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Rummy Tournament Going International

Gin rummy is a popular card game that can be played in live form as well as online. The game is very popular in India and the World Rummy Tournament hosted by Pan India Network Limited is always a big hit with players. The tournament took place first in 2012 and the next edition will take place in March of 2014. (31/12)

Care Giver Earns Jail Time for Stealing from Client

Care givers are individuals who earn a living by caring for others. This is usually a position that requires care for elderly patients in the last years of their lives. This position requires a great deal of patience and kindness and many times, we hear of individuals taking advantage of their elderly clients. This is exactly what happened to a ninety two year old woman from the UK. (31/12)

South Dakota may add more table gaming options

Gaming leaders in the state of South Dakota are going to try and see an amendment made to the constitution of the state to allow for additional gaming options. Players would have the option of enjoying roulette, craps and keno if the addition is made. (30/12)

Speeders Earn Lottery Tickets in Florida

Lottery tickets are purchased everyday across the globe. Players love to purchase one, if not multiple, lottery tickets to try and be the next big winner. Players have earned millions of dollars by simply purchasing lottery tickets and earning the right number combination. Lottery games come in all shapes and sizes with huge jackpots up for grabs. Residents in the state of Florida recently got a surprise connected to the lottery. (30/12)

PokerStars a No-Go in New Jersey

Online gambling has been up and running since November 26th in the state of New Jersey. This is a very new industry for the United States and New Jersey is setting the stride as the top provider for the industry. Most every land casino in the state partnered with a company to provide online gambling options to those in the state. PokerStars was among the companies vying for an opportunity to be back online. However, the company was recently shut down and ad their application suspended. (27/12)

Louisiana Police Searching for Video Poker Scammer

Video poker is a common game played in the US as the electronic version is allowed in casinos as well as bars and restaurants. Many states that do not allow for traditional gambling will allow for video gaming as it is considered a game that requires luck and not skill. Because the games are so frequently available, they tend to be subject to robbery and theft. In the state of Louisiana, police are currently searching for a video poker scammer. (27/12)

Queensland Increases Pokie Note Size

Queensland has decided to make changes when pokie gaming options are concerned. Authorities will be changing the gambling rules and one option to be changed is the size of notes that players will be able to feed into the pokie machines. For over a decade, the pokie machines only allowed $20 bills. However, the machines will now allow players to insert $50 and $100 notes. (26/12)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Off for Nevada Gambler

The game of Pai Gow is a fun poker variant that many players enjoy in both electronic and table game form. The game can be found in online game play as well as at brick and mortar casinos. Pai Gow has been known to create large jackpots for players in the United States as many land casinos link the game to a progressive. While connected to a progressive, game play allows the jackpot to grow which gives players a nice pay day once the jackpot is hit. A man from Nevada recently earned just over $170,000 by playing the game. (26/12)

Celebrating the Holidays

As today is Christmas Day, we here at InsideBet are enjoying the holiday season. Spending time with family and friends, enjoying a nice dinner and opening a few presents is how we will spend our day! We hope you enjoy your holiday and maybe relax a bit with a little online gambling. We will be back tomorrow with even more news and updates in the industry. (25/12)

Johnny Football Hits the Blackjack Tables

Anyone who follows college football knows who Johnny Football is. The nickname was given to Johnny Manziel, the quarterback of Texas A&M after he has shown he has the skills to play the game. Manziel can come up with unbelievable plays and is a top performer on the field. Now the young football star has turned twenty one and has already hit the casinos to celebrate. (24/12)

Former Accountant to Serve Jail Time for Gambling Habit

Bingo players tend to become very attached to the game and can take their gambling habit to an extreme level. Most players know when to stop playing and set a limit of money that they are able to spend. When the money is gone, itís time to stop playing the game. However, sometimes, players run out of cash and go to extreme means to find money to gamble with. A former accountant is now heading to jail thanks to her bingo habit. (24/12)

Evolution Gaming to work with European Casino

Live dealer gaming is a popular choice for gamblers across the globe. Players enjoy watching video streamed footage of gaming as they participate in real time. Evolution Gaming is a top provider of live dealer gaming and will now be working with a top European Casino to create a live casino studio. The company has signed an agreement with Casino Campione díItalia to create the new in-venue facility. (23/12)

Caribbean Draw Poker Game Pays Out Handsomely

All Slots Casino is known for providing players with top quality gaming opportunities as well as cash prizes. Players are constantly earning large jackpots just by playing their favorite games. Recently, a player named Matej B., earned a massive win by playing the Caribbean Draw Poker game. This game is a poker game that is part of the Gold Series progressive. (23/12)

Poker Pro Determines Malware Attack

Jens Kyllonen is a poker pro who travels the world taking part in live tournament game play. The pro was competing in the European Poker Tour last September when an incident occurred. The pro was taking part in the event when his hotel was broken into. The only item missing was his laptop which suspiciously reappeared in his room. Kyllonen felt as though his laptop had been tampered with and has now determined that malware was placed on his laptop. (20/12)

Weekends are Fun at Tidy Bingo

Every person across the world looks forward to Friday. The end of the week is the time for those of us who work to relax. Friday is the signal of the weekend and the end of the dreaded work week. Online bingo is a nice past time that is enjoyed during the weekend and Tidy Bingo is now offering a special Friday gaming opportunity. The site has launched many new gaming options for Fridays so gamblers have one more reason to look forward to the weekend. (20/12)

European Roulette Now Available on iOS

iOS apps are very popular among gamblers as they like to take their gaming on the go. However, many casinos do not offer their games via iOS and players are lacking in the variety department. Basic games are usually covered, like blackjack and poker, but many variants are missing. All Slots Mobile Casino has now announced they are offering a new European Roulette Gold game strictly for iPhone and iPad users. (19/12)

Five Year Old Snooker Player to take On the Pros

Snooker pros usually begin to enter competitive game play while in their late teens but sometimes a player is able to begin much younger. A five year old child has made the headlines after becoming a prodigy of the game. The little one will be taking on top pros in January during The Snooker Legends match. (19/12)

New Slot Game Pays Out Handsome Reward

Liberty Slots Casino recently added a new slot game for players to enjoy titled Gold of the Gods. The new game has been very popular since launching in November, so much so, a the jackpot was hit after just a few weeks. The new game has provided lucky winners with just over a half a million dollars, not a bad payday for a few hours of game play! (18/12)

Keno Winner Cannot Believe His Luck

Keno is one lottery style game that can quickly create millionaires. Players love to play game after game in the hopes of winning a large jackpot prize. In Mount Isa, one gambler cannot believe his luck after the game of keno made him a millionaire! The lucky winner has lived in Mount Isa for years and earned the win at the Isa Hotel. (18/12)

More Blackjack on offer at Twin Rivers

The game of blackjack is one that has been popular for many decades. The game is simple to play and one that can be both exciting and profitable. Players love the thrill of twenty one and have found that many casinos offer variants in live table gaming as well as in electronic form. With blackjack variants, players have more opportunity to show their skills as well as avoid monotony while playing the game. (17/12)

Playtech to Provide Holland Gaming Operator an Online Platform

Across the globe, countries are making great strides with online game play. Gamblers enjoy having gaming options online so they can enjoy games any time of day, from the comfort of their home. Playtech is a strong provider of online gaming platforms and solutions for gambling operators, which makes internet game play accessible. Playtech has proven they have what it takes to provide a comprehensive solution that will keep operators in the forefront of the gaming industry. The company was recently selected by Holland Casino to provide online software solutions in preparation of the online gambling regulation. (17/12)

Queensland Keno Player Earns Over $1 Million in Keno Game

The game of keno is one that is popular in many areas across the globe. The game is easy to play and can provide a very large jackpot, making the game a big draw for gamblers. Keno is a lottery style game that is usually played in bars and restaurants as way to pass the time. Players can win a large jackpot with just one game and in Queensland, keno officials are now trying to find the latest winner! (16/12)

Lucky Pants Bingo Offering Major Holiday Gaming

The holidays are a fun time for family and friends but it is also a time to hit the online bingo sites. Many online gambling operators offer exciting and fun gaming contests with top quality prizes, not to mention large cash jackpots! The game of bingo is no exception and the top providers are already offering gaming opportunities for the holidays. Players will find that Lucky Pants Bingo is offering a deal every day as Christmas Day approaches. (16/12)

South Carolina Man Arrested for Illegal Video Poker Machines

In many US states, video poker machines are illegal. This however, does not stop operators from providing such games. Many times, bar owners will hire someone to provide such games and then remove the games once suspicion arises. This has happened time after time and can lead to arrests as well as trouble for many restaurant and bar owners. The most recent incident of video poker arrest comes from the state of South Carolina. (13/12)

Gambling Addiction Leads to Legal Trial for Stepmom

A gambling addiction can lead to major difficulties for the addict. From making bad money choices to taking illegal means, players will go to great lengths to be able to play their favorite games for real money. Players have been known to steal money from just about anywhere to be able to fund the gambling habit. A Pennsylvania woman is now facing a legal trial for stealing from her step-son to fund her gambling habit. (13/12)

John Higgins Scrapes by in UK Championship

John Higgins is known as a top snooker pro but has had trouble as of late getting his game together. The pro barely got by in his latest match against Jamie Burnett to move forward in the competition, even admitting himself that he played horribly. The pro was able to win the match 6-4 but not without controversy. (12/12)

Europe Defeats USA in Party Poker Mosconi Cup

The Party Poker Mosconi Cup is a favorite event in the billiards community among top players. The event has taken place over the past two decades and every year, top billiards players team up to represent their country in this prestigious event. This year, the event saw the European team taking down the American team in the finals 11-2. (12/12)

Gin Rummy Site Offering Special December Competition

Gin rummy fans will be excited to hear that a top online rummy site is now offering a special competition this December. Adda52 is a rummy site based in India that offers a wide selection of gin rummy variants and recently announced they are now offering a Gold Rush competition. Players can play rummy at absolutely no cost in a tournament at the site and then earn gold coins! (11/12)

Backgammon Comes in Handy for Poker Pro

Gus Hansen is a top poker pro who has made a career playing poker online as well as in live tournament play. The pro has earned millions upon millions by being the best of the best but has recently seen a major downswing. The pro has lost $7.5 million this year alone, a major blow to the pocketbook. However, before poker, Hansen was a pro at backgammon. He is now using his backgammon skills to make up for his poker losses. (11/12)

Oregon Man Bashes Video Poker Machines

Video poker is a game that can be found in several different US states from casino game play to bars and restaurants. Video poker is an electronic form of poker that many enjoy to pass the time and even win nice jackpots. In Oregon, a man named James Henderson was recently enjoying the games at a local Cabaret when he became angry and went into a rage. (10/12)

Australian Lottery Officials Searching for Keno Winners

The lottery is a gambling option that has long been available across the globe. Players love to purchase lottery tickets and hope they become an instant millionaire! However, most times, gamblers will earn just a few bucks and then go about their day. But other times, players score big and their life is changed forever. With a million dollar win, a gambler could do whatever they wanted and that is why players gamble, to try and change their life. (10/12)

Mahjong Shut Down causes Senior Revolt

Mahjong is a favorite game in the Asian culture and can be seen taking place in many different areas and provinces. One area is cracking down on illegal mahjong game play and over one hundred people were arrested last week as part of a mahjong sting operation. Eleven parlors were raided and the people were arrested in the Shau Kei Wan area. (09/12)

Fancy Bingo Offering New Christmas Contest

Online bingo sites are in full holiday swing and offering a slew of contests and options to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Players can enjoy special prizes, cash and more just by visiting their favorite online bingo games. Fancy Bingo is one such site that is offering many opportunities this holiday season. The online bingo site has already started many different contests including the Kick Start Christmas option. (09/12)

Gambler Wins Large Slot Jackpot at All Slots

Players have been using the holiday season as an excuse to log online to their favorite online casinos and play their favorite games. All Slots Casino is one of the most popular online casinos available today and players were hitting the casino to be able to take advantage of the special deals and opportunities. The casino had one player during the holiday week that was able to win just over £18,000,000! (06/12)

Free Roulette at Betfair Casino

Roulette is a standard casino game that is usually an option available at online casinos for live game play. Live play is the latest craze among online gamers as they are able to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of home. Betfair Casino is one that offers live roulette gaming and now, the site is offering a special option for those who try the game for the very first time. (06/12)

New Blackjack Game Added to Celtic Casino

Blackjack is one of the first games to be played in a casino setting and one that players are known to enjoy. The game is one that has been played for decades and can provide an exciting time as well as nice payday when the cards hit. Players try for 21 or hope to at least beat the dealers hand and when they do, a great payday is earned! Celtic Casino recently announced the addition of a blackjack game, this time around, a classic version. (05/12)

New Mobile Bingo Site Launched by Glossy Bingo

Mobile bingo is all the rage; especially after standard casino gaming has become so popular in mobile form. Bingo is a very popular form of gambling and with mobile options, players can enjoy the gaming type even more. Mobile allows players to play the game from anywhere and Glossy Bingo knows how much players enjoy mobile gaming and has now launched a new mobile option for their members to enjoy. (05/12)

VoltBet rebranded; Ready for Punters

A new sportsbetting platform has been launched under the name SunBet and punters can now log on and take part in sports betting action. The SunBet site was formally VoltBet and was created by Sun International. The VoltBet site was owned by Powerbet Gaming for almost $3 million and is now reopened for business. (04/12)

Charges Dismissed in Video Poker Case

Back in July of 2009, two gamblers were arrested for taking advantage of a bug with video poker machines to earn a large amount of cash. The case has dragged on for some time now and the players could have faced federal prison time but the charges have now been dropped. (04/12)

Free Play Now Live at Virtual Bingo

All bingo players love the word Free. Players want to be able to enjoy their favorite bingo variants at little to no cost and some online bingo sites offer free play or low priced gaming so players can compete on a budget. Virtual Bingo has re-launched and will be a free-play site. The new site will offer players special gaming options and will now be hosting a special game for players to earn a beautifully jeweled bracelet. (03/12)

Mahjong Player Tries to Cheat Game Room

The game of mahjong is not one that is able to avoid controversy. There is just something about the game that causes players to act strange. The most recent crazy mahjong story to be released comes from Nape. It was recently reported that a casino in Nape was reviewing surveillance footage and noticed a player cheating during mahjong game play. (03/12)

Secret Santa Slot added to Lucky247

With the holidays in full swing, many online gambling sites offer holiday themed gaming opportunities. From bingo to casino gaming, these operators offer it all. Players can compete in tournaments, enjoy specialty holiday games and so much more. Lucky247 has now decided to launch a new Microgaming slot game titled Secret Santa. The new game is the latest slot gaming release in the last month for Lucky247. (02/12)

Red Flush Casino Back in the Holiday Spirit

Red Flush Casino is known for celebrating the holidays in style with top quality gaming options. Players will find specialty games as well as holiday tournaments such as the Seasons Winnings contest. This contest is now back in action and will feature no less than $300,000 in prizes as well as giveaways. The competition was a big hit in 2012 and the casino feels this year will be better than ever! (02/12)

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