Gambler loses out on winnings due to online casino glitch
Bruno Venturi is an online gambler who enjoys playing online casino games. Back in 2009, Venturi visited Eurobet’s online casino to wager a little cash and after just €20 in wagers, Venturi was able to win €707,000.

However, he has never received the cash and was told this past week that his win was due to an error at the online casino. Venturi was ecstatic over the Sixty Seconds game win and then was devastated to find out he would not receive any cash. Venturi said that he felt like he was cheated after the verdict was found not in his favor. A high court judge ruled that a computer virus caused the payout and it was covered in the site’s terms and conditions as a reason to avoid payout of any winnings in this type of instance.

As a result, Venturi was paid for only one of his six thousand bets during that night in question. The judge ruled that each time Venturi placed a wager; he was entering into a separate contract with the casino. The judge commented: “of the more than 6,000 wager contracts made, he only paid for some of those contracts, and the true state of his account is rather different. In my judgment, this is a case where the claim must fail, and I will give judgment for the defendant.”

The company stated that a software bug caused Venturi to be charged for only one of six bets he placed. The sum, meaning the win, was incorrectly credited to the player’s account according to the online gambling site and that is why they refused to pay out the winnings. That decision has now held up in a court of law.

- 2012-06-19

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