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Hotel Manager Guilty of Pokie Theft

Enjoying the pokies is a past time that many people take part in every day. Pokies machines can be found in many different areas across the globe but are particularly popular in the UK and in Australia. Players take time out of their busy schedules on a regular basis to hit the pokies and the games bring in millions in revenues each year. (28/02)

Online Bingo Site Offering Special Vouchers

Players who are new to online bingo sites usually are offered great deals and promotions to be able to enjoy gaming with free cash or play money. Bingo Godz is one such site that offers players the same great freebies and contests to earn free cash. The online bingo site recently announced that they are now offering a free voucher for new players to take advantage of. (28/02)

Two US States Team Up for Online Gaming

In the United States, there are currently only three states that online gaming opportunities. Delaware and New Jersey offer all around gaming, from online casino play to online poker play. Nevada also offers online gaming options but only have poker games available. It was recently announced that now both Nevada and Delaware have signed an agreement to share player pools. (27/02)

Voters to Decide on Gaming Options for Deadwood Casinos

A House Committee voted this week to allow voters in the state to decide if roulette, craps and keno can be offered at the Deadwood casino properties. A vote of 5 to 4 for a new measure was passed by the State Affairs Committee to see voters make the decision this November. (27/02)

Store Owner Receives $1 Million for selling winning lottery ticket

We all play the lottery for different reasons; to earn cash, to have fun or to try and find a little excitement. For lottery ticket retailers, the point is to make money by selling lottery tickets. Not only do the stores that sell lottery tickets earn revenues for selling the tickets, the stores also receive a payday if a big win is achieved from a ticket sold at the location. One retailer is now $1 million richer thanks to a huge lottery win. (26/02)

New Slots System Approved in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has provided quality casino gaming opportunities for decades to residents as well as visitors. Recently, regulators approved a new system that will give players access to larger jackpots for slot gaming. This will be great news to regular visitors of the state who enjoy the slot gaming options. (26/02)

Road Trip Results in Major Keno Jackpot Win

Keno is a game that millions of people enjoy on a regular basis. The game is easy to play and can be found in most restaurants, bars and locations across the globe. If the game is not available in a home area, players will enjoy the option while on a trip or vacation. One Tweed Heads man recently found out that playing the game while on a trip is a great decision as he is now $345,000 richer! (25/02)

Ace2Three Introduces New Rummy Variant

The game of rummy is one that can be enjoyed in many different variant and formats. Players can enjoy the game with friends in card forms or even in online game play. Ace2Three is a top quality provider of online rummy gaming options and the group has now announced they are offering a new 9 players game. The new game will help to provide a new challenge to rummy players to help sharpen playing skills. (25/02)

CueSports International Announces New Tournament Schedule

Billiards players will be excited to hear that CueSports International has announced two new tournaments for players to enjoy. The first ever CSI Invitational 10-ball and 8-Ball Championships are scheduled for this July to take place at the same time as the BCAPL & USAPL National Championships. The event will take place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino which is located in Las Vegas. (24/02)

Foxwoods Partners with GameAccount Network to provide Online Gaming Experience

Many casinos in the United States are opening up to online game play. Only a select few offer actual online gaming for real money game play from anywhere within the state the gaming is allowed, while other casinos offer online options while on property. Foxwoods Resort Casino recently announced they have partnered with GameAccount Network to create an online gaming experience via an electronic device. (24/02)

Ladbrokes Offering Major Roulette Opportunity

Roulette players tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to online gaming. Most online casinos do not offer but a few variants and there are rarely any opportunities for gamers to be able to earn extra cash or prizes. However, Ladbrokes has decided to offer a perfect opportunity for any gambler who enjoys the game of roulette. (21/02)

Auckland SkyCity Casino Affected by Odd Video Poker Scammer

Video poker is a game that enjoyed across the globe. Most casinos offer some type of video poker game play. The games are electronic and can easily produce a huge jackpot win. Players who enjoy poker can easily see hand after hand instead of the slower game play of the poker tables. At the Auckland SkyCity, a player was recently found guilty of jamming pokie machines with gum to come back later to take the winnings. (21/02)

Stephen Lee Finishes First Part of Ban Appeal

Stephen Lee has been focused on his appeal towards the twelve year ban he faces for being found guilty of match fixing and now the first portion of the appeal is completed. The player was suspended for the very long time period beginning in September and still claims his innocence. (20/02)

Players Wins Big on Reno Slot Game

Slot players can be found at any gambling facility, taking advantage of easy and entertaining wagering. Slots are a way for players to wager very little but see a nice return. In most facilities, there are hundreds if not thousands of slot games to take advantage of, with wagering options starting from just a penny to $100 or more. (20/02)

Mobile Capabilities at Silk Bingo

In today’s gambling market, mobile capabilities are a must. Players want to be able to enjoy all their favorite online gambling games via a mobile device. This way, players do not have to have a hardwired connection to be able to move about and gamble. With mobile technology, casino games can be played from anywhere at any time as long as there is an internet connection. (19/02)

Baccarat Casino Busted for Illegal Gambling

While gambling activities are widely legalized across the globe, there are still some areas in the world that do not offer any type of gambling. It is in these areas that you can find illegal activity taking place. Operators will set up shop just about anywhere to give gamers the opportunity to play their favorite games to win cash. However, this is not legal and usually results in a bust or sting operation. The most recent incident of this happening takes place in Yokohama and involves the game of baccarat. (19/02)

Homeless Man Wins Hungary’s Largest Ever Lottery Jackpot

Laszlo Andraschek is a homeless man who just happened to have a few coins in his pocket. He decided to take those coins and purchase a lottery ticket. This was the best decision to make as the lottery ticket turned out the be the largest winner recorded in the history of the Hungary lottery! The lucky winner earned 630 million forint for the win. (18/02)

$29 Million Win Turns Into Steak Dinner for Unlucky Slot Gamer

Last month a woman was visiting the Blue Chip Casino located in Indiana and played the slot games. Nothing unusual, but the woman ended up winning $29 million. The lucky winner was Jennifer Carmen, who was very excited over the win, until she found out it was due to a glitch in the system. (18/02)

NBA Star Loses Big At Blackjack Tables

Celebrities and sports stars are commonly seen at casinos across the United States. When an event takes place in a gambling city, most famous people will hit up the casino for a little gaming action. With the NBA All-Star Weekend taking place this past weekend, many top NBA stars were in the mood for a little gambling. (17/02)

Ticket Prices Cut at Bingo Halls

Many online bingo operators started out in the land based gaming options. Operators created land based gaming to provide a live setting for bingo gaming and for decades, this option has been a top choice for gamers in the UK. In recent years, the land based gaming options have begun to see a large drought as players enjoy online gaming options. To try and bring gamblers in, Mecca Bingo will be offering cut prices at the bingo halls for the month of February. (17/02)

New Live Dealer Games Available at Grande Vegas Casino

Live dealer gaming is one of the hottest trends in online gambling today. Players enjoy being able to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of home. The cost is significantly less as players do not have to travel long distances to enjoy a little roulette or blackjack. Top online casinos have launched this option so players can have the feel of a live gaming experience without having to leave home. (14/02)

New Gaming App Launched by Tropicana

The Tropicana is a casino and resort located in Atlantic City that has now announce the launch of a new application for online gambling. Players will be able to download the new Tropicana.AC app to be able to enjoy online gaming at any time, from anywhere in the state. (14/02)

New Slot Game Launches in Honor of Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing, with competitors taking part in various events and everyone around the world is watching. To celebrate the Olympic Games, Liberty Slots has released a new slot machine that is themed after snow sports. The majority of the Olympic games are featured on the snow, so players are sure to enjoy this new gaming option. (13/02)

Keno Game Play Pays Off for Maryland Man

The game of keno is one that can be found in many bars and restaurants across the United States. Players enjoy having access to quick lottery style games that can provide jackpots in the five and six figure range. While enjoying a drink or meal, players can easily choose a set of numbers and then hope they get a match in the next drawing. Drawings take place several times within one hour so players have a nice opportunity to win a cash prize. One Maryland man recently won a nice six figure prize after playing the game in December. (13/02)

Live Baccarat Option Available Via Vivo Gaming

Baccarat is a popular game that first made its debut in Asia. The game is enjoyed in live form at brick and mortar casinos and even in online game play. Players have many outlets in which to enjoy the game and in most cases; the most exciting option is with high rollers in live game play. Live game play online is one of the more popular options available and while there are not many options with live gaming, baccarat is always in the mix. (12/02)

Online Gamblers To Be Punished in Pennsylvania

Online gambling is legally available in the United States in only a select few individual states. Players are not allowed to gamble legally online in most areas of the US and yet players still want to enjoy poker and casino gaming. So, players get online anyway and find ways around the law. In the state of Pennsylvania, a state representative wants to see online gambling blocked and players punished who take part. (12/02)

Hotel Owner Wants Backgammon

Backgammon is a popular game played around the world and tournaments can be found especially in the Mediterranean as well as clubs across the London area. With the game, backgammon has a big following and the championships are always based in an exotic location. However, one hotel owner would like to see the game come to his area. (11/02)

Bingo Instant Game Provides Major Win

Bingo has long been a popular gambling entertainment option. Players continue to play online, in gambling halls and even in scratch tickets to be able to win a nice lottery prize. Just recently, a gambler from Ayr earned a nice prize thanks to a 75 Ball Bingo Instant Win Game. (11/02)

Outdated Las Vegas Slot Machine Gaining Attention

At a casino, slot games will build a jackpot until someone is lucky enough to get the right symbol combination. In Las Vegas, there are tons of slot machines, all types with various jackpot options, including progressives. Most recently, a single slot game is gaining quite a bit of attention for having a very large jackpot prize. An outdated slot machine at the MGM Grand known as The Lion’s Share has not seen a jackpot in around twenty years, so the cash waiting to be collected is around $2.3 million. The jackpot is so large, players from around the world are coming for their shot at the game. (10/02)

New Cash Out Service Scheduled for 2014 Launch

Across the world, gamblers enjoy wagering on their favorite sports teams and players. Sports betting is an avid past time of millions and with each bet, players want to be able to earn quick cash. Sometimes a bet pays off and sometimes it does not. But when it does and a player earns a win, they want to be able to collect their winnings as quickly as possible. The sports book at Paddy Power will soon offer this option once a new cash out service is released. (10/02)

Lucky Loot Casino adds four new games

New game releases are always exciting online. Players really enjoy having even more games to try and win a nice cash prize. Casinos are constantly adding new games to their current lineup to keep players interested and staying loyal members. Lucky Loot Casino recently announced they are now offering four additional games for their mobile application line up. (07/02)

Pokie Player Robbed; 3 Earn Jail Time

Playing pokies is a fun past time for many across the globe, but just like any gambling game, players must be wary leaving with a large win. Criminals are known to frequent casinos and gaming facilities to watch for big winners and then pounce when they leave the premises. This is exactly what happened to an elderly man after playing pokies at a Bundaberg pub. (07/02)

Intertops Casino Launches New Slot Sequel

Every slot player has a favorite slot game. Whether it is a classic slot game, a video slot or a progressive, slot games can provide fast entertainment at a low price with high reward. Operators understand how players have favorites and will create sequels to keep players coming back for more. Intertops Casino is one operator that has a large selection of slot gaming and recently launched a sequel to Naughty or Nice game this time with Spring Break. (06/02)

New Themed Chat Games at Foxy Bingo

Most bingo players love to check out their favorite online bingo sites on a regular basis to see what special opportunities are available. Online bingo sites love to reward their players and offer regular bonuses, promotions and tournament game play. By checking your favorite sites on a regular basis you will never miss out on these special options. Foxy Bingo is one such site that continues to offer players special gaming and has recently added new themed chat games. (06/02)

Microsoft Mahjong a Big Hit Among Gamers

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed by the young and old. The game can be played for fun or for money, online or in board game form. No matter what version you play, you are sure to have a fun and entertaining time. A recent release by Microsoft is taking the game by storm as more and more players opt to enjoy this version of mahjong. (05/02)

South Dakota Casinos Want to Add Roulette and other Gaming Options

The state of South Dakota offers casino gaming options via Deadwood Casinos. Players enjoy visiting the casinos and playing their favorite games but many have found that standard casino options are not available at Deadwood properties. A new bill has been introduced, titled House Joint Resolution 1001 which would amend a bill to legalize craps, keno and roulette at the casinos of the state. (05/02)

Lottery Prize Profitable for North Carolina Man

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. With every ticket purchased, a player is hoping to be the next big winner. The lottery can be played in various states across the US and players have the opportunity to win great prizes from six to seven figures and more! One most recent winner from the state of North Carolina plans on using his winnings to get rid of college debt. (04/02)

Top Snooker Pro Receiving Benefits?

The snooker world is deep in gossip over Stephen Lee. We all know that Lee was banned from the sport for twelve years, leaving him basically without a career until his last days. Anyone knows that not playing the game professionally for that period of time will significantly damage a career. Lee is supposedly fighting for an appeal but in the meantime, the top snooker pro may now be receiving benefits to help support his family. (04/02)

Casino Thief Takes a Dip

Anyone who tries to rob a casino is a brave soul. Every casino facility has a sophisticated surveillance system so even if you are not caught in the act, you will eventually be caught. Criminals are always found out by the facilities, even if drastic measures are taken. The most recent instance of a casino robbery comes from the state of Indiana where a player took a dip in the Ohio River trying to get away from police. (03/02)

Baccarat Casino Raided in Tokyo

Illegal gambling is not permitted in Tokyo and just a few days ago, a baccarat gaming ring was busted by police. According to recent reports, the Metropolitan police department in Tokyo busted a casino that offer baccarat gaming in the Edogawa Ward and made several arrests. (03/02)

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