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888Ladies Paying for Loyalty

Players who enjoy online bingo gaming know that the operators work hard to provide unique and exciting promotions and loyalty schemes to keep players coming back for more. Operators must have a popular scheme to keep players busy and rewarded. Online bingo sites are the best at rewarding loyal players with cash, prizes and so much more. 888Ladies Bingo is one such site that continues to reward players for continuing to enjoy their game play. (31/01)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Again at California Casino

The game of pai gow poker is apparently the top game of choice at a casino in the state of California. Players continue to visit the Red Hawk Casino and take advantage of pai gow gaming, only to be rewarded with huge jackpots in the six figure range. The casino is constantly announcing new winners and just this week, yet another player has hit the jackpot! (31/01)

New Online Casino Service Launches For Game Play

Online casinos are constantly in creation and popping up on a regular basis. Players always have new and exciting game choices when it comes to playing online. One of the newest casinos to launch was BetSpinWin. This new site provides a large selection of casino games that includes table options, 3D slot gaming and live casino gaming. (30/01)

Slot Game Pays Off for New Jersey Resident

Slot gaming is one of the most popular choices for gamblers who visit a brick and mortar casino. The slot gaming machines allow for players to become immersed in game play without spending a ton of cash. Games start out at just one penny per spin and makes gaming very affordable while still entertaining. Online gaming makes slots even easier as players are able to visit the casino from the comfort of the home. (30/01)

World Professional Billiard League to Host Charity Billiards Event

Sports are great entertainment and also a great avenue for charity. Pros in every sport offer up their services to be able to benefit charities of all shapes and sizes. The World Professional Billiard League is planning on offering a special charity event in February to benefit those dealing with the Philippine typhoon. (29/01)

Stephen Lee To Begin Snooker Ban Appeal

Stephen Lee is a top snooker pro who was recently banned for twelve years from the sport after he was found guilty of seven charges last year for match fixing. The pro has won five ranking events and has been a top pro in the industry. Lee knows that if he does not have the ban lifted, he will be basically done with his snooker career. The pro will now begin his appeal of the ban this week. (29/01)

New Jersey Police Searching for Lottery Scammers

The lottery is a game that is played across the United States on a daily basis. Players hope to be the next big winner and earn a large cash prize. Because millions of people play the lottery regularly, criminals tend to use the lottery as a way to scam individuals and earn extra cash. In the state of New Jersey, officials are searching for a couple who have scammed a man out of $29,000. (28/01)

Live Dealer Casino Option Launches at 7Red

7Red is an online gaming provider that offers casino gaming options for players to enjoy. 7Red provides gaming via Betsoft Gaming and has now announced that a new platform. Live Dealer Casino is now up and ready at 7Red. This new platform will offer innovative gaming in a real-life format that can be enjoyed in the home. (28/01)

Bodog Live Launches New Baccarat Option

The game of baccarat is one that is quite popular among gamers across the globe. Casino gaming operators must continue to create exciting gaming options, including the game of baccarat, to keep players happy and coming back for more. Bodog is a top operator that provides quality gaming options including the game of baccarat. The site offers a nice selection of Live Gaming and has now announced that they are providing a new variant of baccarat for players to enjoy. (27/01)

Castle Bingo Offering Nice February Gaming

Every month of the year, online bingo sites offer unique and exciting gaming experiences. Online bingo is one of the most popular forms of online gambling and sites have to continue to provide quality promotions and gaming options. Players also enjoy live bingo This February, bingo clubs by Castle Bingo will be providing a special gaming option. The month of love will be especially exciting for visitors to Castle Bingo. (27/01)

Unique Lottery Game Launches in US

A new lottery game has been launched in two states in the US that is sure to be a big hit. Players usually play the lottery and hope to earn a number match. Players have to match a certain set or amount of numbers to be able to win a jackpot prize. With the new lottery game titled All or Nothing, players will be able to earn a jackpot by hitting all the right numbers or getting all the numbers wrong! (24/01)

Pai Gow Poker Pays Out Handsomely

Pai Gow poker is a popular game that first originated in Asian culture. The game is a table option that provides players with a variant of poker. The game is very popular in table game form as well as in electronic form. The Red Hawk Casino is a top spot in the state of California that is known for their Pai Gow gaming. The casino recently announced that a player has earned a nice jackpot by playing the game. (24/01)

Roulette Addict Warns of Gambling Problems

Every gambling game can be addictive. Players have to learn how to handle their game play to ensure that finances as well as the overall lifestyle does not change. Many times, players become addicted to one game in particular and will spend far too much money as well as do crazy things to continue to play the game. Roulette is one such game that can be addicting and one dad has spoken out on how one can become addicted. (23/01)

Michigan Woman Steals from Employer to Fund Keno Habit

Sometimes gambling habits can be hard to break and even lead to destructive behavior. Players need to learn the right way to handle game play instead of taking gaming to the extreme. However, there will also be cases where players become too involved with gaming and make bad choices. A woman from Michigan is now going to jail for one year after it was proven she stole from her employer to fund her keno habit. (23/01)

Butlins Bingo Ready for Jackpot Genie

Jackpot Genie sounds wonderful to gamblers. This must be some magical way to win a jackpot right? Exactly! Players can have access to the jackpot genie by visiting the online bingo site Butlins Bingo. This special genie providers gamers with the perfect way to earn extra cash. Players simply enjoy the magic and a little bingo to hopefully win a cash prize! (22/01)

GR88 Casino Expands Gaming Options

Every few years, online casinos will expand or make changes to keep the brand fresh and exciting. Software changes are a common choice for change or new additions. The GR88 Casino has now announced that they now have nineteen new games for players to enjoy. The games are part of the Microgaming PlayínGO selection and are sure to be a big hit with gamblers. (22/01)

Terminator 2 Slot in the Works

Slot games are a popular form of entertainment for gamblers across the globe. Whether in land form or online, slot games come in all types and can help pass the time in a fun way, not to mention prizes can be won! Players really enjoy slot gaming especially themed slots. Movie themed slot games are one of the most popular types and players will soon have another choice from Microgaming operators as the company has just acquired the licensing rights to yet another major motion picture. (21/01)

PartyPoker Mosconi Cup Hosted by Tower Circus

The PartyPoker Mosconi Cup will be back this year and in its 21st year of operation and it was just announced that the Tower Circus in Blackpool will be hosting the prestigious event. The event doesnít take place until December of 2014 but players are already anticipating the event. (21/01)

Hotel Owner Wants More Pokie Machines

Pokie machines are a fun past time for gamblers and easy to enjoy. Players will find pokie machines across the globe but especially in the UK. In many areas, pokie gaming options are limited to help with gambling addictions but operators always want to add more gaming systems. The owner of the Shamrock Hotel in Bendigo is one such operator who wants to add machines and is prepared to fight to do so. (20/01)

York to host UK Snooker Championships Yet Again

The UK Championship is a snooker tournament that is highly anticipated in the snooker industry. Players hope to compete in the event to be able to say they are the champion for the given year. Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker has announced that the event will return to York for the 2014 event. (20/01)

Online Bingo Players Take Advantage of Tidy Bingo Rewards

Online bingo sites are readily available and can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Players can easily enjoy their favorite bingo games and chat with friends and family online. Top bingo sites offer the best games and tournaments so players can earn extra cash as well as have fun Tidy Bingo is one such site that offers the best of the best when it comes to bingo gaming. The site is now offering special rewards and benefits to earn extra cash in the New Year. (17/01)

North Carolina Lottery Purchase Lands NJ Woman with Large Win

Players purchase lottery tickets each and every day. Gamblers usually purchase tickets when they are in their home area but during vacation or trips out of state, players continue to purchase tickets. Some states offer different lottery options and prizes can be much larger in other areas. Because of this, players will purchase tickets in the hopes of earning a nice lottery prize. One New Jersey woman is now $244,968 richer after playing the lottery in North Carolina. (17/01)

Full Tilt Launches Online Casino Gaming for Real Money

Full Tilt Poker has only been back in business for a short time but already has taken a nice stance in the online gaming community. When the company came back into the poker industry, they stated that online casino gaming was in the future. The company has now launched online casino gaming options for real money, which can be played alongside the companyís poker option. (16/01)

Keno Players Caught Using Counterfeit Cash

The game of keno is a lottery style game that is played in restaurants and bars across the United States. Players have the option of enjoying the game several times per hour as drawings take place at a rapid rate. Players will choose a set amount of numbers and then hope these numbers show up during the drawing. If they do, the player wins a cash prize based on the bet. Recently, two men were caught using counterfeit bills to play the game. (16/01)

Rummy Site Develops New Interface

Gin rummy is a fun card game that can be played in several variants. Players enjoy the game online and in real time with friends or family. The game of rummy can easily be played at the Adda52rummy site, a new option for Indian players. The site offers a wide selection of rummy gaming and recently announced a new gaming interface was created. (15/01)

Foxy Bingo Offering Special Winter Gaming Option

Foxy Bingo is one of the top online bingo sites available today. Players continue to log on to Foxy Bingo and become a new member each and every day to be able to enjoy what the online site has to offer. The site has a large variety of bingo options and is particularly known for guaranteed jackpot games. The site is currently offering a special winter offering this January so players have the opportunity to earn nice cash prizes. (15/01)

New 3D Slot Game Launched

Slot gamers will be excited to hear that a new 3D slot game is now available. Players already have access to immersive gaming options, interactive video gaming and more. Thanks to GR88Casino, players will now have access to a 3D online slot game. The new game is titled Sterling Silver and players will use 3D glasses to be able to view images that move off of the screen. (14/01)

Mahjong Lottery Player Earns Big Win

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed on a regular basis by gamers in many different forms. The game is one that can be played online, in board game form and even in lottery form. Players will find the game can be played almost anywhere for fun or for money. (14/01)

Illegal Gambling Site Operator Busted

In most areas across the US, online gambling is not legalized. Players do not have the option of enjoying their favorite games via the internet. However, this does not stop individuals from offering some form of online gambling. Internet cafes and other companies can pose as another business yet offer online gambling. (13/01)

Banned Gambler Spends £60,000 on Roulette

Across the globe, gamblers have the opportunity to ban themselves from gambling at various brick and mortar casinos and gambling facilities. Operators offer this option so that gamblers who have a problem can begin to help themselves. Many people will sign up for such an option only to find that they continue to gamble and have an issue. Just recently a gambler tried to help himself by taking advantage of the banning only to blow £60,000 on the game of roulette. (13/01)

Police Officer Caught Playing Video Poker On Duty

We all have jobs to do on a daily basis. Some of us are moms while others are sales clerks, teachers, doctors, etc. Each position requires certain duties and daily activities. There are of course rules to every position and these rules must be followed to be successful and keep your job. But sometimes, individuals have a difficult time sticking with the rules of the position. Police officers are supposed to be on top of their game so it was definitely a shock when a police officer was found to be playing video poker while on duty. (10/01)

New Billiards Table Package Created for Military Personnel

Exchange USA has announced they are now going to provide a special billiards package for military personnel. The company has now created a new 8 foot professional quality table that will work perfectly for any billiards room. The table was created by high quality professionals and is ready for any billiards circuit. The new table can be purchased exclusively by military personnel and is available at the company store as well as online. (10/01)

Boxing Pro Keeps Up Sports Betting Winning Streak

Sports betting are a popular pastime of many individuals including sports stars themselves. Of course there are many sports organizations that do not allow their players to place sports wagers, but there are still those who face no repercussions such as boxers. Boxers such as Floyd Mayweather take their sports seriously and enjoy placing large wagers on games and individuals players. When bettors have the cash, a large amount can be won, if the right picks are made. Mayweather is an avid bettor who recently earned a nice payday after wagering on a few large sports events. (09/01)

Alabama Woman Wins Not One But Two Slots Jackpots

Slot games are one of the most popular gambling options for players visiting a brick and mortar casino. Players have the option of playing many different types of slot options from video to classic and immersive. Each casino will offer different options and players never have a difficult time finding a favorite. Players always hope they will be the next big winner and earn a jackpot. Imagine winning not one but jackpots! This is exactly what happened recently in the state of Alabama. (09/01)

Red Hawk Casino Launches New Pai Gow Poker Game

Pai gow poker is a popular poker variant that gamblers enjoy in live game play. Casinos across the globe offer pai gow poker and the Red Hawk Casino of California has just announced they now offer a new game with this variant. Bonus Spin Pai Gow Poker has now been added to the table gaming options and this is the only casino in the area that offers this gaming option. (08/01)

Huge Slot Gaming Win in Canada

Slot games have long been the popular choice for gamblers around the world. Brick and mortar casinos have offered slot gaming for decades, with new games made available each year as technology changes and advances. Slot gaming comes in many forms from video gaming to classic and progressive. Each option offers a new and exciting chance to win a large jackpot prize, and with no skill required, slot gaming is simply fun! (08/01)

Maryland Woman Abandons Daughter to Gamble

Most parents take special care to watch over and protect their children. Parents provide their children with a safe place to live and watch their children at all times. However, there are those who do not take care of their children and make bad decisions. In Baltimore, Maryland, a mother of a small child is now facing serious charges for leaving the small child in her vehicle to gamble. (07/01)

Online Bingo Site Offering Special Monthly Guarantee

Online bingo is a great gaming option that millions of people enjoy across the globe. The games are easy to play and top providers offer a wide selection of bingo options with tournaments, chat games and more. Players have the opportunity to chat with friends and make new ones while enjoy gaming opportunities. Online gaming site, Betfred Bingo, is now offering a special monthly guarantee which takes place on the first Friday of every month. (07/01)

Mohegan Sun hopes to build new Massachusetts Casino

Massachusetts is scheduled to build a new casino and regulators are currently searching for an operator to build the new facility. The Mohegan Sun is in the running to build the new casino and recently submitted their application for approval. (06/01)

Oregon Couple Wins Massive Lottery Prize

Couples tend to play the lottery just as much as individuals to be able to try and earn a nice payday. Lottery prizes can be worth a great deal of money even in the multi millions. Players try again and again to win the lottery in the hopes that their life will be changed forever. In some cases it actually is. Almost every day, a lottery prize is won, either in the five figure to even the six figure or more range! (06/01)

Racing Club Does Not Contribute to Problem Gambling Measures Properly

In most cases, gambling facilities are to provide some type of problem gambling resources to be allowed to operate gambling entertainment. From casinos to sports betting and more, most regulators require this to lower the number of players who suffer from gambling addiction. The racing facility Clubs in Victoria was supposed to devote a certain amount of money to benefit problem gamblers but has failed to do so. (03/01)

Snooker Pro Back in Action after Competing in Reality Show

Steve Davis is a well-known snooker pro who has earned his share of top titles and accolades in the sport. The pro recently spent time in the Australian jungle taking part in the reality show Iím a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Davis is now back in action and hopes to maintain his tour card for the current season. (03/01)

China Province Offers Unique Gambling Dining Experience

Across the globe, there are many different dining experiences for visitors to enjoy. Travelers are always looking for exciting and interesting dining experiences and gamblers now have a very unique option in the Shanxi province of China. A new restaurant has opened that offers a casino themed dining experience. (02/01)

Walking Dead Slot Game Finally Released

The Walking Dead is a very popular television show and comic book series. Players have enjoyed the show and comics for years now, so it makes perfect sense that operators have now created a new slot game based on the popular show. The new game was created by Aristocrat and released in certain states just a few weeks ago. (02/01)

Happy New Year 2014!!!

It is now 2014, and as we all nurse hangovers and too much food, we can simply enjoy a New Year with the possibilities of New Beginnings. Happy New Year to all of our readers!! Enjoy the day and set goals to enjoy even more gambling fun in 2014! (01/01)

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