Prince George Official wants billion dollar casino
Rushern L. Baker III is the Prince George County Executive and he recently stated that he would like to see a billion dollar casino built on the Potomac River. Baker believes that a high end casino in the area would spur economic development as well as tax revenues.

Baker says the casino should be located at National Harbor and the developer of the area has agreed with the billion dollar casino plan. However, the plans to create a fully operating casino could face many obstacles before it would be built.

The plans could be halted because lawmakers in the county may not agree with the plan and the owner of a casino in development in a neighboring county would most likely be opposed as well. Baker may also be scrutinized for his past beliefs on the subject of gambling. The official has been against slots in the past and this may come back to haunt him.

Baker says that now, under the right conditions, he would be open to a facility that is similar to Las Vegas. Baker commented: “The economy around us has changed. There are far fewer revenue options for the county or the state…We’re going to do everything we can to get this bill passed.”

Baker stated that the new casino would create an education fund for the state as well as gaming and tax revenues for the county, which would be in the tens of millions. The revenues could be spent on a variety of things including economic development, housing and community projects.

- 2012-02-17

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