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Full Tilt Poker to add Casino Games by Net Entertainment

The Rational Group, the company behind PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, has announced that Net Entertainment will be providing online casino games to players who are members of Full Tilt Poker. The best in mobile and desktop casino gaming will be added to the online poker room via Net Entertainment as Rational Group increases their casino offerings. (30/04)

Season 11 Preliminary Schedule Released by European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour is still in its 10th season but organizers are already announcing a few of season 11 events so players can see what is coming up on the tour. This past Wednesday, the tour released a few upcoming dates and the new season will kick off with a major tour stop in Barcelona. This event will be the 100th EPT stop to take place so it is sure to be celebrated! (30/04)

Lottery Player Wins 3 Lottery Prizes in 3 week time span

Every player who enjoys the lottery has a method. You may use numbers that are near and dear to your heart or you may choose random every time. If you believe you do not have a method, then your method is having no method! Most every lottery player is some sort of superstitious so they can hopefully luck up eventually and win a nice lottery prize. Imagine winning a prize, and then winning again the next week and then again the next week! That is exactly what happened to one Chicago resident recently, according to lottery officials. (29/04)

Coral Partners with Ruby Seven Studios for Slot Game Development

Coral is a gaming company based in Britain that provides gambles with premium opportunities to enjoy their favorite games. The group has now announced they are working with Ruby Seven Studios, a company based in San Francisco, to create new slot games for social platforms that will be released internationally. (29/04)

Its Fiesta Time at Bingo 3X

Players love logging on to online bingo sites every day to see what the new offerings are. Every top online bingo site is constantly offering new incentives, contests and tournaments to keep players coming back for more. Bingo3X is now offering players a chance to earn extra cash just by making a deposit! (28/04)

Major Bonuses up for Grabs at Jackpot Capital Casino

Players will be happy to hear that a top online casino is offering a great selection of bonuses from now until the middle of May. The online casino Jackpot Capital is hosting a special scoreboard competition where you can win a piece of the $130,000 bonuses up for grabs! (28/04)

Senior Earns Place in Billiards Event after 40 year Break

Imagine being good at a sport and then taking a break. Nothing unusual right? Okay then imagine after forty years of not playing the sport, you get back in action only to finish in a major tournament. This is exactly what Jon Wolfe of Campton Hills was able to do last month during the 18th Annual Illinois State Pocket Billiards Championships. (25/04)

Roulette Paying Off at 888Casino

The game of roulette is one that players from around the world enjoy. The game can easily be played online in many forms and players continue to enjoy they game online due to excitement as well as convenience. By playing the game online, you can play as much as you want and never have to leave the house! 888Casino is offering a new incentive for live roulette game play that is sure to become very popular with gamers. (25/04)

New Blackjack Games Goes Live on Social Media

The game of blackjack is one that will forever be popular. The game is easy to play and you can play for fun or for cash. Casinos offer the game in many variants but classic blackjack is still a favorite and can be a major money maker if you learn the rules and understand the different strategies involved in the game. A great way to hone up on your blackjack skills is to play free games on social media or iOS. BJX Entertainment has just now launched a new blackjack game where you can do just that. (24/04)

888 Poker Adds New Team Member

Top online poker rooms have a poker team that is created of professionals and rising amateurs. These players will represent the online poker site online as well as in live game play. Every top site has a full team of players and 888 Poker recently announced a new addition to their Team 888 Poker. Xuan Liu, of Canada, is now the latest member of the online poker room team. (24/04)

New Wizard of Oz Slot Game Launches

Every gamer loves playing a casino games based on a favorite character, show or movie. Casinos around the globe feature gaming tables, mostly slot gaming, that are based on such items. Players will line up to take part in the gaming which can feature clips from movies, characters on the reels and more. In online casino game play, this is also the case. Top online casinos will offer such games so players can enjoy the same great fun from the comfort of their home. (23/04)

PlayStation Announces Backgammon Blitz Arrival

Backgammon is an old board game that is still relevant today. Many people play the game for fun as well as for profit. The game is featured in international tournaments as well as online. Sony has just announced a new game for the PlayStation consoles titled Backgammon Blitz which will be made available this winter. (23/04)

Mount Vernon Man Wins New York Lottery Prize

Playing the lottery is a fun and exciting past time. Most people who play do not expect to win but there is always hope that the next drawing will result in a massive prize. We all want to win the ‘big one’ and have our lives changed forever. But in most cases, we win a couple dollars and just buy more lottery tickets! This is not the case for a Mount Vernon man who recently won $1 million by playing the New York State Lottery. (22/04)

Online Poker Room Moving Into Sports Betting Market

Many times, online poker or casino companies will expand into other markets to try and expand their gaming reach. Most gamblers enjoy a variety of games so this only makes sense. Poker rooms may add a few casino games or casinos may branch out to offer a separate poker room. Many operators understand the benefit of offering a full gambling product with casino, poker, bingo, sports betting and more and start out with these options. It was recently announced that online poker room Winamax is looking to add sports betting to their resume. (22/04)

Multi-State Progressive Slot Gaming Goes Live in the US

Slot gaming is a popular option for gamers in the United States. Only a few select states offers casino gaming and most times, slot gaming is a solid performer. Players love having the option of playing a variety of slot games in the hopes of earning a nice jackpot. Just recently, IGT created a new progressive game which would be available in multiple states and see a massive jackpot. The game is now being installed in various properties and Deadwood was the first to install the new gaming option. (21/04)

Bigger Bonuses Available at Sun Bingo

Online bingo is one of the largest markets when it comes to online bingo and players continue to log on to their favorite sites in record numbers to take advantage of tournaments, promotions, special games and more. When the holidays arrive, such as Easter, online bingo sites continue to offer great incentives so players can earn extra cash for their gaming account. However, it is during these times that big promotions can be missed. (21/04)

Virgin Bingo Offering Easter Celebration

Bingo can always be relied on to provide players with special holiday gaming options. Players always will find that bingo sites will offer special promotions, contests, tournaments and game play to help players earn extra cash and just have fun. Virgin Bingo is one such site that players have come to rely on when it comes to special gaming. The site is now offering a special gaming option in honor of the Easter holiday and there is still time to compete. (18/04)

Louisiana Man Wins Large Lottery Prize

Playing the lottery is a common occurrence across the globe and players continue to purchase lottery tickets in the hopes of being a big winner. When a player earns a large lottery prize, say $1 million for example, the prize is life-changing. It is amazing how a life can be changed by a simple decision of paying a few dollars for just one ticket. In the state of Louisiana, one lottery gambler is now much richer thanks to a recent ticket purchase! (18/04)

Bet365 Offering Special Friday Gaming Option

On Fridays, we all look forward to the end of a work week. We enjoy leaving work and realizing that the weekend is upon us! There is much to see and do while off work from resting to entertainment. Online bingo is a popular past time that can be very rewarding, especially on the weekends. During the weekends, you can easily find a tournament or special gaming promotion to get you earning nice cash prizes. (17/04)

Nevada Sports Betting Company Teams up with Latin Casino

All across the globe, online gaming companies are teaming up to provide premium outlets for casino, poker, bingo and sports betting options. Players from around the world want to be able to wager on their favorite games and sporting teams. As technology develops and the markets become larger, companies are now extending to places far from home to bring great gaming to players internationally. It was recently announced that CG Technology, a company from Las Vegas, is now working with a Mexican casino to offer sports betting options. (17/04)

Snooker Club to Host Marathon Game

The game of snooker is one that is extremely popular, especially in the United Kingdom. The game takes a great bit of skill and top pros are able to make a long-lasting career when competing in the industry. Many times, snooker halls will offer special tournaments, even trying to break records by holding special marathon events. The Borrisokane Billiards and Snooker Club will be hosting a marathon event in the next week in a fundraising event. (16/04)

New Jersey Online Gambling Does Not Meet Estimated Figures

The state of New Jersey is one of the only states in the US to be able to offer online gambling options. Players can choose from poker to casino gaming when logging on but must be located within the state to be able to take part. Geolocation technology is used to determine if a player is within the state borders or not. In the beginning, officials such as Governor Chris Christie, believed that $1 billion would be earned by July of this year but the state is far from this goal. (16/04)

Team Ivey Dominates in Online Poker

Phil Ivey is a top poker pro that knows how to be successful at the poker table. The poker pro has won millions and claimed top titles in the poker industry. Just a few months ago, he created Team Ivey Poker, an online resource for gamers who want to learn how to play the game better. Teaming up with top poker pros, Ivey has been able to offer a nice selection of gaming advice. The Team Ivey Poker group has been very successful this year, earning $9 million in just a few months. (15/04)

All Slots Casino Launches New Slot Gaming Machines

All Slots Casino is a popular online casino that continues to offer only the best gaming options. From table games to slots and more, the online casino is constantly bringing out new and exciting games for players to enjoy. The mobile casino is one area that All Slots excels and players continue to sign up to compete via mobile device. The site has now announced to brand new slot gaming options that can be enjoyed on both PC and mobile device. (15/04)

Mahjong Thrives on Social Media

The game of mahjong is one that can be enjoyed in many different forms. The game is most well known in board form and was first created in Asia centuries. The game is one of the oldest still played today and many enjoy making friendly wagers over the outcome. Mahjong competition can get quite intense with players going with eating and drinking even fighting with their competitors over moves! Just recently a mahjong option on social media giant Facebook has gained in popularity, being one of the top games available. (14/04)

Roulette Provider Announces Major Increase in Young Gamers

The game of roulette is an age-old casino game that has been enjoyed for decades. Players love the thrill of the roulette wheel, just hoping the ball will land on the right number. The game has been played for a very long time in land casinos and over the past few years, players have easily been able to access the game online. mFortune has reported that now young people are getting in on the action more, especially when it comes to European roulette. The amount of young players taking part over the last few months has doubled. (14/04)

Pokie Robber Comes Forward

When enjoy gambling games, one must always be aware of their surroundings, especially if a large sum of money is won. When you play pokies or table games, among other gaming options, you must be aware because people are watching. (11/04)

Jackpot Party Offering Spice Bingo Games

Online bingo sites come and go so when an anniversary rolls around, an online bingo site has reason to celebrate. When players find a site they enjoy, they will continue to visit the site on a regular basis. Spice Bingo is an online bingo room that has been in operation for a year now and to celebrate, the online bingo site is (11/04)

New Regulation for the United States Backgammon Federation

The US Backgammon Federation is the governing body behind major tournaments in the backgammon community. Certain rules and regulations are in place to allow for fair game play but also to create a protective environment. A recent rule change has been made so that players can continue to enjoy the game in a fair manner. (10/04)

Microgaming to Develop Major Online Slot Games

Microgaming is one of the best providers of online gaming software in the gaming industry today. The company has a long standing reputation as a provider of quality gaming options, with a major emphasis on slot gaming. Microgaming has created some of the best slot gaming options in the industry, with games based on favorite television shows and Hollywood movies. The company recently announced the development of two new slot games in which players are sure to be excited to play. (10/04)

Visa Issues Cause Delays in Scheduled Asian Billiards Events

As with any sports event, there will be tournaments and scheduled events taking place on an international level. Top level pros of any sport must travel some distance, even internationally to be able to take their game to the next level. With international game play, the players must have a visa or passport to be able to visit the country to compete. (09/04)

Mike Dunn Upsets Mark Selby during China Open

The China Open continues and the biggest news of the event is the fact that Mike Dunn defeated Mark Selby in the recent matchup. It was a complete shock to fans and players when the world number 2 Selby was defeated by Dunn which is ranked as 71 in the world. Dunn now moves on to the semi-finals while Selby is out of the competition. (09/04)

Casino Pays Out Big to Slots Player

When visiting a casino, everyone wants to earn a big win. Of course we play the table games and slots for fun, but in reality, we hope that the money we put in pays off! We sit at our favorite game and spend hours as well as countless amounts of cash in the hopes of hitting a lucky streak. Most times we end up in the hole but had a good time in the process. Other times, players hit the big one and end up taking home a six figure payday or more! this is exactly what happened recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. (08/04)

Play New Slots and Earn Free Cash at EuroCasino

Slot gaming is a fun option that players have while visiting online casinos. Players are able to enjoy the games in many different forms such as classic slots, 3 reel, video and more. with each new experience, players are able to take advantage of fun graphics, animations and more. EuroCasino is one such online casino that offers such gaming options. The casino is surprising players this month with new slot gaming and opportunities to earn extra cash. (08/04)

New York Lottery Winner Does Not Believe Big Win

Winning the lottery is the dream of every player who purchases a ticket. We all gamble on the lottery in the hopes of being the next big winner. You never know when the numbers will match up and you will become a millionaire. Most players who win are usually in disbelief and cannot believe that they actually won a lottery prize. A recent New York winner was completely shocked and did not believe his big win after the March 25th drawing. (07/04)

New Look Bingo Offering Top Gaming This April

For the month of April, top online bingo sites are offering quality gaming experiences. From tournament options to special prize games and cash options, players can take advantage of the month of April thanks to the Easter holiday. The holiday allows the bingo sites to offer great gaming options and among the providers is New Look Bingo. The online bingo site is offering top gaming all this month. (07/04)

Harrah’s Tunica to Shut Down

The Tunica area of Mississippi is known for offering a variety of casino gaming options. Several brick and mortar casinos are located in the area and provide table gaming, slots, poker and more. Players can enjoy poker tournaments, standard gaming, special promotions and more. For many southern residents, Tunica offers the only casino style gaming within close proximity. Unfortunately, the options are going to be a little less as Harrah’s has announcing that the Tunica branch will be closing by early June. (04/04)

New Bingo Network Gaining Big Name Sites

The network of a bingo site is very important. The network must provide easy access for players to have a secure and functioning bingo environment online. Top rated online bingo sites understand the importance of properly functioning networks and make sure to operate on high quality options. A new network is about to launch, titled 15 Network, and many sites have already committed to the soon to be launched network as well as sites you may not have heard of. (04/04)

Top Pros Heading to Snooker World Championship Qualifiers

The World Championship of Snooker is set to take place very soon and top legends in the sport will be on hand in the next few weeks to compete in qualifiers. Steve Davis, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White will all be participating for a spot in the World Championship event. (03/04)

Billiards on docket for Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani is a top snooker pro who moved from the sport of billiards to snooker for a new opportunity for gaming. The pro has done well in the sport of snooker and continues to knock out major players in ranking tournaments. However, Advani would now like to get back into the game of billiards. The player has now stated that once the snooker season ends in April he will be back in action at the billiard tables. (03/04)

Mobile Gaming Developer and Casino Gaming Manufacturer Team up for Slot Creations

Ruby Sevens Studio and Grand Vision have decided to team up to bring quality gaming to players on both Facebook and mobile devices. The Ruby Sevens Studio company is a mobile and social gaming developer who will be working with Grand Vision, a casino gaming device creator, to bring more gaming options to the mobile industry. (02/04)

UK Mobile Gamers Enjoying European Roulette

Mobile gaming has been available for some time in the UK and players continue to have mobile gaming options as more operators mobilize their software. The option of playing from anywhere in the world makes mobile gaming very appealing. Players enjoy the option of leaving home but still spending time on their favorite games. In the UK, mFortune has found that their mobile offering sees the most play with European Roulette. (02/04)

Powerball Lottery Winners Have Yet to Come Forward

Every day, millions of people play the lottery in the hopes of earning a large jackpot prize. Some players are lucky and end up winning millions of dollars, which is life altering. Everyone wants to become an instant millionaire, be able to quit work and do whatever they wish. However, most times this does not happen! Currently Powerball officials are searching for three winners who will be splitting the $425 million Powerball jackpot. (01/04)

Former School Official Charged with Keno Fraud

As long as there are gambling games available, there will be those who try to cheat the system. Players long to earn a big win and when losing takes place time after time, some players take initiative into their own hands and do something drastic. From robbing a casino to cheating the system, players will do anything to get ahead. The most recent incident of this happening comes from the state of Indiana. (01/04)

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