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April Not a Good Month for Online Gambling in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has offered online gambling for several months now and has continued to see a steady climb in online gambling revenues. Players continued to sign up for gaming accounts for some time to enjoy what the various online casinos and poker rooms had to offer. However, for the month of April, the state started to show a downturn and had a dip in the overall revenues. (30/05)

Mega Millions Lottery Produces Big Wins

The Mega Millions lottery is one that is played in several states across the US and can easily produce big winners. The lottery is played in several ways and along with the Powerball, gives players several options when it comes to playing the lottery and hopefully winning a big jackpot prize. (30/05)

2014 BEF Junior Nationals To Be Sponsored by Falcon Cues/Presidential Billiards

The BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships will take place this June from the 24th to the 27th and the Billiards Education Foundation has now announced that the Falcon Cues and Presidential Billiards will be the shirt sponsor for this years event. (29/05)

Snooker Pro Reveals Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Ali Carter is a two time champion of World Snooker and a formidable competitor. The pro player recently announced that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and will soon begin chemotherapy in intensive measures to try and beat the disease. The thirty four year old has Crohns disease and just recently recovered from testicular cancer only to find now he faces even more health issues. (29/05)

Let It Ride Poker Jackpot Won at Red Hawk Casino

The Red Hawk Casino in California is a popular spot for gamblers, offering impressive jackpots, fun games and an exciting atmosphere. The casino is constantly reporting on the big wins on the gaming floor which keeps players coming back for more! The casino recently announced that the table games of the casino paid out over $120,000 in just one weekend! (28/05)

PokerTracker 4 Released again by EPT

PokerTracker 4 is an online poker tracking option for players who want to keep track of hand histories and information. The European Poker Tour just announced they will now be using the tracking software yet again and it has been recently approved the use for PokerStars. The poker tracking software is used to import hand histories that are created during game play and this information can be used for analysis of how a player can make changes during gaming. (28/05)

Pokie Addict Kills Patient for Gambling Cash

When a gambler becomes so enticed with a gambling game, it can mean big trouble for the gambler. Players will make horrible decisions that end up changing their life dramatically. Just recently a story broke about a care giver who was addicted to pokie gambling. Kerry Forrest was caring for an elderly man when she decided to kill him with a dose of morphine and then sell his home to play the pokie machines. (27/05)

Lottery Player Tries Cashing in Tons of Lottery Tickets

Playing the lottery is fun and exciting and millions of people play on a regular basis. Every player hopes that purchasing the right tickets will pay off. But for every honest player, there is a player that is not so honest. A construction worker in the state of Iowa recently tried to scam the state lottery by turning in 1,300 lottery tickets that had been stolen. (27/05)

Springbok Casino Offering New Slot Game

Slot gaming is a big draw for players who enjoy gaming online. Players can log on from the comfort of their home, even in pajamas, to play favorite slot games. From classic games to video slots and more, players have several options to choose from. Online casinos are constantly adding new slot gaming options to keep players entertained and coming back for more. The Springbok Casino in South Africa is now offering a new slot game based on the ocean. (26/05)

Bingo Gambler Leaves Employer Bankrupt

A bingo addict was recently found guilty of stealing from a daycare nursery to fund her habit and the punishment did not fit the crime. Wendy White stole £20,000 from a child care preschool to play online bingo and she has now been ordered to only pay back £1 of what she stole. (26/05)

4 World Snooker Circuit Spots Filled Via Q School

The Q School was created to offer snooker players the opportunity to compete on the World Snooker Tour. Players compete to earn spots on the tour which can see one to two seasons of game play. Competing on this circuit can give a player a boost needed to create a successful poker career. Just recently, four players made the tour for the next two seasons. (23/05)

Poker Room Could Lose License Due to Hiding Earnings

Every business across the globe is subject to rules and regulations that they must follow. Not following the rules can result in losing the business or having potential legal problems. The Casino M8trix is a gambling facility in San Jose that offers poker facilities and may end up losing their license due to breaking the rules. (23/05)

Atlantic City Craps Player Found Guilty of Cheating

Placing a wager after the dice have been rolled in craps is an illegal move and when done on purpose can get you into trouble. Most players know the rules of the game and understand that this move is illegal. However, it does not stop players from trying to take the casino for a little money. A New Jersey man is now facing jail time after being convicted of cheating an Atlantic City casino at the craps tables. (22/05)

Maypole Madness in full swing at Tidy Bingo

As the summer months are approaching, online bingo sites are offering players ways to have fun in the sun. We all have looked forward to spending time in the summer sun, enjoying outdoor activities. From trips to outdoor toys, online bingo sites know how to get us ready for summer. Tidy Bingo has been hosting a special contest for the month of May, titled Maypole Madness, which offers great prizes for the summer. (22/05)

Pokie Robber Earns Jail Time

Stealing is a horrible crime and one that most people hope to avoid. When it comes to gambling, many times criminals will target winners for an easy score. Players need to be extremely careful that they are aware of their surroundings after a big win. A young man recently earned jail time after robbing an elderly woman of her pokie winnings. (21/05)

Stephan Lee Continues to Struggle in Snooker Fight

Stephen Lee has been trying to appeal a ruling in which he will be banned for competing in the sport of snooker for the next decade. Yet, he has not had any luck in the process. Found guilty of match fixing, the pro was banned from professional gaming when he was found guilty in 2013 September. He was accused of fixing games back in 2008 and 2009 and is now paying the price. (21/05)

Ohio Casino to add Electronic Table Games

Across the United States, there are gambling changes being made. Some states are more progressive than others, offering online gambling options or full casino gaming in brick and mortar facilities. Others are not so open and may offer restricted gaming or none at all. A casino in Cleveland, Ohio has announced they are now going to install several electronic table games in a new sports bar just in time for the next NFL season. (20/05)

Hospital Employee Earns Huge Lottery Prize

Imagine going to your job every day and playing the lottery in the hopes of being able to one day quit, or at least work where you want. Every lottery player dreams of earning a huge jackpot prize so they can live the life they have always dreamed. This is exactly what Cameron Finney will be able to do after winning a $20 million jackpot prize! (20/05)

New Slot Games Come to All Slots

Two new slot games have been added to All Slots Casino, which gives players even more great slot gaming action to choose from. The two new games are titled Football Star and Cool Wolf and offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy two brand new themed games. The games can be enjoyed in several modes from tablet to mobile, instant play to download. (19/05)

Mahjong Player Makes Horrible Life Decisions

We constantly report on the game of mahjong and how players can make very rash and crazy decisions when playing the game. In board form, the game can be quite addicting, especially to those in the Asian community. Players have been known to dehydrate themselves, not eat even rob people and get into fights when playing the game. Just recently, a player from the southeast area of China made several wrong decision that now has him in jail. (19/05)

Big Prize Awarded to Casino777 Player

Players enjoy visiting online casinos from the comfort of home as less money is spent and it is far more comfortable. When playing online, you do not have to worry about a hotel stay, food or even putting on clothes! You can enjoy your favorite games in your pajamas! Online casinos offer the same great gaming options and great prizes so you can still win life changing amounts of money. just ask a Belgium player who recently won just over $300,000 from Casino777! (16/05)

Casual Cash Games Launches at Party Poker

Online poker room Party Poker is a gaming provider that offers cash game and tournament poker play across the globe. Players can easily take part in premium gaming options with a variety of variants and events. The site recently announced a new concept for casual players titled Casual Cash Games. This new option is now live at the site and will allow for only one cash game table to be played at one time, instead of multi-tabling. (16/05)

Video Poker Robber Admits to Crime

Casino gamblers are no stranger to crime with robberies and attacks taking place regularly. Gamblers have steady streams of cash at the casino and are prime targets for criminals. Many times, a criminal will watch a player and then attack when they least expect to take the winnings they just earned. A woman in Forest Grove was accused to robbing a video poker winner while he slept and has now plead guilty to the crime. (15/05)

Pai Gow Poker Jackpot goes to Arizona Gambler

Casinos are popular due to the fact that gamblers can enjoy any game they wish. From table games to slots and more, gamers have a large selection of games to take part in and have the opportunity to win nice cash prizes. One game that is considered a high roller option is pai gow poker. This game is of an Asian influence and can be found in online and brick and mortar game play. This game is one that can produce large payouts especially when the game is connected to a progressive jackpot. (15/05)

Slots Player Wins Huge Jackpot in Mississippi

When playing a slot game, one is hoping to be entertained but also win a nice jackpot prize. The majority of players go home empty handed or they end up playing what they earn! However, there are some players who manage to earn a nice size jackpot when playing their favorite slot games. Across the United States and across the globe, players are winning massive jackpots on a regular basis. The latest one to take place in the US happened in Mississippi when Florida man stopped at a local casino and took part in slot gaming. (14/05)

New Mahjong Option Released by TabTale

TabTale is a popular gaming company that creates applications and education games. A second game was recently launched by the company and was published by the Crazy Labs label which is owned by the company as well. The game was created with the title Tip Tap Monsters and is a unique version of the game of mahjong. (14/05)

Daughter Steals from Mother to fund online bingo habit

Bingo is a gambling game that can easily lead players down the wrong path. The game is known to be addicting and many players find themselves running out of money and continue to look for more to keep playing the game. Some players go one step further and commit crimes to be able to continue funding their gambling habit. A daughter was recently found guilty of stealing a great bit of money from her mother to fund her bingo habit. (13/05)

Mother Thanked for Lottery Win

Winning the lottery is a dream of millions of people around the globe. Everyone wants to be able to change their life with a huge jackpot win! A man from Chicago recently owes his mother a great deal after she purchased a lottery ticket for him which was worth $2.5 million! (13/05)

New Jersey Online Gambling Sites Continue to Have Issues

The state of New Jersey has offered online gambling for just under six months and in that time, many people have taken advantage of the gaming options. From poker to casino gaming, the sites available offer a nice range of gaming options. However, players have been having trouble with the option as the sites have had major financial issues. Credit companies do not want to become involved with the option , even though the government has made it legal for individual states to pass legislation. (12/05)

Dungeons & Dragon Slot Game Debuts at Southern Gaming Summit

Dungeons & Dragons has long been a favorite game and pastime for young people and even adults. The game was created decades ago and now thanks to Konami Gaming, Inc, there is a new slot game based on the cult classic. The new game debuted at the Southern Gaming Summit and National Indian Gaming Association Gaming Show. (12/05)

Oklahoma Gambler Wins Major Slot Prize

When a gambler wins a large jackpot prize, it can be life-changing. A five to six and even seven figure prize can lead to big changes in one’s life if you win a huge gambling jackpot prize. Across the globe, players are constantly playing casino games in the hopes of earning a nice prize. Slots are a major contributor of large gambling prizes and in the state of Oklahoma, a player recently earned a huge jackpot prize. (09/05)

Full Tilt Poker to Launch Casino Games

Online casino gaming continues to be a top activity for gamblers around the world. Sites continue to add more gaming options so that players can have a ton of gaming options to choose from. Even other gaming sites such as poker and bingo have begun to add casino gaming to give players the best in gambling options. Full Tilt Poker announced recently that casino games are going to be added to the site thanks to a new deal by Rational Group and Net Entertainment. (08/05)

Poker Star Pulls Crazy Stunt with Porn Star

Dan Bilzerian is a poker pro who has become more famous for his antics lately rather than his poker game play. The pro is a hit on Instagram, taking crazy photos and keeping the public interested in his life style. Just recently the poker pro made the news for a crazy stunt with a porn star. (08/05)

World Tournament Billiard Qualifiers Begin

The World tournament of 14.1 is in its 75th edition an qualifiers will be held nationwide to see who will have a shot at the title win. This is the eighth year in the row that the qualifiers took place across the US and players will find out if they will be competing against the best pool players in the world. (07/05)

Neil Robertson Ties Mark Selby in World Championship Semi-Final

Top snooker pros Neil Robertson and Mark Selby took on each other in the semi final rounds of the World Championship tournament this past weekend. The match saw Robertson stand tall as the winner and tie Selby 12-12. (07/05)

Mahjong Solitaire Spawns New Mahjong Card Game

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed in many forms. From board game to online and even mobile game play, the game can be enjoyed in several different ways. A new version of mahjong was recently released by a Dutch Indie developer called Mahjong Cards 1.0 and is available for the iPad. This new game takes the standard game of mahjong and changes it to a card style game. (06/05)

Fancy Bingo Hosting Special Music Contest

Online bingo sites are constantly offering special gaming options to keep players coming back for more. Many times, online bingo operators will provide gamers with contests that coincide with special shows or events. Fancy Bingo has announced that they are now offering a contest that coincides with the Eurovision Song Contest. This singing contest takes place each May and the site is now offering a special contest where players can earn musical prizes. (06/05)

Ben Affleck Banned from Blackjack Games

Celebrities can commonly be found at Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos. Celebrities have the cash flow to be able to play as many games as they wish and have fun on the gaming floor. Most celebrities choose to play table games such as poker or blackjack as they can gain skill in the game. However, sometimes players, even celebrities, take certain actions that can get the banned from the game. From drinking too much to even being too good, casinos choose to ban players even celebrities. (05/05)

San Diego Man Wins Huge Lottery Prize

Every player looks forward to playing the lottery in the hopes of earning a large cash prize. We all know that playing the lottery is a gamble but most hope the gamble will eventually pay off. In the state of California, a lucky player recently earned a huge jackpot prize by playing a simple scratchers game. (05/05)

Pennsylvania Casino Awards Largest Ever Slots Jackpot

Across the United States and the world, casinos offers slot gaming to visiting patrons. Slot games are both exciting and easy to play. With a vast array of gaming choices, guests can easily have a great time. Classic slots are always a hit while video slot games have taken the forefront as the most popular form of slot gaming. (02/05)

Tasmanian Community Welfare Group Calles for Pokie Curfew

Pokies are a common gambling game in several areas across the globe and players enjoy the game due to the easy nature of game play. In Tasmania, the games are well received and players have the opportunity to take part in pokies in gaming facilities, hotels and clubs. Despite the popularity of the games, there are still groups that are concerned with the gambling opportunities. Anglicare, a community welfare group in the area, has asked for curfews to be made for the games to stop problem gambling issues. (02/05)

Betfred Mobile Sportsbook Launches in Australia

Mobile sportsbook options are the perfect way for gamblers to be able to wager on their favorite games, teams or players on the go. With a mobile option, you can take part in any wagering option as long as you have an internet access. Sports betting companies continue to add mobile options so that players have more convenient ways to enjoy placing wagers any time they wish. BetFred recently announced that they are offering a new mobile sports betting options in the Australia area. (01/05)

New Training School to Open in the Bahamas

To be able to be a dealer in a live casino environment, individuals must train accordingly. In way of training, individuals must attend a dealer training school. These schools can provide you with training in a variety of games and after testing, dealers will graduate and be able to gain employment in a casino. Training takes place for a variety of games including craps, blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette. In the Bahamas, a new training school is opening to help recruit dealers to the island. (01/05)

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