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European Poker Tour Heads to Malta

One of the most popular poker tours in the world is the PokerStars European Poker Tour. Traveling to casinos and poker rooms across Europe, the poker tour allows players to compete against top poker pros for the title win of main events as well as side action. For Season 11, the tour took to many different areas of Europe including Barcelona, Prague and London. The tour will now continue the season by traveling to Malta for a large event later this month. (26/02)

Slots Win Pays for Education

We all dream of hitting pay dirt when it comes to online gaming. From slot games to poker and blackjack, we play our favorite games from the comfort of home in the hopes that we will be able to win a huge prize. Once a payday is earned, players can then choose how to spend the money. Most want to save for a large home or pay off debt. One lucky winner from Liberty Slots Casino was able to take his winnings and pay off college debt, now able to start child’s adult life with no schooling bills. (23/02)

Social Security Numbers of Deceased Used for Lottery Wins

New Jersey lottery officials have determined via an audit that almost 48 winners have collected prizes based on false social security numbers. The numbers used belonged to individuals who were deceased. The audit found that along with the false security number information, $890,000 in taxes and other debts were not paid by those who had won over the last fiscal year. (19/02)

Missed Bus Results in $1 million Slot Win

It is amazing to see just how small decisions can be the turning point in a gambler’s life. Some of the most interesting jackpot wins come from the silliest of circumstances. From purchasing a lottery ticket on a whim to using a special coin to play the slots, any small decision can result in a major jackpot win. Just recently a lady from Toronto ended up winning just over $1 million by playing a slot game after missing a bus to Niagara. (15/02)

Nebraska Seeking Fast-Pace Keno


Baccarat Battle Ends for Golden Nugget

Since 2012, the Golden Nugget located in Atlantic City New Jersey has been battling an incident involving the game of mini-baccarat. The case has finally ended and the casino was named the winner of the battle. $1.5 million was won at the casino with the baccarat game, though the casino claimed the players took advantage of an unshuffled deck to take the money. (10/02)

Newbie Freebies at Tidy Bingo

As a new player to any online bingo site, you can expect to earn a few rewards or incentives for joining up. Just like any other online gaming site, top online bingo providers want you to join their site and continue to use them as your online bingo home. From bonuses and promotions, to special events and prizes, the online bingo sites will keep you rewarded so you continue to come back for more. At Tidy Bingo, new players are always welcome and just recently, the site has decided to offer extra incentives for new members. (07/02)

Chair Incident Leads to Lawsuit from Blackjack Player

When visiting a casino, gamblers expect certain features and amenities. Casino around the world offer similar features from drinks to comfortable seating to ensure that every guest enjoys their time at the casino. The better the amenities and features, the more often a player will visit the casino. When you sit down at the poker table or other table games, you expect to have a large open area in which to sit and relax. You want to enjoy the game and spend time having fun at the casino. (04/02)

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