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Mirror Bingo offering big guaranteed weekend

At Mirror Bingo, the month of July is going to start off with a bang. The online bingo site is currently offering a great deal of cash for the first four days of the month. Players will have access to a ton of cash from the 1st to the 4th with guaranteed prizes, jackpots and low priced tickets. (28/06)

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem Blackjack Dealer Overpays Gamblers

Blackjack dealers at casinos in the United States are supposed to conduct themselves in relation to the regulations of the facility. Rules are to be followed as the dealer has the chips as well as cards in their hands so to speak. While most dealers have integrity and act accordingly, there are those who try to cheat the system. It is not unheard of for a dealer to break the rules and give payouts when they are not earned. This is exactly what a dealer in Pennsylvania is being accused of. (25/06)

New 3D blackjack game launched by KamaGames

Casino gamblers often play social casino games or free play to be able to learn a new game or to practice particular skills. Free games can be a great way to do both, no matter if you are trying to learn or what to better your game play. There are always new formats being created by casino gaming companies to allow players to enjoy free gaming. KamaGames just recently announced they have now launched a new social casino gaming title, known as 3D Blackjack. The new game can be played on mobile devices and is a great way to learn the game or to practice! (17/06)

Keno gambling comes to Connecticut

Visitors to the state of Connecticut will find that the bars and restaurants are now able to offer keno gaming thanks to a decision made by the Connecticut Lottery Corp. The game of keno has now been added to retailers, bars and restaurants across the state and players are enjoying hours of fun during dinner or drinks with friends. (15/06)

Roulette championship winner earns title on a whim

When land based casinos offers tournament gaming options, players definitely take advantage. Players are already at the venue to enjoy casino gaming so why not take part in a tournament to earn even more great cash. Tournaments are commonly found with blackjack, roulette or poker when visiting a land based venue. (08/06)

Mega slots giveaway at Bet365

Big giveaways are always the rage when it comes to online gaming. Top online casinos will offer quality promotions and contests on a regular basis, offering only the best in prizes and cash. Players take part in such contests to not only enjoy their favorite games but also hopefully earn a big payday. The latest big contest is taking place at Bet365, where players can earn a piece of a £1,000,000 in prize money! (06/06)

Four gamblers arrested for American Roulette Fraud

On the 28th of May, the National Police arrested four individuals who have been accused of manipulating a casino game in amusement arcades. American Roulette was played by four individuals in Alcoy and Alicante where the game was manipulated resulting in a win. The individuals involved are of Chinese nationality and have been accused of earning around Ä97,000 in the process. (03/06)

Oregon woman steals video poker winnings

Gamblers know the rules when enjoy slots or table games. Individuals must follow the rules of the game to enjoy the entertainment correctly but also follow the unspoken rules of game play. Never walk away from a slot game without cashing out first or donít leave a table game without gathering your chips. Criminals have been known to frequent casinos and try to take advantage of gamers who are not paying attention. (02/06)

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