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New Mobile App Released by Mr Green

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. Technology continues to advance and become smarter, offering gamblers even more opportunities to expand their gaming entertainment. With mobile gambling, players have the option of competing from anywhere, enjoying poker, table games, slots and more. Mr Green is a top provider of online gaming and just recently announced they have expanded their options for mobile gaming. (29/08)

PokerStars Launches Charity Option

Poker players are known for being generous with their wealth and top pros as well as poker sites tend to give their time and hard-earned money to worthy causes multiple times a year. One of the most popular events in the poker industry is the Big One for One Drop, which is a major charity event. PokerStars is known as a top provider of online poker options and one organization that work hard to help those in need. The site recently announced a new feature which will allow members of the site to donate to charity. (29/08)

Convenience Store Robber Caught Playing Video Poker

When a criminal decides to rob a store or business, they must have an escape plan. Without an effective escape plan, a robber may get away with cash but will be unable to go very far. Just recently, a robber at a local convenience in Louisiana was unable to get away as his escape plan involved video poker. Richie Parnell was arrested recently for armed robbery after he was caught playing video poker at a local casino. (28/08)

Sports Betting App Updated by CG Technologies

Many online gaming providers have updated to offering mobile gaming options so players have the opportunity to take part in their favorite gambling games while on the go. With mobile gaming, players can use a mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet to wager on several types of games including sports betting, casino and more. CG Technologies recently announced they have now upgraded their sports betting application for mobile devices to offer even more great wagering options. (28/08)

Blackjack Addict Abandons Children in SUV to Play

It is becoming more and more frequent these days to hear about parents who make horrible decisions when it comes to their children, especially when gambling is involved. Like any gambler, parents must be able to recognize an addiction and seek treatment. However, in most cases, the parents are too far gone and end up getting into trouble with the law or even losing their children. There have been several instances across the United States where parents leave their children unattended in a vehicle to get a quick gambling fix. (27/08)

Disabled Gambler Player Earns Huge Keno Win

A million dollar lottery win is what every gambler dreams of. How amazing would it be to claim a huge lottery prize that changes your life forever? When playing the game of keno, this is what players look forward to. With a keno game, you will choose a certain amount of numbers and hope that those numbers pop up with the drawing. Just recently, a player from Melbourne became the newest winning of over $1 million when earning close to $3 million while playing the game of keno. (27/08)

North Carolina Man Claims Large Lottery Prize

Across the globe, the lottery is being played on a daily basis. From Powerball to Mega Millions, players have several choices for earning lottery wins. Some players will use the scratch cards for a quick game while others rely on lottery drawings for the big jackpot prizes. Either way, players will commit to playing the lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of becoming the next big winner. (26/08)

Mahjong Fan Dies During Long Gaming Session

The game of mahjong is one that has been around for centuries. For hundreds of years, the game has been played in homes across the globe. Originating in Asia, the game has taken a strong hold on Asian gamblers. Players enjoy the game on a regular basis and play for money or for fun. The game can also be enjoyed online but in Asia, it is not uncommon to see the game played in board form. (26/08)

Team 888Poker Adds Bruno Politano

Team 888Poker is part of the 888 Poker brand which offers professional poker players the opportunity to take part in live and online gambling with a sponsorship. The sponsored pros are able to make a career by playing under the 888 brand and continue to work with the poker site for years to come. Bruno Politano, an upcoming November Niner, is now a sponsored pro at the online poker site. (25/08)

Massive Slot Prize Awarded at Online Casino

Slot gaming is a popular option for gamers online today as it provides the option of earning large cash prizes when you wager very little cash. Online casinos offer several online slot game options such as video slots and classic reel games so you can feel as though you are in a real casino but enjoying the gaming from the comfort of your home. At WinADay Casino, a player recently won a massive amount of cash that sets the record for the second largest progressive jackpot to ever have been won at the online casino. (25/08)

New Live Roulette Option Launched by Evolution Gaming

Live roulette is one of the many live gaming options you can find when enjoying live dealer gaming at your favorite online casinos. Online gambling operators have found that roulette is one of the more popular choices when it comes to live dealer gaming and players enjoy the excitement from the game that can be enjoyed in the home. It was recently announced the Evolution Gaming has decided to offer live roulette gaming for the Mecca brand of Rank to provide the gaming option via mobile bingo at Mecca. (22/08)

WinADay Casino Extends Gaming Options

Slot games are a popular option for online gamblers as the games are enjoyable and offer nice payouts or very little stake. Slots come in all shapes and sizes and can be enjoyed for as much as a penny per spin. It is the lost cost of competition and big figure payouts that keep players coming back for more. At WinADay Casino, players will find several slot gaming options to choose from including over a dozen penny slot games. The site just recently added a new penny slot for players to enjoy titled Euro Trip. (22/08)

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Sports Betting

For months, the state of New Jersey has been trying to pass legislation which would allow for sports betting to take place. The efforts were recently dashed as the governor of the state, Chris Christie, decided to veto the latest bill. It was announced last week that Christie had vetoed bill S2250 and sports betting would not be taking place right now in the state. (21/08)

New Bingo Site to be Launched on 15 Network

Online bingo is one of the more popular forms of online gambling available today. The game is easy to play and offers fantastic prizes, not to mention you can chat with friends during game play. The 15 Network is home to many different online bingo sites that offer quality bingo gaming. From tournaments to bingo games and more, the network offers it all over a variety of sites. It was recently announced that a new bingo site titled Lucky Rainbow Bingo will soon be launched on the network. (21/08)

Lottery Player’s Big Bet Pays Off

When playing the lottery, we all have our little ticks. Some people like to pick the same lottery numbers while others might purchase a ticket from a certain retailer. Some players will play on particular days and others choose only Quick Picks for a random number to create a win. Like most gamblers, Carol Bogenschutz plays the lottery on a regular basis. She usually sticks to the lower priced tickets but just recently she changed her usual pattern and it paid off! (20/08)

Baccarat Cheater Arrested after Scamming Casino

Baccarat is a game that is considered a ‘high roller’ choice and is particularly a favorite of Asian gamblers. Casinos around the world offer baccarat at several different stakes and the game is an interesting table gaming option to enjoy. The game is usually one that is subject to cheating as players have figured out how to cheat at the game. Just recently, a woman in Iowa was caught cheating at the baccarat tables and was quickly arrested. (20/08)

Crazy Vegas Adds News Mobile Slot Games

Microgaming has been busy creating new video slot games for online gamblers to enjoy. The top rated software company continues to offer fun and exciting slot games so players have a new selection to try several times a year. The company recently released three new video slot games that are now available at Crazy Vegas Casino. The online casino will now offer Mystic Dreams, Silver Fang and Bush Telegraph slot games. (19/08)

New Bulgarian Site Launches from PokerStars

PokerStars is considered the number one online poker room for several reasons. They offer top quality poker gaming, premium promotions, a plethora of tournaments, live series and more. The brand also offers their services in many different countries in several languages so that players from around the world will be able to take part. The brand recently announced they are now offering a poker experience in Bulgaria after a new license was awarded. (19/08)

Kansas Keno Player wins Big Prize

The game of keno is one that is very popular with lottery players in the United States. Several individual states offer the game of keno with lottery ticket sales or in bars and restaurants. The game is easy to play and once you pick your numbers, you need only to match the right amount of numbers to win a prize. Even a small match can result in a cash win. But if you want to win the top prize, you need to match every number in the drawing. (18/08)

Washington State Couple Robbed of Blackjack Winnings

Blackjack is a common game found at top casinos and continues to be a top choice for live gamblers. The game is easy to play and is entertaining, not to mention can result in major cash winnings. Every blackjack player dreams of hitting a big prize that can be splurged at the end of the night but most winners do not imagine said win to be taken from them. A couple from Washington State recently had their hopes dashed when a $6,000 win was stolen from them after the fact. (18/08)

Unique Roulette Game added to Rich Casino

Roulette is a popular casino game that is played in both live and online casino game play. The game is easy to learn but to many can seem intimidating, especially if the game has never been played before. If you want to try the game of roulette but are afraid to hit the gaming tables, online game play is the best option for you. With online game play, you can begin by playing for fun so you learn how the game operates. Once you learn how the game is played, you can move on to real money game play. (15/08)

BetVictor Welsh Open to Move to Cardiff

For 2015, the BetVictor Welsh Open will be moving to the area of Cardiff to have more space to host the many players who wish to compete and fans who wish to watch the snooker games. Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker, stated that it is fitting the event is moving to the new location. (15/08)

New Jersey Working on Sports Betting Options

The state of New Jersey currently is not able to offer sports betting options due to a federal ban on sports betting. However, the state is ready to pass a bill that will allow the state to provide sports betting options. The state will basically be working around the federal ban by taking a unique approach. The state will neither prohibit or endorse the option will allow the state to provide gaming like Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware. (14/08)

Widowed Mother Spends Company Earnings to Fund Gambling Habit

Over the years we have seen gamblers make rash decisions, changing their lives forever. It can be a number of reasons why a gambler will make an improper decision but in many cases, the gambling habit has gone too far and the player ends up spending more money than they bargained. Even going so far as to steal to be able to gamble. A recent story in the UK speaks of a mother who recently spent hundreds of thousands on gambling due to the grief of losing her husband. (14/08)

New Blackjack App Available on Mobile

Blackjack, like many casino table games, is considered difficult by players who have never played the game. Or perhaps you are feeling intimated during live casino game play to try table games such as blackjack. To hone your blackjack skills, a mobile application can help you learn more about the game and feel comfortable playing the game for real money. (13/08)

Wink Bingo Offering Surprises This August

Online bingo players enjoy the option of competing in special bonuses and promotions. Bingo sites commonly offer regular promotions so that players can enjoy earning extra cash while enjoying popular bingo games. Wink Bingo is one of the more popular online bingo sites that commonly offers promotions and incentives for players. For the month of August, Wink Bingo has lined up a promotion titled Box of Surprises which will be fun for all members of the site. (13/08)

Big Keno Win and Double Jackpot Promotion in Kansas

The game of keno is one that players enjoy as the game is easy to play and can reward you handsomely. Simply choose the right set of numbers and if drawn, you will earn a jackpot prize based on how many you match. You may win a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, the options are endless. In Kansas, players have the opportunity to take part in special keno gaming which can offer you fantastic prizes, even double the cash. (12/08)

New Desktop Software Launched at PokerStars

PokerStars is known for offering quality poker gaming in many ways such as online tournaments, live gaming events, satellites for major events, SNGs, MTTs, cash gaming and more. PokerStars is known as the number one provider of poker gaming and continue to make changes to provide the best in poker gaming. Just recently, the online poker room decided to launch the public beta test of the new desktop software called PokerStars 7. (12/08)

Video Poker Player Goes On Winning Streak

Video poker is a fun casino game that players enjoy for a fast-paced poker experience. The game is just like poker but you play it in video form and can go through hands much quicker than with a standard poker game. At Jackpot Capital Casino, one player was recently able to earn a huge payday after going on a nice winning streak. (11/08)

Slot Games Pays Off at Intertops VIP

Playing slots at an online casino is a common occurrence for online gamblers as the games are fast-paced and can provide top bonuses and prizes. Players can invest very little cash to see a payoff of tens of thousands of dollars. This is why players come back again and again to enjoy these games. Just recently a player from Intertops was the lucky winner of a $11,000 payday thanks to the Triple Twister Slot game. (11/08)

13 Countries Sign up for Jubilee Insurance Asian 3rd 6-Red Event

There are two events coming up for snooker players to enjoy and the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association have already received 13 countries entries for the events. The Jubilee Insurance Asian 3rd 6-Red and 2nd Team Championship both will be taking place in August and the PBSA is expecting as many as 16 countries to participate in the team events. (08/08)

New Jersey Men Involved in Illegal Sports Betting Operation

Illegal sports betting operations seem to be taking place everywhere in the US and just recently three men from New Jersey were found guilty of being involved in such an operation. The three men were found to be affiliated with a website that was operating out of the US and offering sports betting opportunities for individuals. (08/08)

Egyptian Themed Slot Game Launches at 21 Dukes Casino

New slot games are a major selling point for gamblers. Slot games are a top draw as they offer unique gaming with premium jackpots. Slot games offer players several gaming options including video slots, classic slots, progressives and more. Players have the option of enjoying a nice variety of gaming at their favorite casino for low cost which is a big reason slot gaming is so popular. 21 Dukes Casino has announced they are now offering a new video slot game for players to enjoy, this time based on an Egyptian theme. (07/08)

$100,000 Casino Bonuses up for grabs at Jackpot Capital

Bonuses are an integral part of casino gaming. Online gamblers enjoy taking part in casino gaming due to the actual games but also enjoy the added incentives and rewards. Top online casinos and gambling sites will offer bonuses and promotions so players can earn rewards. Jackpot Capital Casino is now offering a special bonus promotion where $100,000 in bonuses will be up for grabs. (07/08)

Sportsbetting Documentary To Air in UK

Sportsbetting is regularly available in the UK and around the world, in both online and live based gaming. Millions of people enjoy wagering on their favorite sports teams, players and gaming events. The market is huge and players can soon learn more about both with a new documentary that will air in the UK and Ireland. (06/08)

New Video Poker Titles Released by CG Technology

Video poker is a popular form of online gambling and can be found in online game play at a number of online casinos and gaming sites. CG Technology is a company that produces online casino games and recently announced the creation of two new video poker games. Improve Your Hand and Quick Draw Stud will now be available on mobile devices where CG Technology games are enjoyed. (06/08)

Bet365 Offering Unique Roulette Tournament

Mobile gaming has grown leaps and bounds over the years with major tournament options, premium games and cash prizes. With mobile gaming, players have the option of playing their favorite games online from wherever they choose. With this option, you can log on from anywhere an internet connection exists and play popular casino games. Bet365 is one online gaming site that provides casino gaming and is currently offering a roulette tournament. (05/08)

Michigan Mom Wins $66 Million Lottery Prize

We all dream of winning a lottery prize. Some players are lucky enough to win a prize worth a few thousand dollars and others are even luckier winning millions of dollars. Of course, all players want to earn the multi-million dollars prizes and be able to do whatever they wish, quitting work and purchasing huge homes and brand new cars. But for most people, this is a pipe dream. But there are a few who win big, including a single mom from Michigan. (05/08)

Keno Tournaments take Center Stage in the US

This August, there are several keno tournaments scheduled in the US. The game of keno is a lottery style game that is easy and fun to enjoy. Players can easily enjoy the game at restaurants, bars and entertainment venues but it is not every day a tournament is scheduled. Two tournaments are scheduled for Nevada this month while one will be taking place in California. The Atlantis in Reno will be hosting a special keno tournament from the 11th to the 12th while the D will be hosting an event from the 7th to the 10th. (04/08)

Tidy Bingo Offering Special Jackpot Gaming

Jackpot gaming is a popular option at online bingo sites. Players enjoy competing for large jackpot prizes and will purchase multiple tickets for a jackpot game in the hopes of earning a major prize. Many operators will offer jackpot games for just pennies so players can purchase a ton of cards to compete. Online bingo site Tidy Bingo is one operator who continues to offer quality bingo gaming and progressive jackpot prizes. The site is currently offering a special contest called Tidy Cupboard that everyone is taking advantage of. (04/08)

Lucky247 to add Jurassic Park Game

Online casino gaming developers tend to create games that are appealing to a wide audience of gamers. Each game is hand selected for a certain theme and premise so that players will be drawn to the game. Considering this, you will find many casino slot games are based on popular movies and television series. The popular characters tend to catch players eye and make them want to come back and play the game again and again. (01/08)

Training Classes Begin in Bahama

The Baha Mar Gaming Academy has begun to offer classes for dealer training and just the other day, over ninety people began to train at several different casino games. The training will help those interested in becoming dealers be able to better able to find a career in the field. Bahamians who have the drive to learn the various casino games can attend the academy and begin the start of a fun learning experience. (01/08)

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