Online Gambling Could Increase Due to Swine Flu
Gaming experts have stated recently that in their opinion, online gambling could be on the rise as the threat of the Swine Flu increases. In many countries, large gathering places are being closed or people are just not going for fear of coming in contact with the disease. This has lead experts to believe that people will decide to gamble online instead of venturing out in the public.

Mexico has been the hardest hit with the Swine Flu as over 150 people have died as result of the disease. Schools have closed in some states in the United States and travel has been limited to high risk areas and many public places.

The World Health Organization has released a statement saying the epidemic could soon be worldwide and it may be beyond containing. The United States centers for Disease Control have stated US travelers should avoid traveling to Mexico because there is serious risk for further outbreaks of the disease.

Because of all this, online gambling is the safer alternative and many will most likely be opting to play from the comfort of their own home instead of traveling to local or out of state casinos.

- 2009-05-05

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