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Major Jackpots Earned at PKR

PKR is known for offering an exciting and unique poker experience but they also offer players an opportunity to play casino games as well. The site not only has an amazing online poker room but also an online casino. Players log on to the site on a regular basis to enjoy the casino games from pai gow poker to jacks or better and more. The site recently announced they have paid out major jackpots over the past few months for 2013. (31/10)

Snooker Pro to be featured on Realty Television Show

For years sports stars have competed in various reality television shows. Fans of sports stars love to see their favorite players on television and getting an inside glimpse of how they live their lives or act. A reality show that is famous for adding sports stars to the lineup is I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here! This show is extremely popular in the UK and reports have now surfaced that a famous snooker pro will be competing. (31/10)

Americas Cardroom to launch new tournament series

Americas Cardroom is an online poker room that is available to poker fans across the globe, including America. The online poker site offers a nice selection of gaming options including tournament game play. The site has now announced they will be offering a new tournament series this November titled the High Five Tournament Series. (30/10)

Large Jackpot Awarded at WinADay Casino

WinADay Casino is one that provides nice gaming opportunities to gamblers. The site is known for offering large payouts and continues to offer large jackpot prizes. The online casino recently announced that one lucky player is now $216,000 richer after taking down a major jackpot prize. The lucky winner is known as Dean S at the site and managed to earn the big win while playing the Wild Alaska slot game. (30/10)

Elderly Woman Will Still Play Mahjong Even After Health Issues

The game of mahjong is a popular one, so much so that players will go to drastic lengths to play the game. Players have been known to go days without food or water, get into fights with fellow players and even suffering heart attacks due to marathon game play. Dedicated players do not want to give up the game and one elderly lady of Zhuhai is vowing to never give up the game despite health issues. (29/10)

Kindness Pays off for Fremont Couple

Many people believe that karma definitely exists and if you are nice, nice things will happen to you. The same goes for being mean and evil. Many may say that karma played a hand in a recent Fremont lottery win. Bob and Arlene Johnson are now $75,000 richer thanks to a lottery win, which they would not have earned if they were not nice people. (29/10)

Horseracing Wager Lands Major Prize for Gambler

Horseracing is a major attraction for gamblers and has been for decades. Players enjoy wagering on their favorites horses in the hopes they will cross the finish line first. Players have many options for placing horse wagers especially in the UK. From betting shops to online wagers, the options are pretty much endless! Recently a player managed to win a nice prize after wagering on Lucky 15 at the Samvo Betting Café. (28/10)

Clucky Bingo Offering Special Halloween Gaming Option

As the Halloween holiday quickly approaches, online bingo sites are starting to gear up with special gaming options. The 15 Network hosts eleven bingo brands including Clucky Bingo. The network is currently hosting a special Halloween event where players can win special prizes or play tricks! The special content will take place up until Halloween on specific nights with tournament options open for all players! (28/10)

ICSS to work with WPBSA on Match Fixing Issues

Match fixing is an issue with many sports but it seems to really hinder the sport of snooker. Players are constantly being questioned about fixing matches and players have earned suspensions and even banning’s for being found guilty of fixing matches. It has now been announced that the International Centre for Sport Security is now working with the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association to try and stop the problem from happening in the sport. (25/10)

British Poker Awards Coming This November

The British Poker Awards are set to take place on November 12th after the organizers have now announced the official date. The ceremony takes place each year and is hosted by Bluff Europe with PokerStars as the main sponsor. Top poker sites will be given awards in a number of categories due to their service in the industry. (25/10)

All Slots Casino Reports Large Slot Win

Slot games can provide players with a fun option for entertainment as well as give players an opportunity to earn a nice jackpot win. Slot gamers thrive on playing their favorite games for a chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. All Slots Casino is a top choice for gamblers who enjoy slot games as the site offers a nice selection of slot choices. The online casino recently announced that they have (24/10)

Pastor Uses Parish Money to Fund Gambling Habit

Gambling can be an addiction. Even though we all try to play our favorite games in moderation, sometimes the excitement can be too enticing. When this happens it can be very hard to stop and some people will go to extremes to get their fix. Many have been known to steal and commit crimes to come up with the cash to fund their gambling habits. Recently, a pastor of Saint Bernadette Parish was found to be stealing from the congregation to fund his gambling habit. (24/10)

iPad now offers William Hill Casino

Mobile game play is an essential part of every casino in the industry these days as players want to be able to enjoy their favorite games via a mobile device. The best of the best online casinos offer mobile gaming options so that players can use their mobiles such as cell phones and tablets to play for real money. William Hill is one such operator that offers mobile gaming options and the operator recently announced that they are now offering their mobile option via iPad. (23/10)

Mahjong Solitaire Game Launches on iOS

Gamers enjoy playing entertainment titles of many different genres on iOS systems as it is a great way to pass the time as well as easy to do. Players can simply turn on their iPhone or Android and download the latest game and begin playing, it is that simple! Mahjong is one such game that is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe and when a new option is released, players usually download the game straight away! There is now a new mahjong app that players can enjoy from Kristanix Games, that was just released. (23/10)

New Poker Network Launches in India

Cubeia is a company that operates as a software developer and they recently announced they have started a new poker platform. Cubeia is working with Mirch Entertainment to create the real money poker option and the new network will soon launch in Indian. This will give players in India a brand new network to enjoy online poker. (22/10)

Tidy Bingo Offering New Jackpot Game

Bingo players are constantly searching for new and exciting bingo opportunities and most online bingo sites offer new contests and special deals to lure new players in. Tidy Bingo is one such site that is now offering a special deal for new players to continue to increase their field of competitors. The site, as well as the 15 Network, has launched a new game that offers players a nice jackpot for game play. (22/10)

Roulette Contest Launches at Intertops Casino

Roulette players will be excited to hear that Intertops Casino is offering a special roulette contest titled Murder Mystery. The special contest will offer $140,000 for players who help solve the murder of the Lola Loot character. Lola is known to hit the roulette tables at Intertops from time to time and has not been very lucky as of late. (21/10)

Slotland Casino Reaches Major Milestone

Slotland Casino is known for offering top quality gaming but most would not expect the site has been in operation for fifteen years now. The site is celebrating their fifteen year anniversary and will be rewarding players with bonus cash! New and current players will be able to take advantage of the specials the online casino is going to have on offer! (21/10)

Wycliffe Brother’s Release New Backgammon Set

The Generation II backgammon set from the Wycliffe Brother’s has now been released and will be carried by GammonVillage. The new series was recently developed and GammonVillage will be offering the sets after the success of the first creation, the Generation I series. (18/10)

NJ Hands out First Online Gaming Permit to Borgata Casino

The Borgata Casino was the first to earn an online gaming permit in the state of New Jersey as officials recently gave the company the honor last week. The Division of Gaming in the state of New Jersey handed over the permit and the Borgata will be the first of many to be ready for online gambling in the state this November. (18/10)

Dragon Promotions announces Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship Dates

October 28th signifies the first day of the 5th Annual Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship. Dragon Promotions announced the event will begin on the 28th and will continue until the 4th of November. The event will take place at the Resorts World Manila which is a hotel and casino in one. (17/10)

Diwali Rummy Tournament in Play

The 5th edition of the Diwali Rummy Tournament began running qualifiers on the 12th of October and will continue until the 1st of November. The long rummy tournament is in its fifth year and is one of the most prestigious events to take place and will be running on the 2nd of the November. . The tournament is held every year with Diwali and coincides with the RummyCircle website. (17/10)

Nebraska to add new keno technology

The game of keno is a popular lottery style game found in the United States. The game involves the player choosing a certain amount of numbers in the hopes of the same numbers being drawn. To win, players must match their numbers with the numbers drawn in the lottery. The state of Nebraska is one that offers keno games and they have recently decided to offer new technology in way of a self-service kiosk. (16/10)

Caesars Entertainment Partners with IGT

International Game Technology is known for creating top quality gaming options for casino and gaming operators across the globe. The company is always creating new partnerships and deals to solidify their position as a leader in the industry. The company recently announced they have partnered with Caesars Entertainment Corp to provide video poker gaming machines for the casinos owned by the gaming giant. (16/10)

Snooker Pro Admits to Match Fixing Offer

Amidst the Stephen Lee snooker scandal, another story of match fixing has come out. Lee is currently appealing a twelve year ban after he was found guilty of fixing several matches a few years ago and now top pro Ronnie O’Sullivan has stated that he was asked to fix a snooker match around a decade ago. (15/10)

GEObet is ready for the Halloween Holiday

Halloween is just a few short weeks away, so top online casino sites are beginning to offer new games and contests to entice players. Nothing can put gamers in a better spirit for the holiday than to play a few Halloween themed games. GEObet is one such site that has launched new gaming options. The online casino now offers three new games, all of the instant-play variety. (15/10)

California Casino Pays out Pai Gow Progressive

Progressive gaming is a popular option among avid gamblers as it allows players to earn more cash with a win. A progressive is a side jackpot that requires a side bet to be wagered. If you get the right combination with the side bet in place, you can win even more cash and prizes. The Thunder Valley Casino Resort is one gambling location that offers progressive gaming and their most popular option is the Pai Gow 7 Card Progressive game. (14/10)

Bet365 Offering Special Roulette Contest

Roulette is the game of choice for many gamblers and one that is both fun to play and exciting. You never know where the ball will drop and this excitement is why players love to play the game. Players must choose wisely to try and earn a payday. The game of roulette is popular with both land casino goers and online game play. Bet365 is known for offering online roulette gaming options and will be hosting a special roulette tournament this week. (14/10)

Stephen Lee Submits Appeal on Snooker Ban

Stephen Lee has decided to go forward with an appeal after he was banned from snooker for a twelve year time frame. Lee was banned from the sport after he was considered to be part of a match fixing scandal. Lee has now submitted an appeal and hopes to be back in the game. (11/10)

Sun Bingo offering Fun-O-Meter Contest

Online bingo sites are constantly offering special gaming options so players continue to visit their site on a regular basis. Players have come to expect that top online bingo providers will hold special contests regularly to hand out prizes, bingo tickets and cash! Sun Bingo is one such site that offers a nice selection of gaming contests and currently the option up for grabs is Fun-O-Meter. (11/10)

First Backgammon Festival Coming to Gibraltar

Backgammon is a popular game across the globe that is featured in tournament play. Players who enjoy the game like to play in tournaments as it gives an opportunity to showcase special skills in game play. Festivals take place around the world and top players will travel to compete in such tournaments. Gibraltar will be hosting their very first Backgammon Festival starting this weekend. (10/10)

Mahjong Hits the Sky

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed in all cultures but was created in the Asian culture. The game is played traditionally in board game form with small tiles with characters on each tile. Players have started to become interested in the game by playing online but many still enjoy mahjong in its original form. The Asian air market will now see a luxury option when it comes to mahjong from Jeff Bonner Research & Development. (10/10)

Bartender Receives Huge Tip from Keno Winner

An Oregon bartender is now $17,500 richer thanks to one of her patrons. Aurora Kephart is a twenty five year old bartender in Springfield, Illinois and she has worked at the Conway’s Restaurant for about four years now. She recently spoke with ABC News and stated that a regular customer likes to give her keno tickets as tips. The tickets are never played and she always hopes to win. She was recently given a ticket worth $17,500! (09/10)

Maryland Lottery Player Wins Major Prize

Maryland State Lottery Officials have reported that a lottery player in the state is $189 million richer after a recent lottery drawing. The lucky winner has yet to come forward and lottery officials are trying to determine who the winner is. (09/10)

PKR Signs Female Poker Pro To Team

Team PKR Pro is online poker room PKR’s squad of professional poker players. The players represent the site in live game play as well as compete online. Members of PKR have the opportunity to play against the pros when they are online and the site recently announced that one more pro will now be hitting the virtual felt. Patty Beaumier is the latest member of Team PKR Pro and is now sponsored by the online poker site. (08/10)

Mobile Trend Apparent at All Slots Casino

Mobile gaming has grown considerably over the past two years and many online casinos have added mobile device gaming options so players can enjoy their games on the go. As technology changes, players have more opportunities to enjoy a different type of gaming and mobile options have quickly became the new norm. All Slots Casino is one such online option that has added both mobile and tablet options and has seen significant growth in these areas. (08/10)

Slots Player Lands Major Jackpot

Every slots player dreams of earning a huge jackpot while playing online. Though most of us only manage to win small amounts of cash, there are some who earn major paydays and are set for life. One lucky player of Jackpot Capital Casino is now $1.9 million richer after playing just one slot game at the online casino site. (07/10)

Bet365 Partners with Williams Interactive for Gaming Launch

Bet365 is a popular online casino that offers a wide variety of gambling options. The casino is known as one of the oldest operators in the industry and they have now partnered with Williams Interactive to be able to provide even more great gaming opportunities for their members. Williams Interactive has now provided the online casino with a new portfolio of slot games. (07/10)

Special Contest at Tidy Bingo

One of the best features of online bingo is the fact that top provider’s offers quality bingo promotions and contests. Players have many options when it comes to entertainment and promotions and Tidy Bingo is no exception. The site is currently offering a special option for players to enjoy for the launch of the new season of X Factor. (04/10)

Blackjack Player’s Hearing Delayed

A well-known blackjack gambler is facing cheating charges in San Diego after it was alleged that he was marking the blackjack cards at a California Casino. Anargyros Karabourniotis, known as Archie Karas, was arrested this past week and charged with card marking and taking the Barona Casino for more than $8,000. The card player’s court hearing has now been delayed. (04/10)

IGT to host Cross-Platform Gambling Tournament

International Game Technology is a software company that provides gambling options for a variety of internet gambling companies. IGT recently announced that they will be offering a poker tournament across platforms. This is the first time that players have had their opportunity to compete in a major tournament featuring video poker across multiple platforms. Players will be able to use social media, desktop, mobile and even on location options to able to compete. (03/10)

AllSlots Casino Gets Ready for Halloween

With the beginning of October upon us, many are getting in the Halloween spirit. Home owners will begin decoration and stores will be selling the best treats and tricks preparing for the holiday. Online gambling sites also offer a nice selection of Halloween tricks and treats and All Slots Casino is one such operator that has announced they are now offering two new Halloween inspired gambling games. (03/10)

Eighty Year Old Wins Major Lottery Prize

As we get older, we develop hobbies that make us happy and help to pass the time. Games are a great way to pass the time and while some play bingo, others play the lottery. Alonso Fernandez is a retired doorman who just turned eighty and enjoys playing the lottery. He considers purchasing lottery tickets his hobby after retirement. Well, the hobby has now paid off since Fernandez is the latest $1 million Powerball winner! (02/10)

Snooker Pro to Appeal 12 Year-Long Ban

Stephen Lee has been found guilty of match fixing in the sport of snooker and has been given the lengthiest suspension in the history of the sport. After being found guilty of match fixing with seven games, the pro has been suspended for a twelve year time frame. (02/10)

Winner Poker Undergoes Makeover

Winner Poker has announced they have made a few changes with their online poker site and have decided to go with a new look. The online poker site now has more special offers and a brand new look for players to enjoy. Players can even earn tickets to popular land based tournament events. (01/10)

BetVictor Releases New Gambling Option

Fans of all sports visit BetVictor to enjoy wagering on their favorite sports teams and hopefully win cash back on their wagers. The site has now announced they have partnered with 5050Sports and will be offering betting games based on the partnership. The site will also provide video clips that are official licensed and archived for player viewing. (01/10)

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