Clubs Australia Wants Equal Laws for Land and Online Gambling
Clubs Australia is a registered clubs movement created by land gambling operators in Australia. The operators provide poker machines for players to gamble on and this makes up the majority of the operators income.

Recently Clubs Australia commented that online gambling operators should be banned from accepting bets from players using credit cards. Clubs Australia wants laws that will apply to online casinos as well as land club and casinos.

The CEO of Clubs Australia, David Costello stated that offering free bets to players who use a credit card is “inviting problem gambling”. "Clubs have worked tirelessly with government to significantly reduce the level of problem gambling in the community," he said. "We are not prepared to sit back and watch this hard work be lost by a group of online cowboys who think responsible gambling is providing an email address to a counseling centre located in Los Angeles."

Clubs Australia submitted a proposal to the Productivity Commission in Australia that outlined several points they would like to see happen. One such point is to see family members turning in problem gamblers. The gambler would be banned from clubs until they received counseling for their problem.

Clubs Australia would also like to see laws that would ban the use of credit cards from telephone gambling and online gambling. Free bets would not be allowed as offerings to players as incentives to use certain types of payment methods and staff of the casinos should complete responsible gambling courses and free problem gambling counseling should be offered as well.

- 2009-01-14

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