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Video Poker Player Goes to Great Lengths to Fund Habit

It is nothing new for players to go to great lengths to play their favorite casino games. From saving up for months to hit the casino with a wad of cash to taking drastic measures like selling a car to pay for debts, gambling can quickly get out of hand. Many players take illegal measures to play their favorite games and try to win cash, only losing more, which repeats the destructive behavior. A recent instance out of Hillsboro proves just how far people can go to earn cash for their favorite games. (29/11)

New Hampshire to launch Keno

The state of New Hampshire is trying to get started in the gambling industry. A bill was entered into the House last year that would allow for casinos to be added to the state but this bill was rejected. Just recently however a new bill was approved that will see the game of keno added to the state. (29/11)

Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday

Ah, hot turkey and dressing with mashed potatoes and all the fixings! Here at, we are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. We take a short break today to enjoy nice food, a long nap and time with our families. But we will be back tomorrow to provide you with more news in the gambling industry! (28/11)

Intertops Casino Launches New Holiday Slot Game

The holidays are upon us and gamblers love this time of year as online casinos and gambling sites offer special gaming opportunities. New games are created and players have the opportunity to compete in contests and other special games to earn extra prizes and rewards. Intertops Casino is one such casino that offers such rewards and incentives and they recently launched a new holiday themed slot game that players are sure to love! (27/11)

Huge Lottery Jackpot about to Expire

Every lottery has distinct rules and regulations that must be followed. Players must abide by these rules to be able to claim their prizes. Most lotteries have a 180 day time frame in which the winner can claim the prize. When this time frame is up, the player will forfeit the money if the winning ticket is not claimed. Players have missed out on millions of dollars in lottery money by not claiming winning tickets. These tickets may be lost or misplaced and most people have no idea they even won! The Florida Lottery is currently looking to see if the winner of $16 million will come forward before it is too late! (27/11)

Big Prizes Won at All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino is a top gambling option that many people call their home casino. The site offers a wide selection of gaming options and has regular events to keep players in the money and having fun. The online casino recently hosted a special event, which is still ongoing. Players can log on to the site and earn free cash which can be used on games at the site! (26/11)

Ladbrokes Casino Launches Engaging Gaming Experience

Live gaming has quickly become one of the most popular forms of online gambling. The option to play alongside gamblers in a casino setting is quite exciting and is one that most gamblers will try at least once. Players will find live gambling games at most top quality casinos and can enjoy basically the same type of games, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Some casinos offer more but these are the standard choices. (26/11)

Indian Rummy Site Wants to Branch Out

The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many forms and is popular in both land and online play. However, with technology constantly evolving, online game play has skyrocketed. Players can log on to gaming sites and enjoy gin rummy for fun or for real money, earning nice paydays along the way. One rummy site, based in India, would like to branch out and offering their gaming to other nations but are currently unable to do so. (25/11)

Poker Network adds new Rewards System

Online poker players love earning rewards and taking advantages of promotions. Because of this, top online poker sites offer players loyalty and rewards programs so players will continue to come back and wager cash on their favorite poker games. In most cases, these reward programs will give the player an opportunity to earn points that can be used for items such as merchandise or tournament entries. The MPN has now announced that poker rooms on their network will now be offering a new Achievements reward system for their players. (25/11)

Christmas Games to launch at Game Village

With December approaching, many top online bingo sites are preparing many different holiday games. Players will have many opportunities to enjoy their favorite bingo games and win extra prizes thanks to the holidays and Game Village is one such site that is ready to host a special offering. The online bingo site will be offering special themed games for the holidays that will offer up £25,000 in cash prizes! (22/11)

UK Gambler Earns Large Slot Win

Slot gaming is a top choice of many gamblers online as it is both entertaining and profitable. Players are able to easily log on to their favorite casino and then choose from hundreds of slot games to be able to try for thousands, if not millions, in prize money! Slot games are very entertaining as they provide unique gaming experiences from video format to the classic game style. Recently a player became a few thousand richer after playing the Hitman slot from Casino UK. (22/11)

Pokies Addict Continues to Steal from Employer even after caught

Gambling can be very addictive and this is why most gambling establishments offer addiction help or hotline information. Players should be responsible when gambling, by setting wagering limits and knowing when to stop. However, some players have addiction tendencies and can easily become attached to a game. Gambling addictions can become so involved that the player can act out or take actions that should not be taken. (21/11)

El Gordo Christmas Lottery Branches Out

The El Gordo Christmas Lottery is an event that many look forward to each and every year. The event has taken place for centuries and the European Lottery Guild has now decided to sell tickets for the event. The Spanish lottery game is expected to bring in as much as $2.9 billion in total prize money with the addition of the ELG. (21/11)

Bet365 Offering Special Blackjack Contest

Blackjack players enjoy the game in many different variations from online and land play to European and American gaming. The game of blackjack can be found in all forms and is one that is available at most all online casinos. Blackjack is an enticing game as it provides players with instant excitement and a nice payoff when a 21 is earned! The game can be enjoyed at all major online casinos including Bet365. (20/11)

Sun Bingo offering Leaderboard Competition

Online bingo sites are a popular past time for millions of gamblers across the globe. Players enjoy being able to chat with friends and play as many bingo cards as they like from the comfort of their own home. Sun Bingo is one provider who offers top quality gambling options and on the 21st of this month the site will be offering a special leaderboard challenge. (20/11)

Clothing Designer to Combine Poker an MMA

Jeff Griffith is the founder of Bustout Poker Apparel, a clothing line that combines design with the poker industry. Griffith has created a new idea to combine the poker industry with the Mixed Martial Arts industry via the new MMA Bet Club. This new game will offer players the combination of poker tournaments with fantasy parlay card betting options. (19/11)

Grosvenor Now Offers Live Casino Gaming

Grosvenor Casinos are a group of gaming opportunities based in the UK. Players trust the Grosvenor brand and visit the operator on a regular basis. The company has now teamed up with Evolution Gaming to provide a new live gaming options for players online via Grosvenor. The new platform launched beginning this month and players can easily access the new gaming option by visiting the Grosvenor websites and clicking on Live Casino. (19/11)

Intertops Casino ready for Turkey Time

As the Thanksgiving holiday is closely upon US residents, online casino Intertops has decided to launch a new contest for players to enjoy. The new event is titled Free the Turkey and will offer up $120,000 in prize money. The event is a scoreboard race where players have to compete in order to win points to be ranked on the leader board. (18/11)

Michigan Man King of Lottery Luck

Everyone plays the lottery hoping to be the next big winner. However, for the most part, players will win a few dollars here and there but never a huge jackpot. It is amazing to win $1 million and the odds are greatly stacked against you. But imagine winning $1 million not once but twice! That is exactly what one lottery player did in the state of Michigan! (18/11)

Georgia Store Owners to Fight Video Poker Law

Gambling laws vary from state to state in the US and business owners have found that sometimes they must fight the system to get what they want. The state of Georgia is in a state of flux now on the subject of video poker. As many of 100 convenience store owners are fighting to try and get a new law overturned or changed in the state in according to video poker machines. (15/11)

Slots Player wins large prize, says God sending message with the win

Most slots players who win large jackpot prizes cannot believe their luck and are astonished of their wins. Most will say they are so happy and blame fate or good fortune for their win. However, a recent winner of Liberty Slots online casino states that the win she recently earned was a message from God. (15/11)

New Backgammon Game Coming to PlayStation

The game of backgammon is one that is enjoyed by players of every age and nationality. The game is an age old form of entertainment and was originally played in board game format. But with the invention of the internet, players could eventually enjoy the game online, for fun or for real money gambling. The game is offered by many different gaming operators and now players can look forward to another backgammon option this holiday season. (14/11)

New Slots Options for Crazy Vegas

Slot gaming is a popular option for many gamblers in both online and brick and mortar game play. Players enjoy watching videos and remaining interactive with the game to be able to win a nice jackpot prize. Slot games are relatively easy to play and come in many different forms, providing hours of entertainment to gamblers. Crazy Vegas is an online casino that recently added new slot gaming options to their offering. The site has added two new games for players to enjoy. (14/11)

Americas Cardroom Hosting Special Facebook Competition

Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media available today and many online poker rooms are taking advantage of its marketability. Americas Cardroom is hosting a special Facebook competition to try and come up with a new for a new competition they will be hosting. The new competition will be a sit and go progressive points race and the player who is able to name the winner will earn a $5,000 cash prize. (13/11)

Snooker Pro Achieves Major Accomplishment

Ding Junhui is a snooker pro from China who has gained notoriety for being one of the best players in the industry. The pro has won many major events and continues to be a top competitor on the snooker circuit. Junhui recently made history when he won the International Championship, which took place in Chengdu. (13/11)

Slotland launches new Mobile Interface

Online gaming site Scotland has decided to launch a new mobile interface for players to have a smoother gaming experience via mobile device. The new interface can be played on several mobile devices including an Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPod. Both tablets and phones can power the new interface and the preview games can be easily seen and then accessed quickly so that players can get right to game play. (12/11)

Tunica Officials Investigating Roulette Casino Scam

The city of Tunica has now been affected by a roulette scam and officials of the Gaming Commission are now trying to determine who the culprits are. A large group are suspected of being involved in the roulette scam and police have already arrested 48 people involved in the case. There are still more people on the loose and police are currently searching for the additional suspects. (12/11)

California Lottery Winner Still Missing

Lottery winners must come forward to claim their lottery prize after win, especially when earning a very large prize. The winner must come forward with the ticket to be able to claim the prize. Lottery officials in the state of California are currently searching for a winner in the state who managed to win a $500,000 prize. (11/11)

Bingo Habit Causes Woman to Steal from Employer

It is not the first time and surely not the last time that we have reported that a bingo player has stolen from their employer to fund a gambling habit. The game of bingo has proven to be addictive and when players become too engrossed with the game, they tend to take drastic measures to play the game. Many have chosen to steal from their employers to be able to continue to play the game once they run out of money. This is exactly what one woman did in the Lincoln area. (11/11)

Kentucky Residents Now Enjoying Keno

The state of Kentucky is now offering gamblers a new opportunity. The game of keno debuted early this week and players will now be able to enjoy the bingo style game. Players simply make a wager on a particular set of numbers and then hope the numbers are shown the game screen. If so, the player will win a jackpot prize! (08/11)

Classic Rummy Reaches Third Anniversary of Operation

Gin rummy is a popular card game that has been around for decades. The game was popular to play with friends and now has become a popular online game as well. Players can log on to their favorite gaming sites and easily enjoy the game for fun or for real money. Classic Rummy is one such site that is dedicated to the game of rummy and its many variants. The site is very popular in India and has now celebrated their third year in operation. (08/11)

New York Crime Ring Connected to Ohio Casinos

A roulette scam has been taking place across the United States via a crime ring based in the state of New York. The crime ring has been known to be quite large and travel to different states to operate the scam at casino roulette tables. The crime ring is based in New York and it was recently found that they had taken the scam to every casino in the state of Ohio. (07/11)

Slow Players Frustrate Neil Robertson to Breaking Point

The game of snooker is one that must be played in a certain time frame, especially when it comes to tournament play. Players need to be able to move ahead and continue to event in a timely fashion. The time frame is created to both move along the tournament as well as meet breaks and deadlines. Apparently some players are not playing as quickly as one pro would like and the pro is now asking for tougher actions on those who are slow during game play. (07/11)

Large Lottery Win Goes to Texas Man

All across the United States and the world, players are enjoying the lottery. Gamblers want to be the next big winner to earn a life changing amount of money. The latest winner from the US is a man from San Antonio who recently earned $100,000 while playing the Texas Lotto Scratch Off game. After purchasing three tickets, the man realized he was the big winner! (06/11)

New Bingo Site Launches

Online bingo is a popular option for gamblers as players can log on to their favorite bingo sites and enjoy games from the comfort of their home. Having the opportunity to meet new people, play bingo games and be competitive is a big draw for players with online bingo. Bingo is an age old game that has been enjoyed for generations and everyday there is a new site for players to enjoy. (06/11)

New Mahjong Game Launches for Mobile Devices

Mahjong is a popular board game that is played in both live and online form. The game is easy to play and can help to pass the time for hours on end. PCV is a popular gaming provider that recently announced the launch of a new mahjong game. The new game is titled Mahjong Solo and is available for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad. (05/11)

New Mobile Gaming Option Released at Jackpot Capital

Jackpot Capital is an online casino that offers players a nice opportunity to earn great jackpot prizes. The site offers a wide variety of casino gaming including slot options. The casino offers mobile gaming as well as their PC option and recently announced they have added a new game to their growing titles for mobile entertainment. (05/11)

Online Gambling Seminar To Take Place This November

From November 12th to the 13th the city of Malta will be hosting the Malta iGaming Seminar. The Le Meridien Hotel and Spa will be the venue for the event and will be the fifth year the series will take place. Organizers are beginning to line up speakers for discussions of online gambling and the issues of the industry. (04/11)

Video Slot Player Wins Large Jackpot

MrCasinos is an online gambling site that players visit on a regular basis. The online casino offers many different gambling options for players to choose from including slot games. The site recently paid off two jackpots to same player, handing over $41,360 to the lucky winner. The player was enjoying the Dead or Alive video style game when the jackpot was earned. (04/11)

Gambler Chooses to Plead Not Guilty in Blackjack Case

Archie Karas is a famous gambler who has made a living traveling and playing the game of blackjack. The player was recently accused of cheating at the game in California and faces charges. Karas has now pleaded not guilty after being extradicted to the state on several charges including burglary, cheating at blackjack and winning by fraudulent means. (01/11)

All Slots Casino Celebrating Television Debut

Top online casino, All Slots, will be offering its first television advertising campaign very soon and to celebrate the casino if offering special options for both players and affiliates. The casino has provided players with top quality gaming for years now and wants to keep their traffic flow going with a new advertising campaign. (01/11)

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