Loto-Quebec to begin Online Gambling
Loto-Quebec recently announced they have been given the go-ahead to begin offering online gambling. Beginning in September of this year citizens of Quebec will be able to gamble online legally. However this decision does not come without controversy as many of the citizens of Quebec see the move as helping gambling addiction.

Loto-Quebec sent a request to the government of Quebec to ask permission to offer online gambling to their players. The request was accepted and the finance minister stated that the addition of online gambling will bring around $50 million in revenue over the next few years and possibly even more money.

Protestors of the decision say that offering online gambling to citizens will only increase the number of problem gamblers. The response from those in favor of online gambling was that people are gambling anyway so what will it hurt. The government commented that offering online gambling is a way that they can monitor people’s activities and follow up on potential gambling problems.

- 2010-02-15

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