New Online Gambling Site in Canada Crashes
Last week we brought you the news that the British Columbia a province in Canada had launched a new online gambling site. The site went live on Thursday of last week and now the new gambling site has crashed. The site had so many visitors wanting to get in on the gambling action that the site could not function properly and it crashed.

The new site is called Play Now and it lasted only a few hours on Thursday before it crashed. Those living in Canada had been waiting for many years to be able to enjoy online gambling and now that they had a site to use they jumped at the chance. However the site was unable to function with the large amount of people playing on the site and it went down.

Now, players will have to wait a little longer as the creators of ht site add more hardware as well as servers to allow the site to handle the large amount of traffic. Because of the crash the site is offering those who were waiting to play nice bonuses for signing up.

The site had so much traffic as those living in Canada have been waiting for a safe and secure place to play online casino games. The Play Now site gave them this opportunity. Players can easily sign up and compete and the new website should be back up and running very soon.

- 2010-07-19

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