Ex-Cricket Star criticized for promoting online gambling
Shane Warne a former Australian cricket player has been representing 888 poker for the past two year. He represents the site at events around the world as well as online. Recently Warne was criticized for using his Twitter to promote the group and was called on for promoting online gambling.

Tim Costello a reverend who is an Australian anti-gambling campaigner commented that children and the youth could be adversely influenced by Warne’s actions. Costello stated this after it was reported in the media of Australia that Warne used his Twitter account to offer promotions of the poker site.

Costello stated: “Sporting heroes do carry a responsibility to ensure that kids who idolize them are protected from things that aren’t appropriate for their age. Most of us forget that you put something out there and people under age are also reading.”

The Herald Sun newspaper reported that Warne tweeted that his followers could get $8 in free poker money if they signed up at 888 poker. This was placed on Twitter on April 11th with a quote from Warne stating ‘all my followers get free 8 dollars poker money by signing up here’ and a link was included.

- 2010-04-14

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