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New Slot Game Launch from CasinoWebScript

There are several gaming companies on the market today that offer quality gaming solutions for online gaming operators. Online casino and gambling sites rely on top software creators to provide new gaming options so game play is always enjoyable. Online casinos are constantly adding to their gaming options so players will keep logging on for me. CasinoWebScripts recently announced they are now offering five new slot games for players to enjoy with several classic themes. (30/09)

Blackjack Training Classes take place in small Idaho Town

In several states around the US, there are classes available to learn how to play and deal certain card games and table action. Casinos in the US offer a wide variety of gaming from blackjack to craps and more. In the state of Idaho, players now have the opportunity to learn more about the game as well as train to become a dealer to work at casinos. (30/09)

Special Jackpot Game at Foxy Bingo

Top online bingo sites consistently offer quality jackpot games and promotions to allow players to compete in unique bingo games. Players continue to log on to the site to take part in a variety of ways to earn extra cash. Foxy Bingo is getting ready to offer a new bingo jackpot game with £50,000 up for grabs. Take part in the Sunset Slider to try and win a huge cash prize. (29/09)

No Wrong-Doing Found in Mini-Baccarat Case

Two years ago the Golden Nugget was subject to a case involving mini-baccarat and $1.5 million. Several players won a ton of cash and a court battle has taken place for years with players trying to prove they did nothing wrong. An investigation has now found that no wrong-doing took place during the incident. (29/09)

Roulette Contest in the Works This Weekend at Bet365 Casino

Online casinos continuously offer special promotions and incentives to get players logging on and taking part. From tournaments to bonuses and special contests, top sites know how to reel players in for the big bucks and major prizes. Bet365 Casino is one top provider who consistently offers gamers of all casino game types the opportunity to compete for nice cash prizes. This weekend, the site is offering a special roulette tournament offering great rewards. (26/09)

Texas Lottery Players Looking for Compensation

When a player purchases a lottery ticket, they check the numbers and hope the ticket is a win. When you believe that you have matched the right numbers and have won a prize, it is an amazing feeling. Now imagine, that the ticket you thought was a winner, is not. This is exactly what has happened to several Texas lottery players and now the state Lottery Commission may have a serious lawsuit on their hands. (26/09)

Snooker Pro Challenges Chelsea Star

Sports fans always find another sport of interest and have their favorite teams and players. From football to baseball and more, you will find top players always have their favorites. Many times, we get to see the pros take on sports stars in other genres for friendly matchups in each otherís sport. Neil Robertson is a top snooker pro who is looking to take on yet another top footballer. (25/09)

Jail Time In the Future for Maryland Gambling Addicts

Around the world, gamblers have the option of stopping a gambling addiction by being banned by the casino. Individuals who recognize they have an issue with gambling will be able to place themselves on a list provided by the casino to be banned from game play. Any player who is found gaming in the casino when they are on the list will be subject to jail time, if living in Maryland. (25/09)

Multi-Poker Progressive Reaches Massive Amounts

Many casinos in todayís gaming industry offer jackpot prizes at massive amounts with several games linked to a progressive. A progressive jackpot allows several games to be connected and players can place a side wager which builds the progressive until the jackpot is hit. Two casinos in Vegas just recently released new progressive games all linked to one massive jackpot. (24/09)

Baccarat Championship Set for Las Vegas Next Weekend

Baccarat is a favorite game among high rollers and regular gamblers and can be enjoyed at top casinos across the globe. The game is a favorite in Las Vegas and a popular tournament for the game is set for this coming weekend. The Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship will be in its 3rd season this year and will begin on September 26th. The Vegas portion of the contest will take place this weekend and will offer a huge prize pool of $1.59 million. (24/09)

Ben Affleck Comes Clean on Blackjack Scandal

A few weeks ago the media began blasting actor Ben Affleck with reports of card counting and being thrown out of casinos. Everyone began to wonder was Affleck addicted to gaming? Did he really get thrown out of a casino? The superstar has now spoken out about the allegations and come clean about what really happened when he played the game of blackjack. (23/09)

New Yorker Wins $7.5 Million Lottery Ticket

The lottery is a game that will no never go out of style. Players want to win a huge prize so they continue to purchase lottery tickets and play the games in the hopes of being the next player to take down a lottery jackpot. In New York State, a player recently earned a $7.5 million lottery prize after winning the Silver Spectacular game. (23/09)

Royal Panda Now Launches Live Dealer Gaming

Live dealer gaming is an option that millions of people take advantage of as you can play your favorite casino games online in live form. This alleviates the need to go to a casino which can cost you money in travel and food. Simply log on to your computer and visit your favorite online casino that offers live gaming to take part. Royal Panda recently announced they are now going to offer live gaming for players to enjoy including roulette and baccarat. (22/09)

Grandmother Gambles Instead of Providing Child Care

Grandmothers are supposed to be loving and caring, a great way for parents to get a break with much-needed child care. When a parent needs a break, they hand over the kids to grandma. We all assume that every grandparent gives the proper love and care needed for children but in reality they do not. One grandmother was recently in court for leaving her two young grandchildren in a vehicle so she could enjoy the pokies. (22/09)

Tombola Bingo Starts Talent Academy

Tombola Bingo has plans to become more than just a top bingo provider. The company has now started the Tombola Academy which is based in Sunderland and will offer young people the opportunity to become involved in the online bingo industry. The academy was first opened in July and has now recruited 19 individuals, graduates and apprentices, to provide techy talent. (19/09)

Mobile Option now Available at Ladbrokes Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular forms of online gambling, especially in the UK. Players enjoy logging on to their favorite poker sites from the comfort of home and competing in a quick tournament or SNG. With so many options to choose from, players can find a poker home at a variety of top operators. Ladbrokes is considered one of the best online gambling providers in the industry and their online poker option is no exception. The online poker room consistently offers top quality online poker gaming and has now released mobile gaming for players to take advantage of. (18/09)

New Online Casino Offering Free Cash

Online gamblers know that there are hundreds of online casinos available for a variety of game play options. Each casino offers a unique look and feel with different promotions, games, environment and more. We all have our favorites but it is nice to try new online casino sites from time to time. You never know when you might get a good bonus deal or find a new game you just love to play. One of the most recent casinos to launch online is Casino Dukes, an online gaming site based on medieval times. (18/09)

Ohio Lottery Winner Under Suspicion After Multiple Lottery Wins

Winning the lottery is not a common occurrence. No matter how many times you play, it is very unlikely that you will win a massive prize, much less more than one large prize. However, there are players who seem to be defying the norm and winning several lottery prizes. Multiple lottery prizes in Ohio have led to suspicion and an investigation to see if any shenanigans are going on with the state lottery. (17/09)

Vibrant Slot Game Launches at WinADay Casino

Slot games are a popular form of entertainment with online gamers as they are easy to play and pay out high dollar jackpots. Online casinos are constantly adding to the slot titles they already have to give players even more great options when it comes to slot game play. WinADay Casino is an online casino known for offering the best in slot gaming and recently added to their portfolio of slot offerings. The casino now has premiered the Gypsy Charm slot which features vibrant graphics and amazing bonus features. (17/09)

Casino Room is Hawaii Bound

Online casinos constantly add new games and promotions to the gaming site to provide gamers with an outlet for entertainment. The better the games and promotions, the more likely we, the players, will log on and compete. When we have new and exciting things to try and take part in we get excited and spend more time online. Who doesnít love trying out a new slot game or competing in a new tournament? At the Casino Room, you now have a shot at not only trying out new games but also possibly winning a trip to Hawaii! (16/09)

Online Casino Ups The Ante with Blackjack Tournament

Online casinos to not usually host a large number of tournament options so when one comes along, players take advantage. One of the more common forms of online tournament gaming is with the game of blackjack. Blackjack tournaments are easy to host and are fun for players so online casinos will normally host this type of tournament option. Liberty Slots hosts a weekly tournament for the game of blackjack titled Blackjack Classic and now plans on adding even more money in the prize pool. (16/09)

Former Convenience Store Clerk Faces Charges for Lottery Theft

Playing the lottery is always fun and exciting. For a small investment, you can purchase a lottery ticket and hopefully get the right matches to earn a nice prize. From $1 to millions, you can earn a prize by playing your favorite lottery games. As fun as the lottery is, some players do not have the extra cash to play or do not want to spend the money. Instead, they try to scam the system and steal from the lottery. A former convenience store clerk is now facing charges after stealing tickets from his former employer. (15/09)

Online Bingo Site Offering Free Spins

Online bingo is one of the more popular forms of online gambling available today. Players from around the world have hundreds of online bingo sites to choose from to be able to compete in bingo card games and tournaments. The best of the best bingo sites offer only top quality gaming and promotions so players continue to come back for more and even tell their friends. (15/09)

Pokie Machine Pays Out Multi-Million Dollar Jackpot

The pokies are a common gambling game enjoyed by players around the world especially in the UK and Australia. The games are easy to play and can reward handsomely for very little wagering. One couple found out just how much the pokies pay when enjoying the Lionís Share machine at a pokie machine at the MGM Grand Casino. The lucky couple earned $2.4 million by playing the game which had not been hit in two decades! (12/09)

Jefferson Parish Couple Arrested for Negligence after Video Poker

It is not uncommon for gamblers to make bad decisions when gaming. It seems like almost every day that players are getting into trouble by making a decision that is not legal or sound. From drinking too much or losing too much money, players make decisions that can affect their life for years to come. A couple from Jefferson Parish in Algiers decided to go play the video poker games last weekend which is a common decision. However the couple left three children in a vehicle while they went and gambled which is never a good thing. The couple now faces jail time for their decision to play the game without a proper babysitter. (12/09)

Young Snooker Pro to Compete Against Legend

Every so often, a young individual is able to become a top competitor in any given sport. From baseball to billiards and snooker, the sports can see young people coming up and competing at a very high level. With the game of snooker, players are learning the game after learning how to walk, which means players are entering in to competition at an even younger age. Just recently, we learned that a new snooker Phenom is set to play against top snooker pro Jimmy White. (11/09)

Trump Plaza to Close in New Jersey

Land based gambling is not doing too well in the state of New Jersey as casinos continue to close. The state has tried to bring in online poker and casino gaming options to try and bring in additional revenues that are being lost from the closing casinos. Three casinos already closed this year and now the Trump Plaza is set to close in just a few days, bringing the amount of live casinos in the state to an even lower count. (11/09)

Mayan Queen Pays Out Majorly at Club World Casino

Slot gaming is paying off handsomely as of late at several online casinos. Players are logging on in record numbers to take advantage of new slot games and bonuses to have even more opportunity to win great prizes. A player recently earned a $630,000 win after playing two slot games at Club World Casino. The player is a former cancer patient and is very excited over the win. (10/09)

New Electronic Baccarat Table Released by LT Game Ltd

Baccarat is the game of choice for several gamblers across the globe and can be found in many forms. When playing online, the game can be found at top online casinos and played in a variety of different ways. When playing the game at a land based casino, the game can be enjoyed electronically or with a physical deck of cards. LT Game Ltd recently decided to launch a new E-Baccarat table which combines the live dealer aspect of baccarat with electronic wagering. (10/09)

Fancy Bingo Giving Away Special Prizes

With the start of September, online bingo players can count on top sites offering special bingo gaming prizes and events. Online bingo sites are the best when it comes to offering gamblers top gaming prizes. Fancy Bingo is one such online bingo site that continues to offer top contests so players can earn prizes and cash rewards by taking part in bingo tournaments and contests. The site is now offering a new contest titled Wakey Wakey that will pay tribute to everyone having to get up extra early to get the kiddos off to school. (09/09)

Ali Carter Ready to Play Snooker Once Again

It was not too long ago that snooker pro Ali Carter was diagnosed with lung cancer. The pro has suffered from several conditions including beating testicular cancer just one year ago and fighting Crohnís disease. The diagnosis of lung cancer was another hit to the pro but he has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments to try and defeat cancer once again. The pro is not fully cleared of cancer yet but will be competing in an event this October. (09/09)

Lottery Player Finds Major Winning Ticket

Every lottery player has lost a ticket on at least one occasion. As a regular gambler, we all hope to earn the next big prize, but in most cases a ticket is a loser. We can easily forget to check the ticket or just toss a ticket thinking it is not a winner. Imagine finding a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars. Exciting right? This is exactly what happened to a Long Island man who owns a body shop. Jerry Ritieni found a lottery ticket he purchased back in July that were worth almost $3 million! (08/09)

Golden Palace Launches new Roulette Game

Roulette is a casino game that is quite popular among new players as well as seasoned veterans. The game is easily played and can bring a level of excitement unlike any other. Online casino Golden Palace Casino has announced they are now offering a new roulette game for players to enjoy that is similar to European Roulette. The new game is titled Swipe Roulette and offers a gaming experience in 3D form, unlike any other roulette game. (08/09)

Special Poker Programming Coming to the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is one that is known for providing informative programming about a variety of subjects and on the 10th of September, the channel will be highlighting the game of poker. Offering an evening called All In, All Night, the channel will offer three episodes of poker programming, each program being an hour long and offering different subject matter. (05/09)

Slotland launches Grand Fortune Slot Game

Earn free cash and get to take part in a new slot game if you visit Slotland now with the recent release of the Grand Fortune slot game. The new game is one of the newest slots to be added to the site and falls into the category as one-of-a-kind. The new game is a retro style version of the classic fruitie slot and will offer you a special bonus of $42 just for trying out the game. (05/09)

Euromillions Player Earns Huge Lottery Prize

PlayEuroLotto is a service in which players are able to compete for massive lottery prizes. Simply play lottery games and hope you hit a winning combination to earn the most in lottery cash. Just recently, a player was announced to have won a massive prize while competing via the site which took place on the 8th of August. (04/09)

Special Football Contest at Intertops Casino

Football is a popular sport and one that begins again every fall season. Football fans are glad the National Football League is back in action and to celebrate, the online casino Intertops is going to be offering a special contest. Players can compete in a leaderboard challenge to try winning a piece of the $30,000 prize pool. (04/09)

New Contest Available at Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is a top online bingo site that offers quality online bingo options including tournaments, bingo cards and promotions. The site continues to provide the best in bingo gaming and recently announced a new bingo contest for players to be a part of. The new option is titled BOGO which stands for Buy One Get One Free, which is always a good option with online bingo players. (03/09)

Vampire Slot Launches at LeoJackpot Online Casino

Net Entertainment has launched a new slot game that is sure to be a big hit with online gamers. Because slot games are so popular, the online casino LeoJackpot has launched a new game produced by Net Entertainment. The new website now offers a new slot jackpot game titled Blood Suckers that is themed after vampires. (03/09)

Florida Gambler Wins $1 Million

Lottery players enjoy purchasing tickets in the hopes of earning a large jackpot prize. There is a certain thrill that can be gained when purchasing a lottery ticket. Every player dreams of hitting the big jackpot and claiming a million dollar prize. By claiming such a large prize, a gambler can change their life. Work can end and the fun can begin with million dollar lottery prizes. Just recently, a gambler in Florida was able to earn a huge jackpot prize by playing the 50X the Cash game. (02/09)

Jacks or Better Pays Out for Online Gambler

When it comes to online gaming, players have several choices for enjoying casino games. From slots to table games and poker, gamblers have a wide selection of gaming choices. Online casinos offer a wide selection of games so that every gambler can find something to suit their tastes. Players not only play their favorite games for enjoyment but also to win a big prize. Just recently, an online gambler enjoying the game of Jacks or Better was rewarded with a huge win during game play. (02/09)

Enjoying Online Gambling

The writers of InsideNews are enjoying an off day today as in the United States, today is Labor Day. While we enjoy our time off from work, we will be spending the day enjoying online gambling. A little poker and casino gaming will make the day enjoyable. We will be back in action tomorrow with more news on your favorite casino games, sports betting and more. (01/09)

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