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Sweden’s Svenska Spel Applies for Online Casino License

Svenska Spel is a gambling company located in Sweden that offers gambling opportunities around the world. The company recently requested to be given permission to add casino gaming to their current offerings. If approved, the company will be the only casino operator licensed in the country. (31/07)

North Carolina Men Charged in Video Poker Raid

Video poker machines are not allowed in several states of the US but this does not stop individuals from providing the games for gamblers to enjoy. Video poker machines can be found hidden in convenience stores, the backs of retailers and basically anywhere. With video poker gamers, owners can make a profit without cutting in the state or federal government when the games are provided on the down low. However, when caught, those involved can face serious charges and even jail time. (31/07)

Roulette and Blackjack Wins abound at Mobile Casino

Both roulette and blackjack are popular casino games that can be played online. Both games are readily available in desk top play as well as with mobile casino gaming. With mobile gaming, players have the option of enjoying their favorite casino games from anywhere an internet connection exists. Blackjack and roulette are gaming favorites so they are commonly added to mobile lineups. (30/07)

Lottery Pool Earns $20 Million for Family

In many families, there are individuals who work together to purchase lottery tickets in the hopes of winning the big prize. With a multi-million dollar win, family members could become instant millionaires and change their lives forever. The family of Flossie Endreson have been playing the lottery for year now and continued to carry on the tradition of their mother once she passed away in 2004. The tradition finally paid off, with the family winning a $20 million jackpot just a few days ago. (30/07)

Caribbean Stud Poker Online Game Play Pays Off

When gambling online, we all hope to hit the next big jackpot. Every gambler has their favorite game or superstition in which they enlist to be able to earn a big jackpot prize, at least we hope it works. This could be playing the same game over and over again or looking for particular numbers in cards games, etc. The list could go on and on as to what we will do to try and win a game. However, in most cases it is the luck of the cards that gives you the big win. Just recently a player managed to hit the right combination to win a great jackpot from Caribbean Stud Poker. (29/07)

Baccarat Goes Social

Social media is one of the most common forms of communication in today’s society. Individuals use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to speak about life, feelings or just nonsense. These platforms have also become a common platform for gaming sites, operators and developers. In particularly, Facebook has provided an outlet for games to start out as play money and then begin to build potential for real money game play. (29/07)

Full Tilt Poker Clothing and Gear up for Auction

Full Tilt Poker is an online poker site that has provided top quality gaming for years. The site was shut down a few years ago due to the Black Friday fiasco, but after the Rational Group acquired FTP, the site has been back up and running. Just recently, FTP announced they are removing the word poker from their domain names. It is believed that the recent acquisition by Amaya Gaming will see FTP going in the direction of overall gaming. (28/07)

New Slot Game Debuts at Online Casino

It seems like every day, online gaming sites are offering new and exciting gaming options. Players have the opportunity to try new games in the hopes of having fun and earning a nice cash prize. In most cases, casinos will add new slot games as slots are one of the most popular gaming options for gamblers around the globe. It was just announced that a new slot game has been added by NextGen Gaming for the Casino Room gaming site and is the latest in slot game releases. (28/07)

New Jersey Continues to Show Low Online Gambling Earnings

When online gambling launched in the state of New Jersey late last year, the hopes were high. Officials and casino operators wanted to see the industry thrive and exceed or at least reach the revenue expectations. However, the industry has yet to be able to reach the large numbers first estimated when the option was launched. (25/07)

Live Dealer Platform Launches Sicbo

Live dealer gaming is one of the more popular forms of gambling in the current online gaming market. Players enjoy playing casino games from home but in live form while watching the games take place in real time. The games are being launched by top casinos and offer live game play via streaming video and the option of speaking with beautiful dealers. EntwineTech has announced they now have one additional live dealer game available for entertainment, with the recent release of Sicbo. (25/07)

Casino Boat Stranded on Maiden Voyage

Casino gaming is always fun but add in the element of water and you can really have a good time. Across the globe, there are casino gaming boats where you can enjoy a cruise and play your favorite games from roulette to blackjack and poker. The casino boats allow you to take a day trip or a long vacation, depending on the company. In Georgia, a new casino boat launched for the very first time only to become stranded on the very first voyage. (24/07)

Point Races Hot at Americas Cardroom

Online poker is a popular past time for millions of people from around the world. Hundreds of sites are available, offering the best in poker bonuses, promotions and tournament gaming. Players take advantage of poker promotions as a way to enjoy the game they love while having the opportunity to earn additional prizes. Americas Cardroom is known for offering top quality gaming promotions and has announced a new points race for the months of July and August (24/07)

New Snooker Room Opened by Billiards Pro

Billiards and snooker pros tend to understand both games and enjoy game play, even taking a shot at top tournaments. One former billiards champion has taken his love for both games and opened a new snooker room for players to enjoy. Rob Hall is ranked #3 in the world and the current champion of English Billiards and has opened a new room for snooker players in Narborough Sport and Social Club. (23/07)

Blackjack Dealer Arrested for Colluding with Players

Playing the game of blackjack is something that many gamblers look forward to when taking a trip to a casino. The game is easy to play and can provide a nice payout when the stakes are high. Or you can just enjoy a relaxing night with friends fighting over who will get the next 21! At any casino, you will find several blackjack gaming tables and sometimes a variety of gaming formats and stakes. The dealers of these games have been trained to operate in a certain manner that is both fair and concise. However, sometimes dealers choose to play unfairly to give themselves and other players the advantage. (23/07)

Chinese Team Fails at World Mahjong Championship

The World Mahjong Championship is an event that players from around the world look forward to. The event proves who the best of the best are when it comes to mahjong. Players look forward to playing on a team and representing their home country. Every year, the Chinese team is expected to do well because mahjong is an Asian game. However, the team failed miserably this year, finishing in a very low place. (22/07)

Slots Player Wins Large Jackpot after Small Win

When playing the slots, it can get quite exciting. The thrill of a win is so enticing that players will continue to play again and again just to win a few dollars. It is smart for slots players to figure out when to stop so that less money is lost as well as turning a profit. But sometimes the smarter decision is to keep on going. That is exactly what Susan Cupit did in Las Vegas a few days ago and the decision paid off as he is now over $2 million richer! (22/07)

Unusual Ruling in Lottery Case

We all love to play the lottery. The thrill of purchasing a lottery ticket in the hopes of being the big winner cannot be beat. We all dream of being the next big winner to earn such a huge prize that we can quit our jobs and do whatever we wish. Of course, this rarely happens. A recent report out of England may have players little wary thanks to an unusual ruling by an England court judge. (21/07)

Special Summer Competition at Ladbrokes Bingo

Online bingo players love the summer season for many reasons. Not only do bingo sites offer premium bingo gaming but also offer the best in competitions and specials. Bingo sites know that players have more time off in the summer and want to give their members something to do during the boring summer months. (21/07)

Review Scheduled for Peterborough Snooker Club

The game of snooker is enjoyed across the world and snooker clubs are the best place to enjoy the top sport. Players have the option of making friends as well as competitive enemies at a snooker club and look forward to enjoying playing time whenever they can. In Peterborough, a snooker club is under review after the club has been subject to several assaults and fights. (18/07)

Top Snooker Pro Wants Billiards and Snooker added to Asian Games/Commonwealth

Pankaj Advani is a top snooker in the snooker industry and recently spoke in an interview, stating he would like to see both billiards and snooker added to the Commonwealth and Asian Games. Advani stated that he believes both sports should be added to the events since both sports have been doing well over the past few years. (18/07)

Former Meadows Dealer Faces Cheating Charges

Casinos need to be more and more careful these days as dealers and employees decide to break the rules and try to cheat the casino. Employees must be trusted and will need to operate at the certain level to help players compete fairly. However, some employees will take advantage of their position, usually in the dealer category. Dealers will collude with players to earn cash that is not rightfully theirs. (17/07)

New Slot Addition to Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games is a provider of casino gaming, especially in the social sector. The company provides gaming options such as slot games to allow operators to have great choices for players to enjoy. The company recently announced that their social casino games suite will now include Luxury Slots, a title that has seen great success in the mobile market. (17/07)

Mobile Option now available for Grand Fortune Casino

Players of casino gaming enjoy playing their favorite casino games on a mobile device. Mobile gaming is the wave of the future when it comes to gambling and casino operators are added mobile options so players will enjoy their site more often. Grand Fortune Casino will now be offering a mobile option so players can take part in the same great gaming but on a mobile device. (16/07)

Pokie Addict Spends Millions on the Game

The pokies are very popular gaming choice for gaming operators especially in the UK and Australia. Players have been known to become very addicted to the games and can end up making crazy decisions that can change a life. A player in Port Kembla was recently convicted of stealing money from a social housing organization to play the pokies. Lalaine Agrarap, of Figtree, has spent more than $21 million playing the pokies in several areas and is now paying the price. (16/07)

Rummy Gaming Experience Enhanced at Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is an online rummy gaming site that offers the best in rummy gaming for Indian residents. Operating across India, the site provides gamers with several rummy variants and contests for exciting rummy game play. the site recently announced they are now offering even more great gaming options with new features added to the site. (15/07)

Mahjong Fun with Massages and Swimming in China

Asian players have long enjoyed the game of mahjong. The game was created in Asia and has been a popular game online as well as in board game form. The game was created in board game form first, where players must match tiles on the game board to win. In today’s time, players can take part in enjoying the game of mahjong online for easy game play, even playing the game for money. (15/07)

Lottery Player wins $1` million for 21st Birthday

Playing the lottery is an activity that millions of people do on a daily basis. From cheap scratch tickets to the more expensive numbers game, players wager their cash in the hopes of being the next big winner. Players hope that their ticket will scratch a big winner or the numbers will reveal a giant jackpot. However, in most cases, players win a few dollars here and there but never the big prizes. (14/07)

Tombola Bingo Makes Big Changes

One of the more popular online bingo site available today is Tombola Bingo. With popular games, contests and rewards, players continue to visit the online bingo site to take advantage of everything they have to offer. Unique games can be found at this site only, providing the huge player base. The online bingo site has now announced a few changes that should make players very happy. (14/07)

Leaderboard Competition at Jackpot Capital Casino

An online casino offering up a competition leaderboard contest is the popular Jackpot Capital Casino. The online casino has created a new competition for the month of July titled What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. This new competition works well for frequent players as points need to be earned to make it to the top of the leaderboard. However, casual members can also benefit as prizes are handed out each week. (11/07)

Springbok Casino Launches New Slot Game

Just last month, the online casino Springbok Casino launched a new online slot game based on a favorite fairy tale. Aladdin’s Lamp was launched in June and offered players an opportunity to play alongside the lovely Aladdin, Jasmine and of course the fabulous genie! The site is now offering players ten free spins and the chance to take part in the special game! (11/07)

FTOPS XXVI Schedule Launched by FTP

Full Tilt Poker is a top online poker room part of the Rational Group, the same owner of PokerStars. The online poker room continues to offer the best gaming options and continues to offer competitions, poker gaming and more. The Full Tilt Online Poker Series is a favorite among of members and the series will be back this August in its 26th edition. The series will have 30 events and offer a total of $4.5 million in prizes. (10/07)

Judd Trump Claims Fourth Ranking Title

Snooker pro Judd Trump made it to the final round of the Australian Goldfields Open to face Neil Robertson, the favorite to win the event. Trump was in top form and managed to defeat his fellow pro to earn the first place win and his fourth ranking title. (10/07)

Mega Casino Offering Free Daily Spins

Online casino gamers have come to expect operators to offer special contests and promotions to earn special gifts, rewards and cash prizes. Players look for these special options so that they can not only enjoy their favorite games but also earn extra rewards in the process. Online casinos will continue to offer these contests in the hopes that players will continue to visit and take part in gaming. Mega Casino just announced they are now offering free spins as part of a welcome celebration for the Spinomania game. (09/07)

Las Vegas Casino to pay huge fine for roulette incident

Casinos operating in Las Vegas and around the world must adhere to rules and regulations to operate within the law. However, there are times when casinos break the rules and must pay a fine or face charges for their actions. In the past, casinos have had to pay small to large fines for breaking such rules as allowing underage gambling, underage drinking and more. Just recently a casino on the Las Vegas Strip was forced to pay $100,000 for a roulette incident. (09/07)

Unusual Lottery Winner in Tennessee

The Powerball is a fun lottery game that can be played in several states across the US. Players are able to purchase a ticket and then if they match the winning numbers correctly, win a cash prize. Players who manage to match all the numbers will win the top jackpot, which can be in the 9 figure range. A Tennessee man recently won $259 million by playing the Powerball and is little of an unusual character. (08/07)

City Bingo Offering Special Bingo Contest

Bingo players enjoy logging online and playing their favorite games. Players have the option of playing in comfort of home, chatting with friends and hopefully winning great cash prizes. City Bingo is a top choice of online gamblers and offers a nice selection of promotions and contests to earn great cash and prizes. (08/07)

Blackjack Giveaway at Unibet

The game of blackjack is a top option for gamers from around the world. Players have the option of competing online in several variants and can be found at most online casinos. Unibet is a gambling brand that offers several gaming options from sports betting to casino gaming and more. Unibet is currently offering a blackjack gaming option that coincides with the World Cup to combine the love of sports with card gaming. (07/07)

Three Players Win Million Dollar Wins with Wheel of Fortune Slot

International Gaming Technology offers quality gaming at many online gaming sites. IGT is known for providing only the best gaming software and just recently, one of their more popular games has produced three millionaire winners! The three players were enjoying the Wheel of Fortune slot game, which is part of the MegaJackpot gaming selections. (07/07)

Celebrating the 4th

Today the writers here at InsideBet are celebrating the 4th of July. While we enjoy cookouts with BBQ and fireworks, continue to enjoy your favorite gambling games! We are sure to take part in a few poker hands or slot spins while we enjoy our time off! We will be back next week covering the latest news in the gambling industry. (04/07)

Gala Bingo Partners with Cancer Campaign to Raise Awareness

Bingo sites have been known for charitable donations and continues to be a strong presence when it comes to notable charities. Gala Bingo is one such site that works with charitable organizations to raise money for all types of causes. The company recently announced they are working with the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign to create a campaign that will raise awareness to male cancer issues and get bingo players involved at the same time. (03/07)

Nevada Gaming Revenues on the Up Thanks to Baccarat

The game of baccarat is one that is very popular with high rolling gamblers as it offers high stakes and premium rewards. Players will enjoy the card game at top Las Vegas casinos and tens of thousands as well as even millions can be won from the game, if you have the bankroll to fund the game. Asian gamblers tend to enjoy the game the most and in the state of Nevada, the game can help the revenues to increase for gaming. (03/07)

Welsh Open Making a Move

The sport of snooker is one that has traditions that stand the test of time. When an event or tournament is popular, the event will run year after year and take place in the same area. Tradition is important in the sport and players as well as fans like to see the same consistency in game play. However, there are many times in which a tournament will change venues and this is exactly what is happening with the Welsh Open. (02/07)

English Only Rule Abolished at Microgaming Poker

At most English speaking online poker sites, a ruling states that players must speak English at the table. However with players taking part in the gaming from across the globe, English is not the first language for many participating. This can be an issue for many players. Microgaming Poker Network has decided that they will be doing away with this rule. (02/07)

Spartan Slots Launches Dwarven Gold Slot Game

Top Game Technologies is the operator of the Spartan Slots site, an online gambling portal with a nice selection of gaming options. The provider just announced the release of a new slot game which is based on dwarf magic. The new game is titled Dwarven Gold Slots and has five reels with twenty five paylines. During game play, players will be able to follow four dwarves as they go about life adventures. (01/07)

Mahjong Attacker Confesses On Television

The game of mahjong is one in which the Asian culture truly embraces and plays on a regular basis. Across the area of China, there are mahjong parlors where players can enjoy the game with friends, family or complete strangers. Just a few days ago, a young man entered such a facility and decided to attack the players with an ax. The man was one of three who attacked a facility in Xinjiang and has now apologized for his actions. (01/07)

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