be working with a different network for online options. (11/09)

New York Men Travel Nationwide to Cheat Casinos

When criminals decide to cheat a casino, they usually pick one and go for a big score or several smaller scores. Attacking one casino is smart because the criminal is not suspected by any other casino. However, sometimes criminals will move on to other casinos and even travel to additional states to be able to earn even more money. Four men from New York are now facing charges in the state of Ohio for moving their gambling scheme from New York State to Ohio. (10/09)

$5 Million Lottery Win Results in Retirement for Missouri Man

Playing the lottery is a regular pastime for many across the United States. Those who live in a state that offers the lottery will purchase tickets on a regular basis to try and be the next big winner. The odds are always stacked against you but since players do win, it makes us continue to play. The latest really big winner comes from ST. Charles, Missouri and the special winner plans on retiring thanks to his $5 million windfall. (10/09)

Backgammon Player Dies after Gunshot wound

The game of backgammon is one that is age old and has been enjoyed for generations. The game is easy to play once the format and rules are understood. Parents have taught children and played the game for fun or even in tournament play. The game is one that is always enjoyable whether in board game form or online. (09/09)

Mobile Slots Gaming Option Expanded at Lucky247

Online casino Lucky247 has been very busy as of late. The site has added the new Dark Knight slot game and now have announced they are now offering an extended mobile gaming options. The site has decided to offer even more gaming opportunities for players to enjoy. The online casino has now added three new games to the mobile gaming option. The new games are Pure Platinum, 5 Reel Drive and Couch Potato. (09/09)

Online Casino now Offers Mobile Option to Canadian Players

Mobile gaming is a top choice of many online gamblers. Players love to be able to play their favorite games from anywhere. With mobile gaming, players have the option of playing most any game from anywhere they choose. Online gaming sites such as Bodog provide players with mobile gaming options. The site recently announced that they are now offering these services to players in the Canada area. (06/09)

Intertops Offering Special NFL Giveaway

As the National Football League gets underway, online sports books and casinos will begin to offer special deals and contests. Players will be able to win cash and prizes by participating, which makes wagering on NFL games even sweeter! The latest site to announce a contest is Intertops. The online gaming site will be offering up to $180,000 in bonuses which can be used at the casino. (06/09)

Roulette Cheaters face charges for theft

A former couple is now facing charges in Australia after cheating the Sky City Casino of $52,000. The couple worked out a plan and over a nine month time period was able to cheat at the roulette tables to earn the large amount of cash. (05/09)

November Niner Signs with Poker Site

Whenever a poker player makes the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, the player usually ends up with a poker sponsorship. Online poker sites seek out those who make the final table in the hopes of signing the pro to their site, which in turn brings players in as new members. When a player makes the November Nine, they instantly become popular and gain fans as well as followers. (05/09)

Mahjong Game Funds Teens Thievery

When someone wants to steal, they will go to any length to do so. A thief will take any advantage they can to be able to get a free ride. A student named Li Ho-wai recently took mahjong games to his advantage and stole HK$230,000 from a friendís home. The student is now facing time in a detention center. (04/09)

Darren Appleton Earns World Record Billiards Score

The 73rd Olhausen World Tournament recently took place in New York at Steinway Billiards and Darren Appleton was on top of his game. Appleton competed against Francisco Bustamante, the world champion from the Philippines and earned the win as well as setting a record. (04/09)

Wisconsin State Backgammon Championship Running in Madison

Madison, Wisconsin has played host to the Wisconsin State Backgammon Championships for over a decade now the launch of the 11th annual event. The tournament takes place over several days and a total of sixty five players competed in the event. The Radisson Hotel played host the event and this is where local backgammon clubs meet each week. (03/09)

Mecca Bingo Awards Large Bingo Prize

Large cash prizes are one major draw that players have when looking to compete in online bingo games. Fans of the game want to be able to log on and have the opportunity to win a large amount of cash. Top online bingo sites such as Mecca Bingo offer a nice selection of bingo games and features so players have constant entertainment and many options to win large cash prizes! (03/09)

Maryland Live! Goes Live

Poker players have been counting down the days until the Maryland Live! Poker room was to open and now players are waiting now longer! The online poker room is now open and ready for business. Officials of the state were out in full force as the poker room was open and players had lined up for hours to be the first inside. (02/09)

New Batman Slot Launches for Gamblers to Enjoy

Batman is a well-known super hero and a favorite among comic book fans and movie goers. The cape crusader is the inspiration for many activities and can be found in toys, games and more. Recently, All Slots Casino launched a new game that was inspired by the popular good guy. The Dark Knight Rises is now live at the casino and players can get a glimpse of the popular movie while enjoy slot game play. (02/09)

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