Gaming Corp. Develops Software to Keep Kids from Gambling
The Nova Scotia Gaming Corp recently developed new software to block children’s access to gambling websites. Parents can install the new software at home on their computer and it will block access to the gambling websites their children may come across. It is believed that the new software is a first in the world for blocking gambling access of its kind.

Marie Mullally, the CEO and president of the Nova Scotia Gambling Corp commented on children and gambling. She stated that children, especially boys, are online gambling. A study paid for by the company back in 2006 found that children were gambling more than adults at a rate of 3 to 1.

After the study was conducted, the company hired an outside company to create the software to block kid’s access. BetStopper is the name of the new software and it will be launched this weekend and handed out during an Expo in Halifax.

In 2007 the software was tested by 250 families in Nova Scotia and they found it worked very well. To block children the software looks for gaming URLs and gaming language within a website and this will block access.

- 2009-05-27

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