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Sparkling Bingo Offering Popular Grand Gaming

Bingo is one of the favorite gaming options for online gamblers as the game provides an excellent source of entertainment. The games are easy to play and provide nice jackpot wins as well as the added advantage of chatting with friends. Make new friends and chat with old while you play a simple game of bingo. Sparking Bingo is one such gaming site that provides an excellent source for gambling on bingo. (31/03)

New Live Baccarat Option via RTG

Online casino gaming is a pastime that is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. For years, players have logged on to their favorite gaming sites and taken part in table gaming, slots and more. top gaming sites continue to add new gaming options as technology continues to improve and the latest development gaining in popularity is live dealer gaming. (31/03)

Ladbrokes Bingo Offering Free Bingo

Bingo is a favorite past time of players across the globe. The game is easy to play and with online gaming options, players can chat with friends, make new friends and earn extra cash! There are many online bingo sites that offer top quality gaming and sites are constantly updating promotions and special options to keep players coming back for more. Ladbrokes Bingo is now offering players an opportunity to earn 24 hours of free bingo! (28/03)

Wild Jack Progressive Pays Off For Video Poker Gambler

Wild Jack Casino is a popular online gambling site that provides a wide selection of gaming opportunities. Players can enjoy a wide selection of gaming opportunities such as video poker, table games and more. the site recently announced that a player has earned a large jackpot prize thanks to a progressive game. (28/03)

Michigan Men Charged for Illegal Sports Gambling Operation

Online sports betting is an illegal activity in many areas across the globe, yet there are still those who become involved in illegal operations. There will always be players who want to place wagers so these illegal groups will exist. Apparently in the state of Michigan, three men from Dearborn are now facing charges for being involved in an illegal gambling operation. (27/03)

Taxi Driver Wins Huge Lottery Prize

The lottery is a popular past time for gamblers across the globe. Players hope that one day the lucky numbers will pay off and they will be sitting pretty for the rest of their life. Players want to be the next big millionaire and be able to support their family easily without stressing out. This is the goal of most players, or to have the money to do whatever they like! (27/03)

Live dealer Gaming added to Slotastic!

Live dealer gaming is one of the more popular gaming options available online today. Players enjoy playing live dealer games as they provide a realistic gaming experience. With real dealers working the games and the game play taking part as the online wagering takes place, creating a unique experience for gamers. Slotastic! Has announced they are now offering live dealers or many different games. (26/03)

Keno Cheating Group Exposed During Traffic Violation

A recent group of people were in court for a traffic stop when it was found that the group had been participating in a cheating scandal involving the Joliet Harrah’s keno machines. In Arizona, five have been charged with cheating the casino, which includes a poker pro, chess master and more. (26/03)

Easter Jackpot Coming to Sun Bingo

The Easter holidays are quickly approaching and bingo players will be happy to hear that there are many opportunities to earn cash during the holiday. Online bingo sites will be offering special jackpots, tournaments and more to build a bankroll. Sun Bingo has announced they are now offering a large each jackpot game that will offer £13,000 in prize money. (25/03)

Major Progressive Won at Slotland

Slotland is known for providing quality online gaming but just recently the online casino launched a new mobile platform. Players have enjoyed having mobile options via Slotland as they can play the same great games on the go. The new mobile option is available via Android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry tablets. After four months of operation, the site has now announced they have paid out their biggest slot winner. (25/03)

Enjoy March Madness Betting at AllYouBet

AllYouBet is a top provider of online sports betting options. Members can wager on a variety of gaming options from basketball to football and more. Wager on your favorite players, games and matchups in the hopes of winning a cash prize. AllYouBet is ready for March Madness and is currently offering special bonus opportunities for members. (24/03)

Madrid Poker Festival Seats Up For Grabs at Intertops

Intertops Poker is a top provider of online poker gaming options. The site is known for offering the best in gaming opportunities and providing players with premium opportunity to compete in major events. The site is now giving away prize packages to the upcoming Madrid Live Deep Stack Poker Festival. (24/03)

International Gaming Technology Announces New Transformer Slot Game

Software companies that create gaming technology are constantly working to produce new and exciting content. One way to do this is to create gaming options that are based on popular movies or television shows. This is usually done with slot gaming machines and players will gravitate towards these games because they love the characters or the overall show. (21/03)

Steve Davis to Participate in Cue Zone

Chelmsford secondary school is hosting a Cue Zone project and to coach a master class, the school is bringing in a master player. Steve Davis will be visiting the school to provide students with an inside look as to how a snooker match is played at the highest level. The Moulsham High School will be hosting the event and students will learn how to master the game. (21/03)

West Virginia University Students Attempting Billiards Record

To help the Make-A-Wish Foundation, two students from the West Virginia University have decided to try and play pool for eighty hours without stopping. The two kids are Ian Lake and Skyler Banfill and both plan on helping the charity while working their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. (20/03)

New Celebrity Backed Casino Ship Launches in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach area is now home to a unique gaming option. The Island Breeze II is the latest addition to Palm Beach and is now a new gaming facility for gamblers to enjoy. The new casino ship is now available for gamers to enjoy and several celebrities have stake in this new gaming option. (20/03)

Two New Keno Games Launched by Grand Vision Gaming

Grand Vision Gaming LLC has announced the creation of two new games based on keno. The company already has a large gaming portfolio and the addition of keno will only further the gaming opportunities for players. The two new keno games are titled: Power Nova Keno and 4Card POWER Keno. Each game provides an entertaining experience and can be downloaded via the AppStore for Apple devices. (19/03)

Multi-Million Dollar Casino Planned for Catskills

In the Catskills, Empire Resorts operates a parlor that offers just slot machine gaming. This gaming opportunity is available at the racetrack in Monticello and there may soon be another option for gamblers to enjoy. Empire Resorts has now released a plan for a new casino that would cost $750 million to create. This is one of an estimated many companies that may be proposing casinos to gain one of four licenses in the state. (19/03)

New York Airports May Install Lottery Terminals

The airport is an area that sees millions of people each year. Visitors from around the globe visit various airports and spend time in the airports. This makes the area a prime location for making money. From shops to food establishments, travelers will be able to spend money, which makes the airport and the state money. Officials in New York are considering adding video lottery terminals to take advantage of airport crowds and make the state money. (18/03)

Elderly Man Assaulted Over Gambling Debt

Gambling is fun and entertaining in a casino format as players have a controlled environment or gaming to take place. However, there are those who gamble on casino style games or place sports bets in a unregulated setting. It is when this occurs that players are not safe and bad things can happen. When players gamble in an unregulated setting, and the debt is not paid, there may be consequences. An elderly man from the Town of Burlington is the latest victim of assault thanks to a gambling debt. (18/03)

Special Giveaway at Tombola Bingo

Bingo fans are constantly visiting their favorite online bingo providers in the hopes of earning extra cash or incentives. Tombola Bingo has provided several gaming options this month so players can earn prizes and cash but each event has led up to the main event which will take place started on the 31st of March. Players will have three days to take part in Bingo Roulette to earn huge jackpot prizes! (17/03)

$3 Million Dollar Prize won in Virginia

Across the United States, gamblers have many opportunities to play the lottery. From the Powerball to scratch-offs, gamblers can pay just a few dollars for their chance at millions. Everyone who plays the lottery hopes to be the next big winner, taking home a million dollar prize, even a multi million dollar prize! Players want to be able to change their life with just one ticket and there are players that do. Currently, lottery officials in the state of Virginia are searching for a $3 million winner! (17/03)

New Jersey Online Poker Sites to offer New Tournament Series

Residents and visitors to the state of New Jersey will be happy to hear that online poker rooms will be offering a new poker series. Party Poker and Borgata will both be hosting the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, which is the very first event of its kind. (14/03)

Billiards Pro Earns Tour Stop Win

The Predator Amateur Tour recently stopped in Queens, New York to host a $500 added event. The tour saw seventy one players competing and many top pros were in attendance. The event took place at the Steinway Billiards in Astoria over the weekend on the 8th and 9th. It was Vincent Rochefort who earned the title win and his first ever Predator Amateur title, outlasting each competitor for the win. (14/03)

Jail Sentences Earned in Michigan Video Poker Scheme

A video poker scheme in the state of Michigan has earned the culprits sentences after taking $300,000 from the state. Joe Michael Koster, the mastermind of the project, has been sentenced to three years, the most out of the six charged for the crime. (13/03)

Robertson Loses Out on Snooker Tournament

Neil Robertson is a top snooker pro who is considered one of the best in the sport. The pro has earned major accolades in the sport and continues to do well in game play. The Haikou World Open is currently running and Robertson faced Marco Fu during the last 16 match ups. Robertson, the world no 1 in Australia fell to Fu 5-4. (13/03)

Atlantic City Casino Pays Off Online

Online gambling has only been available in the state of New Jersey for just a few short months but already players are beginning to take advantage of both casino and poker game play. Hundreds of thousands of online accounts have been created and one online casino recently announced that a player has now won the largest jackpot to date online in the state! (12/03)

Microgaming Releases Two New Slot Games

Microgaming is known for creating exciting and entertaining online casino gaming options. The company is one of the best in the business and continues to hammer out new titles to keep players interested in casino game play and coming back for more. Top rated online casinos use Microgaming software to provide gamblers with the best options for online casino game play. Just recently Lucky247 launched two new titles by Microgaming, both of the slot variety. (12/03)

Former Bar Manager Found Guilty of Stealing Pokie Funds

Pokie machines are a popular pastime in New Zealand as players enjoy the gambling game most every day. The games are available in most restaurants and bars and players can easily grab a meal or dink and spend a few hours gambling. The money earned from the pokie games goes towards different community groups and organizations as determined by the law. Just recently a bar manager in Auckland was found guilty of taking pokie money that would have otherwise funded community groups. (11/03)

Cheeky Bingo Offering Players Dublin Holidays

Online bingo sites love to offer members fantastic prizes, games and tournaments and when the holidays roll around, most sites offer extended gaming opportunities. Cheeky Bingo is one such site that is getting ready for the next holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The online bingo site will be giving away five trips to Dublin this Friday as part of a special new contest. (11/03)

Fortune Cookie Leads to $2 Million Lottery Win

Every person who has ever had Chinese food has seen a fortune cookie. A fortune cookie is given to each diner after every meal and is a small cookie that contains a piece of paper. The small piece of paper contains a small saying or quote with lucky numbers on the back. Some people take these lucky numbers to heart and have even tried to play the lottery with the string of numbers. One player recently found a great deal of luck with the numbers, taking a $2 million prize! (10/03)

Child Brings Thousands to School for Mahjong Game

The game of mahjong is one that has lasted centuries and well beyond what many would have expected. The game first started out in board form and was made popular in Asia before moving across the globe. The game is now enjoyed in live form and online for both play and for money. In the Asian culture, the game is played on a daily basis and can become quite addicting. (10/03)

Thieves Arrested for Gaming Machine Burglary

In every aspect of gambling, there are criminals who try to take advantage of the system. Criminals will try to break into gambling machines, collude with dealers and do just about anything to get a leg up from the casino. However, most casinos and gaming facilities have quality surveillance systems that help to identify these criminals in action. The most recent report of casino theft comes from Rockford and involves slot machines. (07/03)

Parish Clerk Jailed for Stealing to fund Online Gambling Habit

Joanne Sharp is a former parish clerk who had a bad habit. Sharp enjoyed playing online gambling games and ended up stealing from her employer to fund her habit. The woman worked for the Alconbury Parish Council and was just recently sentenced to one year in prison for taking over £65,000 in parish money. (07/03)

EuroSport and Snooker Star Sign Ambassador Deal

It was recently announced that snooker pro Ronnie O’Sullivan and Eurosport have teamed up to try and bring the game of snooker to an international level. O’Sullivan will now be the global ambassador for the company, spreading information about the sport of snooker across the globe. (06/03)

Fancy Bingo Hosting Gadget Giveaway

Online bingo site Fancy Bingo is known for offering players top quality gaming at affordable prices. Players have the option of earning nice prizes as well as cash by participating in regular bingo games, tournaments and more. The online bingo site is getting ready to host a special option for players beginning this weekend with gadget prizes up for grabs. (06/03)

Drunk Super Bowl Fan Sues Casino for $500K Loss

Most sports bettors know that they should be careful making wagers. Do not drink too much and make sure to spend only the money you plan on wagering. However, the rules are not always followed and now one player is suing a casino for his bad decisions. (05/03)

Slot Gaming Provider Adds Two Titles

Slot machines are a popular gaming choice among gamblers. For a quick and fun time, slots can provide gamblers with instant excitement and a nice reward. Online slot game play is just as fun as brick and mortar options and can be enjoyed from home, which makes gaming even better! Online gaming providers are constantly creating new and interesting slot game choices so players will continue to log online and take part. (05/03)

Georgia Lottery Rewards Three Million Dollar Prizes

Playing the lottery is always a gamble and sometimes it pays off while most times it doesn’t. The fun in the lottery is taking a chance, being a risk taker. Players hope that the next ticket will be the next big winner and that their life will be changed forever. However, most times this is not the case. But just recently in the state of Georgia, three players got the surprise of a lifetime when they became millionaires! (04/03)

New Room Available at Sun Bingo

Online bingo is a gaming option that millions of people enjoy on a regular basis. From seniors to young adults, the game is fun and entertaining. Friends can be made online and there are plenty of opportunities to earn extra cash and prizes. Top online bingo rooms always offer great incentives so players will continue to come back again and again. (04/03)

Pokie Machines to be removed from Tasmania

Greens officials have announced that the pokie machines available in establishments in Tasmania are going to be removed over the next five years according to a new plan. Kim Booth, the Bass Greens MHA, announced this week that the pokie machines will be removed over the next few years, which will be more than 3,500 pokie machines removed from gaming. (03/03)

Keno Cloud Launches in Arizona

The Cloud is becoming quite convenient for many aspects of everyday life. From mobile options to business communications, the Cloud can be used to help with these actions. In Arizona, a casino has now launched the Keno Cloud, a unique way for players to take part in keno gaming. The new option was just launched at the Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment and will be the first time a casino will be offering the option. (03/03)

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